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Jeep Commander Maintenance and Repair



  • pademarcopademarco Posts: 1
    Have a 2007 commander and this week in the sand I found out it's two wheel drive not 4 wheel drive. The jeep has front wheel drive only. No light indicating a problem. I would have never found out this problem if I was not in the sand. Almost need a tow to get out. Must be a lot of commanders with just front wheel drive out there, and they have no clue. Have an appointment with the dealer. Vehicle has 3000 miles. any one out there with the same problem.
  • i have an 06 and i have lost power numerous times when i pull out into traffic (i think it is usually while turning left). is this common? it is damn sure scary. i cannot recall any mitigating circumstances to explain the problem either.........if this is a well-known issue what does chrysler "officially" say is causing it? any ideas "unofficially"?
  • wingermewingerme Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 Commander as well and I had the same problem when turning right. The problem was a loose fuel pump. Might be your problem.
  • Yes! Today I was listening to my radio fine. Then got in my car after the library and my speakers do not work. I thought maybe it was the CD I was listening to so I checked satellite radio and the regular AM/FM. I don't listen to my stereo loud either. I have a 2 year old with me all day. I made an appointment tomorrow to see why all my speakers have quit working. I have a 2007 Jeep Limited. Could it be a fuse?
  • thanks for the tip. makes pretty good sense!
  • postermikepostermike Posts: 28
    They did something to mine about a month ago but the other day it did it again. Started the car and no sound. The next morning it was fine. I've also had a frequent problem with it starting then immediately dying. I need to take it in again. UGH.
  • gigagirlgigagirl Posts: 21
    Hi all, been pretty tied up work wise but have observed everyones posts and like problems. I must confess upon year three of ownership (2 years from now but who is counting) - it's bye-bye to Jeep for good. Anyway I am still encountering water entering on the door sills as previously written. I had actually "been called" to bring it in as I wrote a while ago as a few technicians from elsewhere wanted to check this out (I had pictures when the ice had formed and the water) and one upper tech management from somewhere else wanted to be there) were to come to the dealership service shop and observe and trouble-shoot the problem. That specific time they had the car for almost an entire week - no biggee though had it been fixed. When I took it home - I called just a couple days thereafter and told them all that was attempted did not fix the problem and interestingly haven't heard another word from them. Still getting literally up to a pint of water on the door sills (both sides) when it rains, this, again, not to speak of when we were with winter here - and it all froze and the doors literally couldn't be opened. Anyway I will again be taking pictures as where the water is accumulating it is now forming ready for this: (MOLD) - algea type coloring. That's something else - really it is! All this not to speak of the continuation of the electronics disabling - this, to do with the programming of seat/driver/mirrors type position for one and seat positions two. While that's surely not as huge a deal AT ALL as the water situation; it is, nonetheless, a PITA - pain in the...... So all and all - I am greatly disappointed in this mobile and honestly, every time I see someone driving one I so want to stop them and ask what, if anything, they've been encountering, not to speak of saying out loud in my car - what did we all get ourselves in to. I know I'm in great trouble when I observe the new Ford aka fix or repair daily as it's commonly been known to stand for - and it's beginning to look good to me! That's just sad, I say to myself!!! Anyway just checking in with everyone - hope the dying out of a few of your cars has been rectified and all others. Mine has not however and I sure do hope I'm the unusual case and no one else is experiencing same, as it's not been pleasant obviously and now MOLD unbelieveable really it is. Debbie-
  • hi- my commander has had water problems since day one. my "A" pillars fill with water every time it rains. they said it was some kind of sunroof seal that they replaced. now there is a really strange one. when it rains i end up with water ONLY in that little rectangular depression behind the cup holders. completely full. very strange. anyone else?
  • ebbheadebbhead Posts: 1
    I have an 06' Commander that has done the same thing to me - going downhill, not towing anything, the brakes begin to chatter, steeringwheel wobbles and essentially, I dont have much in the way of stopping power, as if the rotors warped or some other catastrophic event occurred, but then when I get back on flat ground, after a few minutes, they return to normal. Any one out there discovered anything on this issue?
  • postermikepostermike Posts: 28
    I turned 2,780 miles on the way to the office this morning in my wonderful 2008 Commander 4x4 Limited. Unfortunately, that trip included me using the emergency brake to stop the vehicle as my brakes were failing. It was already scheduled to go to the dealer this morning for several problems, including the stereo which the sound goes out several times a week, the start and immediately stall issue, the sunroof, while in auto-close mode, will stop and reverse if I use either of the two front power windows, and a rattle in the front passenger ceiling.

