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2008 Honda Accord Coupe and Sedan



  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    The 2007 Accord SE (166hp) ran 0-60 in 8.1 seconds in the same magazine that the 2008 Accord EX (190hp) ran it in 8.2. The 0-30 time was 2.7sec for the 07, 3.0sec for the 2008. The 03-07 Accords were quicker off the line.

    When comparing acceleration times, use the same source, as they typically use the same launch methods. Consumer Reports always has slower times than C&D or Motor Trend because their method is just "stand on the gas," which isn't the quickest method of launch.

    Let's just use apples to apples. :)
  • Really? I thought the 06-07 (4 cyl auto here) did 0-60 in something like 8.5 sec and 03-05 were a litle slower due to lower hp rating? I know C&D did the 4cyl manual in 7.5. That I know, is faster than the 08 4cyl manual.

    When comparing acceleration times, use the same source, as they typically use the same launch methods. Consumer Reports always has slower times than C&D or Motor Trend because their method is just "stand on the gas," which isn't the quickest method of launch.
    Good idea. I'll do so from now on. :)
  • Thanks for the links. Somehow I couldn't seem to find the 0-60 time for 03-07 auto on their site before, but I just found it under performance chart in the link you provided. :D

    As for the sources, I totally agree it's best to use the same source when comparing numbers(as mentioned, I just couldn't find the exact number for 03-07 from C&D). And no, I didn't find your post snippy. I'm not that into 0-60 anyway. Except for reference use, of course :P
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    The passing times are a much more useful source as far as I'm concerned. It shows transmission performance and how well the engine and transmission are engineered together (gearing vs. power peaks, etc).

    For comparison purposes, here ya go.

    2007 Accord SE 5AT (166hp, 3177lbs)

    30-50mph = 4.4s
    50-70mph = 5.9s
    0-30mph = 2.7s
    0-60mph = 8.1s
    5-60mph = 8.5s (this test exemplifies a standing start, with no launch technique, just standing on the gas)
    Top Speed = 130 mph (elec. limited)

    2008 Accord EX (190hp, 3365lbs)

    30-50mph = 4.5s
    50-70mph = 5.7s
    0-30mph = 3.0s
    0-60mph = 8.2s
    5-60mph = 8.7s
    Top Speed = 127mph (elec. limited)
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    License Plate rattling perhaps? Just something to check...
  • macsanmacsan Posts: 27
    Nope, its tight and it still has the dealer plates on it! Its a sound like a loose bolt rattling but then its not. I'm going to try to get my wife to drive while I sit in the trunk to localize it. My neighbors will think we're nuts.
  • Thanks thegrad, very interesting info! :)

    So the 07 is indeed faster than the 08. It would be really interesting to see how the matchup would go if they made an 8th Gen SE with 190 horses though(maybe 09?).
  • macsanmacsan Posts: 27
    I just bought a new 08 Accord EX and I've had it for less than a week. The car is wonderful. There is only one thing, like you said it makes a noise from the trunk like a nut is loose back there and happens when I back out of my driveway, hit a bump or take a sharp right turn. Its been driving me nuts. I'm thinking its the thin flex rod that provides the spring in the trunk lid riding on that thin piece of sheet metal. Any answers, ideas before I go and jack the car up or leave it with the dealer?? Otherwise I love the car.
  • macsanmacsan Posts: 27
    Have you figured out what that noise is as I have it on my brand new 08 Accord EX sedan. It only happens when I go over a bump like a speed bump or going into your driveway. It also happens someetimes when iI turn right.
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    I'm going to try to get my wife to drive while I sit in the trunk to localize it. My neighbors will think we're nuts.

    What ever it takes. :blush: The neighbors think you're nuts, and you think the neighbors are nuts. Isn't that normal? ;) Being nuts can be fun. :D
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    LOL, well do please give us a play by play!! :P

    Good luck - hope it helps you figure it out.
  • sunnfunsunnfun Posts: 168
    Take it back to the dealer and have them check the struts
  • redvwredvw Posts: 40
    Does Honda offer an HD Radio option? If not how easily can it be added to the 2008 Accord?
  • "Does Honda offer an HD Radio option?"


    "If not how easily can it be added to the 2008 Accord?"

    Fairly easy if you know how to do installs.
  • macsanmacsan Posts: 27
    Well today I crawled into the trunk after putting the seat back down and had my wife back the car out of the driveway three times. The "thunk/popping" noise came from an area around the speaker housing near the "C" pillar on the driver's side.

