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Lincoln MKS



  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    Congrats on the MKS! Nice to hear you had a good purchase experience also. Be sure to post a dealer review! I'm sure they would appreciate it.

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  • Thanks, Datagen. I read about that trunk release in the manual but I haven't tried it. I might just leave the key fob in the car all of the time and use the keypad, anyway. I am not sure yet which method of locking/unlocking works best for me.

    I am accustomed to using premium or at least mid-grade in my LS so I will probably continue that. It was full when I picked it up and I don't know what they put in it. I will try both 87 and 91 and see if I can tell the difference.

    Cops shouldn't pay attention to a balding guy in a Lincoln, should they? ;)
  • toomanyfumestoomanyfumes S.E. Wisconsin Posts: 1,004
    Congrats to both of you on your new MKS's. I think they're really sharp cars, keep us updated!
    2012 Mustang Premium, 2013 Lincoln MKX Elite, 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander.
  • Datagen, how do you like the adaptive headlights/auto high beams?

    I knew they were there but didn't give them much thought until early this morning when I drove the car in the dark for the first time. Starting up in the garage, they came on and scanned left to right against the garage wall to show me that they were working. Driving on a winding 2-lane to work (where deer are plentiful) I really enjoyed the way they swivel with the turns. The auto high beams came on where there was no traffic and instantly dimmed when approaching other cars headlights or taillights. Pretty cool. I know these are not new features but they are new to me and the technology has improved since they were first introduced.

    I probably sound like a kid in a candy store but everytime I drive this crazy thing, I find some little feature that makes me say, "Wow!" I am not sure if the 2009s had ambient lighting and lighted door sills or not but that is pretty nice too.

    Have I mentioned lately that the twin-turbo engine has plenty of power? :)
  • datagendatagen Posts: 107
    Yes the adaptive headlight and auto high beam are great. I live in an area of deer as well and it is very handy. Be careful in the future if you decide to have your windows professionally tinted. We had to make a small hole in the tint so the sensor could still function properly.

    You are right the 2009 do not have the ambient lighting. You can get a kit through the dealership but it is not the same. It is in my 2010 MKZ and it is sweet. That MKZ can fly and I see a ticket in the future, so I better start squirreling away now. It will be less of impact when it happens.

    I am glad to hear your enjoyment and discoveries. I believe many whom went another way missed out on a quality vehicle. What size wheels do you have? Have you notice the attention people have toward the car? The styling and red color commands attention. The braking system is awesome as well. Keep those ecoboost comments up and you are going to make me go out and get a fully loaded Taurus. :shades:
  • I drove several MKSs with the different wheel/tire options. I liked the ride and quiet of the 18s best. The 20" Michelins are quiet, too, but our many of our Minneapolis streets are horrible and the 20s were a bit firm for me - they include a firmer shock package. The ecoboost and/or ultimate package comes with the 19 inch wheels but my dealer swapped me the 18s off another MKS. If I lived in an area with smoother streets, I would have gone for the 20s.

    Only a speed-freak or a power hungry hooligan would ever need to use wide open throttle with the ecoboost engine. If he/she does use WOT, it probably would not be for more than a very few seconds. The thing that appeals to me is the ease and lack of drama in which it accelerates quickly at part throttle. It pulls way more strongly at 1500 RPM than my LS did at 4000. The result is quick acceleration at part throttle with limited downshifts and hardly any noise.

    It is too soon to tell about gas mileage but on my regular commute for just the past 3 days, my computer is showing 21.3. Under similar conditions, my LS was usually around 20 - 20.5. My wife's Taurus does about 22.8 when I commute with it. My round-trip commute is about 36 miles - part 2 lane county road, part busy freeway, and some downtown stop & go. I hope to take road trip soon so I can see what it does under ideal conditions.
  • datagendatagen Posts: 107
    That is some nice info to know. It was also good to know that we in Michigan are not the only ones who have bad roads. They are so bad here that they have taken up the European approach to fixing them to a point. They work on them at night and weekends like they do in Europe, but where Europe actually replaces a whole section, here they just patch it. It affects many things (wear and tear, mileage, etc). I am not getting that good of mileage. Mine is AWD and the best I seen it produce is 19.9. My Taurus kicks out 20-21 and the Z is right now at 18.9 – 19.5. I believe your ecoboost MKS is AWD as well right?

    My commute is 13-15 miles one way and my driving habits needs work. I have passed my boss up so fast once that when he got to see me at work, he told me that he was impress and did not think a Taurus could even do those speeds. Due to some road conditions, I choose my routes base upon what I am driving. I have the 20” and at first the ride was rough, but they seemed to have adapted and have really smooth out much to my surprise.

    I have notice better results when I travel down to Ohio (way better roads) and a few other areas. Here we drive like our [non-permissible content removed] is on fire. You have to or your [non-permissible content removed] will get run over. That is interesting the amount of power you get at 1500 RPM’s. A friend of mine told me the other day that he saw a sad sight of a new SHO Taurus in the right lane doing 55mph. Now I guess that tells you the mentality here. :D
  • brucelincbrucelinc Posts: 815
    Datagen, I have a couple of questions for you.

