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C6 Corvette vs 987 Boxster

blacktalonblacktalon Member Posts: 203
edited April 2014 in Chevrolet
Yeah, I know. Very different cars.

Still, since they're both purpose-built sports cars at a similar price point, I'm curious whether anyone has driven and/or cross-shopped both.

Of course, the Corvette is much, much faster and the Boxster is much more refined. I'm not asking about 0-60 times or the quality of interior materials, but more the subjective "fun-to-drive" factor.

Both cars are built to be fun and exciting. Which put more of a smile on your face?


  • starrow68starrow68 Member Posts: 1,142
    My drive in the Boxster was admittedly only about 20 minutes and I've now had the '02 Vette Coupe for 4 years but the smile question is a function of what you want to get out of it. To be harsh, I didn't think the Boxster was all that great and too tight for me anyway. I read about how great a handling car it is but I'm becomming convinced that those comments come from tests on autocross or cart tracks that are very tight. Even the Boxster S is not going to touch a stock engine C5 Corvette, much less a C6, when on a road course or for that matter a back country road that has some room to run between corners. The tenths you make up at the corner is not going to add up to much compared to the seconds you lose between the corners. I'm sure both put a smile on many people, I'd say get out and drive used ones and see what gets your smile going!

    My smile is pretty wide today, just into the 2:00.8 range at Sears Point main road course with a stock engine C5 coupe on street tires. I did have fun dicing with a track prep coil over Boxster S on race tires but after he let me by I was able to pull about a second per lap faster and we were both passing 911's by the boat load. He was surprised when we connected in the paddock that I was on 220 wear rating street tires but that should have been noticable since at that pace they scream a lot. :blush:
  • blacktalonblacktalon Member Posts: 203
    "I read about how great a handling car it is but I'm becoming convinced that those comments come from tests on autocross or cart tracks that are very tight"

    Actually, my one experience driving a Boxster was on a tight autocross track. Handling through the slalom was amazing -- but that's probably not representative of the daily driving experience...
  • wild1poet2wild1poet2 Member Posts: 7
    I shopped a Boxster versus the Vette and chose the Boxster. Its a subjective decision at these levels unless you are going racing. I wanted the tighter, more intimate cockpit and shorter wheelbase for car jammin while commuting. Plus I like the styling in the Boxster versus the convertible Corvette. I love V8 torque and it just gets me into trouble.
  • starrow68starrow68 Member Posts: 1,142
    "I love V8 torque and it just gets me into trouble."

    You have no idea how much trouble it's gotten me into!

    Enjoy the Boxster and if you are ever on track, enjoy the handling!
  • designmandesignman Member Posts: 2,129
    Yes, and if you don’t make it to the track but have the rare occasion to lope along on a winding road or jughandle, enjoy the handling there too. The Boxster can only do 159 mph… this combined with its renowned handling presents absolutely no temptation at all.

  • starrow68starrow68 Member Posts: 1,142
    "The Boxster can only do 159 mph…"

    But, how long would it take to get there? That is the
    part of the equation that many former Boxster owners
    have come to realize. Having never exceeded 165 mph,
    I can say it got there pretty quick, and it wasn't a
  • vettewmanvettewman Member Posts: 1
    the boxter and the vetter are two very different machinnes this is the perverbial comparrison of appes and oranges
    the boxter is most of all a roadster whci classes with the bmw roadster the miatta and such cars the vette is an american classic muscle car one gets two very different experices from these cars which is meant vette class in porsche models would be 928 gts or gt carrera now you are comparing apples to apples

    82 928 5sp
    99 carrera 5sp
    96 vette auto :shades:
  • habitat1habitat1 Member Posts: 4,282
    "99 carrera 5sp"

    No such thing. 911 went to 6-speed transmission 4 years earlier in 1995. :shades:
  • starrow68starrow68 Member Posts: 1,142
    in today's world. When it came out it had great performance but still was a tough ride and even worse for entry and exit. The C5 is a much more comfortable car and can be set up for reasonable track performance without much in the way of adders. It does pass most 911's and all but occasional Boxster with a really talented driver. Then both cars can be improved from stock, many do.
  • wild1poet2wild1poet2 Member Posts: 7
    Actually, I'd like both. The Z06 and my Boxster with a 3.6L motor. And a Big Dog Chopper. And Jessica Simpson. And lots of sun and twisty roads. And time on my side. Yep, that's a start.
  • astoddardastoddard Member Posts: 2
    I have a BMW Z4 and am a BMWCCA member. The bummer is that the BMWCCA doesnt allow convertible cars at their track events without a roll bar/cage in addition to the factory "hoops" behind the seats. The idea of adding roll bars to a car I also will drive on the street is not appealing. I have noticed that the Porsche club does allow Boxsters and newer 911s at track events.

