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Dodge Nitro



  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Everyone is posting their mileage in Dodge Nitro Real World MPG which is where you should go! :)

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  • Has anyone had any problems when driving in 4WD. When making a very tight turn (i.e. parking) the vehicle will lock up and it becomes incredibly difficult to move. I have to switch it to 2WD, stop, and it will correct after a short time. This is described in the owners manual (essentially the car is tricking the stability control system???) but this just doesn't seem right! Love the truck aside from this--not problems but have only had for a couple months.

  • I haven't experienced that yet. I've used mine in 4WD quite often too.
  • When I looked at the Nitro, I asked about the 4WD option. I was informed it is part time 4WD and is meant to be engage only when driving in a straight line.
  • Well MY Nitro has a switch I can change it from 2wd to 4wd see...


    The round dial is where I change the setting.
  • When I looked at the Nitro I tried to find out more about the part time 4WD that the vehicle has and how to use it. Part time 4wd does not respond well turning on dry pavement. See message 65 and 66 in this discussion for more info on how to properly handle the part time 4wd that the Nitro has.
  • trap100trap100 Posts: 2
    help how do i remove the shift knob from my nitro r/t. the r/t is different.any clues??
  • shady276shady276 Posts: 1
    Im not a nitro owner. I however have driven dodge and chrysler products for the past 10 + years. "Mopar or NO car!" However I recently had my Pacifica in the dealer for a coolant leak and my eyes lit up as the service man pulled up a Glossy black dodge nitro as my loaner car. I loaded my things in and climed in as if I were a kid at christmas time. The car is very agressively styled on the outside. The fit and finish of the vehicle as compared to the other cars that I have owned (98 Neon, 00 Intrepid, 01Sebring, and 07 Pacifica) it seamed cheap! The Nitro is more of a truck based suv. The foot wells were overly cramped, the seat position was all wrong and the handeling..... oh the handeling was just terrible. Maybe I have become spoiled as a pacifica owner but there is just no comparrison between the two. I am not making a slam intentionally to the Nitro but i have driven the durango and was greatly more satisifed with the ride in it than the nitro. I just hope they can bring the nitro up to par with the rest of the line up or just kill it off and let the Journey replace it.
  • caliberchiccaliberchic Posts: 402
    You do get use to the handling differences, I too felt mine was "sloppy" when I first drove it but as with any vehicle you get use to it's quirks :) .
  • barbara22barbara22 Posts: 8
    Has anyone out there had any transmission shuddering, 4-wheel drive shuddering with their 2007 Dodge Nitro. I have had my Nitro in the shop 4 times for this problem and they keep saying all it needs is to have the computer "flashed", but this has not corrected the problem........also, while driving 55-60 miles per hour sometimes a beeping sound is heard and all the dash lights come on, brake light, seat belt light ( as if you have just turned the key to start the car), the last 2 times it has done this the radio has cut off, but the car does not seem to lose power.
    It is going back into the shop again tomorrow for this same problem, but of course the dealer says he has no "bulletins about this problem and actually suggested that the car is "possessed".....................I think this is the only Nitro I will ever own. Had a 2004 Durango before this and it was wonderful......should have my head examined for trading!!!!!!!!
  • barbara22barbara22 Posts: 8
    Yes, I have had problems from day 1 with my Nitro.......even in 4-wheel drive....
    I have only used the 4 wheel drive one time and it drove about 10 miles and then shuddered so bad I had to stop and try to pull out again and finally put it back into 2 wheel drive to go on my 10 inches of snow!!! Of course the dealer found no problem with it.............if I slow down going up a hill there is a transmission shudder and vibration of the whole car.......this is a continuing problem everytime I drive the vehicle.

