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BMW 3-Series Run Flat Tires



  • bigkevbigkev Posts: 33
    I phoned the BMW dealer that I got my spare kit from last time, and they said that there is a kit which includes a 'false floor' panel, or you can buy a donut spare, jack and bag like I did as seperate parts. They have to order these items from BMW. Last time somebody asked me the same question and I found the part numbers and sent to him but I can't place the paperwork now. Although i am in Australia the part numbers are universal and the same worldwide. I suggest you try again and maybe phone BMW direct. Or speak to the sales manager of a new car dealership near you and explain and ask them to find out.
    It wasn't easy, but you can do it if you persist.
    regards, Kev :)
  • johnsamjohnsam Posts: 55
    Why not use:
    1.) "Donut" spare that you can find in excellent shape at any auto wrecker.
    2.) "Tire Tools" same as above.
    3.) I found it easier to buy a powered jack in carrying case.

    I have used above for 3 Bimmers now. HA!!!!!!!! NEVER HAVE HAD TO USE

    Springfield OR
  • disco99disco99 Posts: 74
    edited August 2010
    Just picked up a BMW 18" wheel/tire combo from Ebay as a spare. It will sit in my trunk over a nice rubber cargo mat.
    I live in NY. If I had to drive 50 mph on a flat tire to go anywhere on business days; I'd starve!!!!!!!!!
    For every flat I get I'll replace it with a regular tire preferrably the the Nitto 555s..They're truly great tires but not prohibitively expensive.

    What are your thoughts???
  • disco99disco99 Posts: 74
    I thought about a donut but I do take several long road trips. I guess old habits are hard to ditch. I am hoping to have a new set of Nittos on my car before the winter.

    Any better suggestions for tires. Your expertise is welcome.
  • Hey the angst that BMW has provided with their adherence to these "Friggin" run flats is enough to say buy another car!!! Unless you are considering a 335 or better heck a 328 XI is no better than a Ford Fusion, Lincoln MKZ.. In fact the tech is likely better in the Ford product!! If you have to have straight line acceleraction like the M# or 335 go for it, but remember the tires still suck. BMW can go from the ultimate driving machine to the joy of something...have fun.. I am off BMW...
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Hmmm, a Ford Fusion over the 328i or 328xi? No thanks. Don't get me wrong, the Fusion is a fine car for the money but it is an understeering/nose heavy pig compared to a 328i. That and you cannot get a stick with anything beyond the four-banger mid-line SE model or RWD on any model. For my money it will be the 328i each and every time.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,055
    edited August 2010
    For every flat I get I'll replace it with a regular tire. . .

    Bad plan.

    I doubt that you're old enough to have had to deal with the transition from bias-ply tires to radials, but the caution at the time was to NEVER mix the two. I ignored this once (had a bias-ply spare) & when I went around a 270 deg on-ramp that way, it was definitely worth the price of admission. Fortunately there weren't any other vehicles in the vicinity. Never again.

    By all means you should replace the RFTs with real tires, but do them all at once & sell the originals on E-Bay. God knows, there's a market for them.
  • bigkevbigkev Posts: 33
    Should be Ok if you replace two tires, not just one and fit them to the rear so you have matching 'pairs' front and rear. I would leave the runflats on the front, but it probably doesn't matter. Not a good idea to mix them though and have one odd one. :)
  • I should refine my comment and limit the comparison to a Ford Fusion with automatic transmission 328 XI's... The small, and I mean VERY small percentage of stick shift 328's are an exception and those owners are likely to be real drivers... Automatic transmissioned BMW's though and I stick to the comparison. The Fusion is a great competitor and a winner in several areas; tires, technology and price. I will likely never own another BMW. Love Audi's new ads and Porsches look great. Course I still love my S2K.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    While I'd never willing set my butt in a 328i (or xi) with an automatic transmission (regardless of which seat said butt would be sitting in), I will assert that there are any number of drivers out there that value the vastly superior handling of any variety of a 328i over a Fusion.