    Yesterday evening I noticed the brake pedal was far away when I was stopped, I actually thought I had moved the pedals by mistake. Then on the way home, at every stop, the brake pedal would sink to the floor. This morning it was the same on my 2 mile trip to work and the last few stops I had to use the emergency brake to come to a full stop.

    What a total piece of junk. I should have stuck with BMW.
  • lellolello Posts: 1
    Hi all, i wanted to ask some one about the new commander before i buy it, and got here by chance and started to read about those scary problems " water, electrical, breaks..." and i think i got the our friend said: piece of junk
  • postermikepostermike Posts: 28
    So, I finally got the car back yesterday since it was towed to the dealer last Wednesday. They had to replace the Master Cylinder but had to order one from the factory because the '08 is not compatible with the '06-'07. Of course my comment was "Of course you don't have an '08 because an "08 shouldn't need a new master cylinder." The brakes seem ok, though they are a bit mushier than before. They flashed the stereo but this morning I got into the car and there was no sound, however, I turned the unit off then back on and the sound came back, which is different than before. Then when I got to my office and turned off the car the stereo would not go off. I opened the door, tried to turn it off with the button, etc. Nothing. Finally I restarted the car and it reset itself and worked fine.
    The starting problem was corrected by them replacing some kind of module. It has started fine since I picked it up. The sunroof problem is now intermittent, so they couldn't fix it. They said they could hear no rattle, but tighted up a bunch of stuff. I still hear it.
    Ugh, how frustrating.
  • deltau1deltau1 Posts: 2
    Hi I just bought my 2008 commander this June and I have 500 miles. I am already having problems water coming in through inside hand rails ( It comes in when I even just use the windshield wipers) Now the speakers have shorts and all right side of speakers don't work. Now I'm wondering what other problems their are with electirc due to water that I can't see or hear yet) Who knows where that water is going.... :mad: I can also hear a noise coming from upper windshield. I was wondering if you've had anything like this yet? I take it in on Monday July 14, 08
  • deltau1deltau1 Posts: 2
    I just bought a Commander 2008 vehicle since I was in a car accident with my Infiniti FX. Wow do I miss it NOW.... I purchased my jeep a month ago, I now have 500 miles, bought at 4 miles, and already water is leaking into car, now speakers have short and whole right side can't hear anything. I don't know what other issue will occur since I don't know where the water is traveling. Would I recommend going through purchasing this crap :lemon: and then make visits to the dealor, NO! reconsider another vehicle, should have purchase the Nissan Pathfinder......
    Now I know why they offer all those incentives......
  • berta1berta1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 Jeep Commander. Been having problems with stalling. AT 36,000 they said I need new spark plugs, I spent a few hundred dollars for that. The car was fine for a while. Now at 55,000 it's been stalling while driving and also while in park it will shut off. Also the engine bucks and runs fast and then slow, fast then slow. Took it in last week, they did the recall computer work on it. Don't know why the engine is running like it is. Not happy at all with this car. Consider it dangerous to drive. I have contacted Chrysler directly to try to get some answers.
  • gigagirlgigagirl Posts: 21
    Hope this might help some of you that might have been suffering with the same problems - that is water under the doors sills (I've previously posted just how much water and during winter it turns to ice and the doors couldn't be opened as such).

    I have an 07 and after numerous times of it going to the shop and not for one day rather a week plus each and every time – they brought in the big-guy who travels all over the Midwest service wise to look at it. However, interestingly, it wasn’t he who figured it out it was our own Libertyville service rep – it came in for this so much the guys there decided to see what might have been different with the ‘08’s (I got mine in 07) so they checked out any differences with the door sill and sealing and, sure enough, all it took was them duplicating the way the ‘08’s were with """slits""" in the rubber residing under the door and low and behold – it seems remedied and thus far doesn't appear to be further pooling up with tremendous water as before. Mind you I say “”seems remedied”” as I am still slightly cautious and looking at it as a glass have empty until winter time.

    The other problem whereby the electronics disable on the door (for the seat programming) when programming driver one or driver two - well, that's still not fixed and this too they've looked at it quite a bit.

    However, again, the fact that the water in the door sills has been rectified is positively wonderful. Had to share as I've been dumping about the never-ending saga with this and I do hope this helps someone with the same problem.

    Hope that aids somewhat and serves as something for you to go by, do let me know.
  • This post is not to defend the Jeep Commander, but simply to state that my 2006 Commander is fine. None of the issues that I see on this board. Mine is a 3.7 liter with 4x4. Great looking. Ride is near perfect. Fun to drive.

