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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra vs Dodge Ram



  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    The new GM light duty truck platform is getting rave reviews and if you go over to the Siverado/Sierra forms its a real lovefest. They're reported to be very smooth and powerful, much better assembled, and a joy to drive.

    That being said, they should be. As a previous fleet manager I have thought for years that the GM light duty pickups were the most over rated trucks on the market. Reliability has been down right poor in the past and GM has usually been the toughest to get relieve from in warranty cases. Things are different now and GM needs to make friends. Maybe they've improved design and quality. I think its way too early to tell, but one of our GM techs have already commented about 4L70E and 4L80E transmission problems.

    The full-size Dodge RAM has been a sturdy and reliable performer for my company, especially in the last few years. We've had no engine, transmission, or drive train issues. In fact, no major issues at all which is remarkable when you have 44 of them. The 2002-2004s seemed to have more electrical problems, but our recent purchases are absent any problems in this area. The 4.7 engine is bullet proof and so is the new 6-speed 545RFE transmission.

    In actual practice I think you'll find that the fuel consumption between the 4.7 and the 5.7 Hemi in a four-wheel drive might be negligible. This, of course, is all very dependent on how you drive. I do think that both the 4.7 and 5.7 will give you better gas mileage than the old LA360 (5.9) and a careful driver will probably realize slightly better MPG with the 4.7.

    Good luck and best regards,
  • nam92nam92 Posts: 3
    I made the purchase and picked the Ram Quad Cab 4x4. The GMC was nice, but the Ram body style and the reliability factor made my decision. I always told myself that I would not buy a vehicle after the 1st year or 2 of a major redesign. I've heard the horror stories of major redesigns and wanted the reliability since I plan on keeping the truck for about 10 years. Truck comes in June. Can't wait.
  • coontie57coontie57 Posts: 128
    I have an 06 Chevy... what changes did they make... MAJOR changes that is.
  • tex10tex10 Posts: 27
    do you know any thing about the new 6.7 cummins. my bose bought a new 6.4 power stroke and its not what wanted from ford. not to happy with them.

    i need before we oder anther truck
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    The Silverado and Sierra were completely redesigned for 2007 - they share nothing but the powertrain.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • gdog6gdog6 Posts: 17
    dodge trucks are reliable long lasting and have to (according to dodge) go thru the hardiest pre-market test of any truck.

    the interiors are nice but still not as good as some others

    but they have loads of power

    they beat gm and ford to a pulp :D
  • tex10tex10 Posts: 27
    The Ford King Ranch is nice Truck but it dont mean any thing when tne for wheel drive gos out before 10,000 miles

    i think Cummins nose some thing about egines becuase i saw one in a pete the other day and it was hualing
  • Well here is my 2 cents. I dont know too much about trucks such as in depth specs and have not owned one but am going to purchase one soon. I recently worked at a ford dealership for a few months and left because my heart was not in it. Dont get me wrong, the trucks are very cool and fun to drive around with customers. But i could not wrap my heart around the ford product. the mustangs are cool i guess but id only pay half the price to have one. eleanor is the only car on the lot that i would look at and i still though "crap" in my mind. The trucks are good rigs but i have a verdict after reading through all these threads. Fords break down and dont last. I do like the super duty trucks but for example, the f-350 has 8 radiators. in 5 years from now i dont wanna spend thousands of dollars replacing those bad boys. I know that if u want a beast u need to replace [non-permissible content removed] down the road but i just dont trust ford. the cars on the lot are crap, dont even go for one, ur wasting ur money, go to volkswagon or audi, much more quality and design. i dont know who the [non-permissible content removed] is desgining fords new products but he must be the most boring person in the world to talk to. cheap suits for cheap suits wearers i guess. back to trucks, its seems the no one is knocking gmc these days and i could understand why, the denalis and sierras i never hear gripes about. and people lets not argue about stupid things for page after page such as a bolt or handling. go freaking drive it and do the testing urself. what feels good to you? its ur freaking money. dont worry about lap testing and ventilated breaks. u can get those on anything! the new ford f-150s are nice but come on, how boring is it to drive on. i mean, u just have to be so bland to seek one out and be excited about it day after day, especially the consensus that rams and others are so much more powerful. i understand the little features ford goes to make better and its appreciated. but the inside is so one dimensional and boring. i know this is somewhat of a rant, but i think there are too many ford people who just wont throw the towel in and are basing their beliefs because ford has number one selling truck. sure the taurus was number one selling car, and that made ford great. but would u buy one? now these macho truck guys are hiding behind number 1 truck? doesnt mean an f-150 is better than the dodge or chevy? my rant is nearing an end here, but i just had to say after working at ford for so long, i had no desire to sell a ford and felt the company prided itself over stupid features rather than saying, we have the baddest truck out. Thanks!
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Yo!! I think you posted in the wrong topic. Last I heard the Dodge Ram was NOT made by Ford. LMAO!!
  • scoopyexscoopyex Posts: 31
    Don't rule out Dodge as your next truck as a result of seeing this post. I've done a little bit of research into this problem, and the only truck I've found so far matching my problem is isolated to Toyota Tundras (yes they have a chronic problem with body panels rusting prematurely) and nothing related to Dodge. so far the problem I am having is purely isolated to my truck which I happen to LOVE and it will not deter me from buying another Dodge Ram in the future.

