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Honda Accord (1976-1989) Maintenance & Repair



  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    I am not at all handy, but I can tell you that a wrench won't help you. :) There's your hot tip-of-the-day.

    You might have a look for online repair manuals - I know that several sources for these have been mentioned, so it might be worth doing a Forums message search on those terms to see which have been recommended frequently. It could be as simple as a fuse. Replacing a fuse usually only requires tools that I am authorized to use (fingers, and maybe a screwdriver to access the panel).

    If that's not it, you may end up having to check electrical bits like relays, and will involve checking voltage. Your interest in doing this may vary based on your comfort level with wiring.


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  • dextindextin Posts: 7
    well i'm pretty comfortable with wiring, iv done alot of work with my uncle, who is an electrician, but i know that it can be different in cars, iv checked all the fuses over and over again, and they are all good, i will try searching the forums to find a diagram, thanks
  • dextindextin Posts: 7
    ok, so i have been looking up some things to try, but there is one problem, for the life of me i cannot find where my horn, or horn relay is, i have been looking all over the internet for something to show me where it is physically located, but no to avail.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I just had the horn replaced in my '06 Accord Sedan and it (they - there are two) is visible in front of the radiator. I have no idea where it is on my '96, and I'm not where I can check it right now, but I thought I'd offer what little info I could.

    For the record, it took the mechanic 25 minutes; he removed the chrome grill insert and a black panel covering my radiator. I spent $35 on the install, $29.99+tax on the horn, made by Blazer.

    Now my '06 Honda sounds like an older one, with the "beep" sound instead of a deeper "honk" noise, like American cars have always had. Oh well.
  • dextindextin Posts: 7
    ok, i have been doing some troubleshooting, one think ppl keep saying to try is disconnecting the horn and connecting it to the battery using jumper cables, but that's all it says, i don't know where to hook the positive or negative
  • mrbill1957mrbill1957 Posts: 823
    The negative connection to horns is through the metal enclosure, so you don't have to worry about that connection. If you want to test the horn, you need to run a single wire from the + connection of the battery to the electrical terminal on the horn. You will need to unplug the existing connector to do that.

    I had my own issues with the horns on my 88 Accord. Both would not function. I live in Wisconsin and they use alot of road salt. The salt had worked it's way into the horns and corroded the electrical contact inside. I was able to get them functioning again by tapping each horn with a hammer. Tapping vibrated the contact enough to clean off corrosion for them to start working again. That lasted for about a year and the problem returned. I tried to disassemble the horn but they were so corroded on the outside, I just ended up replacing them with aftermarket horns.

  • ervlmervlm Posts: 1
    I have replaced ignition coil and fuel pump and still just turns over and won't run
    any ideas?
  • corkscrewcorkscrew Posts: 254
    Here is a link to a troubleshooting Flowchart, hope this helps:
  • Car has been running fine until last night. He said while he was driving the car felt like it slipped out of gear. Sounds like it is in neutral when giving it gas. He said he tried putting it into the other gears but no luck. He stopped and turned off the vehicle, when he restarted it the gears worked for a little while then the stopped and started intermittently the rest of the way home. Does this mean he needs a new transmission?? Could it be something else like a link or cable or something??
  • My accord runs fine till i try to go up a hill or over 55 it loses power and starts skipping real bad i have changed plugs wires dis cap fuel filter i wonder if it could be fuel pump but it cranks and idles fine help please
  • I have a 88 accord and it doesn't pass the smoke control in calif the mechanic change son sensors bat still no pass that's anyone have ideas what can be wrong
  • Ok I have a 88 Honda Accord lx I had the motor replaced last febuary so the newer motor has 60,000 miles on it. it sat for about 4 months maybe starting it once a month we went to drive it in august of 10 and it ran fine the very next morning we went to start it we got nothing. we replaced spark plugs, and wires. we got nothing sent it to our honda mechanic that did the motor work he said it could have been trash in the carburator he did some work charged me $111 drove it home but we could never get it to run right when you would get it started by using starter fluid it would go strong for a min or two then when you pushed the gas all the way to the floor it was getting nothing. changed fuel pump, fuel filter under car and on firewall, then thought something was wrong with the carberator again had a mechanic come out he adjusted the gas flow screw on the carb. it would start for a few minutes but idles very strong took it for a drive did fine but died everytime you pushed the brakes. Now it is doing the same thing it will start with starter fluid or carb cleaner then runs out of that and dies . Can someone please tell me what it possibly could be this car is making me crazy we have over $2000 under the hood and it still wont run I'm very frustrated but dont want to give up yet. I'm thinking it has to be something so simple that we are just not seeing. Please help.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,613
    edited February 2011
    Japanese carburetors of this time period are pretty complex and very hard to rebuild (extremely small passages inside that can get clogged). Presuming the usual suspects have been checked over carefully