    I've driven Fusions with both engines (i.e. the I4 and the V6), and while the four-banger Fusion does pretty well in the handling department, it doesn't hold a candle to even a non-SP 328i. The V6 version of the Fusion is another story entirely; that car is (as I said before) a grossly understeering pig when rounding your friendly neighborhood freeway ramp, regardless of the drivetrain downstream of the transmission.

    As for the Fusion being a winner in "several areas", the tires are easily fixable (and if I ultimately buy another BMW that comes with RFTs I'll surely swap the tires out for GFTs), the value of the better "technology" is extremely questionable in my mind, and given the different market spaces these cars occupy, I believe the price argument to be irrelevant.

    Now, if you were comparing an Audi A4 2.0t to a 328i, then I'd be hard pressed to come up with significant objective arguments that favors one over the other. :shades:
  • Try these part #'s for the Jack Kit, Donut, Donut Wheel & Cover;


  • puffin1puffin1 Posts: 276
    edited August 2010
    I took them off the day I bought my car. I don't know if it's a German thing or not.The noise and ride would drive me crazy.
    What made me mad was the dealer wouldn't swap them out.So I had to buy 6 tires, Continetals and have two studded for winter , plus wheels.
    Now the dealer tells me this isn't the old days and I should have the same 4 tires on all year round. Who is right.? I think he is upset because I went to Tire rack. Beside my car is an I model,not AWD.
    BMW makes the Mini don't they and they will give you you choice of runflats, or all season tires?
    I like a rear wheel drive car and the soon to be exstinct six speed tranny.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    You absolutely positively should have all four tires the same, and none of them should be studded. Said another way, you need one set of four "performance" or "all-season/no-season" tires for summer and a second set of four "winter" tires for the slippery seasons.
  • disco99disco99 Posts: 74
    Thanks Guys. I am definitely buying a matching set and I'll sell these old tires on Ebay. Once done, I will have restored some sanity in my life. There have been a number of near death blowouts on runflats that have been largely ignored by the BMW.
    From I have heard from some bimmer owners; someimes the car is not even driveable at all on these tires.
  • lehrer1lehrer1 Posts: 54
    I have BMW 06 325i manual with 3L engine and 2010 Fusion SE auto with 3L V6.
    They are different cars for different purposes.While I admire BMW for handling and a solid built I do not see much differences in both engines as a user. Advantages of L6 look to me like a mirage in comparison with V6. Both engines are equally good. Fusion has acceleration similar to BMW 06 325i, is very quiet, has better audio, has Synk and has no BMW problems with RFT's. And it is much chipper. I am not advocating for Fusion, I am glad that at last Ford built a good car.
    PS The Fusion's steering is worse than by previous models and not to compare with BMW.
  • Yep, and even though you have a standard shift BMW, you had some good words for teh Ford.. Now imagine your BMW with an automatic, so we can largely remove the "sport" asoect of the BMW. Does the Fusion move even with or ahead of the BMW?
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    edited August 2010
    Even the slowest 3-Series in years (the 2006 325i) saddled with an automatic and all season tires will handily beat a 2010 Fusion V6 around a track.

    Please understand, I do like the Ford; for the money it is a screaming bargain (especially with the I4 and three pedals under the dash) and a car that I usually opt for when I'm on the road and needing a rental. That said, none of the Fusion models like to be pushed hard around curves and none of them offer the visceral feedback to let you know what is going on down there on the road surface. If you value the "drive" more than the "goodies", then putting a Fusion up against a 3-Series makes for a poor comparison; however, if all one cares about is the stuff, then why bother opting for a BMW.
  • lehrer1lehrer1 Posts: 54
    "Does the Fusion move even with or ahead of the BMW? "
    The answer is: NEVER.

    Thank you for your message.
  • lehrer1lehrer1 Posts: 54
    Thank you.
  • Sept '07: '06 325xi Sportwagon. Replaced Bridgestone Turanza's at 7700 miles due to cupping. BMW paid for go-flat Michelin replacements. I let BMW select the tire, don't recall the name, but they were Michelin peformance tires with about the same level of road noise as the Turanza's.

    Oct '09: BMW reports uneven tire wear (15,000 miles on tires), recommends rotation, a complete reversal of their previous policy. Further examination reveals bent rim. Bought another set of Michelins. This time I picked out the tire (HX MX M4). Very little road noise.

