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BMW 3-Series Run Flat Tires



  • Hey Guys,

    I am getting a set of 4 new, NOT RFT's for my 07' 328i coupe and need some help with deciding on which to buy. Does anyone have experience with the Mich. A/S Plus? How different (Handling, Steering Responce) would it be with the Mich. A/S Plus compared to a nice summer tire. I hear the Mich are great. I live outside of Philly, so does get fairly cold in the winter. I don't want to do the summer to winter tire switch every year, so was thinking about going with A/S's. I don't plan on driving in the snow, but was wondering if it's safe to use a Max Perf. summer tire in the winter cold. Do you just loose some performance or is it a NO NO to use a summer tire in 25 degree weather (sunny and dry).? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    While I've never run these tires on a BMW, I run them on my current commuter hack and they're great. The thing with All-Season tires like these is that unless you're taking your car to the track where you're driving at or near 10/10ths, it is highly unlikely you'll miss the extra traction. In exchange for that slight loss of grip, you'll enjoy a car with crisp handling tires that last twice as long (or longer) than summer rubber.

    Best regards,
  • kaz1djkaz1dj Posts: 9
    Got a set of PS A/S Plus' about 3 weeks ago from Costco. See my other posts on E90 for background on my 3 sets of RFT's.

    With about 400 miles on them, they are noticeably more comfortable without being soft. Some noise, but less than RFT. Very slightly less turn in response and cornering agility than RF's. Wet handling seemed just as stable as RF's.

    No warning about operating in freezing temps since they are A/S and will not feel like bricks in the winter.

    Can't rotate laterally without dismounting from rims since they are directional. They should wear very well since there's a 45,000 mi. treadwear warranty on them. No warranty on RFT.

    Costco mounting ran $15. per which included nitrogen, hand torquing and a road hazzard warranty. They handled my 197's with kid gloves. No scratches.

    I bought am M Mobility kit for the trunk from Tischer BMW (MD).
    Total price without tax came to $1,411.96...includes $70.00 rebate from Michelin.
    Still pretty steep but BMWNA was picking up the tab.

    REMEMBER - Don't go over 10,000 mi. if you want BMWNA thru your friendly dealer to replace them at no cost to you. But, they must demonstrate a noise/wear problem. Over 10,000 - 20,000mi., you might work a 1/2 & 1/2 deal.
  • kaz1djkaz1dj Posts: 9
    I guess I should've added that I have an '07 328xi with #197 18"wheels and ZSP. Purchased new and have gone through 3...count'em 3, RFT replacements thru BMWNA. Finally wound up getting the PS A/S Plus.
  • Thanks for the help! So are you totally satisfied with the switch?

    My main concern was the steering responce...and sounds like it is very minimal which is great. How did you get the Michelin 70$ rebate...was that solely through Costco?
  • kaz1djkaz1dj Posts: 9
    Steering response is not quite as instantaneous as the hard sided RFT. One can't expect it to be. I too am a handling "nut," but am willing to trade super crispness for just plain excellent crispness.

    Michelin is giving the rebate thru dealers. Might be ending soon?

    The good thing about Michelin and Costco is that, I had a brand new set of PS2 ZP's RFT on from Costco and could trade them in within a month if I didn't like them. I drove for 2 weeks. They're the best of the RF, IMHO, after experiencing all the others.
    But....still wanted A/S and a little more forgiving ride. I live in NoVA now. Roads are terrible, and that's being kind.
    Costco ordered them, then switched to the PS A/S Plus.
    I'm lovin' em.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 57,338
    So what do you do about alignment. Costco doesn't do alignment, right?

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  • kaz1djkaz1dj Posts: 9
    For alignment, I go to a top BMW independant garage. Had alignment checked after A/S Plus install and it was spot on.
    I wasn't charged since he really didn't have to make any adjustments.
    Nice guy, with good business sense.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 57,338
    Yep that is a good way to run a business. I'm amazed how many repair shops "don't get it"---that repeat business will make you or break you.

    Alignment checks are very important when installing new tires of course--if it's seriously off, you can eat up a new tire so fast you wouldn't believe it possible.

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  • heypogiheypogi Posts: 5
    just bought 09 328 sport package. read all about the bad experiences with the RFT.
    You mentioned under 10K it's replaced by BMW?

    how's the new tires feeling?

  • kaz1djkaz1dj Posts: 9
    See # 2267 I posted as per new A/S tires.

    Again, if you have a RFT problem, make sure you bring it into your dealer and let the service mgr. see, feel and hear it. They usually contact the BMWNA Zone rep. who will come and check it out too. Be able to strongly state your case and the tires should speak for themselves. They're more apt to replace only the offending tires...usually the fronts, but push for a full set, especially if you're up around 10,000 mi.
  • steveinvtsteveinvt Posts: 17
    I leased a '07 328xi back in Feb '07 and my lease will be up this year. I've got a set of non RFT blizzaks that I run in winter. I am wondering if I can return the car w/ these tires or if I have to have the regular RFTs on the car? I just don't want to get charged for it.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    If you leased through BMW-FS, then I'm about 99.5% sure that your contract reads that you need to return the car with RTFs that have at least 5mm of tread depth at a minimum.