    tune-up (inspect spark plugs, cap, rotor, wires, etc).
    fuel filter (replace)
    bad gasoline (take a test sample)
    vacuum leaks (test with a smoke machine)
    tight valve clearance (check with feeler gauge)
    bad compression (have this tested)

    then you may have to spring for a new carburetor as a last resort. This unfortunately will not be cheap.

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  • I have a 89 Honda Accord Lx-i somedays it starts and cranks and some days it just doesnt crank at all idk what to do or where to start to look. help please!
  • jslaghjslagh Posts: 1
    Check the connection of the signal wire to the starter motor. The crimp connection might need tightening. This happened in my 89 Lx-i occasionally and I fixed it just squeezing the crimp with a pair of pliers.
  • do you happen to know the exact web site. i really need to find this part. thank you
  • Does anyone know where i can find a choke pull off for a 89 honda accord lx
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,613
    Yikes, probably you'll have to buy a defunct carburetor from a wrecking yard...try this:


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  • does anyone know why the only way i can lock my doors is from the inside pulling on the drivers side handle then locking the car or from the outside using the key
  • thanks i will have to look into that. don't know if i will be able to find one in the junk yards around here
  • corkscrewcorkscrew Posts: 254
    Bernardi Honda has an 89 carb listed by part. Follow the prompts, then under "section" select "engine, then select carburetor. ord-parts.
    Hope this helps
  • chevyman63chevyman63 Posts: 12
    Got an 89 accord just starting to have same problem- fan motor and radio goes on the blink for a wile then comes back on ?????? Anybody ever find a reson for this. I'm starting to think a relay somewhere?
  • nygizzlenygizzle Posts: 2
    Yeah, when I replaced the ignition switch everything was fixed too, but then lights kept going out. It turned out to be the fuse for the rear defroster was out, and for some reason the affects the dashboard. If the fuse blows again though you have a wiring problem or there's a break in the lines on your rear defroster. I know it's weird, but for some reason Honda decided to make the dash and the rear defroster work off the same circuit. Anyway, good luck with it let me know if you have any more issues.
  • Hi guys,

    I have a 1989 Accord LXi. 3 months ago I had the water pump replaced. Apparently whoever had the vehicle before me stripped the alternator tensioner belt when they replaced the alternator.

    Since then I have been on a search for this bolt since it seems Honda no longer carries any parts for this vehicle. I have also been unsuccessful in finding a replacement from local junkyards in Upstate NY.

    Can anyone help me out here?


  • corkscrewcorkscrew Posts: 254
    Here is a link to the alternator bracket, just follow the prompts:
    Hope this helps.
  • Just some down the road info..... problem came back and I did a junk yard control box and have been good for 6 months+
  • I fought with what I thought was a engine miss at idle for quite a while. Did full tune up, adj liftters, played with timing.... ect. Turned out when I got around to fixing ac I found my ac fan wouldn't start up sometimes. After replaceing fan assembly for ac my idle miss went away.... who woulda thought ? Hope this saves somebody time and bucks.
  • jbb8jbb8 Posts: 3
    I had problem with radio doing the same thing not sure if fan motor stopped or not . Went though fuse box and found the radio fuse fit loser than the others.
    I wiggled and radio would come back on. So lets make it short lightly glue common household staple to fuse. Now fuse fits tighter radio stays on
    Not sure if will blow if necessary but the alternative is to remove fuse box try to fix from inside
  • jbb8jbb8 Posts: 3
    About the only can lock from drivers outside with key/pull handle before flipping lock lever has saved breaking in for the keys giving you time to think before shutting door. I will think of more to tell since I have owned 89 Honda Accord DX since 05 Oh check ground at thermostat housing
    if won't run unless holding throttle open it connects to idle shutdown to stop runon if ground is broken won't idle.
  • jbb8jbb8 Posts: 3
    I had problem with radio doing the same thing not sure if fan motor stopped or not . Went though fuse box and found the radio fuse fit loser than the others.
    I wiggled and radio would come back on. So lets make it short lightly glue common household staple to fuse. Now fuse fits tighter radio stays on
    Not sure if will blow if necessary but the alternative is to remove fuse box try to fix from inside
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