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Chevy Chevette



  • Does any one know where I can get a 5 speed transmission for a chevette?
  • To my knowledge there should be a date code casted somewhere on the block right next to the casting numbers. This date code should tell you when the engine was built and in most cases up to 6 months later give or take from when it was installed in the car. Also, it's been a long time since I have worked on Chevette's.
    Also, a knowledgeable GM dealer should be able to pull up this information for you.
  • ls6454ls6454 Posts: 11
    I had a 1981 Chevette that I bought for $600.00 in 1991, it had apprx. 80000 miles at the time. It was a gray 4 door with a 4 speed trans and A/C. I drove this car 60 miles round trip to work and back for 4 years with no major repairs.I sold this car in 1995 with apprx 150,000 miles for $500.00.
    So my Chevette only depreciated $25.00 A year.
  • lookin to drop a chevy six banger in my 82 any advice would be great thanks
  • ok i also wanna stuff some big rims under there what kind can i use and how big can i go?
  • Hey heres a pretty good site on everything you need to know to drop a 2.8 in there it's real easy and makes tons more power
  • Does anyone know of high performance parts that could be added to a 1984 chevette? Like a super changer or even a turbo? I would like to bust the HP form 70 to well over 170. The engine can not handle nitrous, but has any one had luck with other mods?
    Or should I pull out the engine and go all electric. With the light weight of the car and the High torque of the motors that might be the way to go.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    There are V8 kits available for this car but you would have to seach on the internet for the company. A co-worker had a Chevette fixed up a little with chrome wheels and stereo, and it looked alright.
  • to troll... but the Chevette is an unsafe car that should not be allowed on the road.
    Several years ago a Chevette was rear ended by a Kia Sephia ( a small car)... not that hard... on Long Island.

    The Chevette exploded and 3 young people were burned to death.

    It should not have exploded... it was not hit that hard.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    The Ford Pinto was known for the exploding gas tank not the Chevette. Small cars like this don't have all the safety built into them like they do now. It wasn't until the late 1960's before seatbelts became standard..
  • snipsnip Posts: 1
    I have a kit car with a chevette engine. I believe it to be a late 70"s or early 80"s and a 2bbl carb. Probably a Holly, number 14004464, CLA 0580. Problem, it runs fine with cold and always good at higher rpms. Stalls out completely after warming up and sitting at a couple of stop lights. It restarts fairly easily and with a couple of pumps of the accelerator. It is a three speed auto tranny.

    Does this sound like the accelerator pump? or the fuel pump?or is it related to and electrical problem as it sometimes idles rough. All of the smog stuff is removed except the egr vlave.

    Any help will be more than welcome.
    By the way, It has a fairly food amount of power when mounted in a 1600 pound chasis.

  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Sorry it was a little late in getting back to you if you see this. Our pretty much trouble free 1976 Chevette had the automatic unfortunately. The car for its size was pretty peppy but the automatic dragged it down a little. The only problems we had with the car was the single barrel carborator. Every few years the one barrel would have to be replaced. When it was going bad you had to feather the gas foot pedal to get it past its low speed stumbling problem. The carb was cheap and we just replaced it to solve the problem. I think the carborator is the main problem with these cars otherwise they seemed pretty reliable.

    Ours was the first year of production and supposedly the most problem. After inheriting it from my grandmother who lived in the desert of California, we had real good luck with the car especially in the winter in Illinois where it sat outside and always started even after sitting a week or two in sub- zero temperatures where others were having problems. The car lasted 18-years and was still running when my sister and her husband finally got rid of it because it was in pretty rough body shape and had less power.
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