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Lincoln MKS



  • Another solution is a garage!
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,437
    You think MKS owners can afford a garage?? :P
  • I mostly use the remote start on my current town car during the summer months . As I walk up to the car, I use the remote to start it. The extra 20 to 30 seconds of idle time makes a big difference for me. I expect to have cool air blowing on my face as soon as I slide into the driver's seat. I live where the summers are long, very humid and very hot. During the day, the car is parked in direct sun. Another thing, before I got the remote start, I would find that I was trying to shift out of park before the engine RPM's would come down from the starting process. Now with the remote, this is not an issue. The current remote start has a timer for ten minutes, after which it shuts off. I would still get the remote start if this time was decreased to 1.5 minutes. I very rarely use it for longer that that.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,437
    well, any auto supply store or Farm & Fleet or Walmart can get you one if Lincoln won't.
  • I read in the business section of the Chicago Tribune that Ford may have to discontinue the LM brand in order to cut expenses for the long term if it wants to survive. .LM is going to cost more to produce vehicles then it will produce in profits if the present conditions continue . Ford is going to idle a number of its plants.Ford may have to close some of its plants for at least a year if not permanently. It looks like the MKS or MKT may be the last Lincoln model to be produced.
  • datagendatagen Posts: 107
    The 20 inch with the low profile tires does produce a little rougher ride on bumpy roads. Smooth as glass elsewhere. I have notice that the more I drive, the less roughness I have been feeling. I believe with as smooth the ride is, I need that little roughness to feel the road at times. :shades:
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,030
    Horse hockey.
  • I read that article also.I have a Ford and LM dealership. With the LM brands being discontinued that is only rumour. Sales of LM vehicles have deteriorated before the present conditions . Yes, the present conditions have further deteriorated the sales of these brands. But Ford sales have not been that great either before this hardship. Friends who own Cadillac dealerships have heard rumours that Pontiac,GMC, Hummer, and Buick may be discontinued or have these brands sold.
  • Where are all those who are defending this latest turkey from Fo Mo Co? The Car is so popular that Ford is actually giving it away via sweepstakes.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,030
    What the heck are you talking about?
  • When Dishnetwork airs Lincoln's employee pricing commercial there is a message at the end of the commercial where one can use the interactive feature of the satellite receiver to enter a sweepstake to win an MKS from Ford. Pretty soon Ford will probably offer at least a 8 thousand dollar discount on this jalopy.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,030
    Why do you hate the MKS so much? Here are the November sales. It seems to be trouncing the competition other than the 5 series and E class (and it's close to the E class).

    1. 5 - 2,927
    2. E - 2,264
    3. MKS - 1,958
    4. M - 1,186
    5. S80 - 844
    6. GS - 721
    7. A6/S6 - 717
    8. STS - 630
    9. RL - 234
    10. 9-5 - 111
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    the MKS is selling - you can't tell that by looking at the dealership here, but perhaps they are just very quickly replaced. They don't look like they're turning over that qjuickly..... IT's still on my list, I personally like the car, and expect to love the car if it gets the better engine soon.
  • My local dealers have tons of them and at good prices. The Cadillac dealer has cars coming out his ears, too, and so does about every other dealer in town - foreign and domestic. Comparatively speaking, the MKS is doing well.

    It is a buyer's market right now but I am waiting for the Ecoboost. My LS will turn 10 years old in May and I would like to celebrate by replacing it! It has been an excellent car, though. Until the Ecoboost MKS arrives, there really isn't another Ford product that I like as well.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,437
    The 2010 Fusion Sport looks to be a Ford product that is a good thing, if you like hp and some nimbleness over a full-size. The MKS is not really a good replacement for the LS, because it is so damn big. Really, I don't understand why you don't look at a CTS. The new one has a better interior than the MKS, is sized more like the LS, is RWD and already has a choice of engines. It has gotten nothing but accolades, and now is the time to buy one, when discounting is possible. Just a thought.
  • Yes, the 2010 Fusion, MKZ, and Milan line-up looks extremely competitive. Since the Mazda 6 has a 3.7, I wish they had used the 3.7 in the Fusion Sport and the MKZ but, regardless, significant upgrades have been made to the triplets.

