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Jeep Commander Maintenance and Repair



  • Did I mention that we bought w/ 4200 miles on it, now has 9100?
  • i bought a 2008 commander in 8/08. it had to be flat bedded to dealer in 2/09 because first the radio/phone/navigation system went dead. after a day the car would not start at all, completely dead. it just went in for the 5th time in 7 mos. the dealer replaced the radio system twice didn't work. they think it is a intermittent software problem. they said that the computer shuts the radio down because it senses a problem so it shuts down the least critical system. but the problem is that it also causes a drain on the battery- eventually going dead!! i contacted a lawyer. any advice???
  • Erie, PA
    search under Rumsey, Joann

    The newspapers describe it all and pictures speak a thousand words.
    This 2007 Jeep Commander crashed by stallling at a high speed claiming the lives of a young woman 40 years old and her 2 children who were 4 yrs old and 18 months old.
    Please search and review this incident before selecting to put your family in a brand new Jeep Vehicle. A 5 star crash rating will not do much good if the vehicle stalls at a high speed and the driver is unable to control such vehicle.
    Please, if you have a family review this before purchasing a Jeep Product
  • Hello, I've had the same problems posted here as it relates to the whistling windshields and the Water in the Dash.
    The whistling windshield though I didn't know that it was a common problem. Mine didn't start until I had the windshield replaced from a stone chip. I had SafeLite AutoGlass out to replace the windshield 4 times - thinking it was their faulty work. It's now fixed and I haven't had a problem since.
    The water in the dash I was told was from a clogged drain in the sun roof. But I had sooooo much water it actually shorted out the speakers. Got that fixed.

    Now the new prob... Had some crackling in the speakers and then no audio at all. Took it to the dealer and was told it needed an update. After nearly 2 hours of labor they tell me its not an update that the Amplifier was "burnt" and so were the feed wires. Everything was blackened. and it was going to cost 700 plus to fix it.

    Well I bought the extended 100k warranty and was then told that I didn't buy a Chrysler warranty from the original Jeep Dealer but some after market crap and the "new" dealer wasn't going to honor it. After hours of going back and forth the dealer agreed to honor the warranty but then had the audacity to tell me they went over the allocated amount of claimable warranty hours and that I was expected to pay this. I wound up NOT paying it but good grief this has been agrevating.

    I'm thinking at this point that the amplifier went due to the previous water issue but no one will tell me. I'm somewhat mechanically inclined and know that to have this arching problem there's something seriously wrong somewhere with the electrical in general or that there is water. And I'm now very concerned since I have this 3rd party warranty instead of a real Jeep Warranty.

    Any thoughts from the peanut gallery.
  • I was wondering if you ever got the starting issue resolved. I have an 06 Limited and am experiencing the same issues as it occassionally will not start. Took it in to the dealer and they could not replicate the issue. thanks
  • Yes, I did, thank you. Replacing the starter and pretty much all the modules seems to have fixed the issue. Luckily ours is still under warranty so "gee, let's try replacing this" approach is still possible. Dealers could not replicate. Actually, it did happen once since and I sat there, breathed in and out three times, removed key, tapped steering wheel, prayed - then it started right up.
  • for my 2007 - twice it was the starter switch - twice in one year -

    Now separately and recently all the advisory lights for service 4wd kept popping on -brought it in they replaced the brake switch (seemed odd to us a brake switch) but anyway two weeks later the same thing happened again and they had me bring it back in overnight and again replaced the brake switch!!

    Hope that helps - good luck!
  • I have a 2006 Jeep Commander, 3.7, 4x4 with 22K original miles.This truck has multiple problems. Right now it is sitting in the driveway leaking fluids. The most fluid leaking is yellowish and oily feeling. Tons of it. My son checked the fluid resevoirs and discovered that the power steering fluid keeps disappearing as well. This truck will not start right now. When I turn the key all the dashboard lights come on but the truck doesn't turn over. The "not starting" has been going on for a couple of months. It has been flatbedded home twice. I go out to start it and it starts like nothing is wrong. I get in to start it to go back home....won't start. I have had it in to be looked at but it started each time the mechanic turned the key. (go figure). The very last time it started there was a loud rumbling coming from somewhere under the car. In addition, the windshield wiper fluid won't spray. The fluid resevoir is full but the liquid won't come out. In addition addition, when backing up, the back up bells ring even when there is nothing in the vicinity of the truck. Also. My dashboard tire light is always on. Never goes off. I have had it in to the dealer for this. Dealer claimed it was fixed but the light came back on and has been on since.The last time I brought the truck in for service it ended up costing me $700.00 and I only wanted a yearly sticker. Before I bring it in for service I am hoping that someone can give me an idea of what all these problems stem from. Things have changed since 2006. I am now on a fixed income and can't afford these dealer visits at $700.00+ a pop. Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.
  • Hi...I am having the same problem with my 2006. Jerking around 40 mph. It's been to the dealership twice this month and they can't diagnose it. Did you ever have any luck?
  • Sorry. I am in the midst of these issues right now. I haven't put it in the shop yet. My car is undriveable. It will be flatbedded to the shop this Wednesday. I will post back if the shop finds the problem. Right now I am trembling in my boots over how much money this excursion to the shop is going to cost.

