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Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8



  • Well, I also had that hesitation problem a few times. Once, it almost caused a problem when it happened as I was pulling into traffic, luckily nobody hit me. Took it to the dealer & they replaced a faulty electronic shifter switch. Seems it was sending a false signal to the tranny. No problems after that. The dealer was aware of the problem from their service bulletins. Also had a metal spike in my L/R tire, it had to be replaced ($362). The dealer was unaware about the "Road Hazard" policy on the RUNFLAT tires. After a call to "GoodYear" in Akron they notified the dealer to fill out the pro-rating papers which were sent to the dealer. There should be some money returned to me, because I had only 9,000 mi. on the tire.
  • I have an 07 srt-8 and i have had a problem with it not letting me accelerate over about 10 miles and while it doing this the park assist warning light was up and the gears where all outlined. It seems to be a common problem, I was just wondering if anyone who had this problem was not able to get it fixed because now this is the 4th time I have had my truck at jeep and they keep telling me its fine.
    However last night the check engine light came on after I felt the car just about stall. Now they are finally seeing a problem. Also when I turn off my esp there seems to be a clunking and or grinding noise coming from under the truck t slow speeds and while stopping when I turn the esp back on its fine. Has anyone esle had this problem?
  • pauladpaulad Posts: 14

    I had the same stalling problem --it was a loose tranny wire--the fixed it and I didn;t have any further problems--the parking assist is probably totally unrelated--it seems it freezes up--if you go through a car wash and it gets water in it--than it freezes from the cold--the light will come on and you'll get weird lights flashing--once it melts--it's fine again--
  • htronhtron Posts: 74
    Hi - I have an 06, and yes, I've experienced some kind of different noise/feeling from the back end with esp off, but only this past summer, not before that. I noticed it at various speeds, slow, 45, freeway. Dealer said they couldn't find any problems. I'm not sure if I should be worried or not...I've tended to turn off esp less often since hearing it...
  • Update: I took a chance and had the Shift Assembly replaced with a redesigned (by Mercedes) one. The dealer and I could not be sure that this would solve the lack of power at low speed that occurred twice over 12,000 miles. But, it probably would do no harm. If you have this done, please tell the dealer to be careful not to damaged the decorative metal around the gear stick. (I took a photo of this before doing the exchange!)

    So far the problem has not returned (but I don't drive much). The car remains a great performer for the money. (We shall see if the grooved rotors and brake pads get replaced under warranty.)
    Jacques G.
  • fornovfornov Posts: 34
    I've seen this vehicle compared to a wide variety of others, so maybe it shouldn't surprise me that I'm cross-shopping a GC SRT8 with a 335xi, G37x sedan (not out yet), S5/S4, TL SHAWD, and Maxima. I've been expecting to get an AWD sedan, but I've always kind of had my eye on this GC. It really fits in with this crowd better than it does with other SUV's. As others have pointed out on this forum, you shouldn't look at it as an SUV, rather as a sports car with extra storage room.

    Here are the questions I have:
    1. I live in Iowa - we often get a few snowstorms of 3-6 inches throughout the winter, with maybe one big one of up to 12 inches (or maybe not). Then there are many dustings from November to April. The first one happened to be today. I'd love to take one out to test in the snow, but unfortunately, there isn't one in the area - the closest one is about 150 miles away. With this climate, do I need to be worried about the performance of the GC in the snow?

    2. Gas mileage - premium gas is $1.89 here today. I don't expect it to stay below $2 for long, in fact it'll probably be back up to $3-4 in another year or two. If I drive 15K miles a year, I'd use about 1150 gallons/year (13MPG), compared to the 680 gallons/year (22MPG) I'd use from one of the other vehicles. At $3/gallon, that's an extra $1400/year on fuel. Plus, there is the embarrassment of using so much fuel, although I think I'll get over that. How do I rationalize owning such an inefficient vehicle? Maybe my next car will have to be a Tesla to make up for it. :)

    3. Tech features - how is the Nav system in the GC? Does the Bluetooth work well? Sound system? Hard drive? Sirius? Ease of use of the display for information? Does anyone know how these things compare to the other manufacturers' systems?

    4. How hard is it to put a hitch on the back for a bike carrier? I currently have a trunk lid carrier for my '06 TL, but I don't want to use that kind of setup on a GC, nor would it likely even work.

    A lot of this is just my own ramblings about my thoughts about the new car purchasing process. Obviously, if I could just drive one, I'd be able to answer a lot of these questions for myself. If anyone can help me out here, I would greatly appreciate it.
  • htronhtron Posts: 74
    well, I actually have a winter car, so I don't drive mine in the winter. I know that some do, and haven't had any complaints that I've seen. My only concern would be that with all the power that you'd really have to feather the throttle so you're not breaking free every second...

    I don't have nav, so I can't speak to that.

    However, all of this is trumped by the FUN FACTOR! This car is awesome to drive, sounds good, and surprises a lot of people. It's so fun to blow away kids in their mustangs that think they're quick...what's funny is the number of thumbs up I get from people after I've just beaten them. Also, the SOUND of the exhaust is very cool - the engineers did a really good job with that. The low hum while you're cruising is good, and then when you jump on it the sound elevates appropriately...very grin-inducing.

