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Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8



  • great pics. I have been looking for this. Any chance of getting some shots of how things are mounted? What are you towing?
  • kec8kec8 Posts: 141
    A couple of us have been looking and there are no 20" snows available that we have been able to find. I've tried Tire Rack and Discount Tire and there is nothing. It's a bit frustrating. To make matters worse, there are also no aftermarket 20" wheels that work and 18's and 19's won't clear the brakes. The only good news is that there hasn't been much snow here in Michigan this winter. It's a handful in slippery conditions with an inch or two of snow, but better than a rear drive with no snows.

    If you find anything, please let us know. All of the tire stores keep telling me, "Maybe next year."
  • For most of JH's clientelle, price is irrelevent. JH is the first to bring a mod this extreme to market for the SRT-8, so he charges what he does.

    There are people who will pay it (most likely rich) because they have the means and want the title of fastest SUV - now. It it blows up or breaks down, they aren't fazed much and JH gives them priority to fix it.
  • tloke1tloke1 Posts: 185
    JH gives them priority to fix it...

    Nothing that 6-12 months in the shop wouldn't fix.
  • "Nothing that 6-12 months in the shop wouldn't fix."

    IF you ever get it back that is!
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    So I take it that Hennessey's reputation is still not the best after years of upfitting Viper's and other Mopar rides.

    Such a tragedy as these tuners have the potential to really own the turf, when they work.
  • The aftermarket mod world for cars/trucks is risky and shady. Beware all who venture into it. :sick:
    (and research before you invest to minimize the risk)
  • pauladpaulad Posts: 14
    We live in the suburbs of NYC and get lots of Snow--EVERYONE assured me the JEEP would be GREAT in the snow and that we would NOT need SNOW tires--I emailed Jeep and they told me--that there are no other tires made for this --at this time--so--We had our first Nor'easter 2/14--ha ha--couldn't make it out of the parking spot --let alone the driveway--my subaru legacy GT 2.5--blew away---even without the clearance--my hubby --almost slid the jeep right into the subaru--then into the house--then we parked it til the next day---DO NOT drive it in the SNOW AND ICE--JEEP ENGINEERS--SALESMAN--I would've bought it anyway--but you should've been more forthcoming!!!....
  • Okay I'm replying to my own post...

    I don't know exactly what the stereo shop is installing but this looks like it:

    * Peripherals CHYAA 2005-Up Chrysler Add-An-Amp Interface (looks like it is for sale here) (not avail here, and also more expensive)

    Description says: The CHYAA CAN interface is designed to add an aftermarket amplifier to the existing factory sound systems in the 2005-2006 Dodge Durango, Magnum, Charger, Ram, 300, and Jeep.

    The new Peripheral network integration device simply plugs in to the back of the factory radio allowing control of the aftermarket amplifier. One connection of the included amplifier turn-on wire and consumers are ready to enjoy their music with the amplification they expect from a high-end sound system.

    Seems straightforward enough... Took long enough (over a year) to get this out in the market!
  • kec8kec8 Posts: 141
    I don't know who "everyone" is, but anyone that told you that you wouldn't need snow tires on the GC SRT8 is a liar...or just plain stupid...or they thought you lived in Florida. ANY performance vehicle needs four snow tires to drive in snow. The standard tires on the GC SRT8 are clearly performance tires...not "all weather" tires. I started looking for snow tires for mine in September and I found out early on that there was no such thing.

    The good news here is that up until now, this has been a mild winter here in Michiga, however, we just had our first big snow of the season too. Although I wouldn't characterize the GC SRT8 as great in the snow with the standard rubber, I made it through okay and much better than I would have in a rear wheel drive performance car without snow tires.

    I've been saying it here for a long time, the GC SRT8 is not an SUV, it's a performance vehicle (or muscle car). It's not set up to perform like an SUV and those that expect that are going to be disappointed.

