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Honda Accord (1990-1993) Maintenance and Repair



  • 94shadow94shadow Posts: 31
    I installed a new input speed sensor and a used atc box on my 92 honda accord and when I checked the for the code, no D4 or S lights flashed.
    Oh! the speed sensor is located at the right front of the engine near the a/t oil removal plug and directly under the battery. You can see it from the top by following the wiring harness.
    Back to the a/t. No flashing lights but the trans sometimes goes back to its old habit, shifting from 1st to 4th.
    Otherwise the car seems fine.
    One other thing. When I turn the key on or off, there is a machine gun like noise coming from the rear.
    Any clues?
    Thanks a lot,
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    The shift control solenoids (A & B) could need cleaning. This link should be of some help diagnosing the problem. Click on the transmission troubleshooting link, and start reading. Good luck

    Never just assume a certain part is the cause of a problem. TEST before replacing.
  • corkscrewcorkscrew Posts: 254
    I was replying to message #1281 who is looking for headlamp lenses. That being said, try this link for remanufactured computers. Select yours from the drop down list:

  • I am especially interested in LX owners who have put a TCU from an EX into their car without problems or vice versa.

    The LX had a 125hp engine (F22A1) and the EX had a 140hp engine (F22A4)

    The factory TCU's on these cars were:
    93LX - 28100-PX4-722
    93EX - 28100-PX4-732

    92LX - 28100-PX4-722 (same as 93LX)
    92EX - 28100-PX4-731 (Oki) or 27100-PX4-732 (same as 93EX)

    91LX - 28100-PX0-823 (for whatever reason, this TCU costs twice the price of all the others's from the dealer!)
    91EX - 28100-PXO-833

    My basic issue is that I have a LX, and the more commonly available TCU's are from the EX. I need a TCU that will work in this car.
  • cybercoolcybercool Posts: 117
    Hi all

    Is my Honda Accord 1993 front wheel drive? Just curious. Thanks

  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Hi all

    Is my Honda Accord 1993 front wheel drive? Just curious. Thanks

    Yes, all Honda's mainstream cars, trucks, and crossover vehicles are front-wheel-drive based. The trucks and Crossovers that are All-Wheel-Drive use front-wheel drive when not in 4WD mode. The S2000 Roadster is the only Honda car for sale in North America that is Rear-Wheel Drive.
  • 94shadow94shadow Posts: 31
    Hello all,
    The second A/T TCU that I installed, the same part (#R69) looks like it is burned. The D4 light doesn't come on at all.
    Upon checking, there is no blinking malfucntion light.
    What could be the trouble.
    There does't seem to be any short in the wiring.
    Everything else works.
    I am stumped.
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    shadow, I'm at a loss on this one. Usually when the computer goes out, the D4 light will stay lit continuously, even in Park. It's like your computer is not communicating at all, and that could be many things (wires, computer, shift position switch, etc.).
  • i have a 1993 accord my engine light is coming on after you drive about 25 miles. i'm getting a code #43 far i can tell that is fuel system delivery. i have checked my fule pressure,my fuel egr and my injecters every thing checks fine. any suggestions. thanks john
  • Hi all,

    I need to replace a rear wheel bearing in my 93 accord, and have an identical "parts car". Would it be easier to replace the entire rear wheel hub, or should I get a new bearing and just replace the bearing. I think the parts car bearing is good, but I am looking at doing the least amount of work for the repair, and have no specialized tools like pullers and the like.


  • i have replaced the tcu in the car and the s light is still permanently lit. also the car still stays stuck in park...although from time to time it is able to be put into another egar, but not until a series of clicks come from under the driver side dash. around the fuse box area. whaat the heck????
  • 94shadow94shadow Posts: 31

    I have a 92 honda accord LX w/FI 2.2L engine.
    Whenever I turn on the key, there is a loud machine gun like sound coming from the back of the car.
    Also, when I turn my engine off, it has the same sound. What could be the trouble.
    For a 92 Honda Accord LX FI, is their more than one type of fuel pump relay?