    When you start your car, does it greet you with a verbal "good morning" or "good afternoon?" I would swear that I drove an MKS a few months ago that did that. Mine does not and it is not a big deal but I am curious if there is a setting for that. I have read all the manuals from stem to stern and can't find anything about it!

    Second question: When I change the media to jukebox, it begins playing the last song that I was listening to prior to switching to another form of media. Is that normal? I thought that if I left the jukebox and listened to FM or Sirius for awhile (or turned the audio off) and then returned to the jukebox later, it would not play anything at all unless I pressed the song title or gave it a verbal command. Again, this is not a big deal but I was wondering if yours works the same way.

    Thanks in advance for clearing up these little mysteries for me.
  • datagendatagen Posts: 107
    Well to answer you first question, I only get a short musical greeting while things are powering up. That voice greeting is new to me and like you cannot find this anywhere.

    My jukebox has always picked up where it was when I switch to another mode or turn the vehicle off. This is voice greeting is interesting. I know a person who has a brand new Taurus, let me check with them on that voice greeting.
  • brucelincbrucelinc Posts: 815
    Thanks, Datagen. Now I know my jukebox is behaving properly. It makes sense. If you go from CD to another form of media and back to CD, it picks up where it left off. The jukebox works the same way.

    As for the audible greeting, I think it might have been a pre-production MKS that I played around with at a launch event over a year ago. There was some discussion about it on Blue Oval News and someone thought that theirs stopped greeting them after they paired their phone. Not sure what that would have to do with it.

    You are right about the red color attracting attention. This morning at a SuperAmerica station, a total stranger remarked that it was a beautiful car. Oh, by the way, not sure if I mentioned it or not but the Ecoboost engine makes the MKS a rocket. :D
  • Cooooolll.
    I drove up Loveland pass about 15 years ago. It was snowing and next to Hwy 30, the road on the north end of Maui, one of the scariest drives I've done. (But Hwy 30 only has about 3/4 lane in some spots going around blind curves. The rental car agreement prohibits driving that road--wink, wink.)
  • brucelincbrucelinc Posts: 815
    Yes, Loveland pass is a pretty neat drive. The Mt. Evans highway out in that same area is pretty striking, too.

    The highway that made me the most nervous was not a high altitude highway at all. The Ortega highway in Southern California is a fun drive but something about it made me wary when I drove it. Lots of crazy drivers on that one - even crazier than me.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • robw64robw64 Posts: 76
    The local Lincoln dealer is offering some outstanding deals on their 2009 MKS inventory. This model has not sold particularly well here in Florida and there are many 2009's still available. At the recent MKT launch event they had an equal number of MKS sedans parked alongside the new vehicles in an attempt to move some inventory.

    The question is: are the 2010 models significantly different than the 2009? I've seen mention of additional sound insulation but I can't find any verification of that. I know there is an automatic parallel park feature, but that seems a bit gimmicky to me and I honestly can't remember the last time I had to parallel park down here in the wide-open flatlands of Florida. I don't have a need/interest in EcoBoost.....the base engine model (loaded) is what I am interested in.

    Thanks everyone.
  • datagendatagen Posts: 107
    Amongst some of the already loaded technology improvement there is not a whole lot there. The Ecoboost engine is a combination of a turbo charger and direct injection which both have been out for quite sometime in there individual respects. This is the first time the have been put together. This engine by Ford even though quite impressive also tells me a sad story as well.

    With this combination you get approx 72 more horses and 1-2 mpg better than the current MKS for 5-7 thousand dollars more (cause of the suspension and AWD thrown in with it), This may mark the end of the gasoline combustible engine as we have known it. The drive to make it more efficient may has reached its climax and this was only an attempt to try and capture those whom had nothing but more power on their minds to blow pass regular traffic drivers who would have in their minds for a second of “look at that thing go!” then back to the news or music on the radio.

    What I liked about the MKS is that it showed a balance, a balance of elegance, technology, power, and price that few could match. The price portion may have gone out the window some but that’s another story. Even though I do not have the Ecoboost engine, that 3.7 is no slouch either and I am hitting an average of 19-20mpg , which is not bad for an AWD. I am sure the Ecoboost will get better than what is on the sticker though, most do. I am sure Ford would not sell many vehicles if the mileage was less. So if they purposely put the numbers lower, great strategy. I am afraid as we move forward the MKS days may be numbered as the struggle continues to try and get more with less. They could just push the technology though for future models. I have heard many question the improvements.

    Some say, "Why do I need an indicator on my mirror of traffic? I turns my head quickly and look." Good for them, but for those who are on the phone, listening to the radio and doing their nails all at the same time, it might be a matter of life and death. It is a constant balance of features vs price. Could I really use this feature and handle the price or do I just start turning my head like they been telling me to do in driver safety films for years? Back to the engine department, I guess the question is, are they really have a struggle with the technology or are they just marketing in steps for in truth they can do a whole lot better :confuse:
  • brucelincbrucelinc Posts: 815

    The link I have attached should take you to a Ford site where you can see the differences between the 2009 and 2010. Click on the product overview and there is also a PDF that outlines the differences.

