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Honda CR-V Towing



  • Let's see if it works today...
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798

    Your fish is missing legs. :)
  • gws1gws1 Posts: 2
    Does anyone have additional info on the release of the CRV Diesel?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    This would be a good opportunity to reignite the conversation in Honda CR-V Diesel version!

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    Earliest release date 9/08. Latest release date 9/09. Just my .02. Can't wait to drive the diesel.
  • Want to pull a utility trailer with my GL1800 Goldwing on it, total weight approx 1400-1500 lbs.(trailer and bike) from the TX coast to Camp Pendleton, CA. Is the wife's 2007 CRV up to it or am I risking damage to the transmission, etc.?
  • rtedrted Posts: 11
    First rule: Pulling any trailer is comparatively uncomplicated... it's STOPPING the trailer that gets interesting. All indications are that the '07 has the same drive train as the '05 and up, so the following is regarded as popular wisdom: Whereas the European owners' manual for my model year specifies 1500# capacity without brakes and 2500# with, you're probably OK for occasional pulling of your 1500# capacity as it is, new off the lot. This means trailer plus load = 1500, not 1500# on top of a 450# trailer.

    I haul a boat and trailer that totals around 950 pounds and on flat coastal plane, I'm not sure I'd want to pull (and have to stop) more than 1K plus 3 other people, provisions, auxillary engine, and all our gear on board. That is to say, at this load I feel very comfortable with the good braking capacity of the V. I've never experienced brake-fade as of yet but it's all flat around here, plus, the auto trans will downshift for you automatically as you slow down. No mountain descents to have to pump brakes, etc. but there is a lot of traffic. East coast "in your face" traffic. If you nose-dive at the end, you waited too long to slow down. And watch any braking on a curve, especially downhill or in a switchback or in rain. It's not so much the weight alone as it's the 1500# trying to shove your car sideways against a point about 3 ft behind the rear axle. (This applies to towing with any car).

    And if you're going to do this much more than a time or two, you can add a B&M transmission cooler between the transmission output and the built-in OEM cooler input (so that in cold weather, it doesn't over-cool). Many will insist that an extra cooler is completely unnecessary and redundant upon stock provisions. If you aren't going to tow this much weight regularly, you can probably forego this part. In any case, note that if you didn't purchase a Honda "towing package" they may try to skip out on your 36K/3yr warranty if they see a non-factory hitch on the car.... because they can. Then again, with the added cooler it's less likely to become an issue in the first place. If you bought the car with the Honda tow package, great. Consider synthetic engine oil, towing or not, unless you're going to throw it away every 3K.

    Last but not least, follow the requirement (if yours is an automatic trans) to keep in D-3 by using the little button in the end of the shift lever. I'd be happier if they chose to lock the transmission simply in D-4 because the way it is now, the car screams along at 4,000 RPM at 60 miles/hr. If you fail to heed this Honda directive, your transmission will get shift-busy going up and down from 5th to 4th all day long until the clutch pack finally burns out. I've gotten used to doing 60 - 65 keeping in mind that Mobil1 is doing its job. So, use a good oil, slow down and enjoy the desert scenery, and good luck in your next duty station.

    See also this Honda owners' site.
  • Thanks for the reply. Need to clarify that my son is stationed at Pendleton, not me. He's a marine helicopter pilot and the wife and I are going out to see him over Easter. I've made the trip out there a few times on the motorcycle to ride together out there or back to TX w/him. I've got a diesel pickup, but need to reduce the annual mileage it's racking up. Besides, gas is cheaper than diesel currently. I've pulled a lot of trailers, having grown up on a farm. In those days, everything was underpowered and woefully under braked. My worry is primarily to not damage the drivetrain. From what I've read, looks as though it will do fine so long as common sense is used.
  • I am thinking of purchasing a 13 ft. Scamp trailer. According to their brochure, the trailer weighs 1200 pounds and a hitch weight is about 100 pounds.

    I am pretty clueless about figuring out if my 2006 CRV can handle it. Does the weight of the things inside the car add to the total?

    The trailer has an electric brake option. What will that do?

    Thanks for any help.
  • Well, I went to the source and talked to the dealer today. They got me straight, without making me feel like an idiot.

    So, now I figure out what options for the trailer and get it ordered.

  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    I am pretty clueless about figuring out if my 2006 CRV can handle it. Does the weight of the things inside the car add to the total?

    People ar enot born with this knowledge. This is why one needs to read the Owner's Manual, at least. The manual talks about most of these things. :)
  • I have an 03 Honda CR-V Ex with 197,000 miles on the clock. I have the Kert hich plus a Softride or Quiet ride ball mount. We tow with it all summer long, non-stop. We have a Hog cooker trailer that has two charcoal ovens a rack for 6 bags of extra coal fuel and other utiensiles realted to the trade. It also has two side boxes that can hold three full sized Hogs undresed which weigh about 200 lbs each. We cook at small fairs and town parties with this rig all summer across the South and Sometimes as far north as Indianoapolis Indianer.
    Four people and 3 dogs and all their geer plus food and refreshments are as well carried by the CR-V. The trailer itself weighs 2,448 Lbs.
    My brother weighs 230 Lbs
    My Uncle 189 Lbs But heze been sick.
    My girlfriend weighs 200 I think.
    Three Hogs (undressed) 900 Lbs.
    And I weigh 137 Lbs.
    The dogs total about 250 Lbs.
    The gear and refreshments, about 300 Lbs.
    Fuel on the trailer for fire startin is 5 Gallons so bout 15 lbs.
    So thats a total of bout 4,669 Lbs without including the weight of the honda.
    Actually its closer to 5,000 Lbs because of the other things I wont mension here.
    I’m welding a rack for the roof for it now and that’s real heavy for extra coal and fuel and maybe one more hog if we get the Mizuri gig.
    It may seem like a lot of weight, but other than the expected problems of every day trailerin it’s pretty good but not real fast until you get goin on the hiway.

