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2007 Chevrolet Aveo



  • nordy200nordy200 Posts: 14
    I took delivery of my new Aveo last week and overall impressions are pretty good. I bought it without taking a test drive as I wanted something cheaper and easier to drive than my 04 F-150 and this car fits the bill. Very inexpensive; I got the SVM and had factory A/C added, that's it. Drives great, handles well, the engine is smooth and quiet (for such an inexpensive car), I love the easy and smooth clutch, the 5-speed is fine, plenty of power at 70+ with a/c on and 29 mpg in first tankful.
    There is some real cheapness in the car-the folding armrest, the molded in side window dashboard vents, the window cranks that are all plastic and may strip out after a few years, the factory base speakers sound awful. The important stuff they seem to have done well though.
    I ordered a 16" wheel/tire package from Performance, and replaced the radio with a nice JVC stereo/speaker set.
    Overall, a pretty decent car.
  • A few weeks ago I went back into a Chevy dealership with a friend who was looking at the Malibu Maxx and I compared the LS with my LT/RS and found that the LS has completely different armrests, lacks the silver metal accents on the door handles and dashboard. The RS package in Canada (not available in the USA) adds an upgraded 6 speaker stereo with ipod nano and steering wheel stereo controls. I think the speakers with the upgrade are different than the base LS radio speaker, because I love the bass and overall sound from my mp3 player on my RS.

  • My AVEO has now 5,000km on the odo and so far nothing has gone wrong with the car - nothing at all! This is better than the 2001 Toyota Echo that I took delivery on years ago.

    My AVEO has been averaging about 7.4 litres per 100km of mixed city/freeway driving, or about 34 MPG USA/38 Imperial Gallons.

    A great little car.
  • cmoore7cmoore7 Posts: 3
    Lease 2007 Aveo 5 LT automatic a few weeks ago. Fully loaded sunroof, RS package, aluminum wheels, AC, 6 Speaker in dash 6D changer etc.

    I had ridden as a passenger in one a couple of times but never drove on until I picked up the car. So far very pleased with the car. Cruises fine at highway speed, spacious, seats comfortable.

    Acceleration a bit slow and motor a bit noisy during acceleration but I am impressed so far with fit and finish. Mileage so far about 33 mpg.
  • I have a 2005 Aveo with 80,000 miles on it with no issues and I am hoping it will go 300,000 miles. I get around 38-42 mpg with a 5 speed.
  • 7,000 KM and not a single thing has gone wrong with my AVEO. And yeah it's a 5 speed. I don't understand why anyone would buy an automatic transmission these days when 5 speeds are so easy to drive. You have better control over the car, better fuel economy and less transmission issues with a manual transmission and let's face it, these small cars are best with manual trannies which is how most of the world buys them, drives them.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I agree about the manual in a small car, but some automatics actually have better mileage depending on the overall gearing. I believe the Aveo is rated a 1 mpg better with the auto. For people who live or drive mostly in the city or bumper to bumper the auto would make sense. The USA only has about 5% manually transmissioned car popularity compared to about 30% back in 1980.
  • Hmmm...that's strange, in Canada the aveo automatic gets worse fuel mileage than the sedan as most autos do. In Canada about 25% are manual transmission. Over 50% of cars sold in Canada are subcompact or compact sized compared to 13% in USA.
  • jstolzjstolz Posts: 3
    I have a 07 Aveo 5 speed. It has 14,000 miles. It developed a massive oil leak at about 5k-- dealer saif it was becasue of new "paper gaskets". They repaired. The car smelled of oil especially when coming to a sudden stop. They said it was just leftover oil. Next made horrible noise. They "tighten down" some sheet metal. Then engine raced at start and ran rough. Plus new oil leak. Timing belt was rubbing on casing-- had to "play with it" to make it fit right. Oil Pan leaked- Fixed both after having the vehicle for a couple of weeks.

    NOW--- I reported a minor oil leak (about a quarter size after it sits overnight) plus a ticking noise. (sounds like loose metal-- not engine noise). Checked to seet hat oil was full before about a 100 mile drive. Car gets noisier during the drive. I called the dealer and was told "not to worry about it" if the car still had power. Continue to drive until I get a puff of blue smoke, see parts of the car flying off on either side of the freeway. Car stalls all warning lights come on.. Car now is sitting at a different dealer. I have no confidence in the car any more--- 2 questions: Anyone have any similar issues or have any ideas as to the problem(s) AND what do I need to do to invoke my rights under lemon law?


  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    Engine problems as you describe seem to be rare on the Aveo...the engine design has been around for some time. Its mechanical reliability is one of the really bright spots of the Aveo.

    Definitely take it to another dealer for service, as the 1st one seems suspect, at best. In fact, I suspect that is the real source of your problem.

    Lemon laws differ from state to state, so I have no suggestions there. However, I suspect that a good dealer can repair the vehicle to satisfactory standards.
  • jstolzjstolz Posts: 3
    thanks-- just got word that I threw a rod (after the dealer told me to go ahead and driv ethe car)

    New Engine time---what you would folks do--replace the engine and he happy or go lemon law?

    Many thanks

  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    I would ask you this question...If not for the engine problems, did you like the car?

    Were there any other significant issues that surfaced during your ownership?

    If not, keep the vehicle.

    Going the lemon law route is time consuming and never guaranteed to succeed, and almost always culminates in the pro-rated discount for mileage on the vehicle, so it isn't like you get a check back from GM for the total cost of the car.

    Instead, if I were you, I would DEMAND a factory engine, not a rebuilt one done by the dealer. And, I would also attempt to negotiate an extention to the drive-train warranty. ANd, don't forget to negotiate for a free rental or loaner while the work is being done.