    Anyhow, several weeks ago I took my truck, an 07 SLT 4.7 4X2 short bed 16K miles to the car wash. After every wash I normally wipe the truck down with a new microfiber towel top to bottom. The last time I washed the truck, I noticed an orangy/yellowy substance on the center section of the passenger door. Since I bought the truck last March, I've taken to long trips with it to PA and NC. I though maybe some time during one of those trips I might have accidently driven over some yellow paint or something when there was some road remarking going on. I looked around the truck some more and didn't really find any of the material any place else. Well, seeing as it was on the surface (lots of it) I decided to see if it would scrape off and a few of the tiny bits did. I didn't want to believe what it was then as I don't want to believe what it is now.. but sadly, the truth is, the material oozing out of pinhole size nooks in my paint is rust, and it's gotten worse since. I thought it was isolated to the passenger door, and did some more looking around.. sure enuff.. I'm finding the same problem on the hood, the drivers door, the tailgate, and both sides of the bed. My truck is brite white and now it's got acne. Has anybody else had this problem and what has Chrysler done about it? it seems to me that just sanding the panels down and repainting them is just going to result in it happening again later down the road, since once metal starts to rust, it's pretty much a death sentence for it. When I bought the truck a year ago, I intended on keeping it for five to ten years because that's the kind of life expectancy I was counting on. at this rate the body is going to look like swiss cheese by next year if it's not fixed.

    Althought these pictures are not from my truck. this is exactly what I'm seeing on my body panels (nice litte kick in the ribs for the Tundra owners to) html
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Clay should remove it as it appears to be on the surface. Do it quickly before it penetrates the paint and primer. If caught soon enough it will not penetrate the clear coat. Good luck!!
  • the_big_althe_big_al Posts: 1,079
    Go read Inside Lines newest road test pitting the Dodge, Chevy and Ford HD's against each other... The Winner? The Duramax. It's a pretty interesting read.
  • the_big_althe_big_al Posts: 1,079
    Here is the road test that Inside Line did just a couple weeks ago... Read and enjoy :D Before reading the rest I would have gone with the Chevy, and after reading the test I would definately go with the Chev, but I'll let you make a decision.
  • the_big_althe_big_al Posts: 1,079
    Here's just my 2 cents worth... GM is redesigning the trucks this year, but from what I understand it's only the hlaf-tons. the HD's may not come along until much later, possibly even a year away from now. Like the article said - the GM ain't stylish but it get the job done ,and done better than the Ford or the Dodge. If styling is the issue, than check out the GMC version. It is exactly like the Silverado in capability, but in my opinion has a better look. But if you don't mind waiting, I am sure that GM's new HD line when it comes out will be bar none the best HD truck out there.
  • grabbygrabby Posts: 2
    I have a chevrolet pick-up 1500 year 2000 ext,cab it has 110,000. miles live in st-louis missouri and the rocker panels are rusted already since last year.Now you can press gently with a knife and it goes right trhoug it.Can I get help from GM? It is an expensif fix.What would be the better way to fix it?Cover it up with Stainess steel trim? and what brand?
  • grabbygrabby Posts: 2
    I have this chevrolet 1500 4x4 year 2000 it makes aclinking noise at low speed when I turn left or right what can be done to fix it.I hear it is a GM problem.

