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Honda Accord (2003-2007) Maintenance and Repair



  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    If the coolant hasn't been changed, and you have over 50k miles, I would change it soon. I know the owner's manual says the coolant is good for 105k miles, but I just don't believe that is wise in Houston or South Louisiana (where I live). The high temperatures, and high humidity, put a lot of stress on the cooling systems IMO.
  • chucko3chucko3 Posts: 793
    As long as the gauge stays below the 1/2 mark then it's ok.
    If not, you might want to replace the thermostat.
  • wise1wise1 Posts: 91
    Are you sure it is oil leaking?? It could be the tranny?? When I purchased my 07 accord I inspected it on the rack. The first accord had a tranny leak, yes the brand new car already had a leak. If it is the tranny you have 5 yr. 60K warranty to get it fixed. Honda may give you headaches but keep up the fight!!! :mad: :cry: ;)
  • wise1wise1 Posts: 91
    Sorry I should have scrolled down and read your additional post anyway WATCH YOUR Tranny fluid levels and happy motoring!!! :shades:
  • garrickgarrick Posts: 30
    2007 4 cyl Accord will be 2 yrs old August 09. Need to bring it in for service now with 22K miles. Maintenance Minder is showing "B" which if I read the manual correctly shows the following suggested:

    Replace engine oil and oil filter
    Inspect front and rear brakes
    Check parking brake adjustment
    Inspect these items:
    Tie rod ends, steering gear box, and boots
    Suspension components
    Driveshaft boots
    Brake hoses and lines (including ABS)
    All fluid levels and condition of fluids
    Exhaust system
    Fuel lines and connections

    Dealer obviously suggests a lot more service for about $300 such as rotate tires, roadforce balancing, air filter, inspect distributor cap, clean injectors, 40 point service inspection and others.

    What should I do at 22K miles if I plan on keeping this car for the long haul?
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    All the maintenance items you listed sound like good ideas, except for two. If the car has no hint of vibration in the steering wheel at speed or other vibrations, I would decline the roadforce balancing. The balance will only be as good as the guy operating the machine. If the balance machine is subpar, or the operator is inexperienced, you could end up with a problem you didn't have before. Second, I don't think your car has a distributor cap. ;)
  • roachbuggroachbugg Posts: 15
    Hello board,

    I am writing this note because I need rear brakes- and rotors on an Accord EX V6.

    My normally reliable dealer is charging $420.00 for brakes and rotors. I think that is robbery....

    Anyone know of a dealer that can do the work cheaper?

    Does anyone know of any coupons I can find for this service? I have looked everywhere....

    If so, please let me know...

    thanks a lot... any insight helps!
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Is there a reason you're going to the dealer?
  • roachbuggroachbugg Posts: 15
    I don't know where else to go. Haven't had to replace these brakes before. Wanted to know where the other users/car owners went. The dealer told me that I need rotors and brakes in the rear of my car. They want to charge $210 for each. That sounds like a lot to me. Has anyone used Midas or Meineke? Any suggestions?

  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    My suggestion would be to talk to people you know; friends, family, coworkers, people at your place of worship, etc and find out if they know a good reputable mechanic. I go to the mechanic my grandfather uses; just had my timing belt and water pump done on my '96 Accord for $478. The dealer wanted $820.

    Get a few opinions/estimates before you have it done. The worst they can do is give you the same answer/price, which I would wager won't happen.
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    Check the net for dealer brake specials in your area then give your dealer a chance to match the price.
  • that price is on the high end but I would not call it "robbery" ... "affordable" and "dealer" rarely go together.

    I can recommend RPM in Newington, VA, who have taken care of my cars for the past 15 yrs. or so. They are not the cheapest but are reliable and honest and they don't do unnecessary work.

    If you call they can tell you what they'd charge for this work 703.550.8240.

    I have no connection with them other than being a long time customer.
  • fbc2009fbc2009 Posts: 7
    I am looking to buy a 2004 Accord 2.4 5A with $135K. What should I check regarding PM done up to this mileage?
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    Do everything in the manual up to that point 135k, if it hasn't already been done. Especially fluids. That's a lot to do, :surprise: better get started. ;) Good luck
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    You can look up the required maintenance here: Maintenance Schedules, Recalls and Technical Service Bulletins. Good luck!
  • fbc2009fbc2009 Posts: 7
    Thank you guys!
  • accord6mtaccord6mt Posts: 53
    I just called RPM and, don't take this the wrong way, but they were very cold to me. My conversation with RPM:

    Me: Your Website says that you service Porsche and Audi cars... do you also service Hondas?

    RPM: We sometimes service Hondas but usually only if our customer already services a Porsche with us. Do you have a Porsche?

    Me: No, but RPM was referred on a car Web site and that person drives a Honda.

    RPM: Does that customer also drive a Porsche? We're very busy with Porsches and Audis and we try to keep quiet about servicing other cars. We wouldn't want to lose that customer so yes, how about we talk about what services you need for your Honda and we'll see if we can help you. It's late today and it's the worst time for a call so why don't I call you - wait, how about you call me tomorrow at 11 am, does that sound good to you?

    Me: Um, sure, thanks.

