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Pontiac G6 Hardtop Convertible



  • I bought new G6 31 Jul 08: I traded it (ditched it) got rid of it because of the problems I had less than 1 month ownership. My wife drove the car for only 800 miles. Thanks to Hurricane Ike; the car leaked in the rear; it was vandilized (someone broke the drivers side window) and we found that the door was misaligned. No one at Pontiac want to acknowledge it. The GM Pontiac Customer Service represnetatives are the worst I have ever experienced (rude, insensitive, and try to tell you what the issue is). My advice to all get rid of the G6 it is another poor excuse by GMC and shows why the Japanese and Koreans make US auto industry look stupid. I am a loyal buyer of US auto but now adfter 45 years I am giving up. I traded the G6 HTC :lemon: for an 08 GMC Envoy. I've been driving the Envoy since 03, 06, and now 08. It is dependable and guess what; it is really a Isuzu. I wish you all the best; so long to my nightmare!
  • sobeg6sobeg6 Posts: 50
    Hi, It's been a long time since i signed on here but, I do get all the feed back emails.. I'm amazed that people are still buying this car. I have owned twelve cars and this one won the prize for the shortest owned. I had it 9 months and that was tooooo long.. I was so disappointed with this car. it drove/handled horribly. problems with squeaks, rattles.. it was a piece of crap! Can't believe I'm saying this but as mentioned in my posted messages over a year ago.. I now have a Mini Cooper S convertible and it handles and drives amazing!

    Good luck to you all that buy this bad bad car!
  • rad1701rad1701 Posts: 13
    I've had my 2007 G6 HTC since July of 2007 and it has been basically perfect. I put the top up and down daily from about May to Sept. where I live. No leaks, works great! The car has been so much fun. Drives well, people love it - and so do I. Ok gas mileage with the slightly smaller engine and still plenty of power (ave. 24 mpg with quite a bit of city miles). I think you get skewed reports on forums like these because most people come to post to vent when they have problems and rarely do people post positive experiences. I love mine and will be sad when the lease is up in about 1.5 years. I'll probably get a new one then.
  • bxdbxd Posts: 186
    Setting aside the rattles... a Mini Cooper S convertible and a G6 hardtop convertible are two totally different animals. If you were looking for a very small subcompact with a stiff suspension and track-like handling, then the Cooper S is your ticket. If you want a back seat suitable for average adults, good cargo space with the top up, the quiet of a hard top, a softer grand touring type of ride, the G6 makes more sense.

    Sounds like you bought the wrong car for your taste. Did you test drive it?? If so you would have gotten a feel for the handling and brakes.
  • I like bxd's terminology -- "a softer grand touring type of ride." I've previously tried to describe the ride and handling; how it is so much better than much more expensive cars that I have owned. It just floats, and is so much more fun to drive than that go-cart feel you get with a Porsche, for example. Nothing but glowing reviews when I let people drive it. I just passed the 12,000 mile mark on my G6 with zero problems. Driving with the top down on a cool evening with the XM turned up loud, the sound seems to expand to the surroundings while the car just glides. Closest thing I've had to a religious experience while driving. Get this car!
  • I had the same problem. My dealer did fix it after trying three times. The only problem is that the dealer that fixed it is gone now. You might be able to contact someone at there other location.
    The one that closed was Ideal Pontiac in Middletown , Maryland.
    You might be able to find out from the service manager who the manager of the pontiac dealer use to be.
    Here is their web site.
  • My time is really, really valuable; so I bought two, one for rainy weather (gray), and the other (white) for sunny weather. This way, if it's raining, I simply jump in the one with the top up; and if it's sunny, I jump in the one with the top down. Never have to wait to cycle the top.

    Realizing this might be viewed by people whose time is worthless as an odd idea, I gave one of them (the gray one) back to the dealer, who was thrilled to have it back -- chick magnet factor = way high, you know.

    My girlfriend from 54 years ago liked my one remaining white one so much she agreed to marry me. Guess what she's getting for a wedding present. No way! She's getting the gray one.