    Is there a similar club like PCA or BMWCCA for Vettes? I googled and found a Corvette Club of America that seems oriented to show cars rather than autocross/driver education events. Am I not looking in the right place?
  • starrow68starrow68 Member Posts: 1,142
    There is not a national Vette group that runs track
    events. The NCCC and WSCC, National and Western States
    groups seem to focus on auto-x and drag events for
    performance. Most track Vettes run with multi-marque clubs
    of which there are many in all parts of the country. Then
    there are SCCA and NASA track events as well but at least
    for NASA usually more crowded. Check the schedule at what
    is your local road course and you can usually get who is
    renting the track and go from there.
  • majormcfmajormcf Member Posts: 20
    I drove both and got the boxster. It much more refined and I love taking the 25MPH entrance ramps at 75MPH. Where I live I see about 30 corvettes each day and one or 2 boxsters a day (counting mine). I optioned mine out with porsche exclusive options and turbo 19in wheels and I doubt there is another exactly like mine anywhere. I got 15K off sticker with a cash offer which made it about 30K cheaper than a similiarly equipped conv corvette.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Member Posts: 3,118
    "I love taking the 25MPH entrance ramps at 75MPH."

    Competing for a Darwin Award are you?

    "30K cheaper..."

    Before you depart, can you tell me the name of the dealer selling loaded Boxsters for $30,000.

    "...a similiarly equipped conv corvette."

    Oh, so you ordered the P3 option (Porsche Performance Package) that adds 200 HP. How much did that run you? :P
  • starrow68starrow68 Member Posts: 1,142
    Well, glad you got what you wanted but you should quit trying to convince yourself
    that you got a great deal. The $30k cheaper may be comparing your discount to
    the sticker or markup at a local Corvette dealer but it isn't real world if you find that
    Vettes are regularly $10k off and better can be had with some effort. Even Edmunds
    has the real world difference at $7k. If you add options, which I'm betting are a bit
    pricey on your P-car I bet the difference for an under powered little roadster :) is
    closer than that.
    As to doing ramps at three times the posted safe limit, hope you enjoy until
    something goes wrong. Personally I take it to the track, Sears Point (Infineon) or
    Laguna Seca do nicely. And there, my underpowered C5 Corvette has no trouble
    passing Boxsters, or even Box-S's when they are on street tires like I am. Now
    a Cayman on DOT-R's is a potent weapon and when you are ready to get something
    that is truly fast, I recommend them.
  • majormcfmajormcf Member Posts: 20
    Your the candidate for the darwin award, you cant read.

    I never said I paid 30K. I said mine was 30K cheaper than a loaded conv vette.

    Also, 75MPH on a free way exit ramp is nothing for this car and doesnt begin to push its limits.
  • majormcfmajormcf Member Posts: 20
    The corvette is fast stop light to stop light but I prefer the way the boxster drives. I have owned both and went back to another boxster. Its my personal preference and I know for fact I got a great deal and I dont need you to try to convince me that I didnt. I got over 25% off MSRP and paid less than what used ones are selling for on ebay with less options. There is very little difference between the boxster and cayman except that my top goes down.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Member Posts: 3,118
    "Your the candidate for the darwin award, you can't read"

    Actually, I can read just fine. See below...

    "I never said I paid 30K. I said mine was 30K cheaper than a loaded conv vette."

    Actually, read your post again. You didn't write "loaded" conv Corvette. You wrote, "similarly equipped" conv Corvette.

