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Pontiac G6 Hardtop Convertible



  • g6guyg6guy Posts: 10
    i never thought about that i will def take a look at it and see thanks a lot
  • twosmgstwosmgs Posts: 11
    My new, 2008 G6 HTC arrived from a distant dealer's lot, after my dealer made a trade for it. (The distant dealer, about 70 miles away, had a car with my preferred color and options. It had been stored outside for about 4 very cold months, and so he was happy to finally see it move.)

    A day after taking delivery, I noticed that much of the insulation in the trunk was damp / wet, and I further discovered that there was about 0.5" of water in the spare tire wheel well. It was mid-January, and this did not bode well for my future enjoyment of this car! Back to the dealer it went that same day, who happens to have an excellent body shop.

    They immediately performed a "water test" and quickly found the source of the leak. Body putty seals the gutter around the trunk lid, which directs water runoff from the roof and the trunk lid to the rear bumper. Either the body putty cracked, or it was installed improperly, which enabled water to enter the trunk near the middle of the right-side gutter through a nearly imperceptible 0.75" slit. It was quickly fixed with epoxy and repainted, and one would never know that a repair was made to the gutter. The trunk was ripped apart (including the insulation), everything was dried with heaters, and then reassembled.

    If you only have periodic leaks, it may be dry or misaligned seals. Try some silicone spray first. If the trunk leak continues, especially in cold weather, a quality body shop should be able to diagnose and repair the problem.
  • redbulredbul Posts: 14
    Just got back from our typical summers nights cruise along Spanish Banks in Vancouver. Not many chances so far due to the rain. Last year there where only two days between April and October I did not have the top down. Didn't even turn the radio on tonight, just love hearing that muffler prrrrrrrrrrr.

    I have about 69,000 kilometres on the car and have had the roof adjusted for rattles countless times and have had two major parts replacements. My favourite was when it sounded like ballbearings were rolling around in the headliner.

    My lease comes out next February, but I originally bought an extra two years of warranty so I think I will try to strike a deal to keep it

    Thing is I can't think of a car I would prefer to replace it. I love the convertible and I am not in the mood to pay $60 G for a bimmer version. Most alternatives back seats are two small.....maybe the Volvo?

    About a month ago some clown tried to jimmy the window to get to the door lock. Made some hefty scratches in the roof. Roof and window held out long enough for the alarm to sound and the guy never got in. Insurance adjusters estimates $2250. Taking weeks for replacement glass to come from the US.....I wonder if they are handblowing it?

    Bought the wind difflector and it is well worth the price tag. Probably gives and extra hour of comfortable driving each night/morning and two months extra before and after summer. For example I drove around with the top down during the February. No sweat.....I mean no chill. One benefit of the Olympics is they repaved a lot of the roads.................

    I take the car to the local Pontiac enthusiast gatherings. It is not out of place with the GTOs, etc. (Google: Pontiac Show and Shine Vancouver)

    See you around...rattle, rattle, prrrrr, prrrrr...............
  • m_osikam_osika Posts: 1
    We have a 2007 and absolutely love it. Recently, we were in Florida and it was in the 90's. The top would not go up until the car sat for awhile. Got it back to Indiana and it has done this 3 more times. We are not getting an error message and the dealership is stumped. Anyone else have this problem?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hello M_osika,
    I apologize that you are experiencing a concern with your vehicle. Has the dealer contacted the tech department? Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • g6guyg6guy Posts: 10
    well as in my post of a few ago ..i finally decided to have the dealer take a look at the rattles i heard comming from the back drivers least i thought thats where it was comming from....well the black tonneau cover had a crack so the roof would not fully close,,so they found out the problem with the roof while they where fixing the tonneau cover..seems that the roof panel and the cables inside the roof where worn and needed to be replace so total for fixing the roof rattle and the blk plastic cover was......
    $895.......but with my warrenty i brought from and outside company iam covered just my $125 and iam done my car but be prepared for ur saftey get the warrenty guys ok... by the way its a 4 hour job
  • redbulredbul Posts: 14
    Took the G6 HTC in for regular oil change and left a list of things to check including:

    1. Slight clunk in steering
    2. Exhaust Whistle
    3. Typical roof rattles

    Service rep calls back:

    1. Car is off warranty so any "investigation" of issues will be subject to inspection charges and if item is not covered by my extended GPP (6 year/120,000 KM) I will be charged for the inspection.
    2. Steering clunk (a defective "half-shaft") is covered by extended warranty, will be fixed.
    3. Never heard of the exhaust whistle issue. Exhaust not covered by extended warranty. Cost to replace $800+.
    4. Roof rattles not covered by GPP (although this is a chronic problem that dealer had addressed, no charge, a number of times while under the factory warranty.) Inspection for rattles to be at my cost (by now they should know where all the rattles come from, ya think?).