    Snow or not, it's still damn fun to drive...
  • Hey guys. I have had my SRT8 for only 7 months and I've put 14K miles on it, mainly highway commuting. My brakes have been squeaking like crazy for the last few weeks and the brake dust build up is unbelievable. I took my Jeep in to the dealer and the service guy said he would "look into" the issue for me. I saw one other posting from a while ago that had a similar situation. Any advice on what I need to do to make sure I am not stuck with a $1000 bill?? Is this going to happen every 14K miles or so??? Any advice is appreciated.

  • kec8kec8 Posts: 141
    My right rear started squealing at around 16,000 miles. I had the dealer check out my brakes them and they said that they were fine. It still squeals occasionally, but for the most part has gone away. I'm still keeping an eye on it.
  • pauladpaulad Posts: 14
    Well, on a different note--I just got a nail in my tire--I had to call Goodyear to find someone authorized to fix it--now I live 40 miles from NYC--they have NO ONE in NYC --Northern NJ--NONE of the suburbs of NYC--I have to go to DANBURY CT to fix a flat Tire --are you kidding me--god forbid I needed a new tire right away--I would probably take a week to get one--UNBELIEVABLE--GREATEST CITY in the world one thing you can't get--a flat run tire fixed--you know I'm writing Goodyear a compaint letter about this...
  • ctgcsrt8ctgcsrt8 Posts: 13
    I live about 40 miles outside NYC also, in CT. Had a 1/4" x 2" bolt in my tire this spring. Took it to my local gas station and they had a new tire in a few hours from a local distributor. Thats the good news, bad news was it cost me about $400. Frankly I was surprised they could get the tire so quickly. Didnt call Goodyear and dont know if they were authorized to fix it, but they did it.
  • tloke1tloke1 Posts: 185
    "bad news was it cost me about $400..."

    ctgcsrt8, tire replacement/repair is fully covered under the road hazard warranty at any authorized Goodyear dealer (for the first year).
  • ctgcsrt8ctgcsrt8 Posts: 13
    I know its too late, but my copy of the Goodyear warranty booklet, specifically says the following is not covered: "road hazards (includes but not limited to, punctures, cuts, snags, impact breaks, etc.)" I thought a nail or bolt puncture came under that exclusion.
  • kec8kec8 Posts: 141
    I agree with you. I had a slow leak and took it to a local tire dealer that was authorized to repair run flats and there were two nails a bolt and a piece of glass in it. Not surprisingly, they won't fix that many holes.

    However I did check with my dealer since I had a service contract and they said it wasn't covered. The tire dealer was able to get a tire the same day. They don't seem that hard to get.

    I don't think that road hazards are covered by any standard warranty from Goodyear. Maybe if you buy a new tire and opt for an extra road hazard guarantee. Has anyone had a tire replaced at no charge due to a road hazard (nail, screw, etc)?
  • tloke1tloke1 Posts: 185
    ctgcsrt8, do you have an '06 or '07? I wonder if they changed the warranty? I know of several '06 owners who have had tires fixed or repaired under the EMT warranty.

    From the Goodyear "EMT Owner's Manual and Limited Warranty" pamphlet I have:

    What is covered and for how long

    Any new Goodyear Extended Mobility Technology tire removed from service due to a covered warranty condition or rendered not repairable due to a road hazard injury during the first 2/32" of treadwear or 12 months from date of purchase, whichever occurs first, will be replaced at no charge. Mounting and balancing are included. Repairable punctures will also be repaired at no charge during this period. Without proof of purchase date of manufacture will be used to determine age.
  • ctgcsrt8ctgcsrt8 Posts: 13
    I have an '06. The Goodyear warranty document that came with my '06 does not mention EMT. It is labeled for Original Equipment Highway auto tires, Light truck tires and temporary spare.
    I should also mention that the owners manual that I received with the vehicle was for a Grand Cherokee, not for an SRT8. I ordered an SRT manual from Jeep directly. I read somewhere that other owners received the wrong manual also.
    Did I get the wrong Goodyear booklet also ? Why do I think my dealer put the wrong package in the glove box ?
  • tloke1tloke1 Posts: 185
    Yes, quite a few owners received standard manuals instead of the SRT8 packet. Jeep sent manuals to all 2006 SRT8 owners, I received one even though I already have one. Call Jeep customer service and request the SRT8 manual, they should get one right out to you at no charge. The Goodyear EMT pamphlet is included in the SRT8 packet.