    As for a replacement for the LS, if I wanted the same size, nimbleness, etc., I would have bought a 2006 LS a couple of years ago at a low-ball price . I am ready for a larger, somewhat softer and more luxurious car than a CTS. The MKS suits me fine except for the current mundane engine. About the only thing I don't like about the interior is the low-rent looking console and center stack. The aftermarket has products to fix that, though.
  • I purchased a Lincoln MKS FWD with the Premium and Technical Packages and the optional Adaptive Cruise Control retailing for $45,000.What can I say about this car besides the fact that it has a luxury yet firm quiet ride. Maybe if I was planning on driving in Europe I might consider a sport sedan but on our freeways and since I don’t plan on taking my car to a drag strip I think this car fits the bill perfectly.

    Why did I buy this car? Check out the bang you get for the buck.
    -the 12 position front seats adjustments, I love the high seating position which is similar
    to a SUV or mini van and give you a commanding view of the road. So much more
    comfortable on long trips then having to sit low with your legs stretched out.
    -the 8” high resolution navigation system screen (that can be adjusted on the run),
    -the Microsoft SYNC (voice recognition system) that allows you to perform many
    operations such as operating the navigation, audio, phone, media, climate, display and
    voice settings by speaking certain commands rather then being distracted by having to
    move the control knobs, buttons or touch the screen.
    -the Bluetooth feature that connects to two different cell phones and includes connection
    to both phones’ contact lists. So all you have to do is say the contact name
    using the SYNC system and it will call the number,
    -the superb THX audio system,
    -the high resolution wide angle rearview camera system,
    -the forward and reverse parking sensing system,
    -the auto high beams,
    -the adaptive headlamps that move the beams in the same direction as the steering wheel,
    -the rain sensing wiper system,
    -the dual panel moon roofs,
    -the front heating and cooling front seats,
    -the headed rear seats
    -and the wrap around lower door sills that keep your pant legs clean when you exit or
    enter your car in muddy or snowy weather,
    -the softest leather seats you can find and much-much more.
    -a surprise bonus is getting 27mpg on REGULAR gas when driving at 74mph on the
    freeway and using the Adaptive Cruise Control. The Adaptive Cruise Control is an
    option a person might not add to their purchase but something they would find is one of
    the best features in the MKS. For those not familiar with this option it is much like
    normal cruise control, only this radar based system is designed to automatically adjust
    your speed to maintain a proper distance between you and the vehicle in front of you in
    the same lane.

    Compare this fully loaded luxury sedan to the other manufactures comparable models that offer similar space, similar features and then compare the price of ownership considering they all run on premium fuel. (Examples: MB E350 - $66,000+, BMW 535i - $67,000+, Caddy STS V6 - $56,000+, Infinity M35 - $56,000+ and the Lexus LS460 - $70,000+) and higher insurance rates. Next drive them before you make up your mind. Don't reject the Lincoln MKS because of what you read from people’s comments since in most cases they have never even sat in one much less driven it. As for the test drive articles in many magazines the main complaint appears to be the fact that the MKS falls short on horsepower and lacks the firmness at high speeds on winding back roads or on a track. Although it may fall a bit short in horsepower against some of its European and Japanese luxury competitors it has more torque in most cases for passing on highways or entering a freeway. To me this is more significant then pickup from a stop light. Though it might lean more at high speed on winding roads you can’t complain about its ride at sensible speeds on all types of roads.
  • datagendatagen Posts: 107
    You sum it up much better than I ever could sardone. I love my AWD version as well with the gas mileage surprisingly close to yours.
  • For the price of this vehicle it should perform as well as other vehicles in its category. Is it a vehicle that could be sold and exported to other markets. Otherwise is it a world class vehicle? Ford has relegated the Lincoln brand to be a niche vehicle for the North American continent. Before purchasing this vehicle one should test drive an Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Infiniti and Lexus and Cadillac There are vehicles that these marks have that are in the same price range and yet the performance and workmanship of these vehicle are superior to the MKS. Lincoln had a chance to do something really stupendous with this car but they decided to use an outdated modified Volvo platform for this vehicle. Even Lexus is going toward the performance market with its IS-F.As one auto analyst said on CNBC when the hearings for the auto- maker bailouts were taking place, "only GM with its CTS and Corvette and possibly the Camaro are candidates for exports to other markets and Ford has nothing to export to other markets" That is not very reassuring since we are in a global market when new markets are essential to increase the profits of large manufacturing companies. Another thing is how long Lincoln will be here since Ford has decided to discontinue the Sable. I believe that Ford is slowly going to discontinue the Mercury brand. Could Lincoln also go into history? If it should go under, it had a chance to go out with a bang as Packard did with its Caribbean before it was an expensive Studebaker. Instead the MKS is just another ordinary make with nothing to differentiate it from lesser cars especially when a Nissan Maxima out performs it in every category.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,030
    Where does Ford need to export? They already do quite well in Europe, South America and Australia.