    I Say:

    1. Exhaust whistle is a well established flaw that others are getting fixed no charge.
    2. Roof rattles are chronic (from day one) and reoccuring and should be fixed
    3. I am not paying for inspections, maybe I will call GM

    Rep calls back:
    1. Out of "good will" exhaust system will be replaced (from later discussions, it turns out they knew full well this was a common issue).

    1. Exhaust replaced gratis, including shiny new exhaust tips, thanks.
    2. Steering half shaft replaced gratis. However, I notice the steering now has more play than before, about an inch and a half movement before engaging right or left. Very annoying especially when driving in lanes of traffic. Immediately mention to dealer. First they say they don't notice it, but when presed, Assistant Service Manager says this is normal wear and tear and GM will not cover, besides any new part "will have the same problem sooner or later". (Nevermind it took 64,000 KM to suddenly show up the first time.) Estimated cost to replace "worn" part $2000. Very hard to prove the change has come as a result of the "repair". The steering play is much more annoying than the slight clunk that was fixed. More likely now this will become the lease company's problem next February.

    1.I was naive about one thing for the extended warranty. That any inspection to find a perceived problem would be my cost if issue is not covered. This seems like a blank check to the dealer. How can an owner limit the costs of the "inspection"? I imagine a great deal of inspection time could be spend chasing the sources of roof rattles.

    2. Reading the warranty, under "parts not covered" I see it says "convertible or vinyl top". When I bought the extended warranty they said this did not include the HTC, but now I am worried that that was just lip service. Has anyone had trouble making claims for roof repairs under the GPP? The main reason I bought GPP was for concerns for the roof.

    See ya around,

    rattle rattle, wobble wobble, prrr prrr
  • kevgretkevgret Posts: 37

    This is a quick response to the last message posted. Here are all of my HTC issues I have had fixed by the dealer. It did take some trouble and lots of time but eventually the car was fixed.

    1) Exhaust system: I fell victim to the exhaust system problem. I was told that the car was fine and I could drive it like it was. I said that is not the correct answer. I said please fix the car immediately. I was told it needed a whole new exhaust system. Car was fixed.

    2) Top rattles: I have had the car in the dealer for about 3 weeks the first 2 years I owned the car (It's 4 years old next month). They could not figure out why the top was rattling. I had to print out the service repair bulletin's that was posted in this thread years ago to help them out. Car was fixed

    3) Top completely snapped while on vacation. I was 400 miles from my house on vacation and the top "snapped" and would not go up or down. I was very scared I would not be able to get home since the car would not move while the top was broken. I forced the top on somehow and made it home. Car in shop another 2 weeks and was eventually fixed.

    Now most of the issues above have happened while I was putting 60 miles a day on the car for 18 months. After the 18th month I changed jobs and only put 5 miles a day on the car (go to work on the subway). I wonder how much of my issues were due to the mileage I was putting on the car when I first got it?

    My car is now 4 years old and so far I have not had any issues in 2 years. I am afraid if anything comes up now I am screwed. I do have the extended PP and I was told that the top is covered under the PP. I had to fight tooth and nail while the car was in warranty and now that it is covered under the PP I'm afraid i'll have issues if something comes up.

  • redbulredbul Posts: 14
    HI M_osika:

    Could be battery is weak but strong enough to start the car but not strong enough to move the roof.
  • g6guyg6guy Posts: 10
    edited May 2006
    well sorry to hear about ur roof problem from whaqt i can tell.iam not familiar with gpp warrentys.i know a lot of them say yest to everything to get you to sign i went with a company called santanders u.s.a they covered everything in fact my car is in the shop right now getting wotk because the black tonneau peace cracked and the top would not close and while at it i had them look into the rattle of the roof they found out the cables in the roof where worn.on an 06?.well that gm for ya., but still love my car total to get everything fixed would be $895..but the warrenty including my ded of $100 is only $ def look into a warrenty and ask dose it cover htc cause thats ur main reason.....good luck
  • redbulredbul Posts: 14
    Regarding the excess play in the steering I spoke about in post #759, I have moved the steering wheel to a different position and the play seems less bad. Could be something that was developing over time and when the shop worked on the steering they left the steering wheel in a position that accentuates the problem. Anyway I would hope to hear from someone that has had the same problem and whether it was fixed under the warranty or not. I have searched for "steering" issues on this forum, but no one has spoken of this particular problem.

