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Pontiac G6 Hardtop Convertible



  • redbulredbul Posts: 14
    If opening the window a bit helps with the rattle I have experienced that. The rattle may be an accoustic phenomenon that is actually caused by the rubber seals. Try to find a proper lubricant for the door seals. I found one which I talk about elsewhere on this site, it seems to work well.

    For some reason the rattle issue seems to fade with age. Perhaps the rubber seals soften up on their own?
  • far as your remote goes, try looking on E-Bay. about $25.00 will replace it, and it takes two minutes to reprogram.
  • Even with buying the remotes on line, it is still very expensive to get them programed at the dealer. When I asked why they charged so much for a 15 minute process, I was told that it cost $10K for the machine and if I wanted to buy the machine then I could do it my self.
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    Or program with laptop software, it still would cost you $500. It will then do more than just program fob,s.
  • Do you have a link for the software?
  • I bought my G6 a year ago and the top stop working after three months can any one
    tell me what the problem could be. The convertible hard top will to go down the dealership told me it might be the switch but they are not sure they will replace it then if that is not it they will look further.
  • gmerilligmerilli Posts: 25
    What message do you get when you try to open the top. Usually that should indicate why the top will not retract. At least it is not the opposite problem which is what I had. But my dealership fixed it with one try. turned out to be the linkage in the roof came loose.

    If you hear the roof try to open it is probably a linkage or alignment problem. If nothing happens then it is probably a sensor problem. If nothing happens though you should get a message in the message center.

    send a message to and see if they can help. You would think that GM could diagnose the problem without just blindly replacing parts. I would expect that from the local garage mechanic but not from GM dealership service.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Good morning bobbyearl1,
    We would be happy to follow up with your dealership on this matter if you like. We can be reached via email at (include your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and a summary of the situation).
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • kathysg6kathysg6 Posts: 3

    Ask lots of questions of the dealer you allow to work on your 2007 HTC G6 GT. I've taken mine to 3 different dealers, top is worse than ever. 4th dealer was recommended by GM (yes I contacted GM Customer Serivce and complained). Turns out that all techs are GM Certified, but very few of them have actually ever worked on the G6 HTC, which I found out was manufactured by Volvo.

    Good luck with yours - looks like I'm going to get to pay over $1000 to get mine fixed because the other dealer thought it needed adjusting as part of regular maintenance. He asked to work on it, even tho I'd not had a problem, I let them practice on it anyway because they were my trusted local dealer. I've been doing business with them for 6 years and now they won't even talk to me anymore. good example of customer no serivce, and improper training certification by GM!

    Anyway, sorry for the rant, but ask if the tech who is scheduled to work on your car has worked on any of them before. Certification doesn't mean squat.

  • I recently took my G6 to the former Pontiac dealership here, Devan Lowe, in Rainbow City, AL. I gave them TSB#06-08-59-003B and asked them to see if they could stop the rattles in my top. They had told me that their technician is one of the very best at it. I am very pleased to report that their work was successfull. I have not heard a rattle since I got it back. :D
  • redandbearredandbear Posts: 2
    edited June 2013
    My husband and I drove thru a car dealership yesterday on a whim and found a 2009 Pontiac G6 convertible. Instant love, the car looked awesome, but they usually do on a car lot. The carfax report looked good. One thing that concerns me is that it has 78,000 miles on it. Anything we should look for, ask about or consider before going for it?
  • mickeynewmickeynew Posts: 3
    The two things to look for are if the top rattles when it is up and a whistle in the exhaust system. If you can find a good previous Pontiac dealership, and the top rattles, there is a TSB about how to fix that. It did the trick on mine. Some folks got Pontiac to replace the whistling exhaust. You might get the dealer to check the GM records and see if this was done. Mine does it when it is cold and seems to stop after everything warms up. I can live with that. I love my 2007 and drive it a LOT with the top down. :D
  • Good to know, we'll check it out, Thanks!
  • kevgretkevgret Posts: 37

    I have had my G6 HTC convertible for 7 years. In those 7 years I have documented the trials and tribulations of my car in this very forum (just read my posts). The latest problem has to do with my top. The top on my convertible will not go all of the way up. The part where the top won't go up is where the trunk has to close to complete the process but it won't.

