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Pontiac G6 Hardtop Convertible



  • hal56hal56 Posts: 94
    my dealer fixed the ratles.

    I wish it had a better tranny--but obviously the price point dictated that. My trans also lurches at slow speeds--ie on highlway heavy traffic--say 20-30 mph--when i step on gas it lurches-almost everybody else has 5 and 6 speed trannies now (which would have helped mileage)

    Same for the cheap "monsoon" stereo.

    Some of the electronics--I would have set up and programmed differently-ie auto lights on/off--I really wish it did not have auto lites, and wish when I turn on fog lites they did not reset eveytime I turn off the car.

    Heating system is a bit noisy esp front defrost.
  • Thanks for the info on your windscreen billdaman. $200 is a great price, and if you want to sell yours for $210, you have a buyer!

    Sorry to hear about your problems on your G6. So far, at 1200 miles, we haven't had any issues. The driver's door clunked over a few stiff bumps, but I adjusted that little spring-loaded door jamb pin and the noise has stopped. Also, our top has already been up & down about 100 time (we live in Florida) and it hasn't missed a beat. Not even a squeak.

    Billdaman, email me at I'd like to hear more about your engineering days at GM.
  • giff2giff2 Posts: 6
    After a long cold winter, it is finally top down weather. Well guess what, it won't go down. Trunk goes part way then stops. Call the dealership, have the car towed, because you aren't supposed to drive it. Hydraulic line is leaking, and the fluid is all over the side and back seat. That was Thurs Apr 17th, this is Tues Apr 22 and there are no parts available. Maybe Wed or Thurs. They did give me a rental, a 2008 Grand Prix. I'll keep this car. The point I should make is no one at this dealership is qualified to work on the G6. There is a special course the tech's are supposed to take. So my car goes off the auto glass co. again. They are not qualified to work on the roof. I found out from the Chev dealer techs, that there are 23 sensors that have to be adjusted every time work is done on the roof. So tomorrow I am phoning the Pontiac dealer and asking them to take my car to the Chev dealer. I really don't want my car being the First One they play with. As for the roof squeaks, I think I wish I had them back because all this trouble started when they fixed the squeaks.
    I feel better now. Good Luck to all who own a G6 Hardtop, I wish I wasn't one of them.
  • hal56hal56 Posts: 94
    i put top down yesterday for first time--was not smooth--and also looked around and saw a gaping hole at front part passenger window where the roof meets the front and side windows--great quality built into GM products; not.

    still have tranny lurching, no fix.

    I know someone who had car replaced after 4 years (pontiac) under lemon law. anti lock brakes did not work properly and after 4 yrs of bs GM gave in.
  • I've been having a completely opposite experience with our G6 CV so far. Everything has been great, no top issues, no tranny issues, an absolutely great ride, good solid feel (minus normal cowl shake), 23 mpg average, etc. We couldn't be happier with it. I guess more time and use is needed to get a taste of it's reliability, but so far, it has been a pleasure to own & drive.
  • billdamanbilldaman Posts: 37
    Hey Morris, I will take you up on the windscreen offer. (+shipping) after I part with the G6!! Actually the windscreen makes a HUGE difference. After running with it in place for a couple of weeks I decided to put the kids in the back seat so I had to remove it. The wind buffeting, and noise is significant without the deflector. Now its back in place and all is well, so its worth the $390 - 450 at the dealers.

    On the roof cycling issue, I have cycled my roof at least 150 times, and it only started failing recently. I make it work by pulsing the power button quickly untill the top not secure displays on the radio, then it works. Door rattles are still bad. I am going to contact the design engineer that manages the Karmann roof supplier and see if they can be at the dealer when my car goes in for service. Quality problems on the Orion Assembly line for this low runner are still not fixed 3 years after introduction.
  • Billdaman,
    I'll buy it from you now at 210 + shipping if you're willing. Just say the word and we'll strike a deal...You can contact me directly at
  • azg6azg6 Posts: 1
    When I look at my 2007 G6 Convertible from the rear, it looks like the driver-side tire sticks out about 3 inches farther from the body than the passenger side tire. Maybe the body is twisted a bit? I read that some of the hardtop convertibles need to be aligned to stops squeeks and noise, and I also read there is some adjustment that twists the body slightly so the top fits better. I have had to 2 dealers and they both said they adjusted the rear wheels - but nothing has changed. I have NEVER has them do anything to the top - it makes almost zero noise.

