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Honda Civic Coupe / Civic Si 2006+



  • xmontxxmontx Posts: 18
    That's good to know! Thanks eldaino and john500. You guys seem to know your stuff about civic SI. After buying one, it has definitely gotten me interested in what is actually in my car rather than just driving it around. I really want to keep my car for a long time, and if i can know the ins and outs of things, maybe it'll help me in the long run.

    Thanks again guys!
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    congrats man and enjoy your ride! Any questions you may still have, just us know and we will all do our best!

    Is yours a coupe or sedan? And what color?
  • xmontxxmontx Posts: 18
    2007 civic coupe fiji blue.

    It's an amazing car. I remember the first time I just gunned it after breaking in my car and then once I heard the vtec kick in, I kept wanting to hear it more often!

    I want to get some HID installed on the car but I just found out that it's illegal to get HID kit to get it installed. Some DOT gov't violation for not installing it correctly or something.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    its not illegal, you just have to find a hid kit thats dot legal. i wouldn't do it though, your money can be better spent on some performance mods.

    Still going on about the vtec 'kicking in' i see... :blush:
  • xmontxxmontx Posts: 18
    hmm, I guess I could hold out on the HID lights. But they just look so nice on cars in general. I want to keep my car as stocked as possible. I rather not change the way it sounds. I think Honda did a good thing by not making the noise too annoying/loud with the stocked air intake.

    I was thinking of getting the K&N air filter. I heard it opens a little more power for the engine, but not significant to noticed? And once my warranty is done (3 years I think) I'm thinking of reprogramming the chip? Not sure what the technical term is. But it is suppose to kick in the Vtec @ 5 RPM instead of the stock 6 RPM. I heard that cost $600 USD.

    Do you suggest any other modifications that you have done yourself to your civic SI?
  • pkarnigpkarnig Posts: 3
    hey i am a happy owner of a 06 civic si. living in the SF bay area and want to add some performance to my new ride.
    what does everyone suggest? i want to do as much as i can without going all the way to turbo.....

    i would also like suggestions on what i should do to make the car handle better, like lowering and stiffer springs and shocks.

    also i am wondering if increasing the width of the wheels and rubber will help.

    any suggestions will be appreciated.
  • xmontxxmontx Posts: 18
    The car has standard mods on the SI. For example the suspensions. As for lowering the car, since I live in an area that has lots of bumps, it wouldn't be wise for me to :) But a nice HID lights on them looks really nice. But performance wise I'm still new to it all.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    xmontx; i actually don't have a civc si, i used to own an ex (2006) but i'm a big fan and have been into the whole 'tuning' scene i guess you could say, for awhile.

    The k&n filter will maybe give you more power when you actually dyno the car, but probably not enough to notice. It also does not do as good a job of filtering as the stock one would.

    You could re-program your ecu to make the engine deliver more power all across the rpm range, but it wont be a huge differance.

    As far as lowering when v-tec kicks in....YOU CANT. It does NOT 'kick in'. The reason many people think this is because the si delivers its max torque and horsepower right around redline. V-tec activates when YOU want it to, by driving more aggressively.

    As far as performance mods go, a full exhaust (full not just a tin can muffler), maybe a performance clutch and short shifter, air intake, and some headers would be the cheapest thing to do. It wont do worlds for power, but should give you the extra torque the si really needs!

    In all honesty, you will have to invest quite a bit to make the engine produce more power without forced induction.(turbo, supercharger.) And the cost of it may not offset the benefits or gains in power.

    Honda makes a hell of a four cylinder. There is very little you have to do to make sure it can handle a turbo.

    When you do, you'll have a very different car. :)

    As far as suspension goes, if you don't want to void your warranty, you can get honda's own facotry performance suspension kit, or if its not an issue, go with a good company like h&r or eibach. If you go to the, you can look up your si and they will show you some really nice suspension components for it.