    I couldn't get in there without ripping out the speakers to look through that gap so its back to the dealers to have them look at it. I couln't find the top bolt to the strut without taking out the trunk liner. Right now I'm not going to touch it.

    There are two others on this forum that had the same problem but I see there were no answers for them. Maybe it will go away! I'll keep you posted but if anyone has any ideas let me know. Thanks. Brian
  • Hi Brian
    I am getteing the same noise - like a bolt rattling. When I go over a bump faster I hear the spare and everything rattle. You too? Please let me know what you find out if you do. I will wait to hear the rest of your story to determine what i am going to do. You really cracked me and my wife up when we read your emails something we were going to do. By the way do you have a 4cyl or a v6.
  • If you are in the market now and don't care much about styling, I'd say go with a 07. For the price of an 08 EXL, you could probably get an 07 EXL V6 if you can still find one, drive around for 2 years(after the bugs are worked out) and trade it in in 2 years for a 'refreshed' 2011.
    Not a bad strategy, but I've grown to shy away from trading every two years - I'm driving a '99 VW now so it'll be more like 2017 before I buy another new car. Of course, by then the Accord diesel should be out and that's what I'd really love to have.

    I've also grown (ahem) widthwise since I last bought a car, so the increased size of the '08 over the '07 is very attractive to me. That, and I really do prefer the new styling for some reason... :P
  • macsanmacsan Posts: 27
    Hello David131, We have a 4 cylinder Accord EX ( made in Japan-Saitama).
    Today I put a brick behind the left rear tire and drove over it slowly- no noise. Hmmm....? Like another person that posted something very similar in Dec 07, they said it makes the sound whenever the car goes over a bump that makes the whole car "flex" longitudinally.For instance going up an inclined driveway ( like ours)at an angle.
    I plan on bringing it to the dealer for a check up Friday AM if I can. I'll let you know what they said. You know other than that noise , we love the car. One other
    item.. does your car wander oh so slightly off center when steering on a staight road ? I'll have to check my air press. tommorow and see if that changes anything. I might be nitpicking a bit.

  • st1300st1300 Posts: 59
    Brian..saw your bio...Oscar 53 Cape May..can you do me a favor and run your car at night in the driveway with the A/C the A/C cycles on and off do your headlights and all outside lights flicker?. I have an ongoing battle with Honda going on and they say its normal. Meanwhile there are at least 5 complaints filed so far with NHTSA. I'm trying to get as many as possible to bring this to their attention. Thanks. Semper Paratus.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Did Honda have any response on why the 2008 Accord did so poorly on rear side impact tests done by NHTSA (worse than the old bodystyle 2007s)?
    I wonder if they will make any changes and retest the 2009s.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    A 2011 model is closer to 3 years away, not two and there is no reason you have to buy during the first few months after the 2011s come out, so it could easily be over 3 years.
  • st1300st1300 Posts: 59
    Believe me when I tell you this..if i could get my 99 Accord back with the105,000 miles that were on it when i traded I would do so in a heartbeat..don't people wonder why the Accords are not selling...they already have special factory leases on a car that is less than 6 months old and they are giving them away on the dealer lots. Just check Ebay for the serial numbers on the accords for sale..the last 6 numbers are the car's production number..J in the front is a japanese built car..A in front is a american built car. At the rate they are going they will be lucky to sell 300,000 this year. You are absolutely right, you just don't see any on the road. Besides all that, Honda's customer service has reverted to the same attitude of GM of the eighties and you know what happened to GM.
    If you go the NHTSA Government site you will see the complaints filed against the new Accords already. Unbelievable for Honda. By the way this is my 5th honda and I have two of their motorcycles in the garage, so I have an idea about honda quality or lack thereof. Speaking of gas mileage I dont find 24 mpg on the highway acceptable.
  • Thanks Bug4