    Anyone have this issue?
  • billdamanbilldaman Posts: 37
    The body is definately different from side to side on my vehicle. On the passenger side rear there is almost 1/2"" different between the Quarter outer and the package shelf. I know that framing fixture shim moves were changed in the orion body shop this past February to try to fix a host of problems..3" sounds like a lot. I will have to check mine!
  • hal56hal56 Posts: 94
    had an accident today with G6 HTC

    Interesting secquence of events you should be aware of.

    First, a cabbie turned right in front of me from left lane--hit the Crown Vic in right frint fender.

    My front end is pretty well gone--axle broken.

    Airbags deployed but feable--like a ballon--was able to watch accident over the top of bag. It did not even hit my chest.

    But the force of the accident threw rear end parts off the car and jammed the trunk area, where I had my suitcase and briefcase, with laptops (actualy on airport grounds about to catch a plane)

    Absolutely no way to open back area. Called 2 dealers and they had no answer--so the fire dept had to cut the trunk open.

    The car obviously wil be a total loss.

    But I was disappointed in the airbag deployment and the trunk jamming up.

    I probably will not get another G6.
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    Sorry to hear about your interesting accident, but hope you are OK and uninjured. Just curious...approximately what was the speed of both vehicles at time of impact?
  • billdamanbilldaman Posts: 37
    good to hear you are OK. The Airbags are variable deployment The G6 has "dual stage" frontal air bags, which tailor the amount of restraint according to the severity of the crash. Because you had a frontal impact, that was enough to total the vehicle but was low speed, these air bags are programmed to inflate at a level less than full deployment.

    For a severe frontal impact, you would have experienced a full deployment. If the front of your G6 hit a wall or something like a big tree that didnt move or deform, the threshold level for reduced deployment is arounf 12 to 16 mph, The threshold level for a full deployment is about 18 to 24 mph . If you hit say a parked car, the threshold level would have activated.

    Bottom line is that a full deployment is a very unpleasant thing for an occupant. These bags on full deploy are like a shotgun going off in the closed interior, and real bad if you are asthmatic. The G6 is a inexpensive design, but the convertible crashes well in the barrier test. Its easy to find things to critize about GM vehiicles, ( I know I worked as an engineer in GM;s tech center for 14 years) but they are very safely designed vehicles...this I will stake my life on because thats all I drive and dont even work for them anymore
  • hal56hal56 Posts: 94
    here is the other part--i basically broadsided a cab--but it was at a slight angle--the hit forced me off to the right and almost into another line of traffic-in this case busses from a rental company--my question was that if the airbags deployed are "spent " on the first impact, my second impact is obviously gonna be a problem.

    i know every eventuality cannot be covered--but I was thinking about it.

    BTW--anybody know the cost to fix an airbag--I am trying to figure out if they will try to fix the car or total it--one major problem is the top and trunk areas are not out of alignmnet and could not move open at all.

    with all the roof problems reported here, if they try ot fix it it will never be right.
  • hal56hal56 Posts: 94
    responding to speed--I was doing about 20--

    also--I had the fire department and policy dept and the chicago aviation safety officers out there--nobody knew the car was a hardtop convertible.
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    Too bad you couldn't get the EMS folks to use the jaws of life in a couple of places...that would have guaranteed the "total" diagnosis...
  • g6toplsg6topls Posts: 6
    Great News! GM repurchased my G6 hardtop convertible and gave me every penny back.
  • hal56hal56 Posts: 94
    you said: Too bad you couldn't get the EMS folks to use the jaws of life in a couple of places...that would have guaranteed the "total" diagnosis...

    yeah--I am concerned the ins co will not cover cracking open the trunk (repairing it)., I went to look at the car tonight--

    the roof is about 1/2 inch out of alignmnet with hte top of the windshield--the passenger side has the 1/2 inch gap--drivers side very slightly--the impact must have reverberated throught the entire body to the top and trunk areas and mechanisms.

    In addition, the passenger airbag when deployed ripped a part of the dash open--my ins agent told me that a clean deployment of the two dual stage airbags is a min cost of 2k and could be as much as 6k--add in the dashboard and the screwed up front end and wheels and as well the rear end, the repair cost is well into the 5 figures.

    I have 9k miles on my 2007--checks KBB for used car prices--excellent condition around 22-23k--poor--which it would be after this type of accident is 18k--so if they repair it and I go to trade it--my 12 month cost will be 13k. Plus the 9% sales tax on the car putting a 12 month cost at around 15k.

    but moving to the rattles issue--if they choose to fix the car-I know I will have rattles problems--they have it without an accident-so I cring as what will happen as they try to re-align the top and all the moving pieces--there is a reason why the HTC is 10k more than any other G6.