    A Corvette convertible with the "Preferred Equipment Group" (3LT) costs $60,000. That's a Corvette with 430hp, active suspension, stability control, remote anti-theft alarm, xenon HID headlights, electronic brakeforce distribution, fog/driving lights, 19" alloy wheels, heads-up display (readouts for street mode, track mode, G-meter, vehicle speed, engine RPM and gauges), Homelink transmitter, power telescoping steering column, 2-driver memory package (driver seat, outside mirrors, and telescoping steering column), power convertible top, multi-level heated seats, dual-zone auto climate control, auto-dimming rearview mirror with compass, auto-dimming heated exterior mirrors, remote keyless access w/push button start, perforated leather power seats, AM/FM radio with 6-disc in-dash CD changer, MP3 playback, Radio Data System (RDS), auxiliary input jack, 7 Bose speakers, automatic volume control, steering wheel mounted audio controls, digital clock, and TheftLock.).

    60 - 30 = 30

    "Also, 75MPH on a free way exit ramp is nothing for this car and doesnt begin to push its limits."

    I wasn't referring to your cars limits...
  • starrow68starrow68 Member Posts: 1,142
    No dispute on your facts, 25% is just over $10k off, but that happens to be in the
    same range as what people get off on Vettes. As to yours being less than 'asking'
    on e-bay, I'm sure you're right, some people are always looking for a sucker. I
    notice you didn't repeat that yours was $30k less than the Vette, that is a little
    bit hard to believe.

    As for the Cayman being just a hard top boxster, I don't think the track times will
    support that. I know one Nor Calif driver who switched and is doing 5 sec's per lap
    better in the Cayman, that is huge in terms of performance. The set up and power
    will both show up with a good driver.

    Again, doing 75 on onramps is nothing compared to doing 119 down the turn one
    hill at Laguna Seca into the Andretti Hairpin! And there it is legal and fairly safe,
    since everyone else expects you to be doing those kinds of speeds. Then again,
    that is a C5 on street tires and not a Cayman or C6 on DOT-R's which are both
    probably doing several clicks more. Like I said, enjoy what you drive, I do.
  • majormcfmajormcf Member Posts: 20
    My car's MSRP was 60K with options. The dealer came off 15.8K. My car has 15K in options. My dealer with a 4LT conv vette is asking 74K for the one on the lot. I paid 44K for mine. 74K minus 44K is 30K, that is where I got the 30K figure from. Granted no one will pay 74K for that vette and they are advertising 10K off the price in the paper.

    The cayman is lighter but the chasis is the same. The weight to power ratio is much better in the Cayman. Since I am using my car for pleasure mostly, I gave up a little performance.

    I am a huge fan of the corvette and I did spend alot of time shopping both cars and I used to have a vette. I like both cars and they have each have pro's and cons. I think anyone who buys either will have a smile on their face. I dont like buying a [non-permissible content removed] sled but I just like the car better. If I go back to Iraq for another year my next car will be a corvette or CTS-V.

    My car has the 19 in turbo wheels with 140 traction rated michelin pilots, I dont drive on freeway ramps with traffic as I am a military police officer and not looking to lose my license. As for the Darwin award, after 3 trips to Iraq and Afghanistan at a year at a pop, I would have earned it long ago had I been a suitable candidate.
  • majormcfmajormcf Member Posts: 20
    I was comparing a 4LT Vette. My car is equipped similiarly to a 4LT vette. I have over 15K in options. That includes the 3675.00 Turbo wheels and PCM 2.1 Nav
  • majormcfmajormcf Member Posts: 20
    Thats a convertible corvette, not a coupe.
  • majormcfmajormcf Member Posts: 20
    Best thing is to shop them both. Porsche gives huge rebates at the end of the year which can take the sting out if price is the issue.

    No one will have any complaints with either choice. If racing mustang GT's at stop lights is your cup of tea, go for the corvette or at least splurge another 10-20K for the boxster S or RS as the reg boxster has a 0-60 of 5.7 and isnt designed for that.

    The boxster S has a 0-60 of 5.0 and will keep up with the automatic GTs at the stop light. Of course as a police office I dont condone street racing so keep it at the track. I only drive the posted limit and of course obey all traffic signs and signals (fingers crossed) ;)

    If cost is an issue look at the vette as porsche is proud of their parts and a car battery will set you back around 400.00 as will a routine service. My Porsche is a 3rd car and mostly a sunday driver. The 140 traction rated tires are expensive and wear out quickly. I plan to drive mine about 6K miles a year for resale purposes.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Member Posts: 3,118
    I'm glad to see the hyperbole removed from your posts. :)

    I agree both cars are outstanding choices and both offer a very different (but entertaining) driving experience. I do note that the MSRP of a Corvette Convertible with 4LT is $65,000 so it's no surprise that the $75,000 model at your dealer is advertised at a $10K "discount." Gotta love those old school GM dealerships!

