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Future Chevrolet Camaro



  • albookalbook Posts: 1,282
    Challenger is going to be a limited production vehicle
    Are you sure? I bet it will sell so well that production numbers will be upped. I think this is the case of also better looking "stang." The Mustang is very retro and still sells great. As for performance, Chrylser knows a little something about this nitch, so weight will probably be lower than 3900lbs (that's just humongous)so Challenger should still beat Camaro. And power will definitely be upped to stake any chances Comaro will have with corvette engine and to compete with Mustang Shelby. At the Chicago Auto Show, Challenger got better response than Camaro. and was voted in the top three best concepts there(can't remember if it won). This Camaro is a disapointment.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    The Solstice Coupe Concept car would be the coolest Pony car which GM could produce. It has the looks, the size and weight to be a winner. Should add the 3.6 V6 engine, and bingo, a smooth and fast sports car. The current concept Camaro is just a monster, as is the Challenger. They are going to build the Challenger off the Charger, which is fat enough for a four door family car. It too will be heavy and way too wide. As for those in need of speed, and big engines, just find a used Corvette. I am sure a 6.0 with 400HP or more would fill the need. Actually, the last Camaro SS had the HP and speed most people can't handle. Placing a 3.6 V6 in the Solstice/Camaro Coupe would give it speed like a V8 or better, and handling with the better weight distribution, like a sports car.
    Zero to a speeding ticket, or ability to wrap the car around a tree can easily be achieved without gas guzzling, huge pushrod engines. If needed, the 5.0 V8 could be an option - something like the Mustang has in the 4.6 V8, though the 3.6 V6 GM has would be a sweet option, IMHO.
  • albookalbook Posts: 1,282
    Have you seen mustang times? The Challenger and Camaro should have performance similar to this (which is very good!) Look at the Cobra 500! The 3.6 probably will be an option. Do you hate American heritage?
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    "Have you seen mustang times? "
    "The Challenger and Camaro should have performance similar to this (which is very good!) Look at the Cobra 500!"
    Drag strip 0-60 is not important, unless for drag strips. All cars, including FWD econo cars can be altered to perform magnificent 1/4 mile times, with outstanding HP. You may see a Civic fly by one one fine day. Big deal. A balanced car has straight line speed, cornering ability, usable power for daily driving. Fuel economy would be a value added feature as well.
    "The 3.6 probably will be an option."
    Hopefully, it will be the engine, with a V8 as an option pkg. just like CTS has.
    "Do you hate American heritage?"
    No, in general, I do not hate American heritage. Any specifics as to what I should hate or like about America? Kinda a broad subject, with a couple hundred plus years to cover.

    Looks wise the Challenger is a best replica car, and the Camaro would be pretty good downsized, and belt line lowered to avoid too tall door syndrome. Last of the Fox body Stangs, '94-'04 are as large as I would go, with as tall a doors as I would hang on the sides.
    As for replica cars, with modern underpinnings, I can see how people may get excited about that. It is not for everyone. Would be happy to own the keys to a replica Cobra. I would prefer new ideas, new designs, and looking forward. The 2004 Mustang was a good example of a Ford Pony car which took a load of style and attitude from the first generation Stang, and built it into a more modern car.
    While the '05 to me is trying a bit too much inside and out to be a 1969 model exterior and 1965 interior Mustang. It is fine, especially for those in need of a more replica car of days-gone-bye. I bet ya people will find out later on that some elements of the new car are gonna cost them more money come repair time. The New Pony may require more hay over time, as in more green. I personally would stay with the '04 or older. Money no object, and if the kinks are ironed out of the New Stang, then go for it. It is a good looking car - but then again, I am old enough as to have seen it for the first time back in late '68. The Real New Stang may be coming in '09 model year. May be a little more pizazz.
  • albookalbook Posts: 1,282
    I would prefer new ideas, new designs, and looking forward.

