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Biodiesel/WVO in HD diesel pickups



  • roland3roland3 Posts: 431
    ... Jim, when I first heard about this device about six months back (without much detail) I thought they were just trying to supplement fuel by breaking down the water; however their claim is that the small amount of hydrogen excites and gives the Diesel fuel a better burn. Well I'd like a grant to do a study and of course I want a synthetic sapphire window in a combustion chamber.
  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    The percent H2 is probably 21% to 50% of the total rather than of the hydrocarbon fuel.
  • vlanevlane Posts: 8
    I'm in California and suffering from high gas prices. In my business we use diesel trucks to haul equipment and I have been told to look into Veg Oil conversion for lower fuel costs and better vehicle performance. If all of this is true who should I talk to in California? :confuse: What says you?
  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    Veg oil conversion would have a significant up-front cost (extra tank for the oil, valving to start and stop with diesel in the fuel system), would violate the vehicle warranty, would be a maintenance burden, and still have costs for the veg oil. Veg oil conversion is for enthusiasts only.
  • Hi, I have a question about a 1986 Dodge daytona, 4cyl, turbo.

    A friend of mine need a new alternator put into her daytona, i was just wondering if anyone knows the location of it. I have not looked at the vehicle yet, just wanting to know location for charge rate.
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