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Honda Accord (1990-1993) Maintenance and Repair



  • have you tried to change the transmission fluid because most hondas dont have a transmission filter so , they say change the fluid every other oil change
  • cybercoolcybercool Posts: 117
    Hey Helpstop

    I see fuel gauge issues as well. When I add half tank or more of gas, I've noticed the near empty fuel light go on even though plenty of gas is there. Six months ago the light would to go on when I was near empty.

    What's going on with my fuel gauage? Any clue?

  • have you tried cleaning the electric connector to the gas tank.
    its located in the trunk under the carpet only three srews. and u will see it.
  • cybercoolcybercool Posts: 117
    hi Helpstop,
    Thanks, is it a DIY thing? I dont want to try and clean it and have my Honda blow up on me...LOL

  • We all know that these Accords had TCM's which were prone to failure (usually from up to 5 capacitors leaking and 2 particular resistors frying). This is why the D4 (or S in some models) lights would flash. I had fought the same problem with mine (as well as a screwy windshield wiper situation).

    After spending money on a new VSS and several junkyard TCMs (without solving anything) I did some research on the wiring of these cars and found that the only common element between my problems was one of the grounding connections - G301. G301 is a body ground located behind the windshield washer bottle. I took out the bottle and dismantled, cleaned and tightened the connections inside the G301 ground and found that ALL of my problems with this car were solved.

    This is worth checking for anyone who is having multiple electical problems or a VSS fault with this car.
  • cybercoolcybercool Posts: 117

    wow. are you for real. This is good news. My TCM is still outta wack and it's annoying driving at 25 miles per hr. I want my car to shift correclty.
  • cybercoolcybercool Posts: 117
    Hi Gojackets

    this bottle is where we add the wiper fluid correct? And when you say behind, is it toward head lights or engine block? My bottle on a 93 Accord is at front right corner side.

    What exactly am I lookng for? I want to do this correctly. Thanks

  • cybercoolcybercool Posts: 117
    Hi gojackets,

    Called an few mechanics and it's frustrating to hear them say, "Sounds like a tranny problem." I know it's not my tranny because when I temporarily reset TCM fuse, my car drives and shifts great for a short period of time.

    Please help, I want to keep my car.
  • cybercoolcybercool Posts: 117
    Hey gojackets

    I think I found the G301 body ground located behind the windshield washer bottle you mentioned. Correct me if I'm wrong, with hood open, in front of car facing toward rear, is it on right corner side of windshield washer bottle? It has a metal plate with two fuses with wires grounded to car chassis?

    Can you email me a pic of G301 body ground?
  • G301 is located on the drivers side fender and probably hidden behind the wiper fluid bottle.

    It looks like a box - 1.5" tall, 1.25" wide, 0.5" thick. It has 8-10 black wires going into the bottom of it. It is almost always covered with grease and road gunk. The box itself is light colored plastic (the plastic is just a cover) and the aluminum connector inside it is bolted to the fender with a 10mm bolt.

    There is another, identical looking ground located on the passeger side fender (between the strut tower and the battery) that is easier to see - you can take a look at that one so you know what to look for on the other side.

    G301 is "suspect" especially if you have multiple symptoms (in my case VSS/TCM and wipers) OR if your car has ever been wrecked in the front.
  • To elaborate on my earlier posts about these grounds. You need to remove the box and unsnap the top to open it. Clean and tighten all of the connections inside. It will be filled with Honda's "mystery goo". The metal part that is bolted to the car is actually the end of an aluminum connection.
  • cybercoolcybercool Posts: 117
    will I need to disconnect neg battery terminal to clean all the wiring connectors?

  • cybercoolcybercool Posts: 117
    Hi Helpstop

    > cleaning the electric connector to the gas tank.

    Do I need to disconnect neg battery and are there danger in the DIY thing?
  • i am going to buy a 93 accord and the owner say that it has an electrical problem and that its a simple fix but a constant one.Is this simil to the TCM mess up?And i should add the will not start.What can it be?
  • cybercoolcybercool Posts: 117
    Hey gojackets,

    You mentioned you had problems with the VSS and wipers. What problems did your wipers show and what is the VSS?

  • I want to sell my 93 accord and it has TCM electrical problems and I feel it's a simple fix. It's been reliable for the three years I had it. I dont want to spend more $$$ on it. I want to be honest and tell any potential buyer the TCM can be the issue.I was thinking of asking $1800. Am I asking for too much?

