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BMW 3-Series Run Flat Tires



  • densmith1densmith1 Posts: 9
    How many miles did you get out of the Continental RFTs? Did they feather or cup?
  • hwaynesrhwaynesr Posts: 1
    I had exactly the same experience as you did with one exception. After July 11 when Tire Rack didn't have the tires, I called the dealer and was told they had the tires. I took the car to them, but it ended up they didn't have them and couldn't get them. Since I needed the car for a trip, I went ahead and had them put the Bridgestone 255/40zr17 on the rear, but at a much higher cost than I would have paid at Tire Rack. It looks like getting the Continental Run Flats for the rear has been a problem going back at least to the beginning of the year. I'm very pleased with the Continentals on the front, I just wish they would manufacture the rear or at least be forthcoming by saying they have no intention of making them.

    I will never again buy a BMW with a run flat tire on it, and I may never buy a BMW because of this whole experience. The Bridgestone tires give a rough ride and wear out much too quickly for the cost. Bridgestone ought to give you the car if you agree to buy the tires.
  • I'm sure this is happening all over. The Tire Rack site only has a few run flats for the 255/40R17 tire: Continental, Bridgestone, and Pirelli. The Pirelli tire has poor reviews, and the Bridgestone wears out twice as fast and cost so much more. The Continental has better reviews and a lot better tread rating. So why wouldn't BMW go for more Continentals? Why doesn't Continental even have a production date scheduled when there is an obvious demand for these tires? And why does Tire Rack give us these false dates when Continental doesn't have any immediate plans to produce these Continental ContiSportContact 2 SSR 255/40ZR17 tires?
  • BMW should be ashamed of putting these tires on the 325. Someone in Munich had a dinner on the money they saved using the cheapest, noisiest, worse riding tires they could get by with. The tires are only good for 10-15k and you will not get any satisfaction from either Fire/Bridgestone or BMW if you find yourself having to pay $1k to get decent safe replacements. Last BMW I buy!
  • rudwungrudwung Posts: 1
    :( my BMW dealer says they will replace all my tires on 325xi, why would they do this without a recall? good will? really? from any car manufacturer?
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    Your post makes no sense at all. Are the tires new? Is the car new? Were all of them flat when the car was delivered to you? Was there no tread on them? Were there nails sticking out of them? Quit teasing us and provide a little more information! :confuse: :confuse:
  • Forgive the repetition of someone has already asked answered this question: I recently purchased a used 2007 335i coupe with Sport Package (18" rims) with just under 13K miles. It looks like factory equipped Bridgestone RFT's wlll need to be replaced in the next 5K miles or so. After reading much of the discussion thread, methinks I'm not going to get RFT's as replacement tires, especially since the Continentals can't be found for the rear rims! IF I go with get-flat tires (michelin PS2's for example), how do I ensure the Tire Pressure Monitoring system is still functional?

    Thanks from the Windy City,
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,609
    Make sure you have an air compressor available. Then, let all of the air out of one tire and drive the car very slowly. The indicator should light up. Make sure your re inflate the tire.

  • jajjaj Posts: 55
    I currently own an '04 325xi and am preparing for my next car purchase, which would be another 3 series but for the issues outlined in this forum. Has anyone seen or heard anything anywhere anytime from anyone that even hints at the suggestion that BMW might abandon their insistence on run-flats in the foreseeable future?

  • sj325isj325i Posts: 1
    A class-action lawsuit was filed in NJ, CT, CA and PA in May 2008:

    I have a 2006 325i, bought new, my run flats have 19,900k miles on them and have been driving loud and rough for the past 6 months or so. Passengers have told me that it feels "weird" and to have my brakes checked. Those were fine, as everything else in the car. Now I know that my issue was the tires. Calling customer service at BMW North America was useless, as their lawyers probably told them to keep their mouths shut. I was given the run-around and they acted as if they hadn't heard of Bridgestone Turanza run-flats having problems. I'm taking my car in next week and demanding removal of these tires and a free replacement of new, non-run flats. A family member also had a blow-out with them and the run-flat barely lasted to drive him home 5 miles away before it totally deflated.

    I called my local BMW dealer today and a salesman told me that the current 3 series models STILL are being sold with these tires! BMW, it sounds like, seems to be in bed with Bridgestone.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,054
    ". . .demanding removal of these tires and a free replacement of new, non-run flats."

