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Honda Civic vs Mazda3



  • mrblonde49mrblonde49 Posts: 626
    Getting great reviews isn't too hard, in the short term. One wonders about the flaws that will show up in the long-term, like broken A/C after 4 years. ""

    They got great reviews in 2004, straight thru 2007. I'd like to see a negative one, if you can find it

    >>Moreover, popularity isn't a good yardstick for quality. Anyone who bought one would almost have to notice how worthless the A/C was, yet still be dumb enough to buy one."

    I have an 06 and my a/c is not an issue, and that is with 100 degree humid days
  • cz75cz75 Posts: 210
    I've yet to see any more than one long-term test to shake out the cars flaws. Even Ford and GM can make something that holds together until warranty is up, for the most part. Of course, they both know how to make decent A/C too.
  • sssfegysssfegy Posts: 132
    CZ you made your point, its Japanese garbage bla...
    Now that you bought the si(which loses in every comparison done to date to the Speed 3) you don't need to show us how happy you are with your underdog..go brag in the civic forum that one Mazda3 had an A/C replaced..
    Enjoy your si, and don't think it's a civic.
  • ecofunecofun Posts: 23
    Hey CZ, if you want to read about bad A/C, check out this link:
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159

    That is not fair to the Honda Civic people. Showing them evidence that their Honda actually can have problems is just wrong! We should only state problems with other brands, for, they are and never will be flawless like the Honda Civic.

    I guess I am out of line as well for posting the following link....
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    1st thing: honda was a hair behind, so its practically a moot point.

    2nd thing: i think comparing 2 brands that are usually thought of as better than average with regards to reliability and to have either one called junk by an owner/fan of the other is silly.

    so i kinda disagree with c's comments as well as the honda ones. both are good cars.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    i will agree with this.

    come one guys, most car reviews that favor the car NEVER



    EVER take into consideration long term reliability. (sometimes a honda review will throw it in or mention resale value but thats about it.)

    and yes i know that the 3 has gotten consistent good reviews in later years...but then again they are testing a NEW car right? not just re-using an older tester again? :blush:

    in fact, i can't think of anyone who has had their 3 in a long term fleet...if there is a site i'd love to read up on it.

    i'm NOT arguing the 3 is a bad car at all, i'm just saying that the concept of reliability issues coming up during the early miles of the car regardless of year wont show what long term reliability is, so no one, not a honda or mazda guy, can go by that. :sick:
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    why are you bringing in the speed 3 and si into this?

    nothing wrong with an fact, most people agree that the si actually handles BETTER than the mazda, and i know a few edmunds and c/d tests put certain grip and slalom numbers on par if not better than the 3. and the shifter is worlds better on the civic than on the speed 3.

    Tq and acceleration? yeah you have your winner...but you don't have anything new or typcial of the brand: anyone can turbo a large engine and excpect good acceleration. :blush:

    Cz has no need to brag in the civic forums about mazda 3's having a/c problems, enough people do it here.

    didn't understand the comment about enjoying one's si and not thinking its a that suppossed to be like derogatory? its a type of civic, so i don't see how your comment makes any sense at all.
  • sssfegysssfegy Posts: 132
    Why don't you get familliar with the forums? Cz states he owns an si and he could not wait to report a problem on a friend's 3!(jea..)!
    "its a type of civic"hint: It's ugggggly! It's a Japanese Saturn! Made out of plastic :P
    I don't see asmany problems as the Honda civic, or as many problems occuring on one car that would make you think you are looking at the Audi forums!

    "edmunds and c/d tests put certain grip and slalom numbers on par if not better than the 3"
    Did they check the tire'sidewalls? M.T. did, and on the race track the car could not hold up to the rest because of the tires!! The side walls were almost gone!
    tireson the 3 after 3 laps looked new! So enjoy tour turns, just keep it slow.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    I was being sarcastic, I figured YOU of all people would pick up on that!
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    It's a good idea to use a ;) or something for everyone's benefit. It can be hard to pick up that kind of subtlety when you can't see the person's face or hear the tone of voice. :)
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    sorry dude! i know i should have!

    its all good bro. :)
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    Why don't YOU get familiar with the forums mr. 116 posts?

    its a type of civic"hint: It's ugggggly! It's a Japanese Saturn! Made out of plastic

    who needs a hint? and why are you hinting at something that it isn't? there are so many useless and wrong things with this statement i needn't type anymore.

