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Acura TSX vs Lexus IS 250



  • johnny420johnny420 Posts: 473
    from_fl, just give it a rest. No matter how you cut it, the IS looks like a Sonata.

    Now go crawl back under that rock, troll.
  • from_flfrom_fl Posts: 113
    johyy420, wrote.."BTW, I think the IS is a terrific looking car. I just have a feeling that the driving experience would be a little isolating for my tastes. ..."

    Which car looks the better? TSX or IS?
  • from_flfrom_fl Posts: 113
    message #163 3-23-06
  • Terrific looking car?...what are you smoking? The IS250 has the ugliest looking rear and fat on the side. Enough of this, the IS looks like a KIA :mad:
  • glenn386glenn386 Posts: 47

    the testosterone is running in the high cotton around here. Differing opinions on the relative looks of the tsx and the IS250 are just that - opinions. For every person that thinks the tsx has better looks I can find someone who thinks that the IS is better looking. throwing around insults and making unsubstantiated claims like "the tsx is a glorified Civic just shows ignorance. The tsx has a different engine, wishbone suspension, better quality interior parts...etc....etc...etc...

    I will be happy with either car.

    Like my grand pa told me,"If everyone liked the same things..... everyone would be after your grand ma".
  • johnny420johnny420 Posts: 473
    johyy420, wrote.."BTW, I think the IS is a terrific looking car. I just have a feeling that the driving experience would be a little isolating for my tastes. ..."

    Which car looks the better? TSX or IS?

    What does my previous post have to do with your idiotic comment that the TSX looks like a Civic?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    We need to right now back off the personal comments.

    We are here to talk about the cars and not each other - let's keep that in mind.

  • glenn386glenn386 Posts: 47
    I was a day or so away from buying the IS 250 awd, and the posts here got me to test drive the TSX again. I drove the Automatic last time and the car was nice. I drove the manual tranny this time and the car is much better.

    I can buy the Tsx non nav for $26,500 (plus ttl& doc). I can buy the Is250 with luxury package (similar to the TSX equipment) for $33,600 plus ttl& doc).

    I think the IS is a better car, but I don't know if it is $7100 better. This a third "fun car" for me, and the manual tranny won't be used commuting so i think it will just be a great drive.

    I am now confused where three days ago I was sure that I would buy the IS 250.

    I guess the question is:

    1) the IS 250 awd
    2) The TSX and an incredible wide screen home theater system.
  • pg48477pg48477 Posts: 309
    If you going with the manual and looking for a fun car, TSX is the way to go. 6 speed is just way better on TSX, you’ll have much more fun driving it then IS. If you looking for an ultimate fun vehicle, go with the BMW. 325 is much more fun to drive then both of them and it’s the same money as IS, even cheaper if you lease. Some people, including myself, does not like interior that much; but if fun is a major factor 3 is the way to go, TSX is second on my list. I have 325 and love it but if I could only replace MT with the one from TSX it would make it a perfect car.
  • lexus_jnlexus_jn Posts: 102
    I prefer IS over TSX. However, if I had to choose between TSX and 325i, I would take TSX in a heart beat. It's not my intention to offend you but I think TSX offers a bit of "luxury" feel as compared to the plain boring BMW interior (not to mention TSX is almost 10k cheaper given the same list of options as well as reliability in a long term). I also find IS a hell of fun to enjoy...the engine is responsive, the car has road feel and firm suspension..At the speed of 90-100mph, you hardly notice any shaking with the engine and feel like you're cruising since the wind noise is restrained to the mimimal... that's what I call fun. One time I did change lanes back and forth on the highway and find almost no body roll at all by switching lane#1 to 6 and vice versa...what a thrill, isn't it?. And the fun here is not just driving - openning doors or turning on enginee w/o a fob is also fun...playing with the ML sound system & navigation is hella fun ...for an ultimate fun on the road??? well, I think there's more life than just fun. Again, we already have an IS vs 3-series thread that seems more approriate.
  • from_flfrom_fl Posts: 113
    Honda makes the best MT. I totally agree. I had several Hondas before(CRX, Accord). They were all joy to drive with MT especially the CRX. However, I am older now with kids. It is tough to drive/enjoy MT with kids yelling at back. I still like MT over AT. The IS has paddle shifter(I have tried it). It allow me to enjoy the essence of MT while keep an eye on kids at back.
  • pg48477pg48477 Posts: 309
    Glenn asked a question and I gave him my take on it. Styling is very subjective both in and out, and so did not think it’s useful to voice my opinion, in this case. I think we all know that Lexus make one of the best cruisers and if that’s what he wants, get a Lexus. IMO both 325 and TSX is more fun to drive then IS, I think Glenn can figure out for himself which design he likes better and which navigation system looks better and more useful.

