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Lexus GX 470 Maintenance and Repair



  • Thanks for the info. For the record, I made a mistake, I have a 2003 GX470. By the way, what is TSB? I just looked at a 2007 GX470 & I think that's what I will buy. I really love my GX - hard to imagine driving anything else.
  • jasp615jasp615 Posts: 10
    TSB stands for Tecnical Service Bulletin which has nothing to do with warranty. This is something that the company puts out letting you know that there is something wrong that needs to be fix but it doesn't need to have a recall due to not posing a safty hazzard. Under your Vin number I believe they can tell if this was ever addressed. If not you are entitled to have this done. One thing I'm not sure of if this has to be done while sill under the original 4 yrs or 50,000 mile. Out of 20 new trucks that we have owned this has to be one of the best choices that we have made. This is also the first foreign trucks that we have owned also. Can't compare.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    "A technical service bulletin is actually an advisory issued by a manufacturer for use by dealership service departments.

    And, of course, the best thing about finding a TSB that seems to cover a persistent problem in your vehicle is that dealerships will make the repair for free, provided that

    * Your vehicle is under warranty;

    * Your service advisor and/or technicians are able to confirm that the problem exists. "

    You, Your Vehicle and the Technical Service Bulletin (TSB)

    Edmunds has summary TSB info in the Edmunds Maintenance Guide.
  • Never had a clunking sound until some rear brake work was done on our 04 model. Lexus is aware of problem it should not be an issue getting it fixed. it actually feels like someone tapping your rear bumper with a clunking noise.
  • Have been hearing clanking noises from front passenger seat when someone is riding in vehicle. Almost sounds like a loose soda can hitting the side of the car. Of course Lexus did not do as I requested in having a person sit in the passenger seat when test driving, had to waste another day to return and have manager ride in vehicle. Funny heard the noise going right out the drive-way at Lexus. End result is they changed the entire passenger seat. Anyone encounter this I have a new passenger seat that does not match the drivers seat in terms of the wear on the leather. Lexus is replacing a part on the drivers side but not sure what that is. Things usually get resolved with Lexus but this one has me wondering. It looks funny with new gray leather and the others are smooth.
  • mitchussonmitchusson Posts: 1
    From Don in Denver
    Did you ever get your garage door opener on the GX to work? I just bought a GX and cannot get the rolling code garage door opener to work as instructed in the owner's manual.
    I'm using a Chamberlain Series 1200 rolling code garage door opener.
  • kendall8kendall8 Posts: 28
    I have the same brake problem. At 12,000 miles Lexus said I need new breaks. I took it to my local shop. They said no way. Now they pluse (18k miles). How did it work out for you? MILBYDAVE@AOL.COM
  • rcetinarcetina Posts: 1
    After getting an oil change at a quick lube they were unable to turn off my maitenancde required light. Has anyone figured out how to reset the maintenance light on a 2005 GX 470?
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    I'm sure it is in your manual. I know it is in my 2003 4Runner...
  • 2005gx4702005gx470 Posts: 1
    hey mitchusson,

