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Honda Civic vs Mazda3



  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    thats good man. its seems that the a/c bug is FINALLY out. enjoy the car! :)
  • zzoomp09zzoomp09 Posts: 31
    I got the same in Sunlight Silver with the Moonroof/Bose option. As well as rear bumper step plates, a larger air dam, wheel locks, door edge guards, cargo mat, all-weather floor mats, window tints, compass/auto-dimming mirror and 3 free oil changes. $22500 including the destination charge.

    I know I didn't get a huge discount for this one because the dealer I went to wasn't the best dealer you want to buy a car if you want deep discounts. But, they were the only one who had a manual tranny at that time with the color that I want. Wayne Mazda had one but in red and black. I'm only looking for either the Sunlight Silver or the Aurora Blue Mica.

    I'm glad you chose the 3, you really won't regret your decision. I was worried about the A/C too when I bought my car, and I couldn't test it because I bought it in Feb this year, in the middle of winter. But we've been experiencicng in past 3 days, temperatures in the mid-90's with humidity in the NY Metro Area, and the A/C is superb! Used the A/C at fan speed level 3 (GT models have 7 fan speed levels) in the coldest setting. My eyeglasses will frost as soon as I get out of the car. That's how cold the A/C was! They've surely fixed the issue on past models.

    Fuel economy is fine. I'm getting 24 city/32 hwy (23 or less if driving mostly in NYC traffic) and it's not that far with my sister's 2006 Civic EX which she gets 25 city/34 hwy (24 or less if driving mostly in NYC traffic). Really close to 2008 EPA estimates.

    By the way, I just had an oil change with synthetic oil Friday morning. Performance is a lot better. Also putting in Premium Grade (93 octane) gas most of the time now. I've put in 87 for a while and noticed a different sound on the engine. Love the sound better in higher octane gas.

    So far, I'm really enjoying and loving the car. It's been performing well above my expectations for a premium econo-box.
  • ecofunecofun Posts: 23
    All good news. Glad to hear the mileage numbers In all the 3 vs civic mileage figures, people are getting, I have to believe the Mazda3 driver push a car harder than the civic driver does, so a lot of the numbers may not be apples to apples. Just a thought.

    By the way I'm picking my car up in 2 hours and thinking of adding the rear bumper step plates. Do you find them to be more fashion than function or do you think they really do protect the bumper?
  • zzoomp09zzoomp09 Posts: 31
    If you're putting in a lot of things in your trunk, yes. Plus, it adds a little bit on the looks. It won't make the back of the 5dr look like being pushed down or stretched from the sides.
  • ecofunecofun Posts: 23
    First Impression:

    In a word...SMOOTH.
    This car just purrs. I can't believe how quiet the ride is in this 4-cyl. Throwing gears is like going through butter. The one thing I was surprised about when I was test driving the civic coupe ex was that the stick was a little notchy, tougher to find gears than some of the Accord sticks that I experienced. After 200 miles on the new GT 5 door, finding gears is effortless. If I have a "complaint", in the past I've always listened to the engine to get my cue when to shift. This engine is so quiet (although I'm wondering if I've been playing the Bose too loud), that I'm watching the tach more than ever (but I'm really not complaining). This car seems like a perfect blend of fun and economy which is exactly what I was hoping for.

    My only concern right now is dealing with the NH winter driving. From all accounts, it's sounds like I don't want to be on these Goodyear Eagles when the snow starts flying. In time, I will probably switch to a high performance all season tire. But I won't be ready by Dec when I'll probably have 10-12K miles on the car. I'd rather not sink $500 into a set of winter tires plus the cost of another set of wheels, not the mention the pain of changing tires twice a year. What I may try to do is rough it for this winter and have new all seasons for next.

    Among you snowbelt drivers, any thought which way to go?
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    don't get too optimistic; i used to floor it in my civic.(and still average over 30 mpg.)

    to mr zzoom: are you just posting your sisters epa sticker numbers? becasue the civic gets 36 mpg; the mazda 3 2.3 barely manages 29 on the highway; you must be driving VERY conserviately to get those numbers; thus negating any need to put in premium gas for its 'performance' benefits. :blush:
  • ecofunecofun Posts: 23
    For what it's worth, these numbers are from CR's April 2007 issue:

    Overall MPG
    Civic ex sedan manual 31
    Mazda3 5-door hatchback manual 28
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    You beat me too it! I was just going to mention that.
  • zzoomp09zzoomp09 Posts: 31
    I'm posting a real-world experience for me and my sister. I was on a trip from Montreal to NYC through the highways of the Adirondacks and the Catskills with speeds from 70 to sometimes 85mph, and believe it or not, my trip computer hit 33.4mpg. Plus the weather is really springlike and most of the time, I was using the cruise control.