    They did the best they could given the platform limitations. It's not where they want to take Lincoln - Mulally already said so - but it takes a lot of cash for new platforms and they can't afford that right now.

    There is NO import car that competes with the MKS in the same size and price point. For the same price you get a smaller vehicle with less features. For the same size and features you'll pay at least $10K more.

    It's a well executed vehicle with only a few minor complaints - gauges and center stack come to mind.

    They'll get there - but it will take a few more years.
  • GM also does well in its foreign markets. Especially in South America, China , and Asia in general. GM is trying to re-establish Cadillac as a world class mark. If they do, that would only add to the marks panache in its domestic market. Ford doesn't have a prestige mark in any of its markets. Lincoln isn't even considered by many to be a prestige make in the U.S. because it doesn't have any vehicles that are able to be marketed worldwide. Lincoln could be that brand again. If Ford were to make Lincoln into into a world class brand that has broad appeal to those who aren't too concerned about the difference of 5 to 10 thousand dollars between the price of vehicles ,Ford would re-establish Lincoln as a true prestige brand with broad appeal both in its domestic market as well as in other markets. It may actually increase sales. The Lincoln brand is still known in foreign markets,especially Europe. Right now those that purchase higher end vehicles want to be re- assured that the vehicle that they are buying has the same panache as the coworker who parks his Mercedes next to him. Sometimes being cheaper is considered to be cheap. There are people who are still purchasing high end vehicles. At my new BMW dealership people are purchasing their cars in full with cash or are putting a third down. The people who are purchasing these vehicle tell me that they would be willing to go domestic if the domestics were in the same class as the imports. All are younger people with the median age of about 50. They consider Lincoln to be an old persons car. Right now, Lincoln has nothing to offer the younger market segment. Lincoln will probably never have a vehicle in that segment. Mulally said, when being interviewed on CNBC, that his only concern is seeing that the blue oval brand survives. It would be nice if the Ford family were willing to put some skin in the game to save the company. But why should they. S&P informed investors that even with the bailout there is at least a 90 % probability that all three makers would eventually go into chapter 11 at some time in the future. I hope Lincoln could be sold to a speciality maker that has the engineering expertise to produce an American Mercedes or BMW
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,030
    But Ford HAD European prestige brands already in Aston Martin and Jaguar - there was no reason to put Lincoln in the mix. Now that's all changed so the door is open, but it takes time.

    And if Ford doesn't survive, Lincoln doesn't survive. That's why Mulally has focused on mainstream Ford vehicles first. Ford needs to be profitable in the U.S. before it can afford to develop an all new world class RWD platform for Lincoln.

    Ford has the management team in place to make that happen and as long as the economy doesn't get worse Ford will be fine.

    Why not look at the positives? The MKS has the highest quality interior, the most technological features including AWD and the most power (340 hp in a few months) of any Lincoln in the last 30 years. Seems like a huge step in the right direction to me.
  • The car is not a bad car. But it tries to be everything to everybody. It wants to be a TC replacement and also an LS replacement. Give it a firmer ride than a TC but not much firmer as to discourage the TC buyers from buying and hope that the ride and handling is just right as to encourage LS owners to purchase it. If that isn't good enough to get LS owners to buy, give it awd as an option with a 340 hp engine option . But it still won't handle as an LS. I don't think Lincoln is going to offer a sport package for the 340hp option. I think that the car was designed by committee. There were those who wanted a traditional TC type vehicle and those who wanted an LS replacement. This vehicle is the compromise. Ford needs a car person to run its r&d dept. Someone who could take charge and push projects through red tape. It doesn't need committees.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,030
    I think you're missing the point. There is only so much you can do with a transverse engine FWD platform, even with AWD. It's never going to handle like a LS no matter who engineers it. The ride is already much firmer than a TC which has turned off some current TC owners. It's as sporty as possible.