    Not to belittle anyone on the board, but if you are having problems your Commander within the warranty period, your remedy is to have Jeep (Chrysler) fix it. If your dealer can't or won't fix it, then you really need to get a new dealer. Chrysler rates their dealers and 5 Star dealers have to work to keep their good rating. So you should only go to a 5 star dealer IMHO.

    Also, when the dealer says he fixed something (and this applies to all car repair work, whether under warranty or not) you should insist on seeing the old parts and inspecting them to assure that work was actually done. Now, if you don't know a fan blade from a wiper blade you're not going to be able to discover a possible fraud (yes dealers do sometimes say they fixed a part and don't - and still bill the warranty work out to Chrysler), but merely asking to see the parts is a good practice and if they don't have them, you know something is really not right.

    Very important is that you keep all of your receipts and that your receipts have a clear description of the problems that you are encountering. If they are not fixed properly within the Original Warranty period, you have recourse against Chrysler. You have to notify them in writing, usually within 60 days of the failed repair, and the warranty will not expire as to the problem being repaired.

    And just to be clear, Chrysler is not the Dealer. Dealers are independent franchises and not under the control of Chrysler at all. So if your dealer is a bum and can't or won't fix your problem, it's not Chrysler or Jeep that you should hate....But repeatedly going to a dealer that doesn't fix your car is YOUR fault. Fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again.

    For some reason, I get good service from my dealer and they actually fix anything that is not working. The Commander has some issues - but all car makes and models do - just go to the NHTSA site and see the list of recalls. It will blow your mind. Japanese, German, American, no one is immune.

    But that is why there are warranties. And while frustrating, unnerving and even scary, the bargain made by any new car buyer with the manufacturer is that the company will pay for the repairs during the warranty period. And generally they do...unless you have a bad dealer.

    Unfortunately with new models of cars such as the Commander (new in 2006), there are inevitable production problems that don't manifest themselves until thousands of vehicles are already on the road. Again...common to all car makers and models.

    I see a lot of "talk" of class action suits and lemon law suits from some owners. While sometimes successful, that is no easy route to satisfaction. I've seen it many times and it compounds frustration. You think Car Dealers are frustrating?? Now you want to hire a lawyer? Wow...that's like adding salt to a wound. And by hire...I mean you enter into a contingency haven't really paid them anything until and if you win and they get their fees. So don't expect them to jump when you want them to jump. It's just another case of many...and it's a long don't expect a quick resolution.

    I like my Commander. It's a great looking SUV. The fit and finish are very good, though not perfect. The ride is superlative and quiet compared to my prior Suburban. It has good power for a V6. Mileage is acceptable for the size, but is certainly not a strong point.

    I would recommend the Commander. I believe I am in the vast "silent majority" here. You just don't hear from us because we aren't surfing the web searching for answers to our car problems or posting them on forums. Not to say that your problems are not legitimate, but 191 posts and there are thousands of Commanders on the road....any many of the owners are happy.

    In short, take these Forums with a grain of salt. Don't be afraid to test drive a Commander. You might like it. Rent one for a weekend and see for yourself.
  • I have not encountered that problem. Your fix is good news. Can you post for others or perhaps give contact info for your dealer so they can inquire as to the exact way to fix?
  • I've never owned a car that wasn't under warranty. I believe we're all car people so we know what warranty means. Your defense of Chrysler is a bit silly. It's not a matter of just "finding a better dealer" to service the vehicle. None of the problems we have here are with the dealer, it's the manufacturer. I bet you'd be singing a different song if the brakes went out on your brand new $45k vehicle with only 2,700 miles on it. That has nothing to do with the dealer, it's the manufacturer.
  • Round 3. For the past few days the starting problem I had before (TipStart/Remote Start/Normal Start bumps the engine, it turns over then immediately dies.) has returned. Then today, as I was I was driving through the garage at work, I made a very sharp turn the entire vehicle stalled and the electrical all went out. It did start right back up and I drove it straight to the dealer. Now I'm in a rental Liberty, two days before 5 of my family members arrive from California to spend a week me. One of the reasons why I bought the Commander was because of my family coming on this trip and so that I could haul everyone around.

    I contacted a lemon-law attorney today and the process has begun. When I was at the dealer today I asked the cashier to print out my service history. At the very top it had "Days in service - 19". She looked at it and said "Do they have your mileage correct?" I said "Yep, that's thirty five hundred". She didn't say another word.