    I would also contact Goodyear EMT customer service and explain what happened (800 321-2136). You may be out of luck since you didn't go to a Goodyear dealer but it's worth a try, the Goodyear customer service people have been excellent to work with.

    I checked with someone who has an '07, their EMT manual states the same warranty as mine does. So ALL EMT tires are covered for one year/or 2/32" tread wear for road hazards. Tires that cannot be repaired will be replaced free of charge.

    Note that Jeep dealers have nothing to do with the tire warranty, that is all handled by Goodyear.

    Kec8, your tire would have also been replaced free if you had gone to a Goodyear dealer. I'd still call Goodyear and see what they say.

    A note for all 2006 owners, there was a tire recall on the EMT tires. If you have not had your tires checked you should do so. Quite a few owners received brand new tires regardless of their mileage. This "offer" expires April 30th. Details can be found here:
  • kec8kec8 Posts: 141
    Damn. I think I listened to the dealer that it wasn't covered and screwed up. Unfortunately, I don't have the tire, but I am going to talk to dealer and the tire company that replaced it. You would think that one of them would have told me that. Thanks for the info.

    As far as the manual is concerned, I got my SRT8 in March of last year and received the standard one too. I contacted Jeep and they didn't know about this and neither did the dealer. They sent me an SRT8 manual right away and then in May I received another one when they sent out the mass mailing. I ended up with three GC Manuals, one standard and two SRT8. I don't need three manuals, but the green Jeep pouches that you get with them are kind of nice.
  • guertinguertin Posts: 39
    I now have the SRT8. The dealer said that you have to put a skid plate over the gas tank (yes, over the existing one) so that you can connect to the central skid plate. So, the cost is about $200 total (more than the original $49 quote). Apparently, it is not possible to place a skip plate in the front. Since I don't plan to take the car offroad, I will probably not get the skid plates. However, I did place a heavy rubber cover over the exposed bundle of wires wires (under car near center) just for extra protection.
  • guertinguertin Posts: 39
    I now have 3,000 miles on the car. The two front rotors are showing considerable uneven wear (perhaps 0.003 in. depth in some groves). This started to show up even after only the first 100 miles! My dealer is very cooperative about this (willing to replace rotors and pads). And, the Jeep factory representative has agreed too. (The rear rotors are perfect.) My concern is that replacing the parts may not solve the problem, i.e., after a few 100 miles or so, the problem will return.

    I have a theory. . . . The pads probably have residual lubricant (wax) left from the powder metallurgy process in making the pads. So, friction only occurs where there is no wax. The solution? Heat the pads to drive off the wax before putting them on the car. An alternative might be to "bed-in" the pads, i.e., apply the brakes strongly at about 70 mph to about 10 mph, doing this about 5 times in a row to generate considerable heat.

    I am open to suggestions. Thanks.
  • kec8kec8 Posts: 141
    I'm not surprised about the skid plate issue with all of the suspension, aerodynamic and engine differences between the SRT8 and the standard GC. $49 just seemed too good to be true.

    After one year and 20,000 miles on mine, my brakes have been fine. They did pick up a mild squeal at about 18,000, but aside from that, they are fine. I may have caused some of that after a few handbrake turns in snowy conditions. They are pretty high performance brakes, so you could be right about needing to bed them in as you would in a race car. Your guess is as good as mine on that one.

    I just lost my satellite radio, as my free one year trial expired this afternoon. I'll miss it, but to me it's just not worth $12 per month.
  • guertinguertin Posts: 39
    Thanks kec8 for your reply to my brake issue. And, I too will not pay $12/month for Sirius (after the free 1 year).

    I would appreciate more comments from other SRT8 owners on the brake issue that I posted on March 17. This is an important issue that I would like to resolve before the 12k mi./1 year warranty expires.