    Best regards,
  • hyman310hyman310 Posts: 2
    I have been going back and forth with a dealer re tires on a 2009 328xi, and I've been told that the Continental ContiPro Contact SSR A/S tires are not available and that I can only get Bridgestone tires. I'm not sure if (1) he's BSing me, (2) this particular dealership just doesn't have any 328s with the Continental RFTs, or (3)BMW is truly not selling 328s with Continental RFTs right now. Given the numerous complaints lodged about the Bridgestone RFTs (on this thread and elsewhere), I am leery of them to say the least. If anyone has any insight/knowledge on whether the Continental RFTs are available on 2009 328s, I'd greatly appreciate hearing from you. Thanks in advance for your help.
  • xeyexeye Posts: 168
    I went through the same issues when I bought my '07 335xi. I wanted the Conti SSRs as well, but my dealer couldn't confirm or guarantee whether I'd get the Contis or the Bridgestones. As it turned out, the car came with the Conti SSRs.

    However, my wife's '08 328xi came with the Bridgestone EL42s.

    I have ~17,700 miles on the Contis with about 8,000 on the Bridgestones. Both sets are wearing and handling well.

    I believe the real issues with the Bridgestones were with the '05 and '06 versions as most of the threads involve those years. A lot of people complain about the CPO older models. I have no complaints about the newer Bridgestones - in fact, they seem to handle slightly better (read: stiffer sidewalls) than the Contis.

    I have a feeling that the higher end model gets preference for the Contis and the 328* might get the Bridgestones. I don't think you'd do badly with the Bridgestones, but a lot depends on how you drive.

    Hope this helps.

  • jlbljlbl Posts: 1,333
    I agree with xeye regarding good quality of Bridgestone versions from 07 up to now.

    My 2008 335d came with summer Bridgestones. After 17,500 miles and a new pair of rear tyres of the same brand I have neither driving, riding nor noise complaint (RFT standards). Now is time of changing front tyres and I'm going for Bridgestones again.

  • larry175larry175 Posts: 68
    I will let you know on Wednesday. My 09 335ix with bridgestones are making quite a bit of noise and riding rough. My S.A. asked me if I had Bridgestons on and told me they are still having trouble. I am going to try for a full set of contis' so I will find out on Wednesday. I assume the factory rep has to check it out. My car has less than 8000 miles. I waited to long on the last car and when I complained the car had 22000 miles so I had to call tire rack for a set. Oh well...
  • hyman310hyman310 Posts: 2
    Thanks to each of you for your responses - I appreciate it. Larry175, will be interested to hear the outcome of your situation.
  • beamer44beamer44 Posts: 17
    I ordered a 2009-328i convertible with 17"225/45 run flats-I want to replace as soon as they wear out. Where can i get a small donut & jack for it BMW says it doesn't have a spare for it. Does any place repair run flats? What all season tires do you recommend to replace the run flats? I was going to put the spare in the trunk and use if i get a flat in the run flats & try to get it fixed. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help.
  • larry175larry175 Posts: 68
    BMW does have a donut, jack and tire set. I have the numbers some place. But if you get a flat with rft's just drive the car to a tire repair shop and have them fix the flat. You won't need a spare. I will find the numbers for the spare and jack set and post it. Circle bmw in N.J. has them as wellas Ridgefield BMW in CT. I checked when I was going to get the set. Cost about $200.+/-
  • beamer44beamer44 Posts: 17
    Thanks for replying-i live in Chicago and I called 5 repair shops and they wont fix run flats. If you can find those #s that would be great.
  • nkeennkeen SE PennaPosts: 316
    I'm no lawyer, but as the manufacturer specifically states that runflats cannot be safely repaired, I would imagine that shops that perform repairs to runflats may have exposed themselves to liability claims if repaired tires were to fail catastrophically.
  • Looking to do the same here with a 2009 328i conv. purchase but was wondering what you found out about a donut spare. Did you find one that would fit with the top down in the space left under the roof compartment? If I can do that then plan to replace runflats when worn out with go flats and keep donut in trunk. If can't do donut may have to pass on car. thanks for your help.
  • larry175larry175 Posts: 68
  • beamer44beamer44 Posts: 17
    I am still working on finding spare-BMW doesn't want to say they have a spare because they don't want you to get rid of run flats(it's a scam)they said they see the spare in the computer but cant order it because it's not available.I'm very frustrated if i go on a long trip and get a flat i cant get it fixed because most wont fix them and you have to search to buy one for $250 if tire is undrivable i will be stranded. Larry175 posted all #s to spare kit but i don't know if it matters because BMW is not allowing me to purchase it. I might just use any donut i can find.Let me know what you come up with and I'll let you know as well.
  • beamer44beamer44 Posts: 17
    Thanks for info Larry! I'm going to call them if i can't get them at a local BMW in Chicago. Did you keep run flats or replace them along with a spare or did you get the insurance? Does the spare fit in the trunk and how is jack? Does anyone no place in Chicago that fixes run flats? Thanks for your input.
  • beamer44beamer44 Posts: 17
    Larry,thanks again for your help-I have a couple questions for you-The spare tire is a Continental 17"size isn't that the same size as the 17" set of 4 tires and will it fit in the convertible trunk? Total cost for all parts are $550-can I get the spare from somewhere else other then BMW? What is BM-88881800859? Thanks again for your time and help.
  • larry175larry175 Posts: 68
    I'm waiting for the dealer to make a determination. I decided against a spare. I figure if I get a flat I will just drive to a repair shop and have it patched and plugged. If I am 1500 miles away from home I will bite the bullet and pay $ to dealer for a tire.
    The bm8888 is a cover for the tire. Try Tire Rack. Wheel specs are: bolt pattern 5x120mm, hole size 72.66mm, offset 47mm, wheel size is 17x8 w/ et34.
  • beamer44beamer44 Posts: 17
    Im getting a spare and a jack thanks for your help those #s came in handy
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