    These things are looking forward. They're just lookng to their heritage for new inspiration. and it seems a bright new start. You like the old mustang better than the current? that thing is so plain. i've seen better looking Cavaliers. Ford did this because they wanted some soul. And it looks great. i'm speechless about that comment!
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Yes, I like the looks of the "68 or a '69 Mustang more than the plain version replica car of '05. All three are good looking enough. Interior and exterior of an '04 however is better than the '05 and the nose doesn't look so sad. Straight on view of the New Stang renders a droopy and sad looking face, like it is tired and had a very long night of it. Most of the look is not bad; just a stubbier or blockier '69 look with no chrome or extra beauty marks. The interior is hard plastic, with an attempt to put the '65-'68 interior look inside a '69 ish auto. I had a '65 Mustang, and the interior was not bad - simple and plain. Not sure how people should get excited about it however, as the rounded look is much more appealing to the eye. The addition of an advertisement on the gas cap is one rather tacky addition to Ford's heritage.

    BTW, it is OK to be speechless while typing. :D
  • albookalbook Posts: 1,282
    Interior and exterior of an '04 however is better than the '05

    In my oppinion,the current Mustang looks waaaayyyyyy better than that cavalier looking old one. Seriously, it looks like a slightly squared cavalier. There is nothing better about the '04 than the '05.

    Someone give me their oppinion on the subject!
  • Dec. 2007. The end of the Monte Carlo. I'm too sad to think.
  • albookalbook Posts: 1,282
    What a shock!!! But this is because Chevy messed around too much! How do you have this Impala crap and it's suposed to compete with Mustang? HUH?
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Sorry, but a Cavalier looks like a Cavalier and the Stang, like a Stang. Now I must say the Cobalt is a little different looking than a Cavalier, though not really better looking. Strictly going by looks, the Camaro is still one of the best looking cars of all time. Even the third gen, is not bad. Fourth gen. is excellent for eye candy. As for current Mustang style, it is not all that bad looking. Sort of a second place to the original though, so where does that place it? Pleasing enough replicar? Yes. Better style than is those of pre-'04? Nah, just an easy way to come up with a winning formula. And interior wise, the hard plastic, and deep buried gauges, are hardly impressive. The boring dash of days-gone-bye is reborn in a more boring and cheaper looking fashion - whoopee! I know what a '69 or '70 Mustang should look like -- been there, done that. I lived the 60's. And good luck with that throttle-by-wire. If you like the new (old) look, which ain't bad, and have loads of money, then by all means, it is a better choice. Handling will be better and it may prove more quiet, if they have solved the mystery sounds / clunks issues. Don't expect overall upkeep, given time, to be the same as in the past.
  • albookalbook Posts: 1,282
    I guess I should be getting back on topic, but my last comment is this: That old '04 mustang was boring, and underpowered. Now, I guess the power part could have been reworked. but the styling was bland. this styling too, represents a time period, in my oppinion. A time when the American Auto industry started losing to foriegn auto makers. a time when they began to make some mistake because of previous loses to subjects like gas mileage and size. I'm not hating the Japanese, or the whole save the world thing, but in this time, American autos began to lose their spirit- along with buyers.sales dropped tremendously,and kids were less likely to even know what a Pontiac was. This, from what i've read and heard, is bringing that spirit back and More people like this one than the old (oval) mustang. And everyone knows it atleast looks good. The old mustand (04)reminds me of little more than a sporty ford escort with a V8 option. i could be wrong, but tell me what you guys think. This comaro better at least continue with the trend. It, like the mustang may take a backseat to the original, but what in this day and age doesn't. At least it's an improvment to it's predecesor.
  • drfilldrfill Posts: 2,484
    In my oppinion,the current Mustang looks waaaayyyyyy better than that cavalier looking old one. Seriously, it looks like a slightly squared cavalier. There is nothing better about the '04 than the '05.

    Someone give me their oppinion on the subject!

    Unless your over 50, the 'Stang blows huge chunks! The "old" 'Stang was pretty sweet, having sold them myself. The stick was atrocious, but a studly ride otherwise. ;)

    Nothing for the 30 and under crowd thur! :mad:

    The Next Camaro will have "import-intenders" building blogs in worship! GM is turning this TITANIC AROUND! :surprise:

  • albookalbook Posts: 1,282
    Come on! What Kid wouldn't want the new Mustang GT? It looks great. Now compared to a Charger R/T...
  • The styling of the 04 Mustang and the 05 Mustang are completely different.

