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Isuzu Rodeo Check Engine Light



  • I was having all sorts of reduced power, acceleration and stall problems. My mechanic said the wire harness on my 2001 Rodeo V6 with 99,500 miles whcih i just bought was falling apart and had been repired many times. So i bouhgt the new one and when my mechanic gave me the car he said was a hesitating at lower speeds and he checked the code which was a 300 which he said didn't have a diagnostic explanation. So he told me to put in a can of injector cleanrer. I told him i heard that the grounds need to be checked. He cleaned the 4 grounds on top of the engine and most of the hesitation is gone but now the CEL light is on. When i accelerate the CEL blinks but goes back on when the foot is off the acelerator. It idles fine just those little jumps at low speeds and the light is on. Are there more than just the four grounds to be cleaned? He also told me that he replaced the 2 front Oxygen sensors with Bosch sensors could this be the problem
  • ntclntcl Posts: 5
    We have the same problem. so I bought a OBDll code reader $30,and with this tool you plug it in under the dash below the steering column . This will read all error codes and tell you what it may be,but you can also erase the error code which in turn will shut off the check engine light for a day or so,enough time too get it inspected. Hope this helps. WE do this every time inspection comes due,our error code is for the EGR valve which would cost me around $200 to fix.
  • any hint how to change 1998 Isuzu Rodeo manifold gasket
  • the check engine light comes on for bout 10 sec then goes off went to have the code read and two diff places couldnt find the place to retrive them i cant seem to locate it either any ideas were this hub is hidding
  • I just brought a 2000 Isuzu Rodeo and my 30 days are almost up and I need to get this thing registers but the check engine light is still on. I keep getting a EGR/ air flow reading, I have replace the fuel pump, and I have brought a new EGR valve. The check engine light just went off briefly yesterday, but it was late and by the time I got in there to drive again it was back on. I took it to AutoZone and the reading was still the same thing the EGR - air flow. I don't know what to try next, I keep buying the fuel injection cleaner, because everyone keep saying that I need to drive it cause it has a build up. It does have very high miles. I need a quick fix so I can pass the emissions test. HELP!
  • I have a 1997 Isuzu Rodeo, it has been a great car. The check engine light just popped on and I don't want to take it into the auto shop just for them to tell me a bunch of stuff is wrong. Car still runs great, the light popped on yesterday. Any ideas on what it could be? I have about a 600 mile round trip coming up pretty soon...want to find out before i go on it.

  • did you ever get it fixed?
  • ntclntcl Posts: 5
    I will get back with you asp.
  • Turned out to be my Ignition Switch causing the Check Trans and Curise Set coming on. They found the problem by turning my key slightly forward. Only took 5 weeks and $489...
  • Check engine light came on I had a code reader and it said bank one sensor one , I changed it and cleared the code and it comes back . sensor 1 bank 1 code is p000035^ two times. At a loss
  • i have a 95 rodeo with gas getting into the sparks plug i have cleaned the plugs numerous times but it wont start
  • Best to have trany fluid on a rodeo checked by machanic that has a temp gage for testing. Manual calls for 350f degrees . Most parts houses have a pump that will screw onto a quart bottle, mime calls for about 4 quarts. Good luck.
  • kimkimbykimkimby Posts: 1
    Hello, I bought a 2001 Rodeo last year and had a brand-new engine put in. It runs great, no problem there-However, every time the car turns a corner or there is a curve or hill in the road, the fuel sensor light starts blinking-(indicating it is low on fuel)and then it sets off the "Check Engine" light (even when I have just filled the tank!) I read in the owner's manual that this is correct for this vehicle-but it drives me crazy and I want to disconnect the fuel light so that the "Check engine" light will stop coming on all the time. The previous owner did not even know that there was an engine problem because the "Check Engine" light kept coming on all the time and kept having mechanics look at it-and they all said it was normal for this car. So when I bought it, it needed a new engine. I cannot trust the lights to tell me if there IS something wrong, because the darned lights are always coming on! PLEASE, someone tell me how to disconnect the fuel light so that it won't trigger the "Check Engine" light anymore. I am starting to hate this car because of this problem. Thank You!
  • mohandismohandis Posts: 2
    Kim, 'Check Engine' light could come indirectly from several bugs. One thing I discovered with my 2000 Rodeo was caused by the gas cap, often forgotten to be closed properly - do three full turns or three clicks every time you replace the cap. If bug persists, check the cap gasket if worn out and replace the cap. The gas tank needs proper venting and this is provided by the specified cap.
    As for the fuel sensor light blinking every time you turn a corner or climb a hill -
    this sounds indicative of a fault on the sensor float assembly: Mounting out of whack, sensor not working, or loose electrical connection. A trained mechanic will check electrical connections first and if are OK then replace the sensor assembly in the gas tank.
  • Hi Kim,