  • catkccatkc Posts: 10

    So how long did you work with them to get them to agree to such a deal? I know I haven't posted for awhile but I am still having issues.

    1) Had a minor accident in January backed in to a pole so the dealer had to replace the bumper and driver side tail light.

    2) Still can't get the dealer to acknowledge the transmission hesitation issue at 20-40 mile per hour.

    3) The passenger side door does not set flush with the body of the car. So when I take the vehicle through a car wash I get water in the car now.

    4) On the passenger side of the car there is paint coming off of the trunk lid where it is rubbing on the rear tail light.

    I would encourage everyone with issues to call GM and complain. I will tell you that I have called again about the issues and had a ticket opened.

    So it would really be helpful if you could give more details about the issues that made GM decide to replace at full cost.

    Thank you so much for the detail.
  • hal56hal56 Posts: 94
    transmission lurch--i have it and my dealer told me (yeah) that thre is a computer that gets used to the driver do if you have anybody else driving it the computer and tranny get confused.

    I laughed--he looked puzzled--I said I have not heard GM BS for years---goes back to the old days.
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    I agree...someone is confuse, all right....the dealer!
  • catkccatkc Posts: 10
    Well, my 2007 Pontiac G6 convertible is now back at the Dealer. I would encourage everyone to call Pontiac when you have issues with this car. The more that they hear about the issues/problems with the roof, alignment issues, rubber molding falling about, etc. Has to start getting their attention. I have yet to have any issues with the roof not going down or up. I have enough other issues:

    1) Transmission lurking - no code is thrown and I have had it 2 Pontiac dealers and they could not find any problem
    2) Rubber molding along the bottom of the door is coming apart and the silver plate with G6 is majorly scratched
    3) Trunk lid on the passenger side is rubbing against the turn signal. (Little smaller than a dime area of paint now off of the trunk lid).
    4) The passenger door does not set inside the body correctly so when you go through a car was the water leaks in the car.

    Will update with resolution, dealer expects that they will have to keep the car for 2-3 days at least.
  • bsudsbsuds Posts: 5
    I purchased my 2007 G-6 HTC new on March 26, 2008. Within several days, the problems with the top started. The top got stuck ½ way up with the trunk aimed towards the sky. After several attempts to get it down, I called the Dealer. Of course, because I am a woman, the first questions I was asked were:
    1. Is the car on?
    2. Did you press the button down and keep it down?
    Of course, I answered yes to these questions. The service tech had me hold the button down for long periods of time trying to get it to work. I later found out that if you put the top up and down too many times, it can burn out the motor. Finally, unable to get the top down, I called a towing company. After waiting 45 min for the truck to arrive and after trying many more times to get the top down we tried 1 more time when the truck arrived, and guess what? It went down!!! The next day I had it in the shop.
    Of course, at the shop, they could find nothing wrong. Even though many voltage codes showed up, they assumed it was because the car had sat for 1 year and the battery wasn’t charged enough??? I went and picked up the car.
    I only drive this car when weather permits, so since I have had it I only put on 300 miles. The next time I tried the top, it kept getting stuck and wouldn’t come up. I took it back to the Dealer.
    Same thing as before. There were error codes. I really feel they didn’t know what was wrong and just replaced anything that could possibly be causing this.
    Well, I drove the car last Saturday, and guess what, the top wouldn’t come up. Same thing as the past 2 times. Starts to go down, but trunk never pops up. The Dealer yesterday tried to tell me that’s how it works, etc. Afraid I wasn’t too nice to him. I insisted they get someone from GM to come and look at it. I guess this time maybe they will actually figure out what might be wrong.
    I think one of the things that really upset me is that they acted like there were no problems with these tops, which of course when I found this blog, I knew was not true. That is why I insisted they get a GM rep down here to look at it. In Missouri, if your car is in 4 times for the same problem and not fixed, it falls under the Lemon Law.
    I will keep you updated as to what happens. Right now, I would not recommend this car to anyone. I was so excited when I bought it, but that feeling has left. Yes, they give me a rental car when they have my car, but it’s not a convertible!!!!!
  • aaamorrisaaamorris Posts: 21
    Those lurking transmissions can be a real problem. Does it mostly hide under the car? ;)
  • rjentrjent Posts: 19
    I am not arguing with you at all bsuds, and I am truly sorry you are having problems, but I think this thread has become basically a bashing thread against the G6HTC. If you look at the numbers, there are a lot of these cars built and only a handful are finding problems. I joined this forum just to see what was up and I have enjoyed the information gathered here, but I personally, have not had a dimes worth of trouble with our G6HT after almost a year of ownership and close to 10000 miles. It get 27 to 29 MPG on the open road and over 20 in town, has good power, I love the manual shift mode on the transmission, the top works perfectly every time, and we absolutely love it.

