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2008 Honda Accord Coupe and Sedan



  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    As others have said, stick with the lip spoiler. IMO, it looks classier on the sedan than a wing spoiler would. On the flip side; if you're dying to have a wing spoiler, with the car being so new, I don't think there'd be any issue with the paint matching. If it didn't match, the difference would be so minor that simply skipping a wax job on the trunk lid would bring it in line in just a few (sunny) weeks.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    Keep the deck lid spoiler. It looks classier! fits better!
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    Personally, I prefer the wing spoiler, and if that's what you wanted you should get it. The lip spoilers look glued on, and are not very attractive IMO. But hey, if you are satisfied with the lip spoiler that's ok. I would not settle for something I didn't want.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
  • st1300st1300 Posts: 59
    Katana Pilot has posted many things on different web sites about the headlight flickering issue. After a lot of work the state of Georgia has declared the car defective and honda has been requested to buy it back..kudos to Katana Pilot for his tenacious efforts to resolve this problem. I know of at least 2 other cars that will be joining him in the Georgia arbitration suit.

    Thanks for your hard work KP I surely appreciate it.
  • I was wondering if you had more information on this and the Georgia suit. I would like nothng more than to have California follow suit. This is crazy what this car does. If you can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.
  • st1300st1300 Posts: 59
    I will have more info tomorrow after contacting the Georgia consumer affairs division
  • Well, keep us posted, I sure would like Honda to fix this. This is annoying! Is it a safety issue? Probably, I have never seen my car coming at me, but I have seen an Accord behind me do this and I thought the driver was flashing his lights at me.
  • st1300st1300 Posts: 59
    Honda will not fix the car because there is no fix.
  • elroy5elroy5 Posts: 3,741
    One owner says an Optima yellow top battery solved his headlight flickering problem. IMO, it would be worth a shot.
  • stephen987stephen987 Posts: 1,994
    What's your basis for saying that "there is no fix"? Flickering lights point to one of a handful of very simple problems--unstable current source, faulty ground, defective lamp units themselves. So how can you know for certain that "there is no fix"??????
  • I just purchased a 2008 Honda Accord EX-L V6 and for the past couple of months have been hearing a knock or thump coming from what appears to be the left and right side , rear of the vehicle. When I accelerate quickly I can hear a light knock and when I brake I can hear a light knock. I her the knocks when I am on uneven ground or going through speed bumps but I only hear it when I am going under 20mph...

    Has anyone had this issue, and if so , what was the remedy.. I took it to Honda and they thought they fixed it but they did not even come close.

  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Sounds like suspension bushings to me.
  • st1300st1300 Posts: 59
    I know this is going to sound silly but if you go back into the posts on here a guy had the same problem as you are having. He finally put his wife in the trunk and drove around and she found the noise. they went to the dealer and they fixed it. I cant remember what it was but they did fix it. I know you think im joking but its on here somewhere.
  • st1300st1300 Posts: 59
    since you dont understand the issue I'll fill you in on it...its a honda engineering problem that is part of the ELD system and Honda has no way to fix it. Believe me I have tried to get it fixed. As they say its a characteristic of the car. it no ground, no bad bulb its the whole car...every exterior light flickers every 20 seconds when the A/C is on..including the license plate light.
  • st1300st1300 Posts: 59
    Message #5002 Re: 2008 Honda Accord [stereosucks] by cstiles Mar 20, 2008 (8:38 am) Hey Stereo.....back up about 50 or 100 posts and you will find one from someone who had the same rattling in the trunk issue. I think he had his wife actually lay down in the trunk while he drove the car around and she found the problem back

    Well theres a start for you. Message 5002..see im not nuts.
  • st1300, thanks for the reply. At this point I will take your advice rather than a dealership. They just can't comprehend anything to be honest with you. YOu bring in a car for speaker problems and they start to fix your windshield wipers and so on...

    I know it's either coming from the trunk area or the struts. My dealership fixed my door hinges on the b-pillars. Don't ask me why.
  • hey guys,

    just thought i'd say wassup to all of u.
    i just bought an 08 accord sedan. im looking to start of with some sway bars.
    any suggestions?

  • I have a sedan but I know a bunch of people with 2008 coupes. Look at the bottom edge of your brake light, right where it meets the bumper all the way around. If you have one of the defective installed bumpers. You will start to see some bubbling and paint chips. They were improperly installed at the factory. I know of a few already, and noticed it on my friends car today. Just trying to help anybody if they have it so they know there are others. I live in Mass.
  • So last year I bought a 2008 Accord 4cyl Sedan EX-L. What a nightmare. I have never heard so many rattles in a car in my whole life. Went to the dealer 3 times for rattles. Every time they fixed 3 another 2 would show up after leaving. Here is a list of the things that needed foam or padding put on them to shut them up.