    I have 2001 Rodeo, and have had this truck since 2003. Great vehicle if you properly maintain it. I also had the fuel light issue and the check engine light would come on while driving up and down roads with slopes. It started just like yours 4 years ago, I kind of ignored it, but it got to the the point that it stopped working all together. Your issue may be your Fuel sensor gage, which does not impact the operation of the vehicle but you could run out of gas if you don't know where your level is at. I took the vehicle to a dealerships for diagnostics test was giving a ridiculous price to replace the fuel sensor. I then took it to my own mechanic who fixed it for less that $400, which is mainly the cost of the part which was $280 + labour.
  • rphil2rphil2 Posts: 2
    My 97 Rodeo check engine light stays on...mechanic said my ac compressor is going out causing light.
  • rphil2rphil2 Posts: 2
    Just took my 97 Rodeo v6 automatic 134000 miles on 2700 mile trip. 20 mpg no problems.
    Engine light stays on and loud idle noise same as at home before trip. Had mechanic look at it on trip. He said he saw no
    problems. Said I need to install padding under hood. Its white with front guard and rear tire.
    Great vehicle.
  • thehulk19thehulk19 Posts: 3
    My fuel guage all of a sudden one day started reading Empty. All forums and mechanics said it was the fuel pump and/or the sending unit. I replaced both...problem persisted. Replaced the sending unit one more time..same indications...mechanic said it was the computer, so I replaced it...problem persited.
    A different mechanic said it was the fuel guage. I replaced the entire cluster...problem still persists.
    Guage read empty.....Replaced, fuel pump, replaced fuel pump sending unit(twice), replaced vehicles computer, replaced entire guage cluster.
    The guage still reads empty..never it is NOT geting any power.
    This is driving me crazy, and I have to drive from Orlando to Colorado Springs next month.
    Please..any ideas at all . Thanks
  • lynn3765lynn3765 Posts: 1
    edited June 2011
    I have an 02 LS and the check engine light is going on and off on an intermittent basis. I have had it on several computer diagnostics with no codes emerging and the vehicle had no problems going through emissions...passed easily. I've checked and re-checked the gas cap and have no problems there.

    The light will come on at start-up for about 3 days and then not come on when I drive the next time. It never comes on or goes off while vehicle is in motion.

    Any ideas?
  • I have an isuzu rodeo 2000 3.2 v6 that I bought early last year and I haven't stopped spending money on it since I bought it. My check engine light has been on for almost the entire time I've had it and the mechanics say its the wire harness BUT it could also be something else and they wouldn't know until they replaced the wire harness. I've spent so much money on this car it's ridiculous.

    My friend is a mechanic and has re-wired some of the harness and we thought he'd fixed it but now the light has come back on. I even have a friend who has the same car and he has problems with his too! I actually hate the car.

    We're going to host a destruction derby with our isuzus and people can pay a small fee to watch. At least I'll get something back from it.
  • thehulk19thehulk19 Posts: 3
    One of the most common problems I've found during my research is that an intermittent light is/can be caused by a Gas Cap not giving a good enough seal, might be a good idea to replace it.

    Also, the vent line clogging up cn cause an intermittent light.