    Hope this helps!
  • subaru_mansubaru_man Posts: 17
    I just bought a 2002 Honda Civic SI hatchback. The car has everything stock from the dealer since new. However, the steering is very stiff on this car. I test drove another car of the same make/model and it does not have this problem. The car pulls slightly to the left and it seem to want to jerk away right/left after going over "bumpy" roads. Any ideas?
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    the si hatch was one of the first cars that honda used electric power steering on; being an early version, many complained how dull it was and not very sporty at all, but i dunno if that translates into stiff. :confuse:
  • subaru_mansubaru_man Posts: 17
    I just bought a 2002 Civic SI and am experiencing the exact same thing. Apparently the '02 was the first year for the Electric Power Steering (EPS). The car will drive straight on a FLAT road. When the car go over any grooves in the road, it tends to want to wander here and there.
    I think the problem lies in a faulty EPS. I read a brief article on how the EPS system works and it is speed sensitive. The EPS adjusts steering based on the car's speed. My thinking is that as the car speeds up, the steering is suppose to get stiffer, giving the driver a better steering control at higher speed. During low speed, the steering control should be lighter. I think the EPS computer has a malfunction (fault in that it thinks the car is at some high rate of speed) and keeps the car STIFF all the time. Any thoughts?
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    yes that was the first time it was used, and it was exclusive to the si.

    from what i hear, eps can actually be re-programmed to be more or less responsive depending on the drivers needs.

    my vw rabbit has eps, but its one of the most accurate ones on the market.(for an eps ofcourse.)

    Having said that, the eps in the new civic hybrid and in the new si is VERY much so responsive.
  • bf109acebf109ace Posts: 77
    I'm curious what motor oils you use on your 2006/07 Si.
    I drive a 06' Accord 2.4L which sometimes I drive it hard.

    So far I've had my oil changed at Honda Dealership where they exclusively use Agip Motor oil. It Agip of good quality?

    How does Agip compare with Castrol and/or Mobil 1 (synthetic)? Once in a while I drive at high rpm (4000-5500). Will I benefit from using Mobil 1 for extra protection of engine, less wear on moving parts inside engine, etc?

    Please share your experience. I wonder what motor oil Honda uses when they replace it on a Civic Si or S2000? :confuse:

    Thanks, Richard
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    the place i had my honda serviced at always used castrol, which was the same thing as the dealer...going synthetic does yield better performance, but its if you are really going to slog your car around for years. But there should be no problem with using reg oil in your civic/accord even if you drive it hard.

    i've never heard of the oil your honda dealer is using.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    xmontx; i actually don't have a civc si, i used to own an ex...

    That explains it all. You might want to actually go drive one of the new ones before boldly declaring that i-vtec doesn't "kick in." I've driven it, and it does "kick in" around 6,000 RPM or so. It's quite obvious, too. It's accompanied with the usual vtec ruckus and a slight bump in acceleration.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    actually no, your still wrong.

    1. The vtec employed on newer k series engines is totally different than on the old b series engines that were notorious for the obvious v-tec engage.

    2. having an ex means nothing; it employs the same type of vtec (i vtec) that the si uses, just to more relaxed degree.

    you gotta remember that the si makes its all its power very close to redline; most would agree that depending on where in the rpm range your particular car makes its most power, its usually at its loudest and most brisk with regards to acceleration.

    the vtec is always 'there' on the k series engine; it has cams that activate under different circumstances in higher rpm ranges, but this changer over is much more subtle than it was in previous vtec applications, in which v tec did not engage AT ALL until you reached a certain rpms.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Then it must've been really bad in previous ones. There is most definitely a noticeable change over. You can hear and and feel it. Apparently the i-vtec in the Si is tuned drastically different from the EX. You really need to go drive one agressively.
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    Yes, it was pretty horrendous. Lol. It was exactly like an old-school turbo kicking in. But wow what a blast.
  • :cry: I just bought a 92 civic a few days ago and the key won't come out of the ignition when you push it in. sometimes it will come out but 80% of the time the key will not come out because it is stuck. :cry:
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    i vtec is i vtec no matter what; the difference is that in the civic i used to own, while sitl peaky, didn't make a ton of horsepower in sky high rpm territory. This is what you are experiencing; not i vtec changes, its suppossed to be fluid, not abrupt and it is. That the whole nature of a k series engine.

