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Mazda6 vs Hyundai Sonata



  • I would say that Hyundai is going through something like its Korean Cousin Samsung.

    Sony was IT in electronics, but now Samsung is knocking down their door. This is a good example of a Korean company overtaking a Japanese company, and I think Hyundai will definitely succeed in their quest.

    For the record I think Hyundai has better reliability than Mazda, and definitely better than Ford. I do think that the Mazda 6 looks kick a**! Sonata&trimid=-1&src=VIP&tab=6&sub=-1
  • Shouldn't this be a discussion on comparing the Mazda6 and the Sonata and not a bunch of people guessing whether the Korean cars are better or worse than the Japanese cars? With cars, or anything we buy for that matter, it's just a crap shoot. You can go buy a Toyota and get a lemon and claim that Toyota is making a bunch of crappy cars, but at the same time buy a Ford and never have a single problem with the car. It's really your luck. Besides, both of these cars are American built -- does that make any difference? Is the Mazda6, which has a Ford engine and is built in the U.S. actually a Japanese car?

    I think both of these cars will hold up fairly well for the most part, but on the average, neither will probably standout one way or the other.
  • Do you think quality is part of the equation when comparing the Sonata to Mazda 6?
  • Quality is part of buying anything, but this forum's turning into bunch of people on their butts making blind guesses, so how helpful is it for anyone who's trying to decide which car to buy?
  • Dude what are you somking? The Sonata is a reliable car, but Hyundai also makes other models that aren't so reliable. I know you want Hyundai to succeed I do to but when it's all said and done Ford is still more reliable than Hyundai.
  • Ford has better quality than Hyundai????? - don't get me started!!!!!!!!
  • LOL! My college days are long past! LOL! Yes for instance Hyundai cars do not experience the sludge buildup you will find in Toyotas for instance. This is a tough paradigm shift to take and I full understand that - it will take time.
  • just so you know the jd power surveys are not accurate at all. i have worked with the jd power surveys for about 7 years and i can tell the one thing they aren't is accurate.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    i have worked with the jd power surveys for about 7 years and i can tell the one thing they aren't is accurate.
    Do you mean you worked for the company, JD Power, or just used their surveys for seven years?

    Could you give some inaccuracies that you found?
  • fitguyfitguy Posts: 222
    This thread has gotten quiet; how bout this: anyone have a lot of miles on either a Mazda6 or a Sonata (would have to be the previous generation Sonata, of course). Would be interesting to compare notes. I only have 20K on my 6S but so far, 0 problems. 20K doesn't really mean much, IMO- 75K plus tells a better story.
  • rgyiprgyip Posts: 43
    I have both the 2003 Mazda6i and 2006 Hyundai Sonata. So far, my Mazda6 has had zero problems with over 32k miles.
  • I just bought a 2006 Sonata GLS premium ( Canadian) which is similar to the Us version of the LX minus the sub woofer and 6 cd changer.

    I spent 6 months reading everything and driving the main competition ( Mazda 6, Accord, Camry, Altima).

    The main negative is with the Sonata is the unknown resale value but my predication is that in 3 to 5 years Hyundai will have close to the same excellent reputation as Honda and Toyota and a very good resale value.

    With the 17 inch tires the Sonata handles as good as the others ( see the recent Car and Driver comparison and is quicker and/or faster than some.
  • i've got a 2006 sonata lx w/ the sub and 6disc cd changer, and i've already got over 7500 miles on it. it's been a dream so far and i still get compliments on how it looks. the only problem that i've had was with the cd changer, and rather than trying to tinker around and fix it, they replaced the whole unit.

    i love the design of the mazda6, it is gorgeous but there's just SO much room in the sonata! you'll instantly become the favorite go to guy for road trips because of how comfortable the back seat is. if you haven't done it yet, try sitting back there. even with the front seats pushed back it's still got loads of space.
  • bobadbobad Posts: 1,587
    [quote]I would say that Hyundai is going through something like its Korean Cousin Samsung. Sony was IT in electronics, but now Samsung is knocking down their door. This is a good example of a Korean company overtaking a Japanese company, and I think Hyundai will definitely succeed in their quest. [/quote]

    Larry, you are so right... if people only knew the depth of the rivalry between Japan and Korea. It's almost like an obsessive, jealous hatred. They watch each other intently, and when 1 makes an improvement, the other matches it at any cost.