  • You are right at the kelly blue book value for that car in good condition and <200K miles (note, I looked at values in the south and not in areas that use road chemicals for snow)
    If I were buying it, though (with the obvious stuff that goes along with a buggy TCM) I would probably offer you $1400. It might be worth it for you to buy one of the rebuilt TCM's that are offered on ebay (somewhere in the $200-$250 range) to get a higher

    you can go to and get a better handle on the value of your car (presuming a TCM fix has been done)
  • so i have a 91 accord......and seriously im about done with it. Ive had the altenator replaced twice in 3 years and a new battery put in 5 months ago....i go to start it and it tries to turn over but wont and then after the 3rd try i get nothing. i jumped it about 20 min ago and it starts right up and runs strong, as soon as i turn it off and try to restart....nothing. it says it has 187k on it but im convinced that the owners before me rolled it back so its prolly got 287k. anyways, it has been having electrical issues as well, like the S for the sport shifter will flash and the spedometer will stop working andd engine light will come on. this all happens at random times. and once the car is shut off it usually fixes it. oh and one more thing, after its warmed up and idling it bogs up and thats the 3 main problems. MOSTLY concerned about the starting issue, have to make a 150 mile trip in about 5 hours...really dont want it to die while on the freeway....any suggestions?? please dont let it be the fkn altennator again lol
  • Car will not start. Replaced battery, distributor cable, (distributor has been tested and ok), ckd timing belt, spark plugs and wires,and module all ok, any suggestions? Car cranks, just won't start.
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    This site has a lot of information on 4th gen Accords (including the dreaded "S" light, in the transmission section). It could help both of you diagnose your problems. Good luck
  • I took the car to a new mechanic. He took a look, cleaned off the leaking fluid and said come back in a few days so we can see better where the leak is.

    After taking another look when I got back he took a look at the transmission lines and said it could be the old rubber/synthetic lines connecting the metal lines. Replacing that was $minimal.

    It's now been over a year and there are no leaks.


  • My wife had to have the car jumped. Since there has been no chime when lights are left on, the code light for the Bose radio is on but it won't accept the code, the interior cabin light doesn't come on, nor the green ignition light when the car is unlocked and door opened.

    I've checked all the fuses I can find but seen no problems.

    What could be next?


  • I've heard from multiple sources that if your battery isn't good, then your alternator can quit on you rather quickly (as in a couple of hours even). So then your car runs off of the battery, draining it. My suggestion is: take it to your local Autozone (or equivalent), they should be able to test your whole charging system while its on the vehicle. My other suggestion is to replace the battery, alternator, and belt as a whole and clean your battery terminals with a post cleaner tool, and to remove corrosion use some baking soda and water and scrub with a tooth brush. As for your s light and your check engine light, on the passenger side, around the corner of the firewall and the door, there is a blue connector that doesn't go to anything (you may have to move the carpet) use a paper clip to bridge the terminals and turn the key to the on position (don't start the car). both lights will flash out a code, long flash for the first number in a two digit code; short flashes for the second digit. take them to Autozone or a high reputation shop. They should tell what they mean. Hope this helps! :lemon:
  • A piece of information I neglected to include was this was over 1 year ago that the car was jumped. I haven't driven it until recently when I noticed the problems with the radio, chimes, etc.

    So, I suspect the battery is 'good enough'. It's just that I miss the radio, and the chimes that remind when the lights are left on would help prevent another incident like the one that started this.


  • Now, there's something new. I've been driving the car since June, that's about 6 months and this morning when I was leaving I noticed the green ignition light was on for the first time. Also, the car started immediately where is usually takes a second or so.

    Later I attempted to input the code for the Bose radio, and it worked. The chime worked for the headlights as well.

    Does this sound like a weak batter or failing alternator as mentioned above.

    Thanks for any response.

  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    Weak battery, or loose/corroded connections could be the cause. A weak battery was causing strange things on my 03.
  • Try cleaning your battery and terminals first. Then try charging your battery with a good charger (not one of those wimpy float chargers). It will take a full night to fully charge (don't go by any indicators on the charger, it needs to deep charge). Then before you go out and buy a battery or alternator, save yourself some cash and have your battery and charging system tested. Most major auto parts places (like Autozone) should do it for free. Hope this helps! :lemon:
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    All good suggestions, and in this order too.
  • w9qw9q Posts: 2
    Hi all!
    When it is dark, I can illuminate the numbers on my tachometer and speedometer by turning the dimmer switch. But the needle pointers are not illuminated! I just can't see them in the night unless I turn on interior lighting. Are the gauge needles supposed to be illuminated?
    Thanks a lot
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