    Maybe I got lucky, but I don't think so.

    I would highly recommend this car. It is truly the best of both the hard top coupe and convertible worlds! ...

  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    I think all car forums share this characteristic.

    What's that old saying?

    "Give good service, and the customer will tell his close friends...Give bad service, and the customer will tell everyone he meets...".

    Having said that, where else is one to complain about a bad experience?

    Certainly, not the manufacturer's or dealer's web-site.

    And, IMO, I have run across a few postings that have many complaints regarding the same issue on the same model, so I do think there are times when a real problem exists.

    I do think that most issues, however, could be resolved with better dealer interaction with the customer. Sometimes, that failure is due to just poor service...other times, it can be due to the customer beating the dealer down so much on price that the dealer has no incentive to help the customer. I guess it works both ways...
  • hal56hal56 Posts: 94
    as some of you may recall I had an accident with my car a month ago. Rec'd insurance check yesterday.

    Several things to think about:

    1) in the accident the top and mechanism was "screwed up" beyond reasonable repair. Make sure you have replacement value insurance as if I did not the market value of car would have been 18k (a 2007 with 9k miles)

    2) in a frint end crash (at 15 mph) the front axle broke, the air bags deployed and in the process ripped te dashboard--more cost)

    3) I had stuff in trunk--while it was a front end crash-trunk would not open--fire dept had to rip trunk open to get my briefcase and PCs out. More damage

    4) the best mileage i got was 22-23 on higway doing clean 65--so the 28 seems strange

    5) the lurking trans was never resolved. Dealer fed me BS

    I complained a lot about the cheap stereo--as I looked at new cars--all had far better stereos-even other GM products--G6 was just cutting corners.

    same for the 4 speed tranny-almost nobody sells a 4 speed anymore-more cost savings.

    my new car is a 335 bimmer HTC--I understand the cost differential. but it is far superior even in fit and finish. And probably will depreciate better than G6. It is also smaller for rear seat passengers. thats the only downside I can see. mileage is better than G6. Not much--but better performing car.

    as I always said-its an ok car (the G6): not outstanding in any area.
  • bxdbxd Posts: 186
    I can't help but make two comments:

    #1: Although 4 speed transmissions are becoming less common, it's not like the G6 is the only car with them, plenty of Hondas and Toyotas still have them.

    #2: A BMW 335 HTC starts at $49,100 with no options and reaches $65,000 fully optioned. We are talking $19,000 more than a stripped G6 HTC, and fully optioned there is over $30,000 difference between the cars! Of course the BMW is much much nicer in probably every respect (except rear seat room).

    With the $20-30k saved, you can buy a second car.

    I'm glad you're happy with your BMW, but I think most people who consider a G6 can't afford a $50,000 to 60,000 car. Compare the G6 to other convertibles in the upper $20s low $30s and it starts looking like the great value it is.
  • rjentrjent Posts: 19
    That is good info on the replacement value. Good tip.

    I hope you have good luck with your foreign car. Personally I will not succumb to buying foreign, especially now! :)

    My 28 to 29 is 70 to 75 MPH in the west (New Mexico) with light traffic. If I get into hills it goes down to 25 or so. I use the cruise control religiously ....
  • doeydoey Posts: 4
    i've had the car for 2000 miles and love it...i almost am waiting (cringe) to have a problem with the top but so far the only time it hasn't worked was because i left someting in the trunk and we know we can't do that.
    actually, i've been pleasantly surprised at how solid a ride this car provides.
    here's crossing my fingers....
  • kdoc3kdoc3 Posts: 2
    I love my G6 - when it works!!! I live in NH where convertible days are definitely limited so as long as it is 50 and sunny my top goes down. BUT here I am on a beautiful holiday weekend and my car is in the shop AGAIN because the top won't work. Last summer my car probably spent a month at the garge all tolled and I can't live thru another summer like that. I also know that I can't go back to a regular car.

    An engineer came out last summer to look at my car and they said they found a design fault, which they supposedly corrected. I just don't know what to believe any longer.

    I love the HT factor for the northeast winter, I need the four seats for my family size part of me considers this car a lemon and wants to let it go but.... I love it when it works :cry:
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