    I have had the car to the only dealer who has worked on my car THREE times. All three times I was told there is nothing with my car and the top is fine. Well today I tried to enjoy my day off and I put my top down and up to make sure it worked... and it didn't.

    So I went to the dealer and he put the top down and up 5 times and it worked perfectly... so I explained to him that the top would not work at my house in my driveway... My driveway is on a slight incline so I had him take the car to a hill and when he tried to put the top up it FAILED.

    So now the dealer verified that the top will not close while parked on an incline... BUT he didn't want to keep the car to work on it. His suggestion was to close the top on the street and not on an incline.

    I really don't like this because I would like my top repaired to complete working condition.

    So here I am with a top that works on certain inclines and a dealer who doesn't want to try and repair it. The whole reason for me keeping this car as long as I have is for the hard top. If I can't use it there is no sense even keeping the car.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this or where to go to get it repaired?
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    I would use it on level ground. It's a G6, not a MB.
  • kevgretkevgret Posts: 37
    This doesn't really solve my problem, does it?

    My driveway is no different than millions of others. The small incline should not make my top defective... and what if I'm in an area where there is no surface that meets the top's incline specifications? What am I to do then?

    I wanted to take this car on my next driving vacation into the mountains, but I really can't now.
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    edited August 2013
    Good Luck getting it fixed. Haven't you ever seen GM state, as designed.

    I have been in a lot of mountains, there are level places.

    Call Pontiac customer service and complain. 1-800-762-2737

    Canada 1-800-263-3777

    From what I have been reading for years about the G6 hard top, your lucky it works at all.
  • kevgretkevgret Posts: 37
    edited August 2013
    Here is yet another issue with my HTC. Two years ago my car failed inspection for an OBD sensor. I guess this is something that communicates with the state inspection machines. I took the car to my dealer who said the car was fine and the state inspection station was wrong. The dealer passed the car.

    Well here it is 2 years later and guess what.. you guessed it.. the car failed once again for a OBD sensor. The state inspection station even moved my car to THREE different lanes and it failed on ALL three. Talk about embarrassing... having state employees scream at you that your car is not safe is not how I wanted to spend my morning.

    I called my dealer again and will be dropping the car off for them to review.

    Does anyone know if this is an issue with the G6's? with all of the trouble my car has I just don't know.
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    I don't, I'm in a no emissions state. We had it in a few counties, but expensive repairs and no fix killed it.
  • I gave up on dealers. Tried GM customer service, and the dealer flat out refuses to fix the issues they caused. GM didn't properly train dealer technicians on fixing this CVT. The last one put a piece of plastic pipe in as a spacer to try and align it, along with super glue, velcro, and electrical tape.

    I reported dealer to BBB, and filed suit in small claims with no satisfaction.

    I got lucky - I found a local auto upholstery shop with a Mr. FixIt who loves tinkering with convertibles. After about 3 weeks, and $700 my CHT works better than new. He said the cables as installed from the factory were 'mirror image reversed' to the path that will actually work and be reliable.

    If you can't get your fixed by the dealer who doesn't have a clue how these convertible hard tops work, it might be worth driving it to JAX and let Sargents fix it for you - better than new.
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    You should be replying to kevgret, I don't own a convertible.
    I have a hole in the roof though.
  • kevgretkevgret Posts: 37
    I took my car to the dealer yesterday and it passed inspection on their machine. My car has failed at two different state inspection stations and at multiple inspection lines, but not at the dealer.

    This is more than a coincidence but there is nothing more the dealer can/wants to do because it passed at his shop. So since I have owned the car it has not been able to get a state inspection pass.

    Does anyone know why my car would fail twice in two years at a state inspection station but not at the dealer? I know that in two years the car will once again fail a state inspection.
  • Sorry - I was replying to HTC Top Issues - Hard Top Convertible. The G6 with retractible hard top is wonderful, when it works. Problem is dealers are not equipped to deal with it when there is a problem. My experience anyway.
    Kathy's G6
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 879
    The hard top and panoramic sun roof did not work out well, so were trashed.
  • redbulredbul Posts: 14
    I would mention the top two points. Also watch for slight excess play in the top dead centre of the steering wheel. Further, if there is a hesitation in the transmission when you slow to a near stop then reaccelerate, such as rolling through a stop sign, it could point to future transmission failure.