    The 4LT package is very nice, but I think it's not really necessary (the standard leather-trimmed interior is nice) and it bumps the Corvette into a totally different price bracket. Even the 3LT with it's heads-up display is pushing the value boundaries IMO.

    When push comes to shove, it's all about what kind of driving experience you want. The Vette is a powerhouse that, as I recently discovered (to my surprise) has surprising amount of refinement and finesse. The Porsche is on a completely higher level from a dynamic/refinement point of view, but in non "S" trim, must cower in fear from Camry's and Accord's at stoplights. IMO, in this day of 300 hp family sedans, there's no excuse for a new Porsche to have only 240 hp - unless it weighs 2300 lbs (I wish).

    Personally, I would have passed on the $15K in options and gone for an "S" with PASM and called it good. However, with three trips to the sand box under your belt, I think you should be driving exactly what you have - a car that makes you happy.

  • majormcfmajormcf Member Posts: 20
    Porsche options are extremely expensive and when you add the PCM 2.1, xenons, climate control and turbo wheels to an S you have a very expensive car ( forget about the exclusive options). I went on the porsche website and was able to configure a base boxster with over 50K in options. The options actually cost more than the car itself.

    I used to drive a Dodge Magnum RT 340HP hemi. 0-60 was 6.2. The boxster is much quicker at 5.7 seconds, well out of the range of accords and camry's but the real power of the car is on the twisties where those cars dont have a prayer. I have outgrown racing at street lights. The new boxsters have 245HP and 201lb of torque in a 2775lb car and speed is all about power to weight ratio which is why the 220HP Lotus Exige SC is faster than the vette at 0-60. I have the upgrade exhaust from the S and get about 8 more HP which puts me at more HP than the original boxster S and far more power than I will ever need on the street!
  • majormcfmajormcf Member Posts: 20
    They probably put some pinstripes, tint on the car and a sealant. The sticker read 74K .....not sure what all they added but I know thats in Z06 territory.

    I shopped Maxie Price in GA when I was getting ready to buy and they were giving good discounts. I was on the fence between the vette, boxster and lotus and could have gone either way on any of them. I am 6'5" and just dont fit well in the lotus with shoes on.

    The new one series BMW look good but I have a feeling they are going to be more common than cobalts in a year.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Member Posts: 3,118
    Porsche says the Boxster weighs 2877 lbs.

    There's no way your Boxster is quicker than the Magnum. My BMW is a close match in power and weight to your Boxster (240hp, 2700 lbs), and from a standstill and down the straights (at the track, of course :blush: ), it is consistently outgunned by anything with a V-8 or big 6 under the hood. Mustang GT's, C5 Corvettes, etc. simply walk away from me with no effort.

    But like your Boxster, it's all about the corners. What it lacks in power it makes up in feedback and responsiveness. For tackling a twisty road course or deserted canyon pass, I'll choose a "momentum car" over a brute every time.

    By the way, I would be remiss if I didn't comment - as an MP and (I assume from your screen name) commissioned officer, you are the last person I would expect to pull the foolish antics you previously described. I'm sure your earlier remarks were embellished a little for effect and you probably regret mentioning it (yes, I admit I like to kick out the tail a little every once in a while), but if you really want to explore the limits (of your car and yourself), there is a safe, affordable, and fun way to do it - on a race track!

    Join the PCA and sign up for some driving events - you can go as fast as you want, on a road that has a high probability of being clear of hazards/debris, and you'll be around other like-minded and skilled drivers who behave in a much more predictable manner than your average brain-dead commuter. Plus, you will actually improve your skills and have fun at the same time.

    And again, enjoy your Porsche. I've wanted one since I was a kid, and some day when my kids are grown, I plan to find a sweet 993 that was owned by a little old lady (who hopefully had a thing for Bilstein coil-overs and a FabSpeed exhaust). :blush:
  • majormcfmajormcf Member Posts: 20
    Check car and driver or google 0-60 times for a magnum 5.7L 340HP since you obviously dont believe me. Yes as crazy as it seems the Porsche is faster in 0-60, 1/4 mile and top speed. Its just so hard to believe a porsche is faster than a camry, accord or dodge magnum. The magnums 0-60 is 6.2 and the boxster is 5.7 according to car and driver. Keep in mind the Magnum is very heavy.

