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BMW 3-Series Run Flat Tires



  • djtesqdjtesq Posts: 1
    Any suggestions on where to get a donut for my 2007 335i - 18 inch wheels - does the donut have to be the same size as the wheel - is that a really stupid question?
    is there a BMW package for this? Cords are coming thru my rear tires and I don't wanna buy rft's? Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,046
    No.. the donut doesn't have to be 18". The rim/tire just has to have the same overall diameter as your tires.

    LeatherZ spacesaver tire

    Click on that link for one vendor.



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  • davealfdavealf Posts: 1
    our 2008 335i came with the potenza re050a rft, we got 27000 and one tire wore on inner rim.

    of the various brands, anyone find one they think wears longer
  • rflrfl Posts: 100
    I've had terrific results with Continental Conti Pro Contact SSR's on my 335xi. Going on 20m and they look and ride like brand new. I forced the dealer to take off the crappy Bridgestones and give me the Contis at delivery or would not accept the car. Have had Bridgestone experience and would not take a set for free. Have actually gotton used to the RFT's (3 BMW with them) because of the Contis and on a recent long trip was glad I had them..
  • Hi,

    I have a 2007 BMW 335 w/ Bridgestone run flat tires. I have under 16K miles and drive only on smooth roads. I have had 2 of the run flat tires damaged when the flat tire monitor came up and i was driving less than 10 miles at 35-40 miles per hour. After finding a gas station to put air in, it wouldn't even take the air as the inside side of the tire was just leaking the air out. This has happened to each of the 2 tires within the last 8 months.

    Has anyone had this problem and do you have any suggestions. I had to pay around $500 for each tire and I think this is a company defective tire.

    Please advise.

    Thank you!

    Johnny Lara
  • larry175larry175 Posts: 68
    google bmw class action bridgestone or similar and put your name on the list. meanwhile buy four yokohoma avos' and enjoy driving again. save one of the rfts as a spare.
    good luck
  • jajjaj Posts: 55
    There is a TSB that has BMW dealerships paying 50% of replacement cost for those tires that go bad with less than 20K miles (100% coverage for under 10K miles). This applies to tires manufactured during a particular time; my guess would be you qualify. Good luck.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,039
    Using an RFT as a spare on a car with real tires is a bad plan. You'd have to be old as dirt to know this, but there were many warnings against mixing bias-ply and radial tires on the same car, back when radial tires for cars were being introduced.

    Being young and somewhat stupid, I ignored the advice & put a bias-ply spare on the rear of my MGB with three radials. The first time I went around a 270 deg ramp, I learned they were right.

    Never mix tires with vastly different sidewall characteristics on the same car.
  • larry175larry175 Posts: 68
    bias ply and radial have nothing to do with rfts and non rfts. The onlyn diff is in the side walls being stiffer in rfts. On the other nhand go out and buy a donut, jack and wheel for about another $500. And you should have known the difference with your mgb . so nothing has changed. Did you say you were still driving the mg?
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,039
    Did you say you were still driving the mg?

    No, that was almost 40 years ago.

    Happy to learn that bias vs. radial ply has nothing to do with sidewall stiffness or performance. Even at my age, you can learn something new every day.
  • After raising heck with BMW corporate I received new front tires free of charge. I had 9500 miles on the old ones. I have a 208 335xi coupe with sport package. When the back ones wear out prematurely (and they will) I will demand new ones also.
  • That gives me a light at the end of the tunnel. Any tips/advice on how i can get reimbursed that you can help me with?
    I have a 2007 335 and only drive in the streets. less than 16000 miles and 2 have busted within the last 6 months. I never even drove past the 40 mph mark when the flat tire warning came on and i got as far as 10 miles before it was undrivable. These run flats do not run flat.

    BMW keeps telling me to complain to Bridgestone.

  • larry175larry175 Posts: 68
    geez, i thought i was the oldest kid on the block. how old are you? 40 years ago you say.
  • pearlpearl Posts: 336
    My 2007 328 came with Bridgestone EL42 RFTs. They were very loud after a few thousand miles and at 8K miles the dealer relplaced them with Conti RFTs. MUCH better overall, but I had two flats with them, neither of which could be repaired. At 42K, I dumped the RFTs for new Michelin Pilot Exaltos and I bought a Conti Comfort Kit (pump and tire goop) for emergencies. I have about 2K on the Michies and they are quieter and handle better than either the Bridgestones or Contis.
    As for "consensus", I don't think you will get it either here or on any of the BMW boards (Bimmerfest, etc). Everyone has an opinion. I suggest you go to Tire Rack and read all of their comparisons and make your choice yourself.
  • I have a 2007 328XI with Conti RFTs. I complained of noisy rough ride and at about 3K miles, the dealer changed the Bridgestones to Contis at no charge. Although better, the Contis are still noisy and ride rough. I had a BMW 3 series 2001 and 2004 with regular tires (not RFTs). Much more enjoyable ride and not noisy. Are RFTs here forever?
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    "Are RFTs here forever?"

    Many of us are hoping not. I find myself wondering if BMW is going to learn anything from Honda's retreat from the RFT market segment, and if they do, what will their fall-back position be for cars like the 3-Series that don't have a spare tire well.

    Best regards,
  • I have had 2 sets of Bridgestone RFTs (1 at 25,000)(still on 2nd set at 42,000 but showing wear) and I agree that if I wanted noisey tires I would have had WalMart "specials" installed. (2006 330i with ALL options).
    What a total waste of a "good" car.
    I also carry a "donut" spare (and all the accessories) as I have found out the hard way that replacements could take a minimum of a day to arive in Springfield, Oregon.
    Yes as far as BMW is concerned, their customers love RFTs and they are sticking with them.
    Will be a factor in buying a replacement for this car before warranty runs out.

