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Lincoln MKX



  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,020
    You shouldn't have to set it on 60 and leave it. 60 (and 90 for heat) is just Ford's way of giving you a MAX setting. This setting basically ignores the actual temp and goes full blast and I think it automatically recirculates the air. I put it on 60 when the car is really hot for a few minutes, then put it back to normal.

    And no, you shouldn't have to set it on 60 - it should work on 70 also. There must be something wrong.
  • My wife didn't like the headrests either. There are two places to push at the base of the headrest -- if you push both the headrest comes out. We turned it around and its much better.
  • There are two places to push at the base of the headrest, then you can pull the thing out and turn it around. It is much less uncomfortable.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,437
    And much less likely to provide any injury protection in an accident. To each his or her own of course, but I have never understood what is uncomfortable about resting your head against a headrest while driving.
  • Bought 2011 Lincoln MKX in September 2011. Right off the dealership lot was bothered with a sporadic vibration when going up an incline and usually around the 1500-2000 rpm. Initially thought the problem was with the transmission but was told it wasn't. Had the vehicle into dealership couple of times to try and correct the problem. Today they finally discovered that the two exhaust pipes were they meet underneath sometimes were rubbing against each other and causing the noise. This intermittent noise has been bugging us since September 2010 and hopefully this is the end of it.
  • 4x44x4 Posts: 114
    I have a 07 mkx with only 43,000 miles...warranty of course just went out on may my mkx is blowing hot air while in idle but cold air with any kind of just wondering if this is the compressor or maybe just a fan going out??? Any chance lincoln would cover this under "courtesy warranty"? GM did that for one once when I met one of the warranty this case under 50K miles.
  • texasestexases Posts: 7,773
    Worth a check as far as warranty. As to what's going on, it might be low on freon, or there might be an issue with the air direction doors resulting from a vacuum leak. I wouldn't think it's a fan problem if it's blowing hot air. If it is low on freon, they'll need to find the leak.
  • 4x44x4 Posts: 114
    I hope its only a leak and not the compressor....was quoted at 1380 for new compressor..ouch
  • Follow this link, it may help:

    I don't know if MKX and Freestyle have the same AC system.
  • 4x44x4 Posts: 114
    my radiator overheated yesterday so i am thinking mine may be the cooling fans?
  • I'm looking to buying a used MKX and am not fond of the dark wood trim. Does anyone know if this can be changed out? I was looking at trim kits but it doesn't look like they come with the factory trim that's already on the vehicle.
  • I have a 2009 Lincoln MKX; purchased brand new. Problem w/accelerating in stop and go traffic will not go. Push the accelerator, nothing happens, then all of a sudden car just launches forward. Ford mechanics cannot identify problem. Anybody experience this? Car been in shop 1 wk.
  • I have the exact same problem with my 2011 MKX. Dealer replaced part of muffler system but noise continues. Were you able to resolve your problem?
  • I have a new Lincoln MKX 2011. Does anyone know if it has Grade Assist. This is where the transmission automatically shifts down when going downhill to hold back the car and save your brakes.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,020
    Page 228 of the owner's manual:

    ...or mountainous areas and will provide a limited amount of grade
    assist features automatically.
  • Thank you for trying to help. On page 228 of my MKX owners manual, they describe the reverse sensing system. I can't find anything about grade assist. By the way, when I asked Lincoln about this they advised me to talk to my dealer. When I talked to my dealer, I found that they didn't know what I was talking about.
  • texasestexases Posts: 7,773
    My 2008 has it - does your shifter have a small button on the side of it? I think that's it.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,020
    Maybe that was the 2012 manual I was looking at. The 2011 doesn't seem to have the wording. But it definitely has grade assist. I think the selectshift manual operation is standard on the MKX so if you need more than the normal grade assist you would put it in manual mode and downshift as needed.
  • I'm sure my 2011 Lincoln MKX has Grade Assist. Recently I was going down a steep grade and I used the brakes to slow the car. I noticed that the RPM's automatically jumped from 2000 rpm to 3500 rpm, meaning the transmission down shifted to hold back the car. I wish I knew how this works.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,020
    If you're going downhill and you touch the brakes, it engages grade assist which will provide limited engine braking to maintain speed. Beyond that you either use the manual shift mode or turn off Overdrive using the button(s) on the side of the shifter depending on the model.
  • I have a new 2011 Lincoln MKX with 20 inch wheels. On page 195 of the owners manual it says "don't use tire chains, cables or optional traction devices on 20 inch wheels". I understand why I shouldn't use snow chains because there isn't enough room in the wheel well. However, I don't understand why I can't use snow cables.
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