    1. The stereo instrument bezel.

    2. The Shifter knob.

    3. The left side of seat where leather rubs against airbag. You have to take off leather to see. I fixed this one myself.

    4. Sunglass visor.

    5. Rear deck around speakers.

    6. Little rattling caps around door handles inside.

    7. The lights inside the drivers visor in the mirror.

    I know, I'm still going right?

    8. The right knob for windshield wipers. There is a plastic cap that rattles in there on the very tip.

    9. Something in the left back door.

    10. the right front fendor. Go ahead and bang on it. Jeez.

    11. The power window switches.

    Oh, and the final god aweful noise coming from the trunk. This one nobody could find. This little [non-permissible content removed] made me trade the car in on Saturday for an Odyssey which we got a steal on.

    Honda tech summized the problem is honda's cheap [non-permissible content removed]. Crappy plastic used throughout car with NO padding behind anything is what is going on. He said he could take the whole car apart and pad everything if that was my desire. I was going to go for it but said screw it.

    Oh did I mention road noise? Good grief!. The lack of padding in this car is criminal.
  • jodar96jodar96 Posts: 400
    We have a 2008 EX Auto cloth with 8500 miles It was built 12/07. We have none of these issues except occasional clunk out of the rear suspension. It feels like I went over tree branch or little rock but when I look back, there is nothing on the road.

    I am waiting to hear several more before taking it in. It is my wife's car so I have not experienced enough to describe it to the service guy. I am sure they will listen to me, have me leave the car there, and will say everything is right and tight and could not find anything.

    That is a typical response to build and design flaws.

  • It apparent that Honda's QC has suffered of late as situations like yours appear in these forums every now and then. I have an early build 08 EX-L V6 that shares only one common trait with yours and that is the road noise. Judging by their quality ratings by most major publications that track such things, thankfully yours is the rare exception not the norm. Given their reputation for quality, I'm sure you must have been asking yourself "Why Me"? as I know I would have, not to mention the fact that I would have been brushing up on my diverse knowledge of cuss-words every time I ventured out on my daily commute. You stayed with Honda and went with the Odyssey. How has that worked out for you?
  • I just noticed this after 5 months with my 2008 accord Lx-P...but when I have the front windows closed and the rear windows opened. Around 55-70 mph, it starts to build up a sound pressure in the car and it creates thumping sounds in the car...anyone else notice this or is it just my car? It happens everytime, and as soon as I roll down one of the front windows the sound pressure dissappears.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    This type of wind "buffeting" you are experiencing isn't unique to your car; in fact, I've experienced this in several makes and models of cars. Depending on crosswinds, my cars will do it too, not always though.
  • As thegrad pointed out this seems to be a trait in many modern cars. I've experienced it in my 08 Accord and my wife's 01 Mazda Protege and my inlaws 04 Focus. Speeds at which this occurs can vary but as you realized once other windows are opened it stops.
  • I don't have any of the rattles you've noted although I will say that if something gets bounced around in the wheel well while driving its noise is pronounced. The road noise is rather loud, but my hope is that replacing the OEM Michelins (known to be noisy) will reduce that annoyance.

    I do think perceptions of noise and rattles depends largely on experiences with the previous car owned. Mine was a '99 VW Beetle TDI which was surprisingly quiet for a small car but subject to the occasional rattle and squeak.
  • Yes, I might have indeed just had a bad car. The new odyssey is great. I hear one noise when going over bumps but I think that is the sliding door hinge. Other than that its very quiet and peppy. We used to own a 2007 Odyssey but sold it due to financial reasons, now that money isn't a problem it was nice to get back into the odyssey. Just too much room. The accord was a great car with the exception of the noises. Now my other problem is the rear differential situation with our 08 CRV 4x4. Don't hear any problems with that car at all but will keep an eye out for that issue if it arises.

    I will say one thing though. GOOD THING I GOT THE 8yr 120K warranty. I will never buy a honda without one. Best warranty out there for any car.
  • Considering all the issues you've dealt with, Honda is fortunate that you remain loyal to the brand.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Considering all the issues you've dealt with, Honda is fortunate that you remain loyal to the brand.

    Not really. That is the typical Honda-phile. No matter how bad the experience, they always come back. The Force is strong with Honda. :blush:
  • jodar96jodar96 Posts: 400
    What Honda and Toyota got going for them is their resale value. No matter how many issues you have with one of these, when you are ready to sell, you get a lot of interest.

    Have you tried to sell a flawless Taurus or Impala, no matter how great these cars are, since there are tons of them off lease or rental fleet, prices are rock bottom, and no one is wiiling to pay your FAIR asking price.

    Another thing about manufacturer issues, no one out there can crank out 350-450K cars a year at competetive prices and not have issues.

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