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Honda Accord (1976-1989) Maintenance & Repair



  • Nex time it happens, shift the car into neutral and try starting it. My 88 used to have starting problems but only when cold. The safety switch must be sticking, but I got rid of the car before I replaced the switch.

  • chucko3chucko3 Posts: 793
    I don't know what the problem is. But you can check to see if oil or coolant got burnt. White smoke seems like coolant is burning.
  • AtheyAthey Posts: 1

    Recently while driving my car gave in and died. After a stressful week and a few at home mechanics we finally pinpointed the problem to be that my timing belt snapped. This would not be to much of a problem but we were informed that the 89 accord lxi contains an interfering motor. kindly letting us know that the pistons may be knocked around and that it appeared they were.

    I do not know where to go with this vehicle now, I bought it for 1.2 k and i was wondering what repairs would be or if i should just scrap it at a salvage yard for some cash back. Your reply would be MUCH appreciated. Thank you.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Oh wow... sounds like it'd be better to start with a fresh vehicle; you'll likely spend more than the car is worth trying to fix it.
  • I'm having trouble with my 89 Honda Accord and I know it's with the fuel system. I have replaced the fuel pump, both filters, and the main relay. The only way the car will start is if you jumper the main relay. Then if you start it within an hour or so it's fine. But after it sits overnight, it will turn over, but not start. It seems that the pump is losing it's prime but I'm not sure what to do about it. Any ideas?
  • poboy2poboy2 Posts: 1
    I have a 1989 Honda Accord LX with a carb. The car runs good but idles high (2000 rpm). What I found was there was no vacumn coming through the line that attaches to the choke/fast Idle pull off. Therefore, it will not allow the fast idle to come off without some hands on intervention. My question is, the vacumn line that feeds the choke/fast idle pull off goes into the black control box on the passenger side of the car. There are also many other vacumn lines that feed into it.

    Does anyone know about servicing the vacumn control box? Are there serviceable parts inside? I have a haynes manual and it does not have zip about this. Any other suggestions? I don't mind replacing parts that need to be replaced but I sure hate to dump money on parts that don't need replacing.


  • Hi All,
    My first time on your site. I have a 1989 Honda Accord LXI, and I'll never part with it.
    It has 240k+ miles on it. Its never been to a repair shop, not since I've owned it in the 10+years. When I start the car the tac bounces around 2-3 -4 k,while idling to warm it up. Even on the highway at 65mph I look and see the tac bouncing all over the place. At this time 3,4,5 k. Anyone have any Ideal what that's about? Car runs fine, smooth and steady, not missing, no loss of power. Thank you for your time in this matter. Seattle B
  • I had this problem on a 89 LXi I purchased this last August, among other things that were wrong. I put a new ignitor and pick up module in the distributor and a new coil on the car trying to get the PGMI light to extinguish. I changed all these at the same time and the tachometer settled down, but the PGMI light stayed on and I could not get the car through our Enviromental test in Portland. These parts came to about $150. I eventually installed a rebuilt distributor that I got off of ebay for $155 and I finally got the car to pass the DEQ tests well within the limits for it. I wish I had started with the distributor. I am not sure which part got the tack working, but it could be a sing of part of the ignition system is going to fail. Hope this helps.
  • hey man, I couldnt help but laugh at your problem, I have a honda accord Lxi 5 speed and ur problem is very easy to fix. first take disconnect your battery and take it out. now reach under there right next to your headlamp and there should be a green wire its got a flat plastic head on the end and theres a seperate peice that it fits into. make sure that is fully connected and u should start up right away. you probably when over a nasty bump and disconnected it.
    Btw I had the same problem took me 2 months to figure it out
    if that doesnt work i cant help you but good luck.
  • Hello
    I have a 1988 horda accord Lxi 5 speed. It starts up and runs, however when i disconnect power from the battery it dies instantly, it seems like the alternator isnt taking a charge, and i have recently replaced it with a brand new one. Maybe a bad connection somewhere?? Please help!!!
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,578
    Well first off you shouldn't be doing that with an alternator. They don't like that, having no ground.

    But presuming you haven't damaged the new one, what you need to do is get a voltmeter on the battery and rev the engine and see if you're even charging at all.

    If not, then take the alternator off and have it bench tested and/or exhanged under warranty.

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  • Okay so I can't complain too much as it was free but I had a rough day thanks to my 87 Accord S.

    So I have recently inherited (from a friend of a friend not a dead family member) a 1987 Accord S (hatchback) that has sat for roughly 2 years. I've done an oil change, air filter, checked the rad fluids, new battery, etc. and everything looks to be in working order.

    However, when I attempted to drive it home tonight after putting all the work in at my place of employment the car began to sputter, and then subsequently die. At first I thought scuzzy gas but now that the car has virtually no battery power left I'm wondering - does it need a new alternator? it sounds like it wants to turn over, and with a jump you can get it going but it dies the moment you attempt to step on the gas.