    Forget Sony and Samsung. Hyundai itself is becoming a major player in electronics! They make GREAT LCD monitors (I love my L90D!) and RAM, and are making inroads in other areas of computers and electronics.

    Car-wise, Hyundai is paying their dues right now by offering the insane 10 year warranty. They know the warranty will eat much of their profits, but are willing to forego early profits to steal loyalty and market share from their nemesis, the Japanese. The real winners in this bitter war? That would be Larry and Bob. :)
  • Hatred between the Koreans and Japanese is as intense as it can get.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Folks, we're discussing specifically the Mazda6 and the Sonata. Let's leave the political judgments for a more appropriate forum
  • bobadbobad Posts: 1,587
    It wasn't meant to be a political judgmement at all. It was about Mazda (Japan) and Hyundai (S Korea) being fiercely competitive, and the consumers being the big winners.

    It was a TOUGH decision, but I went for the Sonata. Next time, maybe the Mazda6 will win. That's the way competition works.
  • I used to own the 626 and it was pretty reliable except for the transmission. The 626 seemed to have more room than the New Mazada 6 especially in the shoulder area. When it came time to pick, I opted for the Sonata LX because of the ride, list of options and the interior room.
  • bobadbobad Posts: 1,587
    Well, my 626 was a real cherry. I did not spend a dime on that car in 11 years except tires and batteries. Amazing!

    It was just too noisy, low to the ground, and a little under powered. I was attracted to the Sonata because I could get an advanced technology V6, 5 speed sutomatic, alloy wheels, more room, QUIET, and great safety package for about the same price I paid for the 626 back in 1995!
  • you are wrong about that one.

    hyundai is one of the most profitable company in the world right now. and 10 year warranty played a huge part. and they are making reliable cars after reliable cars. they are going to sell almost 200,000 sonatas this year. and new santa fe and azera will be a huge lift. also, bringing entourage means they are step toward their goal; TOYOTA

    their profit grew 70% from last year. 70 percent!!!

    they aren't slowing down, and their resale values will go up dramatically within next 5 years.
  • GM or ford is doing bad because they aren't making profits.
    hyundai is making profits and selling very well.

    so is samsung, one of the most profitable company in the world.

    i don't what koreans are doing, but i guess it's working.
  • chrisford are you on crack?
  • Good question, I have a 1999 GLS Sonata with 95,000 miles on it. I have only had two repairs done out side of normal maintenance.

    I had a rear wheel bearing go bad cost was about $250 to $300 do repair. I also had a speed sensor replaced and that was about the same price. Both repairs were done when I had more than 70,000 miles on the car. Oh I forgot to mention that I drive my car pretty damn hard. Wish I didn't but I do.

    So, $600 for repairs on a 95,000 mile car I would say is pretty good. I have a co-worker who has a new Ford 500 and has had her radio replaced twice and is always wondering where some funny noise is coming from.

    This is my real life experience between the manufacturers Hyundai and Ford. Ford also owns Mazda. Of course quality can vary from plant to plant in which the car is made in.

    For the record all 3 have cars that I like, and I do own shares of Ford. My point being is that I am not a cheer leader for Hyundai. This post replies to a few different posts.
  • Mazda is made in the US by united auto workers the only thing japanese is the transmission.

    I love my Mazda 6cyl and its loaded including 7 speaker 6-cd changer bose system, 17 inch low profile Michelin tires,
    and auto climate control.

    It was rated for handling by automobile magazine right behind BMW. Once I drove it I was sold!
  • lxcanlxcan Posts: 14
    I've driven both cars, and the MazdaSpeed 6 just wasn't for me. The car is noisy all throughout the rev band. Yes it's fast, but that sports suspension punishes you right off the line. The fit and finish are good, and interior room is decent, but with a price a whopping $10,000 CDN out the door more than my Sonata, Mazda can keep it.