    Be sure to let us know how that goes. Some of us think we know, but I'm always willing to be pleasantly surprised.

    Your crap tires are worn out. Buy new ones, of the get-flat variety. Enjoy the better handling and quieter driving.
  • teeeyeteeeye Posts: 7
    Hey OW,

    It's been a while since I reported in. I'm curious. My dealer told me that to rotate my tires, it's $33. To balance as well, it's $99. Since the ContiProContact RFs are about $175/tire, why not put 20,000 miles on them and just replace them? I know it's a little cheaper to rotate them, but then again, I'd have new tread every 20,000 miles. I have almost 12,000 miles on the 225 45R17's that came on my 335xi (which I love, BTW). Tread wear looks very good, and curiouser(?), BMW recommends NOT rotating the tires. By the way, for all you snow tire bigots, winter in the Boston burbs was absolutely no issue with all-season tires even in blizzards and huge snowdrifts. I STILL believe that BMW AWD ROCKS!!

    A little service history: The right front wheel bearing needed to be replaced. I heard a scraping noise from the right front when turning left. I took it to the dealer, left it for a week while I was out of town on business. They hooked up "electronic ears" somehow and determined it was coming from the wheel. No charge, of course.

    The dealer also gave me an $1,800 oil cooler for free when they couldn't provide a logical explanation why my 335xi didn't come with one while the 335i did. The reason that the wheels weren't 18" wasn't acceptable.

    Kudos for the oil cooler to the Service Director, Bob Fulton, and the dealership (Herb Chambers BMW of Sudbury (MA)), formerly Foreign Motors West, Natick, MA

    The 335xi is now paid off (less than 1 year post-purchase!) and we're about to buy a 328xi, black sapphire/black leather, with power/heated seats and the iPOD/USB adapter. I couldn't care less for the adapter but it's my wife's car. I got the turbo engine - I'm happy! She currently has a '95 318ti with ~136,000 miles. Get the revs up and it pulls like a rally car going up Pike's Peak! Anyone interested in a black/black HATCHBACK CAR? (can't get them anymore, you know!).

    The dealer is asking $1,570 over invoice for the 328xi. We haven't done any negotiating nor arrived at a trade-in value for the 318ti. I'm going to try to get the price down a little, especially as a repeat buyer. Thoughts?

    OK, enough blabbing. Any thoughts on any of this?


    (Soon to be xeye SQUARED!)
  • johnsamjohnsam Posts: 55
    Problam with a rotation is that many of us have the Sports Package option, and therefore different sized front and rear tires. No rotation possible.
    As far as replacing the RFT's, the first set on a 2006 330i were a mess after 24,000 miles of a very normal mix of city and highway driving. I am 65 years of age and do not brutilize my tires in any way, shape or form. But they had to be replaced after the 1st 24,000 miles.
    I have a second set on the car now and some wear is showing at 32,000, some 8,000 after replacement. I have had the steering etc. checked by the local BMW dealer AND an independent tire dealer and they both state all is in perfect condition.
    When these finally do wear out I will replace with conventional tires costing about 1/2 what the RF's cost. I have done extensive research and there are plenty of name brand tires that have four (yes 4) times the wear rating of the RF's that come on BMWs. (They have a wear rating of 100 vs 350 - 450 on tires costing 1/2). This theoretically = 3 to 4 times the wear.

    John....Springfield, OR
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,609
    Performance tires get around 12 -15K miles and I believe if the sport package gives you the summer performance tires. The All-Seasons get up to 30K but I had the BS RFT tires changed in 2006 at 12K because of the bad rubber compound on the original RFT's put on most 2006 3-series.

    32K is great. I have never run any tire past 3 years/30K. I believe in good rubber at all times for safety. After 3 years, tires are basically not giving the same performance that I want and that relates to safety to me.

    I replaced the Contis at 23-24K but they had some good meat left.

  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,609
    Congrats on the upcoming additions to the xeye family!

    I replaced the second set of tires on my 330xi at 23 - 24K which still had about 20% tread life left. I had to anyway because I will turn in this ride in December as it is leased so I wanted good rubber for the last 8 months. Net/net it cost me one set of tires which I got for $580 + $20 tip for 4 225/45 R17 ContiPro Contact SSR's (including mounting/valves/Bal). The first set of BS bad rubber junk was changed for free in May '06 at 12K miles and were really loud with very uneven wear DESPITE tire rotation at 6K!