    Thoughts? Oh and it has roughly 170,000kms (about 105,000 miles) the car had been running fine a week before, but I'd only had it running for about 30 mins or so.

  • Was driving my car when I heard a wyne then my car lost 5th gear, I shifted to 4th gear and the passenger tire locked up on me. We cranked it the next day and it went in to gear, but would not stay in reverse, wanted to pop out.
    Any help?? I really need it.
  • My 1989 Honda Accord LXI will not shift into 5th gear. I can shift into all other gears including reverse with no problems. When shifting from 4th to 5th gear there is not any resistance when going from neutral into 5th gear. I can push on the shift lever hard and there is a tiny bit of grinding but all other gears there is not a noise. It feels like the linkage for 5th gear came undone. Prior to the lost of linkage, if I came to a stop with it still in 5th gear it would be stuck and I would have to let out the clutch to disengage it from 5th gear. If some one who knows how the linkage works or can direct me to a diagram of the internals of the linkage to see how to repair the problem I would appreciate it. Going form neutral into reverse is no problem. Thank you for the help. :confuse:
  • you drove while low on tranny oil and lost 5th gear. it is gone. I have been driving for 3 years without it
  • my 89 honda accord has a rough idle I was driving the other day and all of a sudden the car missed fired and it acted like it wanted to kill but it kept running so then it started to run rough since and now it wont stay running what is the problem I changed the spark plugs and now it still has the rough idle but it stays running
  • there is one filter located by the master cylinder and the other is located under neath the car about two feet from the gas tank
  • change the fuel filter because its leaking
  • I seen your email, I just wanted to know if you got your problem resolved. I have a 89 honda and when I start my car it idles up to 2000 rpm after a while it goes back down. Then when I'm driving it it's ok but when I reach a stop and put on neutral it does it again. I would apreciate if you would help me with my problem.

    Thank You, Longoria
  • Hi,

    I've got a 1987 Accord S (hatchback) that some lowlife smashed out the driver's side window. I understand there are two different sizes of glass for this car - so how do I know which one it is?

    Secondly, anybody got a spare they want to part with in Vancouver, BC? lol :)

  • Yes, I had the same problem on one of my hondas. You need to get it timmed . Then it will be just fine.
  • joe206joe206 Posts: 1
    I was drivin around the other day when i noticed a very loose loose steering whel with in a matter of seconds i believe the drivers side control arm snapped....seconds later the car was leaking tranny fluid atleast a litre just wondering if that makes any sense .....and if it would be worth it to fix ... i paid 350 canadian and i put on over 50 could the motion of the car and the snapping of the control arm could it punture the tranny or just a hose???? help me out somebody

    toronto ,ont
  • mrbill1957mrbill1957 Posts: 823
    If something did break, it may have allowed the axle to pull out of the tranny. If it did pull out, you would loose fluid.

  • SeattleBSeattleB Posts: 3
    Ty for the help mjswans
    seattle b :)
  • les19les19 Posts: 2
    Have a honda 1989 accord fuel inj 2 litre. My problem is when you take off it is very sluggish the revs are normal but the car doesnt want to go .When the revs get higher the car then takes off and flys ,it hesitates occasionally when at 80 and over but runs beautiful,its only in low gear that it has problems .It idols ok but when you put you foot down and give it a quick rev it then hesitates and jumps a bit. If you hit it again it might stall .I replaced the main air valve it had no ball that helped a little but still having this problem. When it gets hot if you stop it you usually cant start it for a while .I thought fuel at first changed filter and pump but no change. any ideas Im all out
  • I recently purchased an '89 Honda Accord knowing that the 5th gear was inoperable. Other than this, the car is actually in pretty good shape. Was wondering if anyone has worked on this themselves; it is possible to repair this without a lot of grief or is it better to simply look for another tranny, and if so, where? Greatly appreciate any advice or suggestions.
  • You probably need to replace the distributor if it's the original.
  • I recently purchased an 89 accord and for some reason my overdrive doesn't work can I fix it? plus mileage is absolutely horrible...any suggestions? it is an automatic, but I did own a 92 accord as well and I did get a lot better mpg than this one...this one works out to approximately 22-24 mpg...Can someone pls let me know if anyone has any suggestions? Thanks muchly...By the way I have replaced many parts already the only thing I have not done was to change tranny fluid, but like I said everything else is done such as timming belt, water pump, plugs, etc...

    this is a free site and u can print out manuals as well they are the factory manuals for them, they go into full detail about everything...check it out....found this and my husband loves it and praises it This is the type of manual that only Honda dealers would have...
  • tnesbitttnesbitt Posts: 1
    I have not driven my Honda Accord Dx in almost three years, but did crank it up on occasion. Yesterday I decided to put it back on the road, I purchased spark plugs and wires, thermostat, cleaned out the radiator and changed the oil. Test drove it and notice every time I stopped the car I cut off, when driving it, it drives fine until I stop. My car drove fine before I quit driving it.
    Can someone help me!
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