    I do use these forums as general guidance, its a great way to "take the temp" of the consumers view of the car before you go and spend your money on one. I was considering it because I need a car with a little bigger backseat because we are expecting a new baby soon. Otherwise, I wouldn't even be looking. I agree with you about being way ahead of the game, I just don't think I can fit three carseats in my car. I could probably with the new one since its huge. Thank you for your comments, and your review of the 08, I appreciate it.
  • redvwredvw Posts: 40
    Thank You for your informative reply. My one hesitation in purchasing a Ford over a Honda is long term reliability. Do you have any information on this topic?
  • After reading this and other forums, I am starting to reconsider my choice of purchasing an 08 Accord EXL and keeping my 03 EX. I do understand that most people that post are unhappy, but I just don't see too many new Accords around here (metro Atlanta). I know the economy is bad, but I sure see a lot of Altimas and Camrys with drive out tags on them. Its also wierd to me that the deal that I have in place is basically MSRP (23500) without negotiations? Its like they are giving it away at cost just to get it off the lot. By now, I expected to see a lot more of these around, like when the 03's came out, they were all over the place. I supposedly have until Friday to do the deal, we'll see. My concerns are the MPG, the flickering lights?? wierd and maybe an indication of being underpowered or other electrical issues?, the 3 star rear crash rating ( I have two little ones in car seats), and cummulatively the overall quality. From what I have read, this doesn't seem to have Honda's legendary quality and reliability. I have had 4 Acccords and I haven't had a problem with any. I have read several stories of people in my shoes being dissapointed. Its hard to pass up a good deal and really low financing rates, but I have 79k on my 03 and it is reliable. I may end up just keeping it.
  • st1300st1300 Posts: 59
    Quick messege....1 in front of serial number is an American made car not an "A"..sorry folks.
  • Thanks st1300, I am leaning towards keeping it now. I have no headaches now with my car and don't want any in the future. Its just such a good deal, my payments would actually be cheaper with a new EXL. I guess that is indicative of the problems selling it. Thanks for your comments.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    There is no lease deals to be had on the Accord, they show only a general lease, but it is no deal. No lease support, just a standard lease.

    Many are leaving Honda, because other company's are offering some amazing lease deals, and unless Honda does something about that, they WILL NOT make their quota. I barely see any around here. Hopefully with Spring on its way, they'll spike up their sales. There are many other good cars out their, and when it comes down to leasing and price, the honda lacks.

    With that said, I am waiting on the Accord!
  • bug4bug4 Posts: 370
    Every couple of months I get frustrated with this forum and have to write this message -- so here it goes:

    lowe41, I'm not sure you have to "reconsider" the 08 Accord. I can't believe all the negative vibes about the 08 Accords on these forums. My problem is---I own one - a 4-cyl EX-L. It is not a perfect car - but its nice and it IS built with Honda quality. I realize there are some valid concerns expressed on these forums and I don't mean to belittle them one bit -- but Honda cars have never been perfect. They are budget-minded cars. Damn nice budget-minded cars - but budget cars nevertheless.

    Please remember who the members of this forum are. . . . we are the people who like cars, like talking about cars and who notice every detail. Our brand new, shiny 08 Accords are like newborns to us -- we are the over-zealous parents who notice every runny nose and slight cough. We are no different that the group of parents who gather at the party and find themselves discussing their child's latest BM :)

    These forums are good and very useful, but they MUST be taken with a grain of salt. I think the comments in here should not be used to form an opinion about the Accord, but rather as general guidance. For example, since there is an entire thread dedicated to the VCM problem, then you should take note of that and invest time in a comprehensive test drive. Since multiple people have noted the headlight flicker, you should explore that on your test drive and make sure you can live with it. If several posters find the driver's seat uncomfortable, make sure it works for you before buying the car. With the possible exception of the VCM issue in 6cyl models, I have not seen one thing on these forums which makes me believe that the 08 Accord is inferior to any other Accord. It certainly may not be better in every respect and, as ALWAYS, when you make 400,000 cars per year, some of them are screwed up. But, I remain unconvinced that they are bad cars or necessarily inferior to any other car Honda has built.

    I'll get off my soap box --- really all I can say is that MY 08 Accord is a nice car for me. I remain convinced that, for me, it was the very best car I could buy for $25k.

    [p.s. lowe41 -- I think you should keep your 03 - not because the 08's sucks, but because you are WAY ahead of the game in terms of $$ to just keep the old one. An 03 model is not old and likely is still a VERY good car. Take it to a detail shop, spend the money to get it all shined up and save your $25,000!!! ]
  • itochuitochu Posts: 107
    The 2008 is using the ACE body platform/structure - a complete change from 2007.
    Given Honda's record on safety, I suspect the engineers are working on a fix for that shortcoming as we write here.
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