    I just had mine blown out, and it solved my inermittent light problem.
  • I have a 2000 Isuzu Rodeo LS 4WD. It all started with a persistent Check Engine Light. Took it to a local auto repair shop. Was getting a 'System Too Lean, Bank 2' error code. Then the mechanic changed oil filter, checked the fuel injector and replaced it on one cylinder and replaced the spark plugs and checked the coils by switching them around on different cylinders. He also mentioned that there is low pressure in one cylinder (around 75+ instead of 125 on other cylinders). After he finished tuning the engine, now I get the same check engine light but getting the 'System too lean/heavy' codes as well as 'random cylinder misfire' p0300 codes also.
    He says probably something is wrong with that one cylinder it might involve a full overhaul of the engine.
    Can somebody provide some expert advice on what the next steps should be for me?. Looking for second opinion.
  • hellsandihellsandi Posts: 1
    This is the craziest thing, but I have a 1996 Isuzu that the "check engine" light just came on in. And as it turns out, I just drove from Orlando to Colorado Springs in April. The coincidence was pretty weird. Hope your drive goes smoothly!
  • my wife bought a 2002 isuzu with a 3.2 v6. check engine light came on obd said was egr valve so i replaced with a new one . didnt fix a friend whos a mech. had a better obd system checker than auto parts store and it said resricted air flow. used 2 cans carb, cleaner and a speed ometer cable to clean port. worked for about two weeks came back on so i had him check again same problem so i cleaned with one can of carb cleaner this time. Now light comes on at 2000 rpm's but blinks anyone got any ideas ????? also i replaced sparkplugs with ngk's.
  • nato308nato308 Posts: 2
    edited August 2011
    There is a tube from where the egr valve is on the side of the engine to the front of the intake manifold, this usually gets plugged. You can see the end of the tube if you remove the intake hose from the throttle body and open the throttle body by hand. The tube is about 3/8 inch in diameter just behind the throttle body. You will only see a pin hole in end of the tube if any opening at all. It can be cleaned with tubing brushes from a Harbour Freight 10 pack of brass / SS brushes, SKU 95947. Normally you will need to remove the throttle body from the intake manifold. The end of the tube is usually pretty hard and you will need to use the end of a piece of wire like a wire cloths hanger to get the hole started before you can get a brush into the tube. Start with a small brush and work your way up, just pushing the brush in a little at a time and pulling it back out. If you have access to an air compressor remove the egr valve or remove the hex plug under the egr valve and blow the line clear after cleaning. Don't loose the hex plug, it is aluminum. Don't damage the gaskets and you should be able to reuse the gaskets. The EGR valves on these vehicles seldom go out, it is usually this tube.
  • nato308nato308 Posts: 2
    Check your fuel pressure regulator, located on the back of the engine, drivers side. See if it has fuel coming out of the vacuum line when starting the engine and the engine is cold.
  • czingczing Posts: 1
    edited October 2011
    just bought my 99 rodeo with broken water pump, bent intake valves.... i have a mechanic friend who worked on the truck but now i hear a clicking noise from the valve lifters when accelerating.... he told me to buy a new lifters so we did replace it but then the clicking noise in not gone...can anybody tell me whats the problem i have on my the way the cylinder head has been rebuilt and resurfaced with new valves and seals....check engine also came on that say lean on fuel but the truck runs strong... help me please and thanks
  • jimmymac3jimmymac3 Posts: 2
    edited December 2011
    To fix this, you will need to remove the EGR valve itself. Using an old broken hood release cable outer coil or coat hanger, clean passage way through hole in intake towards exhaust manifold and then though other hole on intake towards intake passageway cast in intake to clean out blockage of carbon buildup that restricts the flow of exhaust gas flow return from exhaust manifold through EGR valve to intake passageway cast in intake manifold. I used the cable coil powered by a drill because it was very flexible to go around the turns in both manifold casting passageways. On 98 the passageway from intake is via the egr tube to exhaust manifold which is removable. This way intake does not have to be removed. Worth getting a broken cable from wrecking yard, very easy and effective. This was the V6.
  • redgredg Posts: 3
    I had owned my 2001 Rodeo for about a year or so when the fuel gauge started dropping after a few miles even with a full tank. The Check engine light would come on. I had read that it was a problem with the fuel level sensor and the only fix was to have the sensor replaced. Apparantly it CAN be replaces by itself but the dealers/shops will want to replace the fuel pump and the sensor as a unit. What the heck. I used dead-reckoning for a few years and finally paid about $480 to have the fuel pump/sensor replaced. It's been four year and the problem has not reoccurred.
  • ccarnesccarnes Posts: 1
    My 1998 Rodeo keeps throwing code p0401. With a little research I found that usually indicates a clogged EGR valve. This has been happening off and on for 2 yrs. The 1st time I cleaned it (take it off, spray it and attatched lines w/ carburator cleaner, replace it) it worked and eventually the code cleared. Then the same code popped up 2 months ago. I cleaned it and the code cleared. Since then the check engine light has come on 2 more times each time w/ the same code. Should I buy a new EGR? Could there be another reason for code P0401 to appear? Thank you for feedback.
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