    Good luck, and let us know how it winds up!
  • drh500drh500 Posts: 2
    I bought a new 07 LT off the showroom floor as soon as they came out. Now has 50K and all original. Tires show no wear, rides great. Just got done going on vacation (2600 mile roundtrip) and averaged 38.7 mpg!! One fill up, I got 40mpg. I have an automatic. I drive it 300 miles a week to work and love the mpg! beat out any Kia/Hyundai/Honda I compared it to. What I like most about it is the seats. I sit high and there is no driver fatique. Am considering trading for the newly restyled 09 Aveo5.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I wouldn't trade it if it is doing what you want it to do.
  • Over the last week, I have learned more about oil sludge than I ever thought I would know.

    My 2007 Chevy Aveo (5dr Automatic) oil light came on and a faint ticking was coming from the engine. I immediately drove it
    1/2 mile to oil lube and they said I need to tow it to a shop. It did not seize up.. I had it towed to dealership. I have never had a problem with this car before that. It is still under the 5yr/100000 mile powertrain warranty.

    I bought it used from a reputable rental company Enterprise in March 2008 29000 miles. Unfortunately they did not give me their maintenance records and I did not think to ask at the time.
    I have all my maintenance records showing timely oil changes with Pennzoil 5W30 oil.
    The car has 68000 miles on it. I use it for business.
    Some stop and go(never idling or dusty roads) and some highway at 60 mpg for 6 miles or more.
    The longest between changes was 5600. But most were between 3100 and 4500.
    GM's recommended interval is 3000 for short trip(5 miles). Dealership is satisfied with my records, said I did fine with the maintenance.

    GM warranty requires ALL the maintenance records even from Enterprise Car Sales, which Enterprise told me they "purged" the records which pretty much means I cant prove good maintenance. Dealership says that the vehicle could have been abused/neglected before I bought it. That means GM wont pay. At this point I have become distrusting of everyone involved.

    Now the dealership service center says that GM is requiring them to tear down the motor to see if there is any coolant mixed in the sludge and to send a sludge sample to the lab. If they find coolant they would fix the car, but if they dont find any coolant, then I have to pay for the tear down $600 plus what it costs to repair/replace engine because then the reason is neglect.

    I asked if neglect or coolant leaking were the ONLY reasons sludge would be present and they said yes.

    My coolant levels were normal, and the service rep pretty much told me that the sludge was black, not milky yogurt looking (which would indicate coolant in the oil)
    but they still need to do the tear down, just in case.
    I questioned this and the mgr is playing good cop "wont do this dealership any good if customer unhappy" "GM requires this" "we want to help you" I dont know if this is all just a song and dance they do with everyone.

    I dont know why they cant get sample from oil pan.
    I have not yet called the 1 800 number.
    I am getting a sample of the sludge myself.
    The 60000 mile timing belt will be replaced when they fix/replace engine.

    Here is my advice (what I have learned):
    1.Use a synthetic oil, a good one and good filters. If you go to a lube place, bring your own oil and filter.
    2. Change your oil at 3000 no matter what the Owners Manual says. I could have been better about my oil changes.
    3. Get all the maintenance records from anyone you buy a used car from at they time of the sale or say "No deal" This warranty is not good without them.
    4. If you are going thru a lot of coolant, get your car to the shop asap, it could be leaking into the engine.

    Sorry so long, I dont want this to happen to anyone else. I see alot of posts here saying they change oil every 7500 miles and I cringe,
  • 2007aveohb2007aveohb Posts: 4
    edited February 2010
    OK I was pretty upset when I wrote the above post. I want everyone to know I LOVE MY 2007 AVEO. :) It is a zippy little car with tons of space inside. I have transported my 3 Golden Retrievers and my Chihuahua (all are rescues) all at the same time and one time I even transported three 5 ft palm plants. The seats are made of durable material. It gets good gas milage, about 26-27 MPG in the city, much better on the highway. Also, and this is important to me, it has front wheel drive. It will stop on a dime. I have never slid in the rain when the brakes were applied in the AVEO. I had a Jeep Liberty Limited Edition with all the bells and whistles and in the rain, the wheels locked up a few times and the last time, I rear ended someone. It was totaled and thankfully no one was injured. I rented an AVEO and fell in love with the little car so I bought one and never regretted it.

    That said, I went to the dealership this morning and talked to my service rep. He has always been super nice and I truly believe he wants to help. Maybe the manager is the same way, and I shouldn't have said the "good cop song and dance" thing above until I know for sure. GM, not loving them so much- mainly because they took bailout money, my tax dollars, and got in bed with the govt.
    I am ticked off a Enterprise car sales for not passing on the service records.

    Got my sample straight from the top of the motor, black coal like looking chunks. I was mortified. I should hear something today on what the lab they used says. Regardless of what they find, I wish I would have changed the oil every 3000.

    Also, under the advice section of my post above, I said to use synthetic oil, my service rep says they use valvoline not synthetic, so I need to research that a little more. Still get good filters and change every 3000.

    Will update.
  • As far as synthetic is concerned, go for it. However, you must continue to use it as it shrinks the seals, so going from synthetic to regular oil will likely cause leaks. If the dealership/GM is giving your grief, try out some Seafoam in the interim and see if that helps your problem. it only costs 10-20 bucks and could save you 1000.
  • Thanks for your post but...Motor is torn down and we are waiting to hear from GM on whether or not they will pay for it. I authorized the service rep to start on repairs last Friday and they are waiting on parts to come in. I did not want it just sitting there waiting for GM to make a decision.
  • can somebody please help me about my 2010 aveo hatchback? i don't know where the oil drain plug is? and what does it looks like? please...........
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