    Bottom line - the fun factor is worth the price of admission, no question, which I think everyone here would agree with. Of course, we're biased...
  • fornovfornov Posts: 34
    I appreciate the fun factor - I really do. In fact, that is the only reason I'm considering this vehicle in the first place. The problem is that everything else I've driven is pretty fun, too. The 335 is really quick and ready to go at any instant. The G35's I've driven in the past are always the same way, and the G37 will only be better. If I could really have my way, I'd be getting an M3 or a CTS-V, but they don't have AWD. My biggest needs are these (in order):

    1. Usable back seat
    2. 4WD/AWD (or FWD, but who wants that?)
    3. Under $70K

    Anything that goes against those is a deal breaker. After that, I'm looking at:

    4. 4 doors (almost a deal breaker, just depends on how hard it would be for a 2-year-old to climb into the back)
    5. User-friendly Nav/sound/MP3/phone

    If the vehicle still qualifies, I'll move on to the fun factor and "wants," rather than "needs." (As an aside, I'll make the disclaimer that my definition of "needs" is not what I truly need. If I went just with real needs, I'd get a 2004 Corrola.)

    6. Driving dynamics (acceleration, handling, braking, driving feel)
    7. Mileage
    8. Styling
    9. Sound system
    10. Seating comfort

    So that's my list. I dove a GC Limited today (5.7L Hemi), just so I could get a feel for the nav, sound, comfort, interior, etc. I have to say that the nav is just OK, rather small screen, not the easiest to use, despite the touch screen, which is a good idea. The sound is also just OK, although I'd expect it to be much better in the SRT. Very comfortable seats and roomy driver cockpit. I don't like the wood grain trim - I assume it's aluminum or something in the SRT? The driving feel was pretty bland. It just felt like an SUV would expect to feel. It was a strong SUV, just not a quick SUV. The suspension was soft like any other SUV. All of these would change in the SRT, I assume. I'm really disappointed I won't be able to drive an SRT before I decide if I want to purchase one.

    The one SRT within a 200 mile radius is a 2008 model. I haven't seen details on it yet, but the sales manager said it has an MSRP of 48K. What sort of price should I expect to pay for that? I'll ask that question on the "prices paid" thread as well.
  • Well Adam, as you already know, I had the low power problem at about 12,000 mi and the shift assembly was replaced with a presumably redesigned Mercedes one. All was fine until recently at about 18,000 mi when the same problem occurred including jerkiness. (I turned off the engine and restarted. The problem went away. This suggests an electronic problem.) I took the car to dealer and they updated some software. Seems a bit too easy. I would have suspected a faulty circuit (hardware not software). The problem has not recurred since but that is only a month ago. We shall see.

    To reiterate, the problem seemed to occur only with a cold engine start. I'm not sure what this means but maybe the update of software will fix the problem. (It would be really dangerous to have a power loss when getting on the freeway!)

    Well, I hope this helps. Let me know what you learn so that we can all learn.
  • At about 18,000 mi, my A/C started giving me trouble, mostly in the "auto" position. Even when set at "65", it would blow rather warm air in to the car. This was hot enough to force me to turn the system off. Then, the next day it would work fine! Of course, when I took the problem to the dealer, the A/C would not misbehave . . . until I got the car home! (I think it works better in the "manual" mode using the "snow" button but I'm not sure.)

    I would guess another electronic glitch. Any suggestions?
  • I just want to make sure we are talking about the same problem. I MATCH THE EXACT DESCRIPTION OF THE GUY WITH THE 07 srt8 , even with the park assist problem. How much was it to replace (was urs under warranty), and can you more accurately describe your problem. just so i know we are talking about the same thing. :confuse:
  • Yes, it is I with the 2007 SRT8 Jeep. The first time the power loss (with loss of rear camera imaging on reverse) occurred was at 11,800 mi. This was just under the 12,000 mi. warranty so I did not have to pay anything for replacing the shift assembly. Anyway, it did seem to solve the backup camera issue.

    I'm still not sure that my loss of power issue is resolved. I'm rather convinced that it is an electronic problem. Perhaps the recent software update will have solved it. (I did have to pay about $60 for the update since my warranty had expired.)

    If you don't hear from me it is because the problem has not returned.
  • guertinguertin Posts: 39
    Last February, I posted that I had an erratic A/C, i.e., at times blowing hot air instead of cold. This occurs in both the auto and manual ("snow" button) modes. Well, after taking to the dealer twice for this, the problem is still there! Of course it always works fine at the dealer. The dealer has no solution for this so far and apparently there is no "fix" bulletin from Jeep.

    Am I the only one with this problem? I could sure use so suggestions. Please, please help.

    In spite of this, I just love my SRT8. I understand that a more powerful (>500 HP?) may be made in 2012. I sure hope so as long as there isn't much of a fuel penalty.
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