    Aug '10: Purchased 09 328i with 8000 miles and Bridgestone Potenza's. Very little tread wear. I was surprised at the low road noise.

    My Sportwagon weighs about 500 pounds more than my 328i, but has smaller tires. (225/45 17 vs. 255/40 17). It appears that BMW figured out they needed a more substantial tire. Does anyone know?
  • For the price differential the BMW damn well should, however.. for the price differential Ford has made up substantial ground. ... and that's the point. With rubn flats which are hardly performance tires, the quality of ride, diminished handling characteristics, Yes I have driven it more that a few laps on a road course and I am very familiar with handling. (my S2K is a ton more fun on a raod course...but that should be expected..) BMW is becoming a Ford and they better watch out... Oh teh "Joy" of driving what used to be the Ultimate Driving Machine... That moniker is left to the few true sports sedans taht BMW still makes and provides with a stick shift, but even they are hampered by the tires...Grab a 325I, I'll drive the Fusion let's see...
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,724
    Given the sizes you list, your '06 325Xi had all-season tires, and your '09 328i has summer rubber (at least, the size you give is the rear-tire size for a sport package equipped car.... that would come with summer tires)..

    Even though both are runflats, those are two completely different categories of tire type. Don't be surprised if the tires on your '09 328i end up wearing a lot faster than you think... (nice choice in car, though..)


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • bigkevbigkev Posts: 33
    Hi everybody
    Today I went to the BMW dealer near me and obtained the part number for the spare wheel kit which they describe as LUGGAGE COMPARTMENT EMERGENCY WHEEL STORAGE. part number BM - 51470445340. this part number is the same world wide, and includes the 'donut' tools, storage bag and a false floor panel which covers the top of it. The parts guy said They have ordered two in the last week for people.
    I will be interested in hearing if anybody follows this up and what the result is. :)
  • Just go to one of the discount tire stores, buy a $100 custom rim and slap one of your runflats on as a spare, you get a full size spare for less.

    BTW I test drove an Accord, a Malibu and a Fusion, before moving up to test drive an A4, LaCrosse, A5, A6, C300, C350, E350, IS250, IS350, and the 328i, ended up with the 328i, nuff said.
  • Thanks, you make sense.

    Even tho both are Florida cars, it's logical that AWD vehicles would be provided with all-season tires. Didn't need an X version, but that was the only way I could get that car.

    You care correct, my '09 has smaller tires in front.

    After my previous run-flat experience, I will be delighted if get 20,000 miles.
  • Who said simple isn't the best? Great idea - who cares if it hasn't got a bmw sticker on it! Why didn't I think of that!
    you sound like me with the testing - I've driven the car dealers nuts doing the same thing. Came to the same conclusion about the Beema. Enjoy. :D
  • Who said simple isn't the best? Great idea - who cares if it hasn't got a bmw sticker on it! Why didn't I think of that!
    you sound like me with the testing - I've driven the car dealers nuts doing the same thing. Came to the same conclusion about the Beema. Enjoy :confuse:
  • Thank you, yes my 328i with the sport mode on has transformed me from someone who hated driving to now earger to get up in the morning, get in the car and head to work :)

    I installed four Hancook V12 performance tires to replace the stock runflats BTW. This tire is amazing, could not get it to slip, spin or burn no matter how I try, it bites into the pavement this good.
  • puffin1puffin1 Posts: 276
    A Ford Fusion over a 3. I think the unusual summer heat in MA is getting to you. :shades: :shades:
  • Bear in mind I said an automatic 328 XI with runflats... actually I think the offered slow BMW was an automatic 325... either way... I'll drive the Fusion... Promise the outcome will be much closer than you think.... Cudos to Ford for having come so far.. What was the last ralley win for BMW in Europe? LOL, I enjoy the conversation a lot... dollar for dollar at the low end of the BMW line with an automatic transmission, Ford has a contender. There is no way it comes close on upper level 3's with stick shifts. Those are real drivers cars. The low end with automatic is nothing more than transportaion. By the Ford if that's all one wants.. :D :D Yeah it was hot...
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