    I have also had problems with the dash lights coming on while driving at 55-60 miles an hour, and the radio cuts off when this happens. It only lasts about 10 seconds and then the lights go of yet I have not lost power during these episodes........the dealer finds no problems to repair for this either....suggests the car is "possessed".
  • raysheilaraysheila Posts: 1
    Can anyone tell me if a standard transmission Nitro can be towed behind a motor home on all four wheels if in Neutral
  • teqtonyteqtony Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 nitro, slt. 3.7 with tow package. Has anyone tryed to tow a tandom axle 12' trailer (2500 lbs) with another 2500 lbs contints for a total of 5000lbs. Would love to hear some towing news
  • joysnitrojoysnitro Posts: 1
    hello Barabra
    I am having a lot problems with the vibration in the engine at a steady speed
    40-45. there is a definate problem with the Nitro 3.7 and Chrysler is not on top of it.
    At one point they told me there was not fix

    Here is what they have done

    4/18 Torch Converter replaced. did not work
    Reprogrammed power train

    4/18 Gas additive - Did not work 4/18

    5/3 tansmission Friction Modifier 5/3 - Did not work

    5/9 Cylinoid pack for Torch Converter which Made it worst, Darin said the factory thinks its a bad Torch converter and is shipping another one.

    5/12 Picked up from Dodge and was told to pursue the Lemon Law on this car 5/12. Was told Their is a problem and the factory has no fix for it. ( see purchase order included)

    5/15 sent certified letter to diamler defect notification.

    5/27 factory called and wanted to attempt more repairs they have representative in town. I was told that, that did not work but they want to keep another day to work which is today)
    5/28 Chrysler factory technician came in to work ont the car.
    this is what he did
    Applied TSB 02-005-07 - No change (Chrysler tech words)
    Adjust front and rear suspension -- no changes
    Shimmed transmission crossmember 1/2” to change angle - a little better
    Shimmed it another 1/2” - no better (Chrysler tech words)
    Shimmed it another 3/8” (Chrysler tech words)
    Swapped out drive shaft for a stock unit - no change (Chrysler tech words)
    Repositioned rear support links to adjust pinon angle - a little better (Chrysler tech words)
    Replaced crankshaft damper - good (Chrysler tech words)
    The dealer ship said I could pick the car up and that it was 90% better.
    I drove it and Instead of vibrating at 40-45mph it does it 44-46 mph

    I am getting everything together an contacting an attorney.