    Oddly getting the right lubricant for the window seals seems to help with the "rattles" or "popping". Lately I notice there is extra bracing on the lower frame and I wonder if these may cause rattling if they come loose.

    I have been getting dimples in the panel just below the rear quarter windows on both sides. I had them knocked out but they are back. I suspect this might be from chassis flexing.
  • Just bought my 2008 drop-top G6 GT with only 20K miles on it and I absolutely love it! I am well aware of some of the problems associated with it having read every page of this forum, but I guess I am an optimist and am not worried at all. I did make sure I bought an 08 or 09 model since many of the issues have a better chance of being addressed, but to me, a dozen or so people having issues out of 150K cars sold each model year, I think it is simply like any other car, and some have problems. I looked at a ton before buying and the top worked flawlessly on every single one of them, even if they had 100K miles on them. So while it is unfortunate some had problems, it does not mean we all will. And I will say, when a car is 6 years old and I see posts like "yet another problem"....I mean, the car by now is 6-8 years old, so of course there will be issues. Right out of the dealer I sympatize, but not 6 years later. Nothing lasts forever.
    I was lucky that mine was garaged and never saw winter or even rain, still looks pristine. Top has gone down and up 2 dozen times since I have had it for a week without incident and the previous owners never had an issue either. I do get the door pin rattles, havent greased them yet but I will. No squeeking from the rubber seals, but I will be proactive and use the silicone spray.
    I cannot believe the comments the car creates everytime I am out in it. People act as if they have never seen one and are always asking questions. It is a beautiful ride and in my opinion, I think it handles very well, drives great, and has no issues (knock on wood :) ). I see quite a few complaints about the radio not being great, but it sounds awesome to me???
    I havent seen a post since Nov 2013--anyone still enjoying their G6 convertible?? It is by far the best looking car I have ever owned and my favorite in all other areas too. Granted, I havent ever owned a Lexus or BMW, but Pontiac got it right with this car in my opinion. My apologies to those who have had issues, but do not be discouraged if you are looking for a hard-top convertible, these cars are amazing and of course have minor issues like every single car ever manufactured--just pick a random model and do a forum search on it; someone will be rightfully complaining about something. If you have always wanted a convertible and have hesitations--just go for it! GM got this one right, though I cant deny there were some issues with inital models. Surprisingly, their are G6's out there with low miles, I had the pick of 3 with around 20K on them. Would love to keep this forum going as I love this car!

  • redbulredbul Posts: 14

    I believe we are supposed to avoid silicone on the seals. See my prior posts for stuff that worked for me.

  • kevgretkevgret Posts: 37

    So I have documented in this forum the many troubles with my car. I have taken it in about 5 times alone for a cruise control issue... all 5 times I was denied any type of repair. Well last month I received a recall notice and guess what it is for? Yup.. the SAME cruise control issues I have been fighting about for over 3 years.

    GM you are a disgusting company. I will never support you or your company again. Everyone I come in contact with I tell them about my horrible experiences with this car and your company.

  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    We're very sorry to hear you feel this way based on your experience, kevgret. We understand your dissatisfaction with the way your concerns were addressed and we have documented your feedback within our system. Please keep in mind that if you had your cruise control previously repaired you should be eligible for reimbursement. If there is anything we can do to help with this situation, please private message us your VIN and contact information.

    Thank you,
    Amber N.

    GM Customer Care

    @kevgret said:
    So I have documented in this forum the many troubles with my car. I have taken it in about 5 times alone for a cruise control issue... all 5 times I was denied any type of repair. Well last month I received a recall notice and guess what it is for? Yup.. the SAME cruise control issues I have been fighting about for over 3 years.

    GM you are a disgusting company. I will never support you or your company again. Everyone I come in contact with I tell them about my horrible experiences with this car and your company.

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