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2013 and earlier Lexus IS 250 / IS 350 Lease Questions



  • Are we able to get the residuals and money factors for September on these cars?
    27 month, 12K miles/year
    IS250 AWD
    IS250 RWD
    IS350 RWD

    It looks like from what I have read to be .00130 and 73%, but that was for a IS350 Fsport. Not sure if they are different by model.
  • supa2001,
    which person at Jim Falk Lexus you deal with?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 53,765
    Residuals are 73, 73 and 72% respectively for the 2014 model..

    The MF is .00130 on all 2014 IS models.


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  • on a awd 250 f sport with navigation and blind spot 44.9 K (msrp 44k + 900 destination fee) I was able to talk them down to 42.9 K. on a 36 month lease with 66% residual i got a 475/month lease with 500 down
  • Does anyone know if there are any conquest incentives or other incentives available on the 250 or 350?
  • can i ask which dealership you got this deal from?
  • Could someone post the residual for the 250 RWD F-Sport? Thanks!
  • lexus of chantilly, va
  • My local Lexus dealer is running a special during the month of September -- a 2014 IS 250 w/ a MSRP of $37,188 for $299 a month (before tax) on a 27 Month Lease w/ NO money down. Just tax, tax, title, acquisition fee.

    Is this a decent deal? Would love to hear the opinions of you experts before signing.
  • joppjopp Posts: 5
    Is this a good deal? IS 250 with NAV

    MSRP $43,867
    SELLING Price $42,000

    Of the $2500
    $1,164.75 is cap cost reduction. The fees are...
    Acquisition $700.00
    Tax on acquisition (6.25%) $43.75
    Registration $129
    Documentation $424
    Inspection sticker $29
    Title prep $29

    $599.59 PER MONTH

    RESIDUAL= $26,202 = 59.7% residual
    MONEY FACTOR =.00130

    I am considering doing 9 MSD but it only lowers the MF to .00121 and per month by only $7/mth so don't think it is worth it...

    Help!! PLEASE!!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 53,765
    Your MSD calculation looks to be incorrect... How much does Lexus lower the MF for each MSD... It can't be .00001

    Depending on the make, it's usually .00005 to .0001 per MSD..



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  • Thanks for all the posts that helped me with my own lease.
    I'm in SoCal. Got this deal for month of Sept.

    IS 250 RWD F sport, Navigation, Blind Spot Mirror
    Ultra White exterior, Black interior
    36 month, 12k/year
    $1500 (first month's payment and all fees) drive off
    0 down, 330/month, put down 9 MSDs
    Residual 65%
    MF 0.00058 (original MF 0.00130 then each MSD lowered MF by 0.00008)

  • millhouse24millhouse24 Posts: 2
    edited September 2013
    Which dealership did you get that deal at ?

  • Santa Monica and Longo. But remember it's October now so new MF and residuals. This car has a really high residual right now so if you're looking at Audi or BMW the lease for a Lexus is much better IMO.
  • Thanks For the info.
  • Hey guys,

    Would love some perspective on this quote.

    IS 250 with F Sport and Nav package

    Dealership in VA
    MSRP - 41,000
    Length - 36 months
    Monthly PMT (0$ Down) - 601 (with tax etc included)
    Money Factor - .0023 (seems very high...)
    Residual - 28,145

    Any suggestion for next steps or how to negotiate further?
  • Hi there :)

    Just trying to explore all of my options before I make a decision and was wondering the MF and residual for October on a 2014 IS250 AWD for 18k miles and 27 months. Thank you for your help, you are awesome!
  • steevosteevo Posts: 380
    601 is way too high. You can look at previous posts and see what others have recently worked out. Go back one page.
  • That seems pretty terrible to me. Based on your numbers, i get a payment of $513 before taxes and fees added in. That gives you $3168 in taxes and fees over the life of the lease. This is assuming they are selling you the car at MSRP.

    If I were to look at this car, I would shoot for a payment of AT THE MOST $388/month plus taxes and fees (they calculated your fees and taxes at $88/month which seems high to me). That would give you a payment of $476 assuming the taxes and fees are correct. This is still high, but I would not pay more than this.

    To get these numbers, i assumed a MSRP of 41k, selling price of $39K (though getting over $2500 off should be easy), same residual you used, and a money factor of .0013 (which was the money factor last month). If your credit is sub par, that could be part of the issue.

    I would either find another dealership or just show them a truecar printout or use Costco or USAA if available for ease of transaction. You can get more money off than those companies, but if you do not like to negotiate, they are very helpful.

    Good luck and report back!
  • Thanks so much! That's a great base line to work with. I don't mind negotiating just needed to know ball park what I should be looking for.

    It could be that the area I'm is a fairly small market, with only one Lexus dealership. Was gonna go to DC after making some calls and getting better initial quotes up there.

    Will report back what I end up with
  • Feng Li
  • Good Morning,

    Hoping to get the MF and residual for October on a 2014 IS250 AWD for 27 months and 15k miles.

    Thank You in adavance.
  • avexavex Posts: 29
    Does anyone know the current MF and residual for a 2014 IS350 for 36 months, 15k per year?

    If the numbers for the F-Sport are different, I would be interested in the figures for both.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 53,765
    2014 IS250 AWD 27 mo, 15K/yr lease
    .00130 MF and 71% residual



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  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 53,765
    2014 IS350 36mo, 15K/yr lease
    .00130 MF and 62% residual

    No difference with the F-Sport package



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  • Does anyone know the MF and Residuals for a 3 year lease on a 2014 Lexus IS350 AWD for 10K and 12K per year?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 53,765
    2014 IS350 AWD 36mo 12K/yr lease
    .00130 MF and 64% residual... 10K/yr residual is 65%



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  • Just leased a 2014 IS with F Sport package, Nav, and Wheel locks, Cargo Net, and Mats

    MSRP - 45,500
    Selling Price - 39,900
    Money factor - .0014

    Monthly Payments - 501 (with taxes and fees etc)

    Pretty happy with this deal.
  • Great deal! Did you put any money down? Which location did you get this deal at? I would love to find a deal like yours in the bay area.
  • No money down...leased the car from a dealership in Alexandria VA
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