  • barbara22barbara22 Posts: 8
    Well, since my last entry the ESP/BAS warning light came on and stayed on. I returned to the dealer one more time and they found an error code and had to "flash the computer" ONE MORE TIME........... My dealer does not seem to want to go any further with trying to diagnose these problems. I did contact Chrysler-Dodge by phone this past Friday.....was told by the first person that they felt it would qualify for the "lemon law" or a by-back......but of course when I was transferred to upper management I was told to contact them "first" when something else happened and they would contact my dealer and request documentation and have the repair I guess I am waiting for something else to blink, alarm or whatever.........I still continue to have the bad vibration between 40-45 miles an hour....with no one wanting to check it out.......I am very much considering contacting an attorney also........
  • I have not towed a tandom axle, but did tow a two place enclosed snowmobile trailer at about 2000#'s. It did surprisingly well. Towed it 800+ miles and had no problems and did most of it in 4 wheel drive. I do not have the tow package but added the mopar hitch. It is a 3.7 SXT.
    The only major complaint was it has very uncomfortable seats for a person my size at 6'2" 260. It has very little thigh support.
  • I also had that "shudder" when driving about 40mph. Other people people in the car do not notice it but I find it very annoying. I will probably just live with it until the lease is up.
    I leased the vehicle because of the cheap price,convianant dealer, tow capasity and it made by a american company. If i was buying and not leasing I would not have gotten this vehicle because of the poor comfort, ride quality, and resale. Have had a number of Duangos, Rams, and a Liberty in the past, really liked them (except MPG).
    I test drove most all the small SUV's last year and have to say the Honda CRV was my favorite.
  • caliberchiccaliberchic Posts: 402
    A flash typically fixes that shudder. I had it too and had it flashed and it resolved the issue.
  • barbara22barbara22 Posts: 8
    Well, the dealer flashed my Nitro computer to try and correct the "shudder".NOT!!!!
    Just waiting for something else to happen!!
  • gobuffs00gobuffs00 Posts: 3
    The torque convertor is the cause of your shudder. The flash is to be done after the torque convertor in the transmsission is replaced. I am a dodge, chrysler, jeep tech so feel free to ask any other questions.
  • gobuffs00gobuffs00 Posts: 3
    torque convertor replacement and a reflash of the pcm. Unfortunatley there have been a few cases where the torque convertor has to be replaced several times to get one that is good.
  • gobuffs00gobuffs00 Posts: 3
    I am a dodge tech and sometimes it takes more than one torque convertor replacement to fix the shudder problem. Our parts suppliers are not producing quality parts at this time. The flashing lights sounds like a problem in the instrument cluster which in itself is a module or in the front control module. any other questions I would be happy to help out with
  • ok. i hope to own one of the 2007 dodge nitro 4dr suv 4wd soon and if anyone owns one please post a message and tell me what you think of it. thanx :)
  • barbara22barbara22 Posts: 8
    Thanks so much for your input on this situation. I have printed your responses and will be taking the copy to the dealership............hopefully they will listen to me and at least try replacing the torque converter...........will let you know!!
  • 2fresh2fresh Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 Nitro SLT. It has shut off on me several times, even on the highway going 65 plus. There was a recall on the truck, I took it last year 08/07 to have the recall performed. The NITRO shut off on me again a few days ago, it is in the shop again. I really fear for my safety. Finally, the repair shop calls me and tells me I need a Flashupdate to my TIPM & PCM and are asking that I pay a 100 dect. for this. Are they serious? I said this is the same reason why it was in the shop last year and you are making me pay for something that was never fixed. What should I do, I don't feel safe. My truck has cut off on me at least 7 times on the road. I will never get a DODGE again.
  • bought my Nitro in August 2007 and LOVE IT!!!! Had a smaller SUV that had a new engine put in and after that the car died repeatedly. Spent 2 months in the shop, they couldn't find what was wrong. Traded it in after they declared nothing was wrong with it. My Nitro runs smooth, handles great in the snow, has plenty of space and is a comfy ride for anyone inside. Better on gas mileage than any of the other SUVs I've owned. Sorry to hear about anyone having problems. I certainly had my share over the 2 years prior to my Nitro purchase.
  • I bought a brand new one last July and after a month I noticed the paint chipping. Now I have rust spots on the rear door and paint blisters on the hood. Also sometimes driving all the dash lights go crazy,then my tire low light came on and said I had 19 pounds of pressure, so I got out and there was nothing wrong with my tire, once my rear window stuck and wouldnt go up or down. I've had alot of issuses with it. Has any one else?
  • I have had the same problems with the dash lights going crazy, and my tire low light has come on many times, but nothing wrong with tire pressure. The dealership has flashed the computer 4 times for the dash light problem, but it still does it periodically. I have a shudder between 40-45 miles per hour especially when pulling a hill.....but the dealership can't find a problem....say maybe it is the tork converter...but of course, have not offered to replace it......I have decided I will drive this thing until the wheels fall off ( which could be any day now!!!!!). I will never purchase Nitro again......I had a Dodge Durango before the nitro and I loved it!!Still haven't figured out why I traded for this "haunted" Nitro..........Oh yeah, had to have the luggage racks replaced due to them cracking.....also the drivers seat sort of fell apart and had to have it replaced..............last week!! I have had this car since August 2007, have 30,000 miles on it and it seems to be in the garage every 3-5 thousand miles......It just doesn't seem to me that the Chrysler Corporation wants to admit to any problems with the Nitros......
  • Get RID OF IT if you can, I did at 10k. :lemon:
  • Dear all,
    I have buy a Nitro SXT 2,8 CRD in 4 July 2008, beginning with second day I have got some noise inside of the car and some vibrations at the wheel and pedals. This is taking at beginning 30min after that more. I was at service between 7 July and 8 august in every week for 7 times. The diagnostic was one pipe from fuel feed system it is in a wrong position, after that was fuel filter, then fuel pomp, after that they change the pipe. Every time they say you can drive safely do not worry, but in my hart I have a bad feeling. Finally I was happy with my nitro without any noise and vibrations, but in December 6 when I drive around 1000km, on the way back to home I have remark that average consumption have grow dramatically. The problem was the same pipe that was cut, in engine area, by the same vibration that comes back in this trip only when I accelerate.If is anybody here who can help me or to advice about what is happened in your country in same situations I will be glad. Honestly I'm afraid to drive this car again and I want to change the car or to get many back.
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