    I wish (or anyone) could post a list of reputable mechanics on a state by state by city basis. Then it wouldn't hurt so much when we hand over $700 plus for car problems because we would know that the job was done right.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    I wish (or anyone) could post a list of reputable mechanics

    Click on the Local Services tab above. Other members are writing reviews of mechanics.

    Car Talk has a similar deal.
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    Member of Congress who recommended the Jeep Chrysler Bail Out recommended the following: ask your local congressman for constituent complaint form and provide details of your complaints using that form to them; this is appropriate because Jeep Chrysler received bail out from US Government, i.e., your local congressmen and congresswomen care about how Jeep Chrysler, a.k.a., a company that they allowed their constituents to bail out, is treating those constituents.
  • Thank you very much for this information. I will try. Although, in my mind the Chrysler Corp doesn't care what anybody thinks of them and their Jeeps.This can be evidenced by the problems the Jeep Commanders are still having. At some point you'd think Chrysler would step up their game and make Commanders which don't have issues.
  • I think this sounds like what we have been dealing with. Once our Commander is warmed up when you go to down shift to stop or turn it knocks. At the time of the knock it also gives a jolt and its almost as if its having a hard time getting into that lower gear or maybe like it is seizing. Its been a while since your last post but I was wondering if anything every came of your problem. Ours has been in the shop 4 times and the 1st 2 times they said it needed a update to the software (which did help for about a month each) then the next time It was I and not my husband who took it in and the service manager told me it was normal and that ALL Chryslers do it. I told him that I was not stupid and that if in fact all Chryslers do do that then more people would be concerned because it sounds like it is doing damage to the transmission. Last time the man my husband talked to finally agreed to look into it and said that it does look like there is an issue and when he figures out what they are going to do they will call us. Well 9 months later we are still waiting for that "call". I LOVE my car. I don't want to get rid of it but I worry that the warranty will be up and then we are really going to be screwed.
  • Gotta tell you - my warranty will be up Mayish '10 then the fallback and/or extended one I'd purchased takes place - regardless of all, I'm so fearful that we'll again be on the darn road, a distance away, and have to have it flatbedded back - I'm seriously considering unloading it at that time. Probably getting myself in another bed or worms and considering Cadillac but time will tell as will much research into it. As much as I love the look, service folk have been over-all helpful - wow it's just not worth it for all the problems we've encountered over and over! I guess you really know you feel a major problem when both my husband and I have talked about our road trips this coming summer and even considered renting a mobile and/or taking his FJ which is not as comfortable of course - but unlike the commander it is reliable! That tells it all. I will be however, looking into the constituent complaint form if for nothing else than to get all these problems further on record! Hope it works out for you guys however!
  • Hello! My 2006 commander 3.7liter automatic, approx 42k miles, seems to be "stuck" in 5th gear from time to time. i start off at light, and it seems bogged down... if i floor it, the rpm may jump to only 2500max and the engine sounds smooth, yet loud. it accelerates very slowly. when up to 35-40mph, it rides as if nothing is wrong. at next stop sign/light, same problem. it feels like trying to start in 5th gear...Also, when its in this "state", i cannot shift down using the autostick. its permanently stuck in "D"... it wont shift down to 4, 3, etc.
    if i then pull over and shut off engine, then start again, it seems to "reset" itself. i press on the gas, and i accelerate like nothing was wrong. i can then use the auto stick to shift up / down as i please. this problem started a few weeks ago and didnt happen for a week. then it started again a few days ago, and seems to happen once/day. if i shut engine off, then on, its fine until next time i turn off again.
    Please Help troubleshoot!
  • I had the starter replaced back in March 2008.... 2 years later now they are saying the starter is bad again but not under warranty.

    Anyone seem to have these starter troubles at all? not sure if its worth getting it refurbished instead of paying for a new one now

  • 2006 Jeep Commander,3.7, 6cyl with 22K miles purchased brand new.

    I'm not sure if this applies to your question but yes I had starter problems among other things. My Jeep would only start intermittently. While my car was under warranty (3yrs/30,000), the dealer never, ever found a thing wrong during maintenance and the issues I brought up were not resolved After the warranty expired, the dealer seemed to think I needed a whole car makeover. After all my rumblings on this board about not taking my Jeep to the dealer for service because I didn't trust them. The first day that the car started I took it to the dealer. Their total estimate was $3000.00 (without labor). I needed a new starter. I had a leak in the transmission, I needed rear pads and rotors. I needed throttle body service, PCV, a windshield washer pump and I needed a new power steering pump. I declined all service. I took it to a trusted mechanic, purchased the parts myself and the final bill for a new starter, windshield washer pump, a new power steering pump, pads and rotors was about $500 and $200 labor. My car starts fine. I don't have any leaks and the brakes actually stop the car now. (LOL).