    Playing Nintendo can also be fun, but I thought we were talking about driving fun. In any case, I don’t think you should be playing with sound system and navigation while changing lane 1 to 6 at 90MPH :)
    This statement perfectly explained your position and made me understand why you bought a Lexus: “I think there's more life than just fun.”
  • lexus_jnlexus_jn Posts: 102
    If "driving fun" is your most important factor then Subaru is the car that you should get. It offers more fun than most 3-series....why pay more than 35K for a 325?'re swaying me away from IS vs TSX discussion already :-).

    Don't blame you at all since I used to think like you when I was in college 12 years ago. Now, I am a section manager for one s/w development group and I want more than just "driving fun" from a car. I do consider luxury, quality/reliability, performance and safety are the most important factors and IMHO, Lexus is the best choice. I don't think TSX should be put on par with IS or 3-series but as for value it's a better choice than IS and 3-series.

    FYI, I bought a Lexus not just because I don't want to have fun...As I have said from time to time...IS is a car that you can have tons of fun. I just don't need the "ultimate fun" that you referred to. And of couse there is something else more important's an ownership experience...
  • pg48477pg48477 Posts: 309
    I have driven WRX extensively, and while it’s fast it is not more fun to drive then BMW. Terrible 5-speed, turbo leg and steering feel was not even close. Plus, I already mentioned that leather, power seats and climate control are the only luxury features that I need, but it’s a must.

    I only mentioned BMW in this discussion because it was relevant to the question asked, as Glenn did not purchase his vehicle yet. You turned it in to an argument, again.

    It’s funny that you mentioned what you do for a living, I was about to ask you that too. Based on your arguments in this forum and others, I honestly thought that you just graduated from college and got your first car. Don’t get feisty now, it’s just my opinionJ

    I don’t need a survey to feel better about my ownership experience; my car is flawless and I have the best dealer. I never said that Lexus does not take care of it’s customers; it does not change the fact however, that both three and TSX offer much better driving experience. IS is the one and only Lexus that being marketed as a sporty type of a car. I have to admit that it’s a step in the right direction, but they still have a way to go.
    I think we need to stop arguing which is the better car, as it’s going nowhere. IS is clearly the best car for you and TSX is the best for me, we just have different preferences.

    What important at this point is which would be the best car for Glenn? Clearly Glenn is looking for a fun car to drive (point to TSX), however he did not mention anything about luxury and gadgets. Glenn, can you give us a better idea on what is more important to you, so we can give you our opinion in that respect.
  • glenn386glenn386 Posts: 47

    My wife and I Currently own a TL (2months old), a 2003 Yukon, and a 2001 Honda Civic.

    The Yukon covers my trips to Montana to photograph and Paint Wildlife (perfect for the intended use). My wife is a vp for Chain of hospital's and drives 30K per year so the comfort of the TL is perfect. The Civic is going to be passed down to my 16 year old daughter when she gets her license next month (again the perfect car for a new driver). But, when I was looking for the TL I drove the IS 250, GS 35x and Audi S4, and realized that I really wanted a fun to drive ...weekender. I don't need the car for any other purpose. (self imposed...wife imposed?..$35K limit)

    The IS was the clear leader after I drove THE is and the TSX automatic. When I drove the TSX Manual everything changed. I now believe the IS is a better car but the TSX is a better value.......thus the my indecision.
    I see the TSX as 90% of the car at 80% of the cost.

    i could go either way, but I would definitely wait until September for the 07 if I could get rdx's turbo engine in the TSX. The Dealers say they don't know if the TSX will have the same engine in 07 or the RDX Turbo.

    Has any one heard definitively if the TSX retains the current engine in 07?
  • pg48477pg48477 Posts: 309
    I don't see them changing an engine in 07, Acura might add few horses to the current one. I'm more then sure the the new 2.3 turbo will be used in TSX, but most likely when the car is redesigned, probably in 08.