    By the way, except for this, the car is great. Its power got me out of trouble (not caused by me) a few times already. I will have more comments on the car later.
  • guertinguertin Posts: 39
    I just got a notice about participating in the SRT Track Experience for SRT owners.

    Is this worthwhile? Does anyone have any comments on this that would be useful for a "first-timer"? It looks like it would be fun and educational. Any risks?
  • htronhtron Posts: 74
    Well, you obviously haven't gone yet, so I'm guessing no one told you that you got a free visit to the SRTTE included with the jeep srt8? I think you had to buy after Feb 2006 or something like that, not sure of the date. It should be listed on your invoice, though.

    At any rate, for free, it's highly worth going! You don't have to drive your own car on the track, they provide the vehicles, almost all of the srt vehicles, in fact - including the viper...but don't get your hopes up like I did! You don't get to take the viper out at high speed - they used to allow that but they had too many accidents...extreme bummer there. You do get to drive the viper through the slalom course, but that's very anti-climactic. You do get to do 120mph+ in other srt vehicles, but we didn't even get to do that for long, we didn't get to take the whole oval, just a portion of it.

    So bottom line, a lot of fun, highly recommended for free, but I couldn't see paying $500 for it.

  • kec8kec8 Posts: 141
    I will add to htron's sentiment, as he and I attended the SRT Track Exp. on the same day last fall at Michigan International Speedway. It is educational and it's only risky if you are not a good driver...and although it's no guarantee, hopefully if you have a GC SRT8 you have decent driving skills.

    If you still have your Monroney (sticker)check it to see if the SRT Track Experience is listed on it. If it's there, then the course is included. If you don't have the Monroney, you can call the SRT Track Exp. phone number 800-998-1110, give them your VIN and they will check and let you know if it is included with yours.

    If you've never done any racing or high performance driving schools, you will love it. As you don't use your own vehicle, you get to thrash around theirs, which is almost worth the price of admission. At MIS we ran GC SRT8's, 300 SRT8's and SRT10 Ram pickups in acceleration runs (drags); 300 and Charger SRT8's on the high banks and road course; and the Viper's on a very tight pylon course at pretty low speeds.

    It's an all day deal (8am-5pm)and includes a catered breakfast and lunch. You can also take along a guest for an extra $60. The guest can go on the track with the instructor driving, but not you. I signed my wife up as a guest and when she got there they had her listed as a driver, so she got to do it all and had a hoot (she had done a Skip Barber three-day class before and was comfortable with it all).

    Top speeds will depend upon what track you take it at. I had it at 135-140 on the (approximately)1.25 mile section of high banks that we used as part of the road course. I'm guessing that you won't see that kind of speed on the road courses without high banks. However from just looking at the list of tracks that they use, most are superspeedways (Daytona, Texas, California, Pocono, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Phoenix, etc.)

    Bottom line: If you already paid for it, SIGN UP! You will enjoy it. However if it's going to cost you an extra $500, my suggestion is to save the money and put it towards a Skip Barber two or three day high performance or racing course. You will get a lot more out of it and more seat time.

    There's a lot of information on the SRT Track Experience website
  • hobokidhobokid Posts: 2
    Hi everyone just signed up, also just purchased a 2007 jeep srt8 in feb. Wondering if the upgrade kit is available yet? Also I have about 1,500 miles on it and have experienced sqeeking noise from front brakes, also my radio went off completely (no nav) and my front spolier had broken on both left and right sides on the very bottom. Has any one else had these issues? Thanks
  • guertinguertin Posts: 39
    Hi Hobokid. Well, I can't say that my brakes have never squeaked. I think they may have once or twice but not the last 1,000 miles. (I currently have 3,000 miles on car.) So, this does not seem to be an issue with me. Did the squeaking occur after the brakes got wet? I hope this helps a little. If your squeaking is excessive, it is not normal.

    Of course, I'm the one that has an issue with the uneven wear on the front rotors/disks. Have you seen this on yours? I'm trying to solve this rather than blindly replacing rotors and pads.
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