    If you have any questions and are wonderin what you should do and want to be safe I sugest you call honda and ask them, they build these trucks. Mine looks good to, people honk and wave all the time and smile, nice people.
    Don’t listen to these people here who are talkin about erope and all, they don’t know anything, plus the people in urope are pillow-bitters if ya ask me.
    Sorry for bustin in. Just wanted to help/.
    One more thing, watch out for Illinois, those troopers are mean, they took my uncles medices too, they told us we could leave but not to come back.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    Well, I went to the source and talked to the dealer today. They got me straight, without making me feel like an idiot.

    So, now I figure out what options for the trailer and get it ordered.


    How do you know for sure that the person you spoke with knew what they were talking about.

    Not trying to make you feel like an idiot, just pointing you in the direction where the information is already avaialble and it is not hearsay, rather first mouth information, straight from the pens of Honda Engineers.

    Owner's Manual is given to new Owners so that they can familiarize themselves with their new vehicle. It does not make any less of a person if you sit down and read it, maybe a few times to absorb all the wealth of information presented in the Owner's Manual. If anything, it will just make you a better informed Owner.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    This is the best post in a very long time!!!!!!!
  • uncleasyuncleasy Posts: 2
    I left last thursday at 9pm, from misouri to denver colorado, it's about a 1,444 mile trip, I was fully loaded with the hog trailer and the crv only thing different was one less dog,. One thing i want to mention is that no mater what you do or no matter how you do it you have to be alert. Nothing can be better than good eye-balls.
    In iowa I counted 144 vehicles in the ditch after that ice storm, humers,semis,and lots of those silly pt-cruisers on there roofs. it was sad really. people think that because they got a huge 4x4 that they can do anything and they will not get stuck or worse because of their exspensive geer. i don't care if ya got a humer or an eskalade, if your stupid you are not going to get where you want to go period, your right, ask honda. we just rolled on past , we got to where we wanted to go and back. We had a good time too, it was sunny and nice in colorado. the pot holes in illinois will make you a beliver that man never went to the moon really. why would he when he can just go to illinois cheaper. my uncle said that when we came over the mississippi near davenport into illinois that he saw buzz aldren standing by a hole with a flag, but like i said he's been on strong medicin and kids alot still.
    thanks for the kind words, hey' it's a honda crv. tell them to read the book, i did. modify as needed.
  • hello there,

    I was looking to purchase a Scamp trailer too and had questions about towing it - can I ask what sort of information you got from the dealer?
  • Hi,
    The dealer told me that there should be no problem towing the Scamp, as it is well under the 1500 lb towing capacity of the CRV. I am having them install a towing package (should have gotten it when I bought the car, but hindsight is 20/20), to minimize potential problems with warrenty, etc., despite the cost (around $700)

    I have ordered my Scamp, and will pick it up in June. I am so excited!
  • m171333m171333 Posts: 1
    HI, saw that you have the 2 bike XPORT rack.
    I am considering for my 08 CRV. how do you like it?..had any problems?


  • 289fia289fia Posts: 1
    Is it feasible to modify a 2001 CRV (transmission cooler, larger brakes, beefy towing attachment + trailer with brakes) to tow 3500 lbs? I hate the idea of buying a bigger car to occasionally tow my cobra replica & trailer. Comments appreciated.
    Rick in Miami.
  • rtedrted Posts: 11
    Sure, go ahead and modify. You'll need a Class III hitch, to force some of the weight toward the front axle. That'll rip out the unibody chassis under the trunk before it helps you tow anything. In short, it's feasable to do anything you want to do if you're willing to accept the consequences. And the consequences of trying to pull over twice the rated tow weight of the vehicle, even with a tranny cooler and electric brakes, is severely shortened service life of the tow vehicle and the risk of lawsuits from anyone who gets injured or the estate of someone killed, due to modification of your property beyond the manufacturer's recommendations.

    You're basically saying that the CR-V off the assembly line is underrated for the load you want to pull and you'd like to make up for it. That the CR-V can't pull 3500# is not a shortcoming of the vehicle, it's just the wrong choice for that application. You need a larger car or truck. That's the solution, and that's the price we pay for wanting to even occasionally do something that requires a higher capacity. Case in point, my all-wheel-drive is a waste of technology and expense........ until I need it for one snow per year or on a slippery boat ramp 3 or 4 times per summer if I happen to go sailing when the tide is really low.


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