    Out of cucuriosityhave you looked at MIMiniI think it's an ulultimateun car.
  • lexus_jnlexus_jn Posts: 102
    Quite frankly I think it's your intention to borrow this TSX vs IS thread to talk down Lexus and rave your BMW. Your posts did reveal that not only in this forum but also in other threads. Unlike you I would never sneak into the G35 vs 3-series and praise Lexus although I like G35 coupe much better than 3-series. I am surprised that you somehow lost your cool... jumping up & down and then threw a bunch of cheap shots at me. I regretted about mentioning my work title but I did not use that info to fabricate anything. On a few occassions I had some arguments with a couple guys like Dewey, kdshipo in the IS vs 3-series but at least they did not mock others on a personal level the way you did.
  • lexus_jnlexus_jn Posts: 102
    "I now believe the IS is a better car but the TSX is a better value"

    I also thought so
  • from_flfrom_fl Posts: 113
    Both are nice cars. Just do what ever makes you happy..
  • johnny420johnny420 Posts: 473
    I also thought so

    Again, better how? Better by your definition is a well-appointed luxury cruiser (based on what I've read of yur posts).

    By my definiton, it's a car that offers a better connection to the road, and a nimble handling feel, with a high fun-to-drive factor. I think the TSX is the better car by this defintion.

    Really, you must define your terms before you enter into an arguement.

    That said, the last poster has it right. Buy what makes you happy.
  • glenn386glenn386 Posts: 47
    Why does it have to be an argument?

    How about just plain opinion, these two cars have thousands of variables. Asking others opinion may just bring out a finer point that I wasn't considering.

    I have test driven both cars three times, so a grand total of maybe 30 minutes +/- in each. I respect the opinion of anyone who owns either of these cars, they have a much larger base of knowledge than mine.

    I doubt that lexus_in will ever be persuaded that you are correct, that the TSX is the better car. Will he ever convince you that the IS is a better car than your TSX?

    I respect both of your opinions. As I said, I am interested in your greater base of knowledge and experience with your respective cars.

    No need to argue or win a debate, in my book.

    Thanks to both of you for your help in evaulating your cars.
  • mrgold35mrgold35 Posts: 73
    I’ve been reading through these posts and I wonder are we comparing the right apples to apples. The 1st generation IS 300 was from 2001-2005. It seems the 2004-2006 TSX was designed to compete against the 1st Gen Lexus in the entry level sport/luxury or luxury/sport sedan market. There were not a lot of choices a few years ago in this under $30k market. You either picked a very expensive Honda/Toyota/Nissan/GM/Ford or a very inexpensive BMW/Audi/Mercedes/Volvo. Either choice left a lot of us wanting more from our vehicles than what was offered. Honda/Acura always had a history of letting others test the waters first before getting their feet wet. As a consequence, Acura model years run a year a two after their competitors.

    Comparing the 1st Gen IS 300 against the 1st Gen Acura TSX would seem to be a more realistic debate. Lexus had 5-6 years to learn and improve their product and understand their sales demographics and modified the IS 2nd Gen to reflect this change. I haven’t seen a lot (or any) forums comparing the previous Gen IS to the current IS 250, I think the majority of folks would agree the 2nd Gen is better overall. I think comparing 2nd Gen IS to 1st Gen TSX is like taking a test when you know the answers. Lexus has shifted its market focus based on the information it gather over the last 6 years. It will be interesting to see how Acura interprets the same data and what demographics the 2nd Gen TSX will try to capture. This is the forum I’m waiting for: 2008 TSX –vs- 2008 IS 250 (apples to apples).

    I’m a proud owner of a 2006 TSX w/ Navi. I pick this vehicle because it was the best overall combinations of all the factors I (and my wife) were looking for in a vehicle. I expect the 2nd Gen IS to be better and I would be disappointed in Lexus if it wasn’t. I found the 1st Gen TSX was better for me. When the 2008 TSX arrives, I will be there for a test drive (I won’t purchase until 2010, work out the new model bugs).

    Just a thought……
  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    What is a "sports car" supposed to accomplish?

    Please don't give crappy answers like should have RWD.
    My farm tractor has RWD. does that mean it can be compared in the sports car segment?

    Then we should find out whether the TSX or the IS accomplishes that.

  • novicenovice Posts: 64

    Sounds as though you bring a bit of an 'edge' to your perspective. Let me guess--you aren't persuaded that RWD makes a sports sedan just because a lot of enthusiasts say so. I like your take on this, i.e. you want to identify some outcomes/criteria and then see which cars meet those. It's a very logical and sound approach IMHO. I would only add that even if you can reach a conclusion with data, it won't entirely settle the issue. For instance, car A may prevail on a particular data set. But, most likely, there are other considerations about a sports sedan the data set in play doesn't include. Moreover, while one car may 'win' on points, it doesn't mean it's the desired car overall. For instance, the 100 meter run in the Olympics or other international track events usually has eight entrants, but only one wins. It doesn't mean the others are blow out losers. In fact, they're world class. So too potentially with cars. In addition, there are other factors/features that attract potential owners besides sports dimensions. Nonetheless, you invite a conversation based on some agreed upon elements and that is worthwhile. Let's see what it attracts.
  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    Precisely. You have articulated my thoughts extremely well Novice.