    My understanding is the Stabilitrac was not available on the 3900 but the traction control is. In winter, when I was fishtailing in heavy snow, the Stabilitrac warning light came on. It eventually went off and I have not seem it again. Maybe the car's blackbox was doing some wishful thinking?

    Locally the retail prices being asked for the few used G6 HTC available are roughly equal to my remaining lease payments plus the guaranteed purchase option price. It would be a surprise that they actual estimated the residual value properly, considering the massive recession that we all went through nad the demise of the brand.

    Taking the guaranteed purchase price and using it to buy down the lease payments on a new car may be an attractive alternative to buying the G6 at the end of the lease.....particularly if I can not trust that the GMPP will cover the roof.

    However, I still do not see an alternative to the G6 HTC. The VW is cute but the backseat is so small. Most of the others are tubby looking and have small backseats. Only the bimmer has arguable better looking, but $$$$. The bigger backseat in the G6 is not only good for passengers, but is important in that the backseat is the alternate trunk.

    My son bought a full set of drums, including the bass, and we carried it home in the G6 in one shot. First we put the roof down and loaded up the backseat. Then we put the roof up and filled the trunk.

    See you around,

    rattle rattle, wobble wobble, prrrr prrrr, rata..tat..tat.....
  • SFJerrySFJerry Posts: 4
    So less than a year ago I took car in for exhaust whistle told would have to replace exhaust system covered it under warranty whistle back again took into dealer not under warranty needs to be replaced 900.00 this is not right any one have this happen twice who should I contact help everyone looks as you drive by!!
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    Take it to a exhaust shop, have them replace the resonator, problem solved. The resonator whistle Is one of GM's poor system design.
    A dealer needs to replace the system, only away factory sells it. Replaced mine and it cost me $80 for resonator.
  • SFJerrySFJerry Posts: 4
    Thank you so very much for the info.
    I will go to an exhaust shop this weekend
    Thanks again
  • My wife came home from work today, she said the car is making a very loud noise from left front. I drove car out of drive way, first hearing and feeling the steering wheel making a noise; like rubber again rubber contact. Then when I took off, a loud squeaking noise started, (sounded like old shocks squeaking). Pulled back in drive, bounced car with my weight on front drivers side, neighbor crawled under, said noise is coming from behind front left wheel. Possibly bearing, ball joint, control arm???
    Any one else have this problem, or solution...?
  • Hello,
    Since I'm not there to hear the noise, nor am I an expert, but one of the things that can make a horrible sound is the little metal tab on disc brake pads called an audible sensor. This is merely a piece of metal added to one of the brake pads to make a noise when it comes in contact with the brake rotor. It is there to indicate that the brake pads are substantially worn. This noise will occur at just about anytime the rotor is turning, however, it sometimes goes away when the brakes are applied. It's worth looking into.
  • Thanks for your comment, on Friday I drove the car to the dearlership, in the morning, while the car was cold. Dealer could not locate noise, so after work I drove the car for 25 minutes, then suddenly the squeaking came back, drove to the dealer, everyone heard the noise. The service writer stated that it was coming from the driver side lower control arm. I have an appointment to have it replaced on Monday.
  • I also drive a G6 Gt HTC, and if you are seriously looking to go to another car. I can recommend my last ride. A SAAB 9-3. They are really great little cars, about 4" less wheelbase than the G6 but very roomy. The AERO model is a V6 with Turbo, very quick. The standard 9-3 has a 2.0L 4 cylinder also Turbo (Approx 250HP) They are well made but can be expensive to maintain, similar to BMW except they are Front Wheel drive. Because they were part of the GM family and then dropped (like Pontiac) they are usually pretty reasonable on the used market.
    Don't misunderstand me; I prefer the Pontiac G6, but I think the Saab is worth consideration.
    Can you tell me where you bought the optional wind deflector for the G6? :confuse: It gets cold in New York State and I'd like to buy one.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,024
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    Jeannine Fallon
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  • Hello Robertblaize,
    The wind screen is a Pontiac dealer item. The price is $420, but once in a while, there is one for sale on Ebay. I made my own from aluminum tubing and ordinary window screening. It is contoured just like the GM one and it works great. The biggest annoyance WITHOUT the windscreen is the draft on the back of the neck of the driver and front passenger. With it, you can use the car as a convertible with heat coming through the dashboard vents in much cooler weather. It really makes a huge difference.
  • redbulredbul Posts: 14
    I bit the bullet and bought my "wind blocker" at the dealer. Pricey but a good investment. Watch it when the passenger drops his/her seat back. Mine has withstood several blows that way.
  • I was just told mine needs to be replaced. Dealer wants over 600.00. Who replaced yours?
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    I did myself, dealer replaces whole system. Just go to a muffler shop, get an estimate.
  • Hello everyone,
    My G6 HTC has the light taupe leather interior. As with just about every G6 that I've seen, the driver's seat tends to wear the coloring off the outboard piping edge of the backrest. I've searched for touch-up dye everywhere to no avail. I decided to try something sneaky that worked out very well. I'll pass this tip along to anyone who wants to try it.
    I removed the headrest and brought it to a Home Depot paint department to do a color match. I had them create the color in one of those sample size bottles of paint for under $3. The match was perfect. With a small hobby paint brush, I applied the color to the worn out edge of the piping. It looks brand new. I'll probably apply a coat of clear paint on it to seal it.
    What's the worst that can happen? If it wears off, then I'll just redo it.
  • twosmgstwosmgs Posts: 11
    Interesting workaround to a difficult problem.