    It's quite simple - to build the car you want requires a new, sophisticated, expensive RWD platform that simply doesn't exist right now. Lincoln has plans to build it but first they have to get through this economic crisis. What more can they possibly do RIGHT NOW?
  • Just three words: Audi, Acura, and Hyundi. Audi uses a fwd and awd platform and yet will out handle and out perform the MKS. I know about the price of these cars. But yet Acura makes the TL in standard fwd and also with a sophisticated awd system as an option. Both versions will out handle the MKS and is in the same price range. Hyundi managed to produce a sophisticated premium rwd vehicle which is also in the same price category as the MKS. Which is another vehicle that can out perform the MKS. It's pretty bad when a relatively new companies as Hyundi and Acura are ahead of the curve while Ford ,even in decent conditions, was behind. They decided to stay behind while using the profits from SUVs and trucks to produce new SUVs and trucks while forgeting about their car lines. The sad part is is that they thought they could catch up to these rivals in terms of new platform tech with the MKS.
  • datagendatagen Posts: 107
    I think there may be some confusion here. Yes I know what Ford intended but there was a balancing act going on here. I believe the MKS is in a class by itself. The size of it alone tells you clearly that even though it was meant to be a direct competitor, it is turning into a indirect one. It was designed to provide something different from the high-end main steam where performance amongst the other competitors is very close and looks not much difference as well. I am not sure is there a thing called workmanship when over 70% of the work done on vehicle today in the manufacturing world is performed by computers and robots.

    Yet as long as man is the source there will always be imperfections. Like beauty this is all in the eyes of the beholder. For example some say the pickup on the MKS is lacking. Others say due to the transmission design it is fine, while others are waiting on the ecoboost looking for speed. My old man use to tell me that the latest is not necessary the greatest, and what may seemed to be out dated, may still serve its purpose just fine. With all the latest computer languages that are used today, many banks still use the old language of Cobol due to its stability and low support cost. So the incorporation of the old and new in this vehicle was a balancing act indeed.

    I have never seen the perfect car no matter what the cost. Like everything else it is a percentage decision. There are some things I do not like about the MKS, but my percentage of likes was higher than my dislikes, hence I purchased the vehicle. As we nick pick from out own worlds, lets take a moment to appreciate the overall intent of the engineers and designers for their effort to create a product towards the satisfaction of all no matter how impossible it would have been from jump street.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,030
    Audi uses a longitudinal engine design, not transverse which yields slightly better weight distribution. And the TL is much smaller than the MKS - the RL would be a better comparison.

    What does Hyundai have with the Genesis that Ford didn't? A new RWD platform.

    We all agree that Ford should have developed a world class RWD platform years ago, but they didn't. In the meantime, the MKS is a very good vehicle, although not perfect.
  • What makes it a very good vehicle? Audi still uses front drive on some of its vehicles. If they found a way to mount the engine longitunally on these vehicles why couldn't Ford? Why doesn't Lincoln have the same sophisticated awd system as Acura or for that matter Audi? And It doesn't matter if the MKS is a larger car. It's not that hard to modify a system for other use. Why not have a full time awd option? The system that is presently used is based on Volvo's. When the Volvo's system was road tested against the Audi's awd system on a European Auto show ,the Audi's system clearly out performed the Volvo's system in the Nurbering test course.
  • What does this car do that is better than others in its price range? What will make me purchase this vehicle over a Audi or DTS. The DTS has less torque steer. Has a engine with more horse power and the DTS is slightly more expensive than this car and still has higher sales. Is available with all of the equipment except for Nsync that is touted as standard on the MKS.
  • Many of these vehicles are more expensive than the MKS and are smaller since the size of the car seems to matter when making excuses for Ford's latest wannabe whenever someone criticizes the car by comparing it to others in its price range. Ford needs to sell about 35 thousand of these turkeys to break even on it with the heavy discounting that is taking place. Right now most dealers are discounting about 4500 dollars and some over 5000 dollars to get them off the lot.
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