    What I really want is the die-hard sport car fan define what the sport car should be able to do. Then based upon those criteria, let us see which car achieves the best scores. Let the performance decide the designation of a "sports car", rather than aspects such as RWD or double-wishbone suspension or a V6 / Inline6.
  • I was in your same situation last week. I think TSX has better interior design and layout. More room in the rear passenger than IS 250. Also, IS250 AWD rear seats can't fold down but TSX can. I agree that IS250 AWD is not $7100 better. Also the car dealer told me I have to get a Navi in order to get a HID xenon lights option. What are either Lexus or the car dealer thinking? I am happy with my 07 TSX comes with all options I need. :)">
  • I haven't chimed in on this issue yet, but since I've driven both cars, I thought I'd give my impressions. I had an IS250 AWD for a week while my wife's car was in for service. Recently, I purchased an '06 TSX. Overall, I thought that the 250 was the more luxurious car - I liked the leather seats, styling, and dealership experience more. I thought TSX was the more practical car - it had more interior space, fold down rear seats (necessary for a skier), and a more well-thought out, easy-to-use interior. In terms of performance, I didn't get a chance to push the 250 in cornering much, but it felt very competent. The TSX is just as good in the corners as the 250, though the ride on the freeways was a bit more harsh. There isn't much difference in acceleration between the two cars, despite the V6 vs. I4 issue. I own a 6 speed manual TSX, and the 250 I drove was a 6 speed auto. A manual 250 may be quicker, but I've heard that that transmission is nothing to write home about. Overall, I thought that they were both very nice cars, and I could see myself owning both of them. The 250 I drove was similarly equipped to my TSX (6sp, navi), but had a few extra goodies (backup camera, cooled seats, etc.). However, the price difference was upwards of $8,000. If the price were the same, it would be a good comparison, and I probably would've chosen the 250, but that $8,000 difference made my decision easy.
  • dbw1dbw1 Posts: 2
    In Sept I got a TSX mt6 after looking at the IS250 and BMW 3 series. The IS250 was somewhere around $10k more similarily equipped though the only things I really wanted were the hid's and heated seats - for that you had to get the 10k luxery package. The BMW was eliminated because of no BMW extended warrenty available and no spare tire - just run flat tires. While run flats may be okay if you live in Toronto in northern Manitoba they are not acceptable.
    Anyway, to shorten the story, after 3+ months and 7000km later I'm very pleased with the TSX. At the end of the day it's whatever turns your crank and gives you a bit of a rush when you start it.
  • Hey CChanpa,

    I am in a similar dilemma. Need to make a decision soon. Do you mind sharing what kind of a price you got the 07 TSX ?

  • Just purchased an 06 TSX w/Navi (last one on the lot...guess people don't like black!) My one friend have an 06 TL auto with Navi and the other has an 06 IS 250 RWD auto. I've driven the crap out of both of these cars (just made sure I let the burning rubber settle before returning the cars:) and found both fun to drive. I borrowed an 07' TSX from a dealer for 2 days (pays to know people at the dealer) and drove the crap out of it also. I was blown away by the power of this car for a 4 cylinder. I read all the reports about the 'low torque', but found that this car moves amazingly well. I found the IS 250 luxurious, but boring. I prefer the TSX guages and overall cabin. In addition, the IS250 had really tiny back seats. Overall, fun car to drive, but just not exciting to drive - my opinion. I loved the TL, but not the car for me at 33yoa. I found the TSX similar to the TL, but just prefered the handling and feel of the TSX. I've had the TSX for 2 weeks and absolutely love driving it everyday. I've driven many cars and owned 7 cars thus far. Nothing feels quite like the V-tec opening up at around 5000rpm on an onramp doing about 140 in 3rd. As far as the future goes, I'm not digging this turbo stuff. Drove the RDX and as much as it's a nice ride, hate the turbo. Jumpy and kinda quirky just below 2000rpm. Yup, it has torque, but overall the TSX engine still feels better for me. I hope the next generation TSX sticks with the 4cylinder and just makes an already amazing engine better. Joy to drive the TSX. Would love to hear other comments on their TSX.
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