    I rotated the second set of tires (Conti) front/back each 6K miles and the wear was perfect.

    You don't have to but since I do it myself, it costs me 20 minutes per rotation.

    Good luck shopping because it's a buyers market out there...BMW is competing quite aggressively so let 'er rip!

  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,609
    Here's the trick..if you have a floor jack, you can jack up one side of the car enough o change front to back in one shot...10 minutes for each side.

    Piece of cake!

  • lokkilokki Posts: 1,200
    I have BMW Roadside Assistance. I've used it a couple of times over the years with excellent results.

    On my 08 328i, I have the Bridgestone RFT's with about 10k miles on them. Compared to the Michelin Pilots that I had on the E46 that I traded for the '08, I'm not very impressed. I miss the turn-in performance, the dry grip, and -especially!!-the wet grip that my Pilots had.

    Since most of my driving (90%, really) is around a major metropolitan area, I'm considering dumping the RFT's, when they wear out in 10 - 15K miles, buying Michelin Pilots again and just calling Roadside Assistance if I DO happen to get a flat after that.

    Comments? Warnings? Will Pilots fit on the same rims?

  • Hi there. I am getting super-frustrated for similar reasons with my 2006xi. I don't even have 13k on the car. The first set of RFT tires were changed at 9k under the Bridgestone recall after I complained thinking the muffler had a hole! The current set are beginning to get louder.

    I get a lot of vibration through the steering column and the ride is uncomfortable and noisy. Not the reason I bought the ultimate driving machine.

    Could I check with you: did you have the dealer put on Continental ContiProContact SSR or something else? Did this void the tire insurance (which I unfortunately signed up for). TIA.
  • lilhawklilhawk Posts: 1
    2006 BMW 325i
    36K Miles on it...

    Ok I am new to the BMW world, my wife had one when we got married. So we drive it quite often. Now just last weekend the gauge for the tire inflation when off. Ok cool, put some air in it, but the indicator stayed on. So we went to the BMW dealership (Atlanta, Ga) and after a long wait the told us $300.00 to change out ONE TIME, said they don't patch the RFT. Ok Cool, but I am no fool. I went down the street to Good Year and they had a Great Tire, I had to get two for the back, and paid 260.00 for them both, balanced and all rotated. The tires that came with the car "SUCKED" opps did I say that, they were the loudest tires I have EVER heard. I was like man this is a 40K Car and the tires sound like this...
    Anyway, I see nothing wrong with swapping the RFT for something better quality. I will pay for quality, not quantity and definitely not a gimmick. To to either Good Year or Michelin, leave those factory Continentals alone.

    Other than the tires, I like and respect the car. I am interested in trying out the M5. First thing I would do is change the tires...

    Have a Great Day
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,609
    The dealer swapped out my BS for Conti's CPC SSR at 12K miles for free. The tires were perfect and I changed those out with 24 K miles 2 months ago. No problems with either set on my 2006 330xi.

  • larry175larry175 Posts: 68
    You are one smart dude. Same thing with me with the dealer. I bought a set of four and it was the best thing i could have done. I gifted my 06 330xi to my daughter and on Monday a new Audi A5 will be in my garage. Also didja know the 3L motor on the 08's is the 3L motor from 05? Less hp, torque, less gas milage and for us old geezers that don't want the turbo we don't get a chance to get the 255hp 3l motor. Oh well, BMW is history for me. I am in mourning. But ,y cousin has been driving A4' for years and he loves them.
    Ciao for now
  • teeeyeteeeye Posts: 7

    I think you know that I am about to buy a 2008 328xi. Unfortunately, the car comes "equipped" with the Bridgestone Turanza RFT SL42s. I know there were a ton of complaints about the early versions ('06 primarily), but I haven't heard too many complaints lately. Do you (or anyone else) know if there have been significant improvements since then? I'd heard they re-formulated the rubber, but was it enough?

    I have the ContiProContacts on my '07 335xi and I'm happy with them even through last Boston's winter. They only rumble at slow speeds, and it's not intrusive.