    Keep in mind that the numbers I posted has a bit more percentage for both... Meaning if it's the city, more percentage driving in the city than the highway, I'm getting around 24, 23 if mostly in NYC traffic. If it's mostly highway, I'm getting around 32. You apply the same measurements with my post regarding my sister's Civic EX.

    The numbers I should have posted also are the MPG of a mix (let's say 40/60, 50/50, or 60/40 percetages) city/highway driving...

    My sister's Civic EX - 30.8 mpg
    My 3 GT 5dr - 29.9 mpg

    All in all, it really depends on how each and every one of us drives. :)

    One more thing, when I was driving from Toronto to Montreal, I've only achieved 29.7mph as I was following this Mazda6 running at around 80 to 110mph. I was following that car for about 45 mins and my MPG went down 3mpg. Oh boy, this 3 GT 5dr just hits 110mph easily!!!
  • zzoomp09zzoomp09 Posts: 31
    It is really SMOOTH... :shades:

    I was worried about the engine noise when I was buying this car too. My corolla was quiet and the RPM is at 3000 on 80mph. The 3 that I bought is purring at 3000RPMs on 65mph. But, it is really smooth and you'll notice how they've insulated the cabin from the engine noise, even when hitting 4500RPMs. 3000RPM's on my previous Corolla and the 3 are world's apart.

    The stick is superb! My friends from all over the Northeast when I've met them the past few months, LOVED this new baby of mine. The stick is just smooth and easy. You won't find it hard to shift the car. And you'll really have that shifting "problem" when you're listening to the BOSE we've got on our cars. I was running at 4th gear merging to the NJ Turnpike and continued to do so at around 70-72mph. I forgot to change gears as I used to have an automatic and I never really heard the engine that much to give the cue to change.

    Winter driving is bad at first. But once you get used to driving a stick in 10 inches of snow on the ground, the Goodyear Eagles are fine. I'm planning on changing the tires next winter season as I would probably have more than 20,000 miles on it. And from reviews I've read on, these Eagles are not good after a few wear and tear. From reviews on tirerack too, the best options for our GT's with the same dimensions are the Michelin Pilot Exalto A/S, Pilot Sport A/S, and the Avon Tech M550 A/S.
  • ecofunecofun Posts: 23
    I'll trust you on the ease of reaching 110. Those days are over for me!
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Oh boy, this 3 GT 5dr just hits 110mph easily!!!

    Try driving a Mazdaspeed3, see how you get to 110 in the blink of an eye..
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    my comment still stands.

    as does my average of 38 mpg in my old civic!
  • zzoomp09zzoomp09 Posts: 31
    I seldom do that anyway. I was just trying to see how this car would perform under those conditions. It was a straight highway anyway from Toronto to Montreal. Not many hills or drastic turns, etc, etc. And it was a part of the 401 that don't have many vehicles at the time. Plus it's at 2am. :)
  • zzoomp09zzoomp09 Posts: 31
    I know. I'm pretty stuck with this car for the next 2 years. I'll probably get one when they'll launch the speed version of the next 3. Or maybe the next 6, due to be launched this fall.
  • zzoomp09zzoomp09 Posts: 31
    I don't doubt you a bit. I'm just getting information from my sister's car usage. Remember, it's my sister's car and I only give suggestions on how to make it run better. But it's still up to her if she wants to do it. ;)

    Bottomline, like I've already said, it varies from driver to driver. My Mazda is performing better than I expected and loving every minute I'm driving it. I wish I had bought the Speed3 though. :(
  • smallcar1smallcar1 Posts: 76
    A co-worker has an '06 Civic and it only gets the 36 MPG on the opne road with no traffic. I have another co-woker with an '01 Civic and his MPG stays up there even if there is some traffic but the '06 has much more power.