    Of course we're all different and that's why auto makers offer different products, and someone else will be happier with the Mazda 6 than they would be with a 2006 Sonata. In my opinion, the 2006 Sonata offers a safe, reliable (yes I said it), comfortable, quiet ride; an attractive exterior package, a strong engine + tranny combo; roomy interior and a grocery list of standard safety equipment not found on a lot of its competitors. Kudos to Hyundai. Keep up the good work.

    Best regards, A proud and happy 2006 Sonata Owner. Just my $0.02. Happy shopping :shades:
  • zzzoom6zzzoom6 Posts: 425
    i should start by saying that i really like driving. now i'm not the crazy guy weaving in and out of traffic and driving on the shoulder of the road. but cruising along in comfort while having a bit of safe fun while driving is what I'm about. my previous cars were a honda accord hatchback and a subaru wagon so i must have gotten really spoiled with the opportunity to be able to throw a mountain bike or gardening stuff in the back of my car so i wanted a car that had tons of useable storage space. but i wasn't too fond of the "soccer mom" jokes my friends used to throw at me when i was driving the legacy, so when i saw the mazda 6 5-door hatchback, i loved it!

    And after driving it for the last few months, everytime i have to drive somewhere i'm thrilled. it handles awesome! and the brakes are amazing too; just the other day some dingbat pulls out of her driveway from nowhere and i thought for sure i was going to hit her, but the 6 stopped with room to spare. plus there seems to be plenty of room in back for company: my friend who's more than 6 feet tall was perfectly comfortable back there. so a v-6 w/ moonroof with tons of room to haul stuff when i need it for under 20k? you bet! lovin it!
  • larry1135larry1135 Posts: 43
    This is the cheapest one that Mazda offers. So, where do you get the under $20,000 zzzoom6? Read what was copied from the website below and note that the Tranny is manual, and no options (no moonroof) were added.

    MAZDA6 s 5-Door, Sport Model

    Destination Fee

    220-hp 3.0L DOHC 24-valve V6-cylinder

    Front-Wheel Drive

    5-Spd Manual $24,510




    No packages or options selected.
    Total MSRP:$25,070*M6H SSP P
  • zzzoom6zzzoom6 Posts: 425
    the rebates and close out sales were really agressive over the last couple months. at the time i was shopping around thanksgiving there were offers for up to 7k off of msrp. actually, i saw an ad a couple weeks ago for 8k off of msrp for remaining 05's at the dealership where i got my car :cry: . so i could have gotten fully loaded for under 20k on a mazda 6 (v-6, moon, leather, 6-speed auto, etc)!!! oh well, i still love my car no matter what i paid for it. and i geuss it helps living in the northwest...supposedly portland has one of the highest ratio of dealerships to population in the country. many places to price shop!
  • satswacsatswac Posts: 4
    Sorry dude, but what YOU"RE smoking.........well, give it up! Ford is still more reliable?? First of all, what do you mean still? Since when??? I sold Fords in the very late 90's (hate to admit it, for three years). Quality and reliability were never an honest selling point. Walk onto any Hyundai dealership and for the most part you'll find out that they have a hard time meeting the demands. Walk onto any Ford (or GM) dealership and they can't hardly give them away. So much for $5,000 rebates. That's gotta tell a thinking person something.
    During my car selling days (Ford and then Honda) I drove Hyundais and currently an '04 Elantra. I had to park in the back of the rear lot because I drove a Hyundai and that was my choice and all of them good ones. Point is, while at the Ford dealership there was a waiting period of up to 6 days to get your Ford warranty attended to and if you were lucky, it got fixed the first time in. 10 bays, all full, 6 days 12 hours/day. Hello!
    If Ford is so good, why are they closing down so many factories?
    Trucks....they do make a good full size pick-up. Different engineering division.
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