    M.T. did, and on the race track the car could not hold up to the rest because of the tires!! The side walls were almost gone!
    tireson the 3 after 3 laps looked new! So enjoy tour turns, just keep it slow.

    first of all, what car are you talking about? the si or the civic? i strongly doubt that the sidewalls were 'almost gone'. which mt comparo compares the 3 to a civic in which this happened or compares the 3 to an si when this happened?

    if there were any truth to this statement it makes the tires look bad, not the car.

    i don't really take motortrend that serious anymore, and they have never really had bad things to say about the civics, especially not after giving it the car of the year award.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Yeah, by the time I thought of that, it was too late to edit it!
  • sssfegysssfegy Posts: 132
    No you don't need to get familliar with all the posts, but who you are replying to, you look at the original post. :)
    What you can not accept my opinion ? I hate how it looks, and told you why! ;)
    The sidewalls of the tire wearing out has very little to do with the tire itself, it has to do with engineering of the suspension, and the engineer that chose that exact tire for their superior handling Honda. :P
    Who said its a bad car? It just does not compare to the 3! :)
  • sssfegysssfegy Posts: 132
    Is that last post good Pat? Plenty of friendly gestures! ;)
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    i never had a problem accepting your opinion...but i CAN disagree with it.

    the civic in both si and regular versions is a fine hanlding vehicle. (the regular performing almost at the same level as the 3, the si throughly exceeding it.)

    i know you dislike how it looks, but i have yet to see a saturn that looks like it.

    and then to top it off some of the statements you made were just poor english.

    nice enough for ya?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I think someone who can't seem to find capital letters when constructing sentences isn't really in a position to criticize someone else's English (i.e.,grammar)...
  • sssfegysssfegy Posts: 132
    "nice enough for ya?"
    Very much so, why would I engage in an argument with someone who does not know how to spell(thoroughly, handling) and refers to himself as (i)!That's not like missing a comma or an apostrophe when you're typing fast!No wonder I don't like your choice, and yes you cannot see a Saturn that looks like it, because they are not running anymore :P
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Okay, now you're piling on.

    Let's end the personal comments from both sides here.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    some keyboards just can't keep up with me. what can i say? :P

    either that or lack of running a spell check. no biggie regardless.
  • Im stuck between the Honda Civic LX and Mazda 3 iTouring both are great cars and a little spaced out in reliability. I would like to know how much has everyone paid for maintence and repairs on the Civic and Mazda3, preferably 2003 models but all welcome.
    P.S. dont include oil changes and normal maintence. Thanks
  • I have a 2007 Mazda 3 S 5 dr. I've had it for 13 months and 21k miles and have had NO additional expenses, no need for repairs, no problems. just change oil, filters, rotate tires and wash it. Very pleasing experience.
  • I love Hondas and have owned several. But the lack of stability control in the non-Si Civic made the Mazda3 the obvious winner to me. I just bought a 2008 sTouring.

    Honda - will all your advertising on safety, why no ESC??? You lost a sale.
  • ditto at 28k (hard LI-NYC commute driving)...and I'm avg a surprising 26mpg. Overall quite pleased. I miss my old SUV for the size, but for mileage, pep while merging and passing, style and reliability, I'm pretty darned satisfied with my M3s.
  • Fair point but I'm not sure I agree. Many, many Mazda Protege's on the road with 100's of thousands of miles on them. The M3 is similar and if anything an improvement so longterm reliability is not completely disregarded. Japanese cars in general (Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Subaru) are all known for long term reliability. Unquestionably better than late model American cars where 100k miles is still considered a lofty goal.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    "Unquestionably better than late model American cars where 100k miles is still considered a lofty goal."

    Not exactly an unbiased statement wouldn't you say?

    Geez, I've owned a mixture of American, European and Japanese cars over the years, and the ONLY ONE that didn't make 100,000 miles with ease was one of the Japanese cars, a Mazda. The flip side is our two current American cars, one with over 150,000 and the other with only 99,000 miles. For those two cars, I'm betting that even a quarter of a million miles will be a piece of cake.

    Best Regards,
  • ohplezzohplezz Posts: 74
    I've had a number of domestic cars and one honda. All of the domestics barely made it past 100k with lots of repairs. My 96 honda is over 234k now and going strong.
  • Just my own experience (and that of most of the consumer public)...I've never had an American car that didn't either a. crack a head gasket, b. leak oil from a difficult spot to reach or c. have a transmission problem before 100k miles.

    It angered me to buy my 1st japanese car and it would have been done under protest if they hadn't charged LESS for the better reliability and mileage. Fortunately our gov't has sold out so badly now that more of us work for japanese companies and build those cars right here! Sorry, no libs vs dems nonsense please. I'm stuck in the middle and think they are all lying bums!!
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