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BMW 3-Series Run Flat Tires



  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Maybe, he does, but he ain't supposed ta.

    Why ain't he supposed ta? There is absolutely no law that says that RFTs are any less repairable than GFTs. True, there is the issue of how many miles a flat RFT was "run flat", however, that's a judgement call on the part of the individual or shop doing the repair.

    Best regards,
  • cecilt1cecilt1 Posts: 74
    After having 2 previous 3 Series but going to an '06 Acura TL I may want to go back to BMW. These run flats have me skiddish. I went through de-paxing my wife's Odyssey Touring with new wheels, TPMS and GFT's. however, the van had the same space for a spare and already had a jack. Easier swap (except for having to buy new wheels).

    I am interested in the 2007 335i sport or 2007 335xi sport in that order. RFT's on the 335i sport seem non-existent and what is there are VERY expensive. Seems the better route is the 335xi sport since they are simialar size and only 17's.

    If I went with a 335i sport and converted to GFT's what is everyone doing about a spare. I don't want to take up an already small trunk. Does roadside assistance come tow you for free to have your GFT tire replaced or fixed? Do you carry fix-a-flat which I heard can mess up your wheels so not a good idea really.

    Should I just play it safe and go with the 335xi sport since RFT's are more reasonable to replace? How many miles can one expect out of the Conti Contact's. I assume that my used BMW would have the dreaded Brdgestone's.

    Should I just skip the BMW all together b/c of this issue. Thanks for your help.
  • i didn't know 335's were here in 2007. The BMW Assist will tow you to the nearest BMW dealer. And they may have a tire left for you to buy for your car. at a very reasonable price. My advice drive very carfully on your rft and have the tire plugged and patched. Carefull drive so you don't ruin the rim and/or the tire so it can be fixed.
    My '09 335xi is on the way to the dealers. Delivery should be next week. But it will have to wait until the 27th when I get home from vacation.
  • P.S. I think the problems with the rft's are not so much with picking up nails but with blow outs from hitting pot holes which BMW warns about. But the noise and hard ride and wear out problems are with the tires.
  • I own a bmw 325 i. I am switching from run flat tires to regular tires. Where can I get a spare donut to fit the car?
  • hello, new to this chat forum. However, I bought a 2008 335i coupe loaded January 1st 2008 and got sucked into putting runflats on my car. I now am seriously disappointed in the tires, as they seem to get sucked into every rut in the road. I do have a 90s Quattro Coupe Audi with Michelin tires and have never had any problem with traction on the road or getting sucked into ruts. Now, I have had the shock of my life when I am being told by the dealer that I have to buy new rims to put winter tires on and guess what........ they can only install runflats!!! I realize that I am blonde and female but I wasn't born yesterday. I have called the dealer in Seattle USA and was quoted $3137.00 US. not great! Does anyone have any ideas for me. I am thinking of just putting Blizzacks on with new rims?
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,608
    You don't need new rims. You can put Go flats on your rims at your favorite tire store and there is a repair kit so you can temporarily fix a flat on the road since you don't have a spare. Here is the link.


    Use for tire info. Lots of great info there.

  • thank you, I have always been a driver who ensures my vehicle has the appropriate tire rated for the best performance of my cars. I am just a little frustrated.
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,608
    I understand. I have an '06 330xi and switched to Conti RFT's at 12K miles and changed again at 24K with a second set. These tires didi the job. The BS were garbage.

  • suttreesuttree Posts: 10

    Thank you, Did as you described. Good selection. Talked to them, do appear objective.
  • my 09 335xi should be here Wed. or Thur. Just spoke to dealer. $699. for insurance for tires and rims. Tires up to $350. each and rims up to $700. each. They will probably charge $350 for the tire and $100. or so for the mounting and balancing and take a shot at a four wheel alignment,
    I think I will take the $700., put it in the bank and draw on it as needed.
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,608
    Excellent Choice. The conti RFT's for your car are $150 each.