    Let me know.
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,609

    The rubber compound was changed in 2006 after the onslaught of complaints. I have not seen 2007/2008 3'er complaints with the BS tires. I assume they are OK now but welcome anyones comments on experiences to the contrary.

    They should be OK but some posters demanded the Conti's and got them on their new cars. You might want to try that also if you are happy with the Continentals.

  • teeeyeteeeye Posts: 7
    Thanks. By the way, I used to be xeye. For some reason, now I'm teeeye (as is '95 318ti, my wife's current mode of transportation). I'm trying to get to Pat but my LookOut! e-mail is down thanks to Microsoft and a botched attempt to upgrade Vista.


    If you're reading this, I'd like to be xeye again. Can you swap the e-mail registered for teeye and make me xeye again?


  • I have a 2007 328i and had my taranza's replaced at about 12,500 miles. The dealer put on the wrong Conti's (he put on go flats). He also scratched up my rims taking off the wheel weights. I went to a local tire store to see if they had someone who could touch up my rims. I was telling my story and this guy told me that what they put on my car was not run flat tires. When I called the dealer, he checked and found they put the wrong tires on my car and I had to go back to the dealer to replace the tires again. The dealer then replaced with Conti run flats. The Conti go flat tires rode much smoother than the Conti run flat tires but these are better than the taranza's, at least for now. I suspect that these will make noise as the wear pattern emerges. I just hope it is not as early as the taranza's. What a nightmare this tire situation. Make's a guy want to consider Lexus.
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,609
    I had the Conti RFT's up to 23K miles and they were perfect no noise and could have gone to 28 - 30K before wear bars were breeched. No noise problems at all and the wear was super even since I rotated them every 6K miles.

  • bmwtxgalbmwtxgal Posts: 11
    I just returned my lease car, 2006 325i sedan, leased a new 2008 328i sedan. It's coming from out of state so I don't know what tires it has yet. Mentioned it to my salesman that I did not want Bridgestones again, but he said basically if the car has those and I have problems that they will address it. Not much comfort. He has them on his Z4 and hasn't had problems, but that's a different car. What about the new composition? Will I have those same problems?

    I had two sets on my 2006, they were crap. Dealership replaced them once for free with the same BS, then I replaced them for lease turn in. Replaced with Continentals and it rides like it's brand new! I hope they have changed the composition with the Bridgestones. I'll definitely bring it in as soon as they start making that awful noise! I was so surprised to look at cars at the dealership still with Bridgestones. Funny, I wasn't looking at the cars as much as the tires! BMW really screwed up on that one.
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,609
    The tire compound was fixed. You will know if you have problems going forward since you lived through the pain. Hopefully, you will luck out. The other option is to press for the Conti's as others have done. Some successful some not.

    If you do not have the SP, I suggest rotating the tires ever 5-6K with the new car.

  • lokkilokki Posts: 1,200
    I have the 2008 BS Runflats on my 328i (Please see my post above).

    They're no more noisy than the Michelin Pilots that I had on my 2003 325i.

    I have about 10K on them and they still look OK, but when I bought the car the sales rep told me flatly and honestly that I wouldn't get more than 25K from them.

    They weren't a deal-breaker for me...

    I do miss the better performance from the Pilots (particularly in the wet, as I mentioned above), but to be fair, the Pilots are exceptional summer tires, while the RFT's are not only RFT's but all season as well.

    The honest opinion would be that if you're not pushing the car that hard, the RFT's won't be an issue at all.

    Regretably for me, I like to push the car. It's not an M3, but for me the whole point of having a BMW is to drive [only a little, for all you lawyers watching] too fast.

    The electronics seem to make up for some of the lost cornering capability, but I'm not used to feeling the rear end slide and then jump into line- and I'm not used to hearing the squeal in a turn. Never happened with the Pilots.

    Densmith1 -
    I'm a little confused by your story - were the go-flats just the wrong tires, or were they deemed incompatible with the rims?

    I'm still musing about changing the BS RFT's out for some Pilots. As I've tried to say above, there's nothing wrong with the BS RFT's on my 2008 - I just miss the better Michelins.

    Oh, and I'm on my 4th BMW and I've never rotated the tires on any of them. It's never become an issue with accelerated wear at one end or the other, at least for me. Keep the rotation money, and use it to buy better tires the next time.
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,609
    I rotate the tires myself so no coin lost there. Always have, for every car I've owned.

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