  • nika1nika1 Posts: 2
    i have a 1990 and the 's' switch be comeing on whene i be driving what is that good or bad and the chick engine is on so what do i do
  • nika1nika1 Posts: 2
  • 94shadow94shadow Posts: 31
    I bought a rebuilt tcu and now my a/t trans works. I still need to make adjustment to the cables. The D4 light still doesn't come on
    but, as long as its running o.k. It's fine with me.
    Oh! I still have not cleaned the solenoids. I'll do that tomorrow.
    Thanks for all your help...
    I have one question. Is there more then one type of electrical FI
    fuel pump relay?
    For my 92 Honda Accord.
  • Amy, I have the same problem. What did you do to resolve the problem? Thanks for a quick answer. Andi
  • hi all,
    My Accord 93 is having tranny shift problems with the lit D4 either blinking or steady.
    With this great help from the forum I was directed to faulty ECM and TCU. Is it expensive to replace the TCU and ECM? Should I just let my mechanic look at it to be sure or just take him the parts and be charged for labor only? I was taken for a ride by a dishonest mechanic, so I just get really wiery.

  • Hi John,

    Same exact problem with my Accord 93. I'm no mechanic so I haven't checked the fuel pressure regulator or injectors. I read here it can be the ECU or the Oxygen sensor. Let me know if you resolved it and how. I don't have the $$$ now to fix mine.

  • Hello everyone,

    I just got a used 93 Accord. So far the only evident problems are there is no AC, 3 windows don't work, a hole in the mufler. I took it out on I95 this morning to get to work and noticed that when I floor it at about 80 mph it seems like the motor rocks and gear jumps. I'm thinking transmission or motor mount. Any Idea.

    Also I plan on modding this vehicle you know performance appearence the whole nine. Any idea where the tutorials and where to get the parts.
  • I have applied 8" lbs of vacuume to the #16 hose port on the EGR and the book says the engine should stall and does it hold vacuume? Mine holds vacuume but will not stall? I only had MV. on the yellow and black wires at the control box but am not sure if I am doing that right. The air chamber under the control box is sucking air but I dont know how much. any advice?
  • In addition to any fuse, there is a "fuse" on the body of the lighter socket... it is a spring loaded connection with a low temperature solder that springs open if excessive current heats the solder. Check that... I was able to fix mine pretty simply. J
  • Whenever it rains, my tail lights get water in them. Then my brake lamp indicator light on the dash lights up. How do you stop the water getting into the tail lights?
  • Hi all,

    When I did the Check engine light test with jumper, my car came up with code #43. In the Hayden manual book for my Accord 93, it doesn't show code 43. The book shows #42 which is fuel supply. What does code #43 mean? Thanks, cybercool.
  • Hi all
    Has anyone come up with CEL code #43? I have and I don't know what it means. My manual shows other numeral code #s except #43.

    Thanks for your help
  • Auto Zone lists code #43 as "fuel supply system" for 1990-93 accords.
  • Thanks Corkscrew

    Will replacing the fuel pressure regulator and oxygen sensor fix the problem?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Maybe.... maybe not. The error code is indicating the functional area that has a problem. It would need further diagnosis by a reputable mechanic to narrow it down further, otherwise you could be unnecessarily replacing parts which aren't the problem. For instance, you could have gotten a bad load of gas, clogging your fuel filter, and starving your engine of fuel. Replacing those parts you mention, would have no effect.

    It's a tradeoff between the cost of replacing a bunch of parts which may not be the problem, to the cost of a trusted and knowledgeable mechanic. If you suspect a particular part due to some other information, then I'd be replacing the part before going the mechanic route. For instance, if you KNOW you got a bad load of gas, then cleaning out the tank, the filter, etc would be a reasonable approach with a better than average chance of addressing the problem part. If you only have a generic error code, you may want to go the mechanic option.
  • I just need to know or picture of distributor cap the # 1 wire to stall the sparkplug wire, trying to replace the the distributor assbly and wire,I know the firing order is 1342 but I dnt kow where to start
  • Looking at the engine from the front of the vehicle and going left to right, see below:
    Firing order is: 1-3-4-2 and distributor rotates clockwise,
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