    I have driven several 2009s and bought a 2010 mainly because I wanted the ecoboost. Yes, there is a very slight difference in noise levels - but that may be more because the ecoboost package is geared to run at much lower RPM. I have not driven a '10 with the 3.7 engine. As for road noise and wind noise, both are very good. Ford's site mentions additional sound deadening and structural enhancements in the '10 but you would probably need to drive an '09 and a '10 back to back to notice. I didn't get the park assist for the same reasons you have no interest in it. The little window in the mirror of the '10 is useless. If you adjust the mirrors properly, there is no blind spot, anyway.

    If you have no interest in the ecoboost package, you will probably love an '09 and the money you will save. Having said that, you might want to get the dealer's best price on a '10. There may not be as much difference as you think to have a year newer vehicle.
  • brucelincbrucelinc Posts: 815
    I am afraid as we move forward the MKS days may be numbered as the struggle continues to try and get more with less.

    Times and priorities change. Will the MKS in its current form be around 5 years from now? I doubt it. The same could be said for most of today's cars regardless of brand. Actually, the downward economy and resulting lower car sales has helped make the MKS viable for a longer period of time, IMO. If Ford had been flush with cash and sales were booming, they would have moved forward with a RWD platform that may have made today's MKS obsolete. That has been delayed (some say canceled) and the MKS is the best they have - and it is pretty darn good.

    If the Lincoln brand is to survive, they need a viable entry in the low 40 to low 50 thousand dollar price range. The MKS is there and it is competitive. It is the best Lincoln ever built and with ecoboost, I would argue that it is more competitive in its market than any Lincoln in the past 20 years or so. It trounces the STS, RL, M45, etc. not only in features but also in sales. If the Lincoln brand were not so tarnished, it would do even better in sales. I look for some of that tarnish to be wiped away over time.

    I would not be so quick to dismiss ecoboost as being just for the people after high performance. Word is that the demand has been much higher than anticipated. In addition to blazing acceleration when you want it, the ecoboost package does deliver excellent cruising fuel economy, smooth idle quality and stellar drivability even when not extracting maximum performance.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    " It is the best Lincoln ever built and with ecoboost, I would argue that it is more competitive in its market than any Lincoln in the past 20 years or so. It trounces the STS, RL, M45, etc. not only in features but also in sales."

    Spoken like a true Ford Employee... :P ;) :blush:
  • brucelincbrucelinc Posts: 815
    What does a review written in July of 2008 have to do with an MKS ecoboost? For every negative review you find on ecoboost, I could probably find 10 praising it.
  • brucelincbrucelinc Posts: 815
    Yep, I could really be Mark Fields in disguise - ya never know. :shades:
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    Or William Clay Ford...ya never know.....

    How 'bout them Lions, eh???

    (Just joking...don't respond...I hate sports, esp is just hard to live in Detroit for 10 years and NOT know what a Ford family member is tho we care... ;) ...)
  • brucelincbrucelinc Posts: 815
    Glad to see more activity on this board, marsha! I know you have been posting for several years and enjoy your posts. There hasn't been much interest in the MKS for awhile and I thought maybe I was posting to myself.

    When I say "the best Lincoln in the past 20 years or so," the bar really isn't set very high, unfortunately. I think they have some pretty good stuff now and am really pulling for them. While I am not a Ford employee, my parents always had Fords and Mercurys and eventually a Town Car. I worked in the service department at a Ford dealership for about 6 years before my career took a different direction. I am pretty hard-headed blue oval loyal. Thankfully, that is much easier now than it was just a few years ago.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    Thanks for the kind words...altho I tear up the UAW in the UAW thread, I own a Crown Vic and Dodge Ram, both 2004...what a country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Am I the only one having problems getting the link in #2754 to connect? :confuse:
  • datagendatagen Posts: 107
    Hey brucelinc don't get me wrong, I would not dismiss the engine. It is one hell of an accomplishment and I must praise Ford for going forward when others held back. That decision took some, some, well you know. I may still get that Taurus SHO and come up there and race you. LOL.

    What I am trying to say is, it may be the end of the line for combustibles. I am hearing some exciting things on the electric magnet side of the house that are so fast on acceleration, they can hardly measure it right. Yes I know gasoline engines won't go away overnight, but I think we are witnessing the beginning of the end for them in time. One thing you mentioned that I had not though of is the cruising part. That is something to consider.
  • brucelincbrucelinc Posts: 815
    You already have an MKS and an MKZ. If you refuse to add an MKT, MKX, or Navigator to your stable, the least you can do is get that SHO!

    When I picked up my new car a couple of weeks ago, they had a red candy SHO on the showroom floor. I would have driven it but it was already sold. It is a very impressive looking vehicle. The flowing center stack and console are pretty dramatic. I am not a big fan of metallic trim or coal black interiors but it looked appropriate in this application.

    My dealer has only had two SHOs and sold them both within a day. They have moved a few ecoboost MKSs, too.
  • Thanks - it was a very nice review. My MKS was built last last Wed according to my salesman. I might see by the end of this week.
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