    The 04 mustang was built to look like a sports car. The SN197 mustangs, however, are built to liken back to the days of the older stangs, and as such have a very strong muscle car appearance.

    Personally, I love my '04 Mustang GT. Would I trade it for another vehicle? Certainly, if I get the right offer. But for my money, I don't think there's a car I could have been happier with.
  • I am impressed with the new Camero. This is coming from a Ford Mustang man. When I was a kid, I owned a 67 GT 2+2 Fastback, and later a 2004 Torch Red Convertible. To show ballance, I owned a 1980 Z28 4 speed with T tops. Anyway, I just saw the Camero convertible. I still have to get used to the shape, which I do not like, but the interior is just great. I am glad GM got rid of the fools who were responsible for the dull and cheesy interiors in GM cars and hired people who can put a modern yet nice retro style in the Camero. Will I buy a Camero? No. But I look forward to the Camero vs Mustang rivalry again. A good stong competiton improves both products.
  • drfilldrfill Posts: 2,484
    Come on! What Kid wouldn't want the new Mustang GT? It looks great. Now compared to a Charger R/T...

    What kid would pick a 'Stang over the style of the Next Camaro?

    Answer? Not many.

    It's for the Boomers, not the New School. I hope my father likes it. But I sure don't.

    The Next Camaro WILL get me over the threshold, and into a showroom. ;)

  • kolegakolega Posts: 1
    You can aways count on Detroit do mess up the concept.
    The Mustang concept was great. I would've spend $50k for it. Fot the production Mustang - I wouldn't be caught dead in.

    My guess is that the new Camaro will also be a great addition to the ren-a-car fleet....
  • Come on DrFill, get off the Crack and on to reality. If the Camero were such a winner, why did GM stop production? The answer is simple. It was a sales dog. Few people were buying it, not young or old.

    Contrast that with the yearly sales for the New Mustang. In the years 05 & 06, the numbers are in the range of 150,000 plus. By the time GM gets the Camero for sale in 2009, the New Mustang will have been out there for 4 years and will have over 600,000 on the road.

    The Camero will have to compete against a product that defined the term Pony Car, is a mature product, and a proven sales leader. Why would anyone want to buy a copy of the real thing? (Would you would buy a Kia, if they claimed to make Pony Cars, too?) The Camero will be a tough sell in 2009, since the Mustang has established itself and defined the car category, compound that with the fact that the Challenger is a much better looking car. The Camero will end up as it always has, in the shadow of the Mustang.
  • Does anyone know if the 2009 Camaro is going to come in Z28?
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,964
    "The transmission is too costly for a Pony car."

    "Excellent point. Doesn't the C6 use a transaxle? No way GM would be offering a transaxle in what should be (at least nominally) a 4 seat vehicle."

    = = =

    The C6 ( my daily driver is a 2007 ) has the transmission mounted in the rear – and co-located with the differential.

    It is not, however, [ strictly speaking ] a transaxle. They are separate units. Other GM vehicles using versions of this transmission ( including the 2007 Caddy STS V8s ) mount it immediately behind the motor.

    The issues here ( in my opinion ) are that the 6L80 six speed automatic ( as in my C6 ) is a rather expensive and fairly heavy item. The Tremec T56 manual six speed transmission is robust, but has issues as well . . .

    If a six speed automatic is deemed necessary, the version of the automatic in the 2007 Caddy STS V8s ( 6L50 ) might be a candidate for something less powerful that a 400 \ 400 LS2 motor.

    The other issue is that the C6 has an IRS – again complex & expensive. I am not convinced that this will even be optional on the Camaro.

    I’d have looked far more seriously at the Mustang GT, if an IRS ( and any sort of manumatic shifting ) had been available. . .

    - Ray
    Happy C6 driver!

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