  • I just purchased a new 335I with the sport package so different size rfts. Life has now come to end! BMW has ruined our lives with these RFT's. Maybe they should have jet engined helicopters standing by to fly to those in critical need. Maybe they can assist a customizer to build those fiberglass wheel carriers extending out off the back bumper like they had on some old luxury cars like Lincoln's. Wouldn't that be cool. The difficult choices we have to make. :cry:
  • did you just have a problem with your tires or did one blow?
  • suttreesuttree Posts: 10
    I hope not. While once a proponent of ethanol, it's pretty clear that using corn or other food for fuel raises prices on a world wide basis (see EU study, which was once a leader in ethanol use) leading to huge rise in corn prices, widespread rioting, etc. We have a serious "fuel security" problem, as in we get out oil from people that hate us, which inevitably leads to oil wars, but ethanol (at least using food crops as in N. America) causes "food security" issues world wide. Full disclosure: I'm a hypocrite with a 328xi coupe that gets less than stunning mileage.
  • One tire developed a flat when it was less than 3 months old. The low pressure warning light has come on since then. RFT's are a scam, engineered to favor the manufacturer and take advantage of the consumer. I will never take ownership of any vehicle that has these again.
  • :mad: is 20,000 miles the magic number?i just had a rear RFT Bridgestone fail by blowout at 20,000 miles,plenty of thread left on it.i am so upset by this,i would like to meet the morons who made the decision to put RFT on 3 series and also remove the space on the trunk for a spare.I cannot believe how stupid they are!
  • bemerbemer Posts: 20
    We need to pass messages like this to the government officials.
    One of the proponents of ethanol is governor of Minnesota - Tim Pawlenty.
    Let’s him know how we feel about this issue.
  • cctdicctdi Posts: 82
    I had read so much good comments about Bimmer’s inline6 tt engine, as a car nut, I bought a 08 335xi to start with, indeed, the small sweet 3. L engine felt as good as my 07 S8 5.2 L V10 until the bumpy ride of the Conti-RFT tires shook me out of that car. The 535xi is a much better car to house the same engine, even with the cheap stock Eagle tires on the wheels. 5 months later, I still pick up the 5er key more often than the other cars.
  • lehrer1lehrer1 Posts: 54
    They are famous idiots from Bavaria.
  • I have a 2008 328xi with Bridgestone rft's. A simple nail puncture with virtually no other tire damage resulted in a $350 expense. The tire never had less than 25 psi and I did not travel more than 50 miles on the flat, so any damage to the side wall was not likely. Only 8,000 miles on the tire. Nevertheless the dealer would only replace the tire. So BMW's vaunted bumper to bumper no cost maintenance for 50,000 doesn't mean much to me. Sadly these tires have a real big down side in my opinion. Oh by the way, if the punctured tire had more than 60% ware, I would have been replacing the second tire on that axle as well.
  • rloyderloyde Posts: 4

    it sucks getting screwed over!!! plain & simple. it is so obvious that no one at bmw researched the tire before accepting a deal with bridgestone.
  • bmw do not suggest replacing tires with diffrent type. so what is it cost to replace flat run tires in canada?
  • dkg42dkg42 Posts: 11
    I have had three flats with these price of crap bridgestones
    The last one was a small nail dead center in the tire, I had my mechanic plug it
    It lasted about six months now it's loosing pressure slowly

    I can't afford four new non runflats right now, I have no choice but
    So I wi buy another pieice of crap beudgestone

    I'd like to shove these up the you know what of someone at Bmw

    Love the car but hate the tires

    Now BMW offers a non runflat option on the 135, anyone know
    What B.O.H.I.C.A stands for?

    Bend over here it comes again
  • It was a few hundred dollars. I spoke to a tire dealer here and was told that it's ok to use regular tires. There might be a problem with the low pressure warning light staying on. Haven't done this yet.
  • nkeennkeen SE PennaPosts: 316
    This article's about switching tires on a 135i project car, but I think it might pertain to this discussion.

    While the switch to GFTs improved ride quality, note the comments about the handling of the stock performance RFTs.
  • I bought a 328i last year and car came with RFT. Rear tires are larger than front (part of the sport package.) I'm now considering switching the RFTs with conventional tires and just purchase a spare. Also, I'm considering replacing with same size tires all the way around. Has anybody done this and what experience can you share? Did you also void warranty by this approach.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Many folks have converted to GFTs and some have converted to the same size tire all of the way around (either year round or just for the winter months), and I've yet to see a single negative comment from them. That said, if you're going to be tracking your car, switching to a narrower set of rear tires may not be the best idea.

    As for your warranty, some ignorant personnel at some dealers might suggest that you're warranty will be jeopardized if you make the switch, but that simply isn't true.

    Best regards,
  • Do it. I changed over to reg tires at 22000 miles. dealer never even noticed. Only sorrow was that up to 20000 miles i could have recieved some cash.
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