    And, carzinmegenes, this has nothing to do with the dealer. They don't manufacture the ignition modules in the vehicles. This is a Chrysler issue and the fact that they make crap for cars.
  • So the Commander is still in the shop. They had to special order a new (second time) ignition module. They traded me out of the rental Liberty Friday into an Aspen. Unfortunately after getting it to my office I realized the keyless remote didn't work. Wouldn't have been a huge deal except that when you lock the doors with the door lock switch or remote, you have to unlock it with the remote or else it sets off the alarm. Ended up at a Land Rover dealership where Enterprise traded me into a Durango (gross base version, of course.). Chrysler is sinking fast into a pit of muck that is their vehicles. :mad:
  • Gigagirl..

    Were you getting water on the carpet too? It is possible to post a picture of the slits that they put into the rubber trim? Was it the rubber under the door or the rubber around the door?

    I'm getting some water on the driver's side floor after a good rain. Can't seem to find any leak evidence anywhere but the wet carpet.
  • gigagirlgigagirl Posts: 21
    Hi there, no the water was massively pocketed directly under the door so when one opened the door it literally poured out (both driver and passenger) - however that said, it didn't get the carpeting wet but I've read of that occuring with others somewhere. As for a picture of the slits - those very slits are now on all 2008 models - they are on the rubber piecing at the bottom of the door which sits atop of the door sill. They placed about 4 to 5 slits actually and I'll be darn if it didn't rectify the problem. Liberty Auto City, Libertyville, Illinois - service rep is Pete - he handled the whole thing and it was he and his guys that decided since the 08's weren't getting this complaint to see what they did differnt from the 07's (I have) to the 08s and as I understand it they looked under the door on the rubber piecing and there were the slits. Let me know how it goes. Best, Gigagirl
  • Did you ever solve the carpet water issue. I was having the exact same problem with puddles of water accumulating on the drivers side. After taking the vehicle to the dealer 2 times and told it was fixed 2 times... I decided to do some repair investigation myself. Searching "techincal service bulletins" were dismally unsuccessful. So I tore the floor of the jeep up and "VOILA"!!! I found and fixed the culprit in 30 sec. If you need insight I'd be more than happy to share.
  • Hi there, thanks for your email - no as I'd posted a bit back - they got to the bottom of my situation by placing slits in the rubber piping under the door sills (as the 2008's now have). Do please share however, what did you discover - it's unreal you had to lift the carpeting up - it's no wonder all we jeep owners wave to each other - it's the been there and been through that effect I suspect - LOL.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I found and fixed the culprit in 30 sec. If you need insight I'd be more than happy to share.

    So, what was the culprit?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • if you are asking me - there is a very lengthy response already posted by me previously. However, I am curious as to what the culprit was for the party that mentioned lifting the jeep flooring and fixed the problem.

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    However, I am curious as to what the culprit was for the party that mentioned lifting the jeep flooring and fixed the problem.

    That's what I was asking about. :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • The newest of the commander problems - out of town over the weekend and about 119 miles from home - shut the car off and filled up with gas - went to start the car back up and it was dead - completely dead in the water - nothing happened, no lights turned on - nothing----- simply dead. Being Sunday dealerships/rental places etc. all closed and 119 miles from home. Called the Chrysler/Daimer emergency number they had a flat bed truck come and bring the commander and us back to our state to our dealership! $413.00 later to tow the sucker!! PO'ed is a mere polite writing here - a 2007 commander with now about 13,287 in miles - first the water, now resolved, though heavily under the door sills and doors freezing all winter. Now this - talked w/dealership you can imagine first thing - they looked at it and informed me it was a starter assembly problem - electronic component which shorted out. How we ask it's an almost brand spanking no mileage vehicle. I've read many of you making similar comments about the car just shutting down electrically - well guess what I can now confirm just that and am only thankful I was at a service station as opposed to being stranded somewhere on a remote highway. Jeep is not the four letter word it should be to us!!!
  • Sorry for the delay... the "culprit"!!! After deciding that I was simply going to drill a hole in the floor of my jeep in order for the water to have a place to evacuate, I lifted the carpet in preparation to do so and beneath the side panel (which I also removed) where the hood release is located, there is a hole in the floor with a blue reinforced tube that "should have been" inserted in the hole. It is apparently a drainage tube for the hood of the vehicle. I tested my hypothesis by spraying water on the hood of the car and placed a cup beneath the tubing. With only 10 sec of hosing, the cup was full. I simply replaced the tubing in the floor hole and the problem was fixed. Amazing the TSB had no mention of this being a possibility. The reassembly was as simple as tapping the moldings back into place. After removing the water with a super soaker towel, I sprayed the carpet liberally with Tilex Mildew and Mold Cleaner and aired the cabin out. I have pictures if anyone cares to see them... email me a
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