    I'm not telling who I am, because it may spoil the fun. :)
  • Since I sold my G6 Convertible a while back I wont be needing the Windscreen anymore. I listed it on ebay with a real low buy it now price. It is less than 1/2 the cost at the dealer and in excellent condition ename=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&viewitem=

  • Damn it....I went to buy the wind screen and someone had bid which canceled the buy it now. I bid $203, but with the idiots on EBAY, you will probably get more than the MSRP.
  • My wife and I had a pretty bad experience with our first Pontiac G6 HTC 2008, but after everything we had been though. We did replace it with a 2009 G6 HTC. Do to issues at a few assembly locations, Pontiac had problem with everything from paint to build. Many of the issue can be taken care of at your dealership, if your dealership is half good. I live in the Houston area and I can tell you that GM/Pontiac replaced my wife's G6 HTC after our old dealership (North Houston off I45) did everything not to fix the issues. Many phone calls and a few letter and fighting with the GM DVM. Car was replaced and we are even debt free. I bet most of your alls issue are not being taken care of by your dealerships, find a better one and make your dealership contact the DVM.
  • Before you do anything, please give me more details regarding the rattles. I believe that I can absolutely help you with top related issues and some body side related issues.

    A couple of quick fixes to try depending on where your issue is - at the panel to panel joint under the headliners (only take off the front headliner) there is a steel pin isolated by a grommet (on the rear panel) and a plastic receiver on the front panel. Take the plastic receiver (10 mm hex head) and shove it as far rear as it will go. That will shore up the panel to panel joint.

    If at there is a rattle around the door panel, there is an issue with the doors locating pin. The grease/lubrication is not good at high heat and/or they just don't put it on. Lube it up and see what happens.

    Seal Itch - always a problem in convertibles, and also on this one. There is a product called krytox or any silicone lube, lube the seals and this will go away temporarily. Apply as a preventative maintenance maybe every 3 months or when needed.

    If this hasn't helped, give me symptoms I can and will help if you allow me.
  • I've owned my G6 HTC for 1 1/2 years. I've had the roof rattles & a drivers door rattle repaired (1 visit/ 2 days). Otherwise, I have been totally pleased with my car. I live in Northern Michigan and I was concerned about winter driving as I drive it year 'round. My car handles beautifully in the snow! It gets around better than my 1993 Pontiac Bonneville. Other than a transmission that lurches occasionally, I look forward to driving my car every day! :shades:
  • I've owned my G6 for almost 3yrs and have been happy untill recently, I have had many rattles in the top like many others, I have taken it to my dealer 4 times now and on the 3rd visit they replaced pins, bushings,etc that they say were worn, after getting it back on the 3rd time it rattles worse and now I have condensation/ice forming on the inside of the windows. I took it back a 4th time and they told me that they could not find anything wrong, no rattles and that they lubed the seals so hopefully that would take care of the problem. Well upon picking the car up it had been sitting in the parking lot only an hour after calling me. and there it was windows all fogged up!! so I brought it to the attension of the service attendant and his response was "yeah it shouldn't do that" NO sh**! I guss the most frustrating of all is the attendants try to feed you this crap that, these things are normal with convertables..I've owned the car for almost 3yrs without problems before so how can they tell me that is normal, its not their car. anyway I think I may try another dealer, if I can't get it resolved there I may just trade it for a honda.
  • Do your self a favor and do what I did...Clean up and dump the POS. I am so happy about getting rid of that horrible handling, gas hog, rattling G6. My new vehicle is one that I cant wait to sit in and drive every day, such a pleasure. Cant believe I kept the g6 as long as I did , probably didnt want to admit what a mistake it was buying it in the first place!
  • rjentrjent Posts: 19
    You know brother, all you have ever done is bash the G6. Every one of your posts are negative posts. :confuse:

    I for one am very happy with our G6. Consistently get 27 MPG on the highway and over 20 in town, and though we have a few squeaks and rattles, I expect that as I have owned convertibles for decades. :shades:

    I am sorry you didn't have a good experience, but really, since you have gotten rid of yours, why keep bashing? :confuse:

    JMHO :)
  • Very simple, The last thing I did before turning in my resignation at GM was to buy my G6. It was supposed to be a nice cap off after 14 years at the company. The first day I loved the vehicle, then the roofrattles startrd on day 2 and it all went down hill.

    Now if you actually read some of my posts you will note that I have inside information as to the root cause iof the quality issues plaguing these vehicles. GM kept building the vehicles and shipping them even though they had not solved the issues (for over a year)

    I have owned many convertibles, (traded a solstice in on the G6) Regardless of what your opinion is, I cant see how anyone can own this vehicle and not feel it is a poorly constructed, poor handling vehicle. The only reason I can see to own it is to gather up complements at the gas pump.

    Anyways I just speak the truth from my experience, and part of it was the day I dumped it (dealer still has not sold it in 6 MONTHS). Word is out, and I still say dump them while the value is still there. Just my opinion.