    Sheesh. I doubt I'll be over there any time soon! Let's hope my experience was an isolated incident...
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    Honda brakes are nothing special, and not hard to work on. So why would a special place be needed for this? Unless you plan to change some things (upgrade). What are you going to have done?
  • accord6mtaccord6mt Posts: 53

    I personally don't need any work on my car in the immediate future but I'm always looking for a good, reliable independent shop. I was confused because the previous poster said that he has had a good relationship with RPM for the past 15 years but when I went to RPM's Website they made no mention of servicing anything but Porsches and Audis. That's why I called RPM about servicing Hondas.
  • I have a 03 accord 4 cyl!!! to day the air just stoped blowing. I thing it might be the blower motor resistor!!! does anyone know of this problem? the blower motor does work I did test it!!
  • grampy1grampy1 Posts: 140
    2007 Accord 4 door sedan.
    I have forgotten how to use the key fob to lower the windows from outside the car. This feature allows one to partially lower the windows to vent a hot car interior before entering.
    Any help here would be appreciated . Thanks
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 25,330
    press and release and press again (to unlock all 4 doors). When you press the 2nd time, hold the button for a few more seconds, and the windows will go down until you let go of the button

    2015 Hyundai Sonata 2.4i Limited Tech (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

  • grampy1grampy1 Posts: 140
    Thanks. That worked perfectly
  • I have a 2003 Accord 4-cylinder with 51k miles. Driving home today, the car lurched then hesitated a few seconds after accelerating out of park. I parked again, turned off the car and tried it again. Same thing happened, but this time there was a grinding sound coming from right below the gear shifter after I put it into drive. Also, once I was in drive the dashboard indicators for gears D3 and D2 flashed on and off while the light for D was also on. Reverse gear has no problem. One time the grinding also happened in park. At lunch, the car was fine; this all started on the drive home.

    I'm hoping it's a problem with the gear shifter module but dreading that it will be the transmission (seems to early for it to go at 50k miles).

    Any ideas?
  • lilengineerboylilengineerboy Posts: 4,116
    2007 Honda Accord EX manual transmission w/28k. I just got my maintenance minder light to come on with B:1,2. In checking my handy-dandy owner's manual, its an oil change, tire rotation, and air filter change, plus some inspections.

    The dealer wanted to change the transmission fluid, the brake fluid, and a bunch of other stuff to the tune of $450. I can't find anything that says I have to change any of those fluids yet. They also wanted to do some fuel system service - which the manual seems to actually suggest against. What the heck? I mean the Subaru dealer has a suggested maintenance schedule but that's ridiculous.

    Is there any trick to changing the brake fluid/bleeding the brakes on this particular Accord? Previous wisdom was to start at the brake furthest from the m/c and work your way in pumping the brakes. Does ABS or EBD affect that?

    I am planning to do this myself using Honda parts for the filters and I've had good luck with Honda fluids (I know they are probably just someone else's stuff relabeled and more $$, but I haven't had an issue with them yet - oil will be 5w20 GTX most likely). Are there any other recommendations? I'm budgeting about 90 minutes to get through this.
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    Honda's method is to start at the front left, and work around clockwise. They don't mention any special procedure for ABS. I like to use a vacuum pump, to suck the fluid out. That way I don't need a helper to push the brake pedal, and the master cylinder shaft is not forced into areas where it has never been (when the pedal sinks to the floor). If any rust has developed on the master cylinder shaft, it can damage the seals.
  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    I just got my maintenance minder light to come on with B:1,2.

    I have an 06 EX-L I4 manual. My dealer wanted to do a bunch of extra stuff as well at 30k. After doing some research, the transmission and brake fluid changes seemed the only things worthwhile besides the MM suggestions. The air filter and inside cabin filters were easy to do (well, the air filter did involved a bit of wrestling). I had the dealer do the fluid changes.

    I don't get as down and dirty as Elroy but he has a lot of experience with his own maintenance. FWIW, I remember that my 95 Accord was notorious for taking a long time to bleed the brakes. Mechanics I talked to said that was common for Honda. Don't know if that is still the case.
  • lilengineerboylilengineerboy Posts: 4,116
    I have an 06 EX-L I4 manual. My dealer wanted to do a bunch of extra stuff as well at 30k. After doing some research, the transmission and brake fluid changes seemed the only things worthwhile besides the MM suggestions

    Yeah it seems like another light comes on when it wants you to do the transmission, its like a 3 or a 4.

    I am pretty comfortable with doing the required inspections and fluid changes, so I think I am going to do an HandA order and do it next weekend.
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    I found out when I flushed my brakes that you have to unscrew the bleed screw quite a bit before the fluid flows freely. I spent a lot of time pumping the vacuum pump before realizing this. :surprise: Live and learn I guess.
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    I changed the driver door actuator this morning (it was moving up and down very slowly), and WOW :surprise: I had no idea how hard it was going to be. There are two cables, two rods, and two wire connectors hooked up to that sucker. It took me a while to get it out, and then off of the door latch, because there is absolutely nothing in the service manual about replacement (only testing). I actually snapped the tip off one of my driver bits trying to get the latch screws out (those suckers are tight). Everything turned out well though, so I saved myself a few bucks.
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