    lots of hp, not ivtec is the...'problem' here.

    yes, on the older b series engines; you can def notice it, although you have to learn when to, even then its not this gratuitous blast, at least not on any american spec v tec vehicles minus the integra type r. But for the honda fan, yes you can notice it.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    uh...make sure you are pulling it out the right way? take it to a locksmith and the car to a dealer?
  • john500john500 Posts: 409
    A workaround for a lot of the old cars was to wiggle the steering wheel while you try to remove the ignition key. There's probably a more significant issue, but I would try the cheap route until it doesn't work any more.
  • blutacblutac Posts: 27
    anyone know how to separate the driving lights from the headlight switch. On my Tacoma there was a mod which by putting a jumper between a couple of fuses in the fuse box bypassed the headlight switch so the driving (fog) lights work independently.
  • bsherwoodbsherwood Posts: 2
    I decided to use AMSOIL in my 2007 si sedan. From the tests I read, amsoil is a class 5 synthetic and mobil 1 and others like it are class 3. The oil I used is supposed to last 35000 miles and the filter they sell is a 25k filter. That means one year without oil changes. And they guarantee it. I could tell an immediate difference after changing the oil. Not huge difference but better none the less.

    According to the tests this new oil had a wear rating of something like .01 and Mobil 1 had a .05, this means the amsoil is protecting 5x better. It's not overly expensive either. I paid $60 for 5 quarts oil, filter, and bottle of cleaner that you only use the first time when you switch to it. You can google amsoil and see what I'm talking about.
  • bsherwoodbsherwood Posts: 2
    Any one done a turbo yet on the new si? Been thinking about one once my warranty runs out.
  • I chimed in shortly after getting my EX Coupe last year, too. Since that time it has become my wife's car, and I drive a Prius. I recently got back in the Civic and wow, what a lousy car. Rattles everywhere, the steering feels weird, the body moves around in corners, and the stereo sounds muddy. It's been in for squeeks and rattles several times and is headed back in next week for a noisy steering wheel airbag cover. My Prius is much higher quality, which is saying something about a car that's basically a hybrid Echo, and it even handles better on a mountain road. Of course, don't tell any of this to my wife. She loves it!
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    a haa haa haa!

    this is rich!

    the prius has got to be one of the lousiest handling vehicles on the planet! dunno about the squeaks, but to call the steering weird? do you really drive a prius? no feedback WHATSOEVER from the road. the most artificial feeling eltromechanical steering setup i have EVER driven.

    handles better on a mountain that made my day! :P
  • Clearly a difference of opinion, eh? My idea of good steering is probably not a majority opinion. I shuffle steer, that is, I always have my hands in the bottom half of the steering wheel, feeding to the left hand or the right. I never cross my hands over. I prefer the light steering of my Prius for my style of driving, which others may consider uncommunicative. I'm sure I'm also biased from all my years of driving Toyota Tercels and an Echo, all cars with light steering and small wheels. I got quite good at passing bigger/faster cars on tight roads with these things, and in comparison, the Civic actually feels big and unwieldy to me. My bigger complaint with the Civic's steering isn't that it is heavier, though. I feel it has an unpredictable change in ratio through a constant-radius corner. These are minor nits, though. The car handles well enough, and is great fun. My main issue with it is it rattles as bad as my old Echo!
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    still very weird; if thats how you drive, than the prius must be murder; it has this huge empty lack of feedback and is totally numb on center, i'm suprised that they way you hold it is actually telling you anything about the road.

    the civics wheel is tiny and the steering is light and straightforward; this suits your prefrence much more than a prius would.
  • My friend has a 2006 Sti, Engine already blew. now saving up 5.5k for new engine. I do love the car though :D
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