    Please tell me why I shouldnt respond to the owners that have repeat problems with these vehicles with advice to trade for a decent hopefully GM branded vehicle that they will be happy with?
  • I feel the pain of everyone on this board that has had problems with their G6 HTC. I loved the car when I bought it, but have finally gotten rid of it after 1 year (almost to the date of purchase). In the year that I had it, it was in the shop over 75 days for the same problem. The third time the flywheel cracked they replaced the entire transmission. The 4th time it cracked I had had enough. After trying to resolve the problem according to the owner's manual (service, service mgr., general mgr., dealer (she verbally attacked me on her showroom floor telling me I was crazy and that ALL vehicles had problems), and finally GM) with no results I turned to the Better Business Bureau AutoLine. Within a week of the BBB contacting GM, they made an offer to do a repurchase/trade. I now have a brand new Malibu LTZ, a beautiful, maxed out vehicle. Same note for the remainder of the term, same low financing I had, and I'm even receiving a refund check for a few thousand. Bottom line: yes I expected rattles, etc. that come with a convertible; didn't bother me. But serious engine/mechanical problems with no response from the dealer/GM/etc.; not acceptable. The BBB really helped!!! And, as a bonus, the irrational verbally abusive Pontiac dealer no longer has her dealership (not because of me, mind you; it's the economy so they say) in Thibodaux, LA. I'm still in the GM family, the Malibu LTZ has gotten great reviews, it's fun to drive, I still have a sunroof so I don't feel bad about getting rid of a convertible, and I look forward to enjoying this Chevrolet product. Long Live the BBB; nice to know that that process works so well!
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    I have actually grown to love my G6 too. Though like another post mentioned, the one bother is the lurchy transmission. Now they offer a 6spd auto, but mine is the 08 4spd. It has gotten better than when I first got it. but, sometimes I wonder what in the world its doing. It'll bump up in gear or down in gear and really no need to do it. Other than this, I can honestly say it is built quite well, its quiet in the interior. For what the car offers, its features, it certainly has a alot for the money. I am literally just paying $1 more a month than I did for an 06 Accord SE, which was fairly basic car, no roof, no leather, pretty much basic. LOVED IT. I would still be with Honda if I had a the choice, it has to be a GM product. I bashed the car for the longest time, but I am actually loving the car. No problems yet. I lease the car, I do plan to get out about 1-2yrs in to the lease to get my Honda back. But, the in the mean time, why not enjoy it. It really is a nice, sporty, youthful looking car. My family is even surprised, we are a VW and Honda family, and we have a new opinion of GM. Still would I get a new one now? if I had to get a new car?? Uh, probably not, I am a honda guy at heart. My mom a VW fan. We all have our favorites, but its just a car.

    By the way they are doing a face lift on the 09's. look it up.
  • maxG6maxG6 Posts: 2
    Wow I cant belive the bashing in this forum. I have two 2007 G6 htc's with no problems at all. I loved my wifes so much that i went back a month later and purchased one too. price was right, after rebates and discounts wifes was 24K and mine was 23K and I have the 3.9 engine. The cars are flawless and so much fun to drive. I open and close the top constantly even if its for a minute to visit the coffe shop. My only pet peeve was the momentary switch for the top, but I added a toggle switch and now i just flip it and dont have to hold the button. Of couse i had to modify the wifes too, she got jealous. Actually I was checking the forums to find ideas how to modify a key fob to lower the top after remote starting while i'm walking to the car. There no words to describe what a great mood you get in driving to and from work with the top down. I constanly get compliments and stares from strangers. Now i'm trying to fabricate a windscreen ($420.00 from the dealer is just too expensive). cant wait for the warm weather,if it hits 60 then the top comes down. The heater and heated seats keep us warm.
  • We love our G6 HTC as well. 2008 performance red metallic with the 3.5 and tan interior. Currently has 5,800 miles and it's only glitch has been a non-working heated passenger seat. Turned out to be a simple connector at some module...

    While it's a small pain to have to hold the top button, I consider it a safety thing in case something or somebody gets caught up in the top mechanism. I'm sure GM made that switch operate like that for safety concerns, and I'm okay with holding the button for 30 seconds. But I do wish it was on the dash or console....would prevent arm fatigue....
  • Glad to hear positive feedback. I really like mine as well.

    Please provide more detail on replacing the switch for the top (and let us know if you figure out the key fob thing -- that would be amazing!).

    I got beat out on ebay a few times for a windscreen, so I went to the parts department at the local dealer and asked for the "no-nonsense, customer loyalty, do it because it's Christmas" discount. He told me the list is now $490, but gave me one for $360. Haven't tried it out yet.
  • unless you are one of those rare human beings with eyes in the back of your head it is moronic to intentionally defeat the safety countermeasure that requires the occupant to maintain contact with the switch to open or close the roof. FMVSS 201 requires it because for instance a child can be severly injured by having a hand caught in the roof mechanism. Not all owners can be 100 percent certain like you are that a child could not activate your toggle switch and take his brothers fingers or worse off. Same go's for the idea about activating the roof up or down with the remote. Not good if dads pocket change should press the wrong buttons or sequence and trap a kid in the mechanism who might be in or around the vehicle.