    I test drove the new Civic and I thought that the car felt like a late '90s Accord rather than an econmoy car like the old Civic. What kept me from buying it was that I use the hood to judge where the front or side of the car is and in the new Civic you can't see the hood at all from the driver's seat.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    A co-worker has an '06 Civic and it only gets the 36 MPG on the opne road with no traffic

    only gets 36? thats fantastic, given its rated at 36.
  • I have a 07 civic si and my girl friend has a civic ex. I've test driven the mazdaspeed 3 which sadly only comes in that dreadfully ugly hatchback in my opinion. definitely dont buy a mazdaspeed 3, its got nice power but really isnt nearly as fun to drive. i think it has a poor interior, horrible gear box, just has a overall feel that its going to crap out on you in a couple years. the mazda 3 sedan is a much better car and certainly has more power than a normal civic, but civic is much more reliable and will last you longer im sure. my girlfriend has put over 75,000 miles on her civic in less than 3 years and never has had a single problem except chipped windshield. they are extremely well made and can take a beatin and keep on goin forever. If you got the money, get a Si :) i absolutely love my Si, ive test driven every car in its class and the Si is the most fun to drive and will last you the longest. it doesnt even have a turbo and pumps out as much power as say a Gti which is a 2.0 turbo. anyway im just blabbing now, get a civic or civic Si :)
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    it doesnt even have a turbo and pumps out as much power as say a Gti which is a 2.0 turbo. anyway im just blabbing now, get a civic or civic Si

    Actually, it is lacking severely in torque compared with the GTI turbo.

    I'd still pick the Civic, but it's not the more-powerful car. :)
  • oh i know, im just sayin as much horsepower anyway and if you were to put a turbo in the Si, you would be way over the Gti. But still, even tho the Si has alot less torque, its still up in the air who would win a 1/4 mile run. The Si and Gti both run a 15.0, its really just whos better with a clutch that will win the race.
  • now you put the Si on a windy road and i know for sure who will win :D
  • sssfegysssfegy Posts: 132
    Motor Trend June 2007:
    "Compared to the Civic si the Mazdaspeed3 cranks everything one noticeable notch"
    Honda fans need to take deep breathe here is the rest compared to the 3:
    Better ergonomics,more body roll, less powerful brakes with nonlinear response,less peak power,lazy steering response,more understeer than the 3!

    How do you claim the above? :blush:
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    ha! good one pal. the gti runs in mid to high 14's.

    the si's motor is wonderful. but its attributes are also its weaknesses. you don't have to keep a gti's engine on boling point to get power out of it. in fact most 0-60 runs in a gti are quiker than an si, almost a second in fact. (last gti was car and driver tested and it ran in 6.2 seconds.)

    you can turbo an si, but how much will that cost? (not to mention preparing the car for the turbo.) 500 bucks gets you a gti with 50lbs of torque more and about 30-40 more hp.

    the twisties? yeah, stock, si rules. But that gti is still in your rearview mirror.... :P
  • well im not going to argue.. but ive seen stock Si's 0-60 at 6.3. anyway, loaded Gti is around 27-29k i believe? Si around 21? im only guessing you could put a turbo for in for less than 6-8k along with the components you need to ready it. Anyway, Si wasnt made to slug it out in a straight line. you certainly can make it do that though. Also with a simple fix of the epu, you can change where the vtec is engaged, so that each shift, your right on the money.
    anyway, all i was really saying is that the Si competes with it. and that i would rather have the Si over the Gti.
  • yes ive read all about the mazdaspeed 3, i know what its capable of and have driven it a couple times. Just go look at that thing they call a "car". try driving it. if they put the mazdaspeed 3 engine in the sedan rather than that twinkie lookin hatchback, now damn that would be somethin... people would actually buy it. remember im statin my opinion so dont get all mad :) people seem to take things personal on here.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    you can make modifications to the ecu, but the epu is not going to to anything! :P

    most people interested in racing wont opt for a fully loaded gti; i can get a four door for about 24k, and there is no way you are getting a 2k turbo that will last outside of 1500miles. even if you do get a decked out gti; after the expense of turboing a civic; you are still just tacking on 500 bucks to the gti's 27k pricetag; and your still saving one thing: TIME.

    the ecu upgrade wont really 'change' your vtec engagement point either, especially since i vtec is always 'engaged' and just swithces between economy and performance cams. this isn't b series v tec. and modding this wont really change your ability to shift on the money; you'd have to upgrade your own brains ecu to do that! ;)

    don't worry man, im not hating on you, i like the si and you should enjoy your car, i just prefer the gti for different reasons.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    but ive seen stock Si's 0-60 at 6.3

    you've seen? or driven? they must of been working that transmission, again why the gti has the advantage, you can bully the engine, but don't have to to get a time like this.
  • yea ive read about the vtec always being engaged, damnit im trying to find the site i was reading though. they sell the ecu reflash for the 06-07 and showed they changed the redline to 8600 and the vtec engaged at 4500, so i was a little confused. there is no doubt though, everytime you floor it, right when it hits 6k there is a definite change in power and sound.
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