    Although the G6's perforated leather is somewhat thin and not of the same quality of higher-level GM vehicles, many of the inevitable discoloration and cracking problems which occur with all leather interiors can be delayed with the application of a brand-name leather conditioning/cleaning cream every 3 - 6 months. I prefer Meguiar's Gold Class Rich Leather Cleaner/Conditioner for my own G6 HTC light taupe leather seats, but other brands will deliver fine results, too.

    Regarding touch-up colorants, a web-search will turn-up many low cost products which can be custom mixed at home to develop a good match. There are also some touch-up pens, which are available for various leather and leatherette (a.k.a. vinyl) colors for both domestic and foreign vehicles. A less common product for these sorts of problems , which I have used successfully in the past, is Duplicolor Vinyl and Fabric Coating. It comes in many colors, but only in spray cans. (As always, just spray a bit in a cup, and use a fine artist's brush to apply it where the touch-up color is required.) This product is typically only found in specialty auto supply stores, including NAPA. Or, it can be easily purchased on-line.
  • Thank you for your reply twosmgs,

    After reading your suggestions of where to get leather touch-up dye, I still drew a blank. Duplicolor appears to have only generic colors (i.e. black, white, burgundy, tan, gray, etc.). As far as me creating the correct color from a kit, I doubt if I could get that accurate. If you ever run across the specific "light taupe" color for a General Motors car, please post the information.
    By the way, my 2007 G6 has only 15,000 miles on it, so there is no wear on the seats other than that piping edge. I have used quality leather treatments on the seats as you also suggested.
  • redbulredbul Posts: 14
    After looking at a number of alternatives including the BMW "1" series and a used SAAB, decided to buy my G6 at lease end. Buyout price was close to posted sales prices for about 6 examples in my area. One condition was that they fix the wooble (dead spot in middle) in the steering. Turned out it was a warranty item. Something wrong with the steering box. Steering is now taught, feels better than new....actually.

    Also found a "new" spray product at Lordco for treating door seals. Seems to have substantially cut down of the creaking and "popping" although it seemed to work with some delayed effect.

    So evertything is working well and I have two years left on the extended warranty!

    Any suggestions on cool aftermarket additions to the car?

    Vroom, vroom, looking forward to summer!
  • g6guyg6guy Posts: 10
    hey just want to say i have seen and read some very bad storys on the g6 but i have to say my 06 gtp htc is running pretty well so far and havent had any major problems that needed to be addressed i have that check engine light that pops on every now and then all of a sudden have had it inoto the dealer about 2 times trying to figure out what it is my dealer is very patient so iam content with useing them other then that and a few rattles with the top iam very happy if anyone has any ideas on how to fix the rattle i would love to hear....
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    Please keep us posted on any information from the dealership. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us directly.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
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