    The hold down switch is a major safety device. Man what a lawsuit could result from any injury with that toggle switch!

    Dumb Dumb Dumb to suggest that mod in a forum that is viewed by people with children or grand children
  • maxG6maxG6 Posts: 2
    Any sane person must make logical decisions that pertain to their own situation that they are in control of. Anyone who leaves children unattended anywhere in or around a car is the moron. I would never put children in a convertible, period. These are extra cars for my wife and my pleasure as my children are in college, I have a Suburban and B9 Tribeca for use with the family. As for my modification, yes if GM put the button in the dash or console it would not be an issue. I do apologize if I misled anybody to the simplicity of my actions. The original switch is still in place and functions the same as it was intended by the manufacturer. My mod is a separate series of very tiny micro switches up behind the dash that requires pressing one of 1000 combinations to activate and is for my use only. As far as yours and others depressing comments, unfortunately I doubt anyone reading this forum would even slightly consider buying one of these cars.
  • Hey maxG6, no insults or anything intended from me. I was just commenting, as an engineer, on the nature of GM's safety concerns and why that switch needs to be held through the entire top-up or top-down process. I've always wanted the remote to have that capability, but I understand why it's not there. And again, a switch on the dash would have been more arm-friendly. I hope you didn't take anything from my earlier post personally.
  • And while you're at it, you should all deactivate the remote engine start feature, because cats sometimes climb up into engines, and you may not hear it scream from a distance. And the automatic window closing feature has to go. I mean, my God, what if the Pope poked his head in the window to talk to you, and you accidently hit that button? You could kill the Pope! And the remote alarm is a safety hazard as well. What is some some old lady with a heart condition is crossing in front of your parked car, and you activate the alarm? She could have a heart attack! Come to think of it, there should be no discussion of convertibles on a forum that is viewed by people with children. What if the child unbuckles himself and climbs out of the car while it is moving? Shame on you all.

    I hope my sarcasm is not lost. People can make their own determination whether a feature or modification is appropriate to their situation.
  • Hey billdaman- do you have a life or do you spend every waking minute of the day waiting for posts about the G6 so you can add your scathing opinion to each one?

    I am glad to see some "happy G6 owners" posting comments on this forum. I joined this forum a year ago to help resolve the rattles in my HTC roof. Now that they are repaired, I am going to unsubscribe from this forum so I am not subjected to the ridiculing comments that have become the norm.

    Good riddance! :mad:
  • "And while you're at it, you should all deactivate the remote engine start feature, because cats sometimes climb up into engines, and you may not hear it scream from a distance"

    No dont worry Morris, We engineers at GM designed the remote start with only one safey measure: Little Morris Jr cant take Daddys remote, press the remote start and chop your head off if you happen to be working under the hood .* (neat little interlock switch)

    "And the automatic window closing feature has to go. I mean, my God, what if the Pope poked his head in the window to talk to you, and you accidently hit that button? You could kill the Pope!"

    Sorry again Morris, We engineers at GM designed that window drive system so that it woundnt break the finger of a two year old, so fear not (Another FMVSS requirement that u subject to mockery)

    "And the remote alarm is a safety hazard as well. What is some some old lady with a heart condition is crossing in front of your parked car, and you activate the alarm? She could have a heart attack!"

    Not sure what u mean here Morris. The door rattle on my G6 was over 110dB, and it never scared my 70 year old Mom

    "Come to think of it, there should be no discussion of convertibles on a forum that is viewed by people with children. What if the child unbuckles himself and climbs out of the car while it is moving? Shame on you all."

    This is crushing sarcasm....Ill bet you think people should have the right to carry automatic weapons, and the government shouldnt intrude..Lets see .Constitutional right to mod! The best we engineers at GM could do was try to protect children...sorry you objectI hope my sarcasm is not lost.

    "People can make their own determination whether a feature or modification is appropriate to their situation. "

    This was fun wasnt it Morris!! :lemon:
  • Doesn't the Sebring have a top down button on the remote?
  • maybe the Sebring soft top convertible which has itss pinch points covered and way less powerful motors
  • hal56hal56 Posts: 94
    The BMW 3 series has a button on the remote--it also allows a partial open of trunk with top down to put away packages.

    Its all a matter of cost and target audience.
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