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    You need to replace your intermediate steering shaft. GM has redesigned the one currently in your truck.
  • Looking to get a 4x4 2500 diesel pickup. I honestly am not too familiar with them. I have heard nothing but good things about the Cummins 12v diesels, but am aware of Dodge's common transmission problems. I also like the great fuel economy that the Cummins provides and the straight front axle design in the Dodge's. How was the Duramax from 01-03? Any problems? And how is the fuel economy? The main thing that turned me onto GM was the Allison tranny. Im not too fond of the IFS. Does GM make actual shift in 4x4 rather than Push Button(makes me a little weary)? Any and all help would be appreciated. Ill be hauling a camper on the beach and pulling a 25' boat. No large trailers as of now, but who knows what the future holds. Ive driven my share of Fords and just am not interested in another one, so please dont come in here and insist on a Powerstroke.
  • loncrayloncray Posts: 301
    Well, I own an '03 Cummins Dodge and have had only one operational problem that wasn't my fault - a clutch switch that activates the ignition only when the clutch is depressed. One tow and a repair under warranty later and my truck was good as new. I haven't had any problems with the transmission - the big 6-speed as the new automatic wasn't available yet when I bought it. I have nothing but praise for the big Cummins engine, though diesel being more than a dollar higher than gasoline is displeasing.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    The fact is transmission shops are more prone to see a diesel-motored light duty pick-up that's been pushed past the design limits than a gasser, whether is a Chevy, Dodge, or a Ford. For some reason many diesel owners seem to think their machinery is more impervious to problems associated with lack of transmission maintenance and exceeding load limits.

    In 1998 Dodge had the 47RE 4-speed transmission behind the Cummins motor. This transmission was adequate under design conditions, however, like any other component that is exposed to exceeding design parameters they proved to be less reliable. Chrysler later replaced the 47RE with the 4-speed 48RE, a much more substantial design with heavier componentry and a far better computer program for diesel operation. These have proven to be fairly reliable.

    The new 6-speed 68RFE that is unique to the LD Dodge Cummins' is built off of the 545RFE used behind Dodge truck V8s after 2002. The 545RFE is without a doubt one of the most reliable and durable transmissions available in light duty trucks, bar none. These transmissions are bandless, fully electronic, fully adaptive and have been exceptionally trouble free. After model year 2007, I think you'll find more complaints with the Allison than you will a 68RFE.

    Dodge diesel mediums (4500 & 5500) use a 68RC, which is a different transmission.

  • I'm looking at buying a pre owned truck. I've been looking at 06's. I will be using it for my daily vehicle as well as to haul a horse trailer on the weekends. I'm torn between the Chevey and the Dodge. Any suggestions???
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    It's all a matter of personal preference like how the truck looks and performs. Both trucks will serve your purpose leaving the only thing left like which one looks better or has the best deal. The GM trucks have better mileage while the Dodge has better low end grunt. I don't believe either is morre reliable than the other.
  • lets settle it, I have owned all 3, we will start from the top, siverado 2500, duramx,allison
    tows like a bear, decent fuel mileage, worst reliabilty and not quality biult.

    f250, 5.4 gas, auto, no power, poor fuel economy, uncomfortable, can't tow a whole lot with out trouble--but it is a gas job

    ram 3500 mega with cummins, great trucks tows great(duramax a little better but I believe it is the tranny that makes the differance)best fuel mileage, not a very nice ride, well biult, feels a lot more solid than the other 2.

    you can read all the stats you want but they do not mean anything, test drive them and find the one you like from the day to day people that drive the trucks to the max capacity, I am a general contractor and work my trucks so I do have a small amount of knowledge when it comes to them.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    So why did you buy the 250 with the 5.4? You could've at least got the V10.
  • Its good to see you are looking for a heavy duty truck. As i was reading this the comment about the allison transmission caught my eye. I just wanted to clear something up about gm and their "allison transmissions". They arent actual allison transmissions. They are only allison approved transmissions. A true allison transmission shifts like crap and sounds like crap, but will never break. So dont let gm fool you. Anyways if ur looking for a heavy duty truck i would go with either a ford or dodge.
  • Where did you here that it is not an Allison Transmission.The internal parts of pick up truck Allisons are the same as used in medium duty trucks,pick ups use different converter and rear housings.I work for a distributor and with a serial number from the tranny I can furnish any part except the housings.As far as the shifting issue,I am confident you will not find a better shifting transmission in the truck market.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    A reporter is interested in talking with someone who considered buying a small car, but instead bought a Ford, GM or Chrysler SUV or truck after deciding that the size sacrifice wasn't worth the savings at the pump. If your experience fits this description, please send a brief overview and contact information to by Sunday 11/27.
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