    Do I think that this is the end of my troubles with this vehicle. No. After all, Chrylsler seems to be making an awful lot of vehicles that fall apart within the first 3 years. The replacement parts probably aren't much better. This whole Commander experience has been so disappointing because I have had 4 other Jeeps that were worry free. I just expected the same level of excellence with the Commander. My bad.
  • gigagirlgigagirl Posts: 21
    Have an -07 w/only 24,500 miles on it mind you - I've had two (count them) two starters replaced in this mobile! Unbelievable really! This not to mention (listed w/in this site) counteless other large issues! Totally disgusted with this auto!
  • kjr8115kjr8115 Posts: 1
    I believe i have a dead mouse in the blower system (smells really bad). I am having a hard time getting the dashboard off does anyone have any ideas. I get to a certain point and I cannot figure out how to get at the blower fan and see if anything is caught in it.
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    gas cap on 2006 jeep commander was loose (not the three clicks, someone else filled for me the last two times and i noticed this), so i am thinking that is why the Malfunction Indicator Light went on this morning (manual says that can cause this); the commander has 42k on it and i have had problems with it prior to its hitting 36k.

    called chrysler today and crystal said that - i told her gas cap had been loose and i filled with ultra premium but light was still on - she explained that several typical driving cycles' (as manual indicates are required before light will go off if it is just a loose gas cap) would = about 50miles and that if light remains on after 50 miles, bring it to service center.

    the light is on but not blinking (manual says blinking light suggests need for immediate servicing)

    other than the light, the commander is driving well enough. since purchasing used at a local Westport-Norwalk Jeep Dealer (who failed to file warranty papers at time of purchase thus leaving me without a warranty) i have put another $6k into the car, bad brakes, bad tires, new starter, leaking fuel, transmission and power steering lines, etc., i .e., i am hoping that the loose gas cap really could have brought on this light and that 50 miles of driving will cure it.

    any insights/experience with this?
  • commbricommbri Posts: 7
    The warranty filing issue sounds like a legal matter to me... I suggest getting those receipts out and consult an attorney.

    I've had the gas cap issue a couple of times lately. Check engine light goes on and auto start will not work for a few cycles, then it re-sets and works fine. Best/worst car I've ever owned. Definitely going to get a third party extended warranty as factory coverage comes to a close in 10k miles. Good luck!
  • Cruz63Cruz63 Posts: 2
    My 07 also bogs down then accelerate when making a turn. Did you get this resolved?

    Does your Commander also jerk around 40-50mph climbing hills?

  • no solution..... im told its because of the automatic transfer of power from tires that slip to those that grip. Anyway, I gave up on complaining and im out of warranty now. But I have 46k on it and own it. Best of luck....
  • tdouglas1tdouglas1 Posts: 2
    My 2006 jerks like's been to the dealership twice and the have sent it home with no explanation both times. Now not only is it still jerking but the front end is shaking along with the jerking. I am so fustrated!
  • There are two phillips head screws on the passenger side that hold the cover plate. Remove the screws and pull out the plastice uncover plate. The fan blower is held by 3 hex torque screws. Remove the 3 trque screws and the fan blower drops right out. The mouse will be in the middle of the squirrel cage. We just removed the 3rd mouse this year. Be sure to clean out everything with Clorox and Lysol. Use Ozium to blow into duct work as well. Assembly is in the reverse order.
  • ephnjephnj Posts: 1
    I just repair my Jeep Commander after an accident and the radiator fan won't ccome on. Can someone share some experience with me pretaining to this issue.">
  • gigagirl, did you find out what was wrong with the dash lights flickering? i am having the same problem, as well as the lights behind the temp guages. any insight would be greatly appreciated
  • lowenivylowenivy Posts: 14
    Pls. help!! I just drove to a Sunday mass and after the sevices, started to switch on the ignition, but won't start. I used another spare key fob thinking the other was defective, but same result. This is the first time it happened after puting in 42k miles./ Everything lights on the dashboard when switch to on, but no sound coming from the hood. Battery is good as shown on my voltage meter, horn works well, thightened and cleaned battery clamps, but still does not crank. I presume its an electrical problem between the starter or something. I had it towed just to be home. Can anyone please help me before I spend some dough again? Thanks. Lowenivy
  • lowenivylowenivy Posts: 14
    I forgot to mention that I have an '08 3.7cyl 4 x 4 Jeep Commander with 42K miles. Hope it would help. Thanks again. Lowenivy
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