    Your right I was making a point but I really dont think 75 MPH is jaw dropping for most entrance and exit ramps if no traffic is around. I dont really even look at the speedo when I am driving near my limit which is nowhere close to the cars limit. I will NEVER mention how fast I have gotten this car as it will generate all kinds of hate posts. I havent got a speeding ticket since high school or for about 20 years and this is my fourth porsche so I havent been driving slow cars. Also have owned a yellow corvette and a red shelby cobra which I did get a stern warning in.

    I wish I had unlimited access to one of these race tracks that everyone else seems to live next to, I live in a fairly rural area and my local porsche dealer is a good 2.5 hour drive.

    2877 is with the standard rims and full tank of fuel. I have the lightest wheel and tire package and my car is on empty ;-) however I was just going off memory on the weight, the car feels alot lighter than 2877 but that is still a pretty respectable weight.

    My point is that speed comes from power to weight which is why a corvette is faster than my 500 HP Mercedes S600 twin turbo....actually 493HP.
  • majormcfmajormcf Member Posts: 20
    The boxsters weight is 2877lb with tiptronic, I found this article online

    "Curb weight of the Boxster, which has a galvanized steel body with plastic end caps over the bumpers, is 2,755 pounds with the five-speed manual gearbox, 2,865 pounds with the five-speed Tiptronic (shiftable automatic).
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Member Posts: 3,118
    Porsche website says 2,877 lbs manual / 3,009 lbs tip.

    I do stand corrected on the Magnum though. I didn't realize that the old Hemi R/T was such a slug - no wonder they stroked it to 6.1L.

    Of course, less than 5 years ago, cars like the Magnum that did 0-60 in under 6 seconds and low-14 seconds for the 1/4 mile were considered FAST. Today, yawn - a V-6 Accord or Camry can do it.

    But again, you should enjoy the Boxster for it's merits - it's sublime chassis and amazing brakes. I'd say the one thing it truly has in common with the Corvette is the unique ability to drive in comfort to the track, lap the track like a thoroughbred, and then bring you back home none the worse for wear.
  • majormcfmajormcf Member Posts: 20
    Not sure what year model those weight figures were from, I cut and pasted them from an article. I know some wheel packages are lighter and there is a difference in wieght on the boxster exhaust as well as the 5 speed vs 6 speed manual. I may just put my car on a scale at a truck stop just because I am curious. My car has the 2.1 PCM entertainment package and I am sure that adds some weight.

    I think the fastest time I ever found was the Solara at 6.9 seconds. There are loads of cars out there that are faster than the boxster to 60. Here is a website that has alot of times and cost of ownership ect ect.

    My S600 does 0-60 in 4.5 seconds and that beats most cars on the street. If I really cared about stop light wars I could drop a renntech kit on it and it would beat anything near me. I have an 03 model which is about the same as this 04 except that this one has the renntech mod. I got in on ebay last year with 13K miles for only a couple grand more than I paid for my porsche and it stickered for 160K, was an exec car from MB and has every single factory option.
  • dtownmildtownmil Member Posts: 23
    This post is humorous. We all know that a vette will beat a Boxster in a staight line. I certainly didn't buy my Boxster to beat ANYTHING in a straight line. I just like the way it drives, looks, and sounds. I love the effeciency of it. I love that in ten, twenty years, it won't look extremely dated.

    Honestly, I didn't even compare vettes at all. I've never seen myself in one. I'm sure the later models are awesome cars. There will always be conflicting opinions about European cars vs. American cars.

    I personally own a Boxster, an Expolorer and an Altima. They are all good in their own way. The Porsche can't pull my boat or go thru the snow very well, and only the Altima gets over 30 MPG on the highway loaded with 4 adults and luggage with the AC on. :shades:
  • ipenguinkingipenguinking Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone know Boxster's front overhang? Before I run and buy one, I want to know if the car's front lower lip would scrap my steep driveway. I googled and could not fin the number anywhere.
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