    John :surprise:
  • xeyexeye Posts: 168
    Hi Shipo, Long time.

    My Conti RFTs in my '07 335xi have almost 22,000 miles and heading into their 3rd winter in Boston with no concerns. My wife has about 13,000 miles on her EL42s on her '08 328xi. Maybe we've been lucky - noise, without direct A/B comparison to a GFT is no different, grip is fine (Bridgestone slightly better in curves), and the tires hold air better than most tires I've ever had.

    I won't even write about a flat for fear of jinxing myself. My wife's previous '95 318ti buried the REAL spare under the floor. If BMW could do that with a REAL tire on the current turbo'd line, it would make for an epiphany moment with these readers and have me as a customer for a long time. Unless they go that route, I will have to make at least twice as many trips to the leaf dump by losing the fold-down seat capability and a gigantic tub of rubber siting in my trunk like my father's 1968 Chrysler 300 (with the 440 4-barrel carb, BTW).

    I make a lot of trips up I-89 to Montreal. If it happens that I get marooned between exits with no wheels, you can bet I will be, to say the very least, the most vociferous advocate for suggesting that every RFT manufacturer take their tires and do the unnatural with them.

    But that's just my $0.02. Happy motoring, and may your travels be trouble-free.


    BTW, is anyone in the area going to the BMW Concours d"Elegance at Wagner Motors in Shrewsbury on Sunday September 13th (9 AM to 3 PM)?
  • RFTs forever?

    Read this..... Bridgestone "3G" Third generation run-flats. I'm sure BMW will fall in love with Bridgestone once again. ;) shock-out-of-run/

    I'm in contact with a Bridgestione field engineer for comments on use in the UK.

  • I'm on my third BMW, and I do not like the RTF tires. But to put everything in propective. Almost all cars today come with high performance tires. Those 18" tires that are 35 and 40s in sizes (low profile). Those tires always wear out fast. In fact, Lexus had me sign paperworks when I brought a IS250 stating that I knew. In addition, those tires make alot of noises, run flat or no run flat. The best bet is to buy 17" tires in the 50-55 size. But the 18" 35 and 40 look so cool.

    I'm going to try out the third generation run flat tires, but my next car will have 17" tires in the 50-55 size range. You get out of those high performance tires by ordering your car directly from the factory. But if you buy what the dealer has on the lot.... guess what, you are stuck with high performance low profile tires. Check out what the BMW and Lexus sites show as standard equipment, then check the dealer's lot.
  • What I mean from my above statement is that their is no major different between 18" RFT and 18" Regular tires. And that a BMW with RFT that are 17" at 245-55-17 for example will run and the tires will last almost as long as the non-flat tires of the same sizes. The problem are those 18" low (245-40-18) profile, cool looking tires that dealers force you to buy because those are the only tires on the cars on the lot.
  • xeyexeye Posts: 168
    Does anyone know if these 3rd Gen tires come in a 225-45 17 All-Season version? I'm sick of changing wheels/tires twice a year and my Contis have worked just fine in deep snow for 2 seasons and should for at least at least a third season.

    As well, what is the consensus between Conti ProContact and these new supposedly better Bridgestones? I have the Contis now and I'm happy with them, but I'll likely need a new set within 10-15K miles.

    Are the 3G tires even generally available yet?


  • A quick question - I will be picking up a 335i in the next day in the southeastern US. When I pick it up, the dealer offers two aftermarket warranty packages:

    1) A multishield protection package - 5 year coverage of tire and wheel damage, Door Ding repair, Windsheild repair, and emergency roadside assistance. It seems that the last feature is useless on the car, but given the trouble people are reporting with the run flats, I wondered thoughts of the tire and wheel damage feature. It costs about $900.

    2) A Nanotechology (from paradigm automotive) covering paint (an exterior protection plan), glass, and interior stains, including rips, etc. Again, about another $900. Again, a 5 year plan.

    Any thoughts on either of these, or has anyone had experience with same?

  • I purchased the wheel and tire insurance. I live in NJ and there are lots of potholes.

    My last car an Acura TSX needed tires do to bubbles on sidewall after hitting a pothole after snow storm.

    The tire and wheel for me was for 5 years. Haven't used it yet but still have a few winters to go.
  • 3G's are not yet available in the UK, next year? So not sure we will see too many options for a while.

    On Bridgestone vs. Conti, we have issues with both here in the UK. Premature edge wear and strange driving characteristics. I sense many US users have a thing about mileage. In the UK we are used to shorter tire life, due to running performance tires for many years, so 20k miles is not an issue. Tire performance is.

  • I'm looking at the same thing - is the tire warranty vendor IAS?
  • sujdsujd Posts: 1
    Lot of people on this forum are talking about changing the run flats on their bmws for regular tires. Is there any issue with the manufacturer's warranty if regular tires are used? Meaning if I were to use regular tires would it void the warranty or would dealers refuse to cover something under warranty?

  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    No, no issues with the warranty. Some dealers might try using scare tactics to steer you away from chucking your RFTs in favor of GFTs, but unless they can prove that the GFTs directly caused any given failure, they cannot legally deny coverage.

    Best regards,
  • I have a 06 325xi and I want to replace the RFT with Radials on the same rim. Can this be done? I assume it's not possible, but maybe some of ya'll have done this before.
  • There should be no problem with the replacement (as so many Bimmer owners have done) BUT first check with your tire dealer to make sure the tires being bought will be accomodated by the rims.
    You did not say if you have the Sports Package which brings up another problem (larger / more expensive rear tires). My 2006 330i has the SP and when I changed from RFTs to Rads the sticker shock on the rears left me wondering if I should invest in a new car.
    Also hope that your BMW new car warranty is up as some dealers will not cover "some" repairs if they see that Rads have been installed.
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