    hope you were able to program your garage door opener. I too just got a new Chamberlain garage door opener. To program it into your GX470, you must first follow steps 1-4 under the "Programming the HomeLink" instructions in your manual. Then follow the "Programming a rolling code system". Hope this helps.
  • j4owj4ow Posts: 1
    Did you ever get the clunk and A/C probs repaired. I have both probs on my '03 GX, just had the TSB done for the A/C issue (Lexus was super nice, covered it even though my car has 60k miles and gave me a loaner). I do notice though that the a/c keeps getting cool and then warm again still, I am taking it back this week for them to check it again. The "cliunk" parts have been on order for my car for over a month now, my car has a terrible clunk at every start/stop. They said they will cover the clunk TSB as well, they have been wonderful!
    Let me know how it went for you, please. Hope all is fixed!
    Thanks in adavance!
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    Just lost the transfer case at 75k miles in my wifes '04. Was getting a leak on the garage floor and the dealer first said it was a seal. Once they pulled it, said the entire transfer case had to be replaced as it was coming apart inside. $1,100 is what they estimated for the repair, should be fixed in a couple days. They had no interest in providing any good-will toward the repair which is annoying considering the huge sums of money we've spent on maintenance with this dealer. Quite disappointed in this vehicle, lots of small problems and now a drivetrain issue. I haven't had a drivetrain failure on a vehicle for almost ten years.....including several with 150k-200k miles.
  • I am hoping someone can help or suggest something. I've had my gx since 2004 and hardly ever used the sunroof and the other day when I did go use it, it made a noised then it slowd downed and died. I took it to the dealership and of course my warranty ran out in Jan. of this year and they said the motor was bad and the wire in the housing is bad and to fix it all would literally cost 3469.18 that is insane. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommend anything I could do because I am not about to spend that kind of money to fix it. ( by the way the got it close manually).
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    You could try a private mechanic and see if they could come up with something cheaper. Maybe find salvage parts, but these are relatively low volume vehicles so it's hard to find parts for them. It's an unfortunate part of owning a Lexus...when they break (and they do...) it's crazy $$. I'd just go back to not using it again! My wife has used ours all the time and no problems. Might have been a problem due to lack of use as crazy as that sounds, but it almost sounds like it jammed up and burned up the motor. They should be lubing the tracks as a part of their ridiculously overpriced maybe you could shift the blame and get them to pay for it. Yeah, I know I'm dreaming! They wouldn't cover our transaxle at 75k miles!
  • Mine was under warranty when I finally brought it in for service. Our 2005 grinded when closing after about a year of use. As we are more likely to pop it, rather than fully open it, I delayed the service until this summer. Apparently there is a tremendous amount of labor involved to expose the motor and wiring. They had it almost the whole weekend. Thankfully in my case there was no charge.

    Although the routine maintenance is expensive, the perks are truly hard to want to give up; service and parts 365 days/year from 6am-11pm, unlimited supply of rentals for $5/day--typically 2008 350RX or 400h, awesome waiting room--free food, Starbucks, internet access, play area for the kids, and an entertainment room that rivals a sports bar for the big kids. When you need to have tire replaced on a Sunday night at 8pm and you can just show up, get a loaner and pick up the car the following day, it is pretty sweet. I know we for it, but the total flexibility is really, really nice. This has been my experience at Pohanka Lexus in Fairfax, VA
  • e33e33 Posts: 8
    Wondered if anyone had done this. I am having difficulty finding the exact color match. I find Tan color codes like 315, 375 and 05 for my 2001 LX and my dealer says LM40. Nothing matches up.

    Any help is appreciated.
  • 2005 GX 470 if i dont drive for a while it goes down and it will not lift up unless i raised it with the hight control switch,this when it goes up to the high position for about 20 miles then goes back to normal. Any Idea?
  • Can anyone give me some insight on a 2005 or 2006 GX 470? I am contemplating buying a used one with about 25,000 miles. Just wanted to know what kind of maintenance and problems owners have experienced. Thanks.
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    My wife drives an '04 with right around 100k miles. Major repair was the transfer case somewhere around 75k miles and that was over $1,000 to fix. That was disappointing as I've never had drivetrain problems on a vehicle at such low miles. Maybe a fluke, who knows. Had some niggling issues throughout, more than I would expect on Lexus, but most of those were fixed earlier in the miles. Pretty smooth sailing the last 20k miles and it's still a solid vehicle. Maintenance is very expensive at Lexus dealer, but she likes her free loaner and butt-kiss service. I would assume you've driven one and know you like them? They drive very floaty and have a very soft suspension. I really can't stand to drive it, but I'm more of the aggressive type and she drives like an old lady.
  • Thank you! I have driven several of these trucks. The one I am leaning towards is a 2006 with 19,000 miles. It does have a floaty ride. However now I am driving my second Nissan Pathfinder and I feel like I should be hauling a boat or something. It's too trucklike for me. I am looking forward to a smoother ride. The GX is a nice SUV. Thanks.
  • mitchkmitchk Posts: 1
    I am looking at purchasing a used 2003-2006 GX470. Are there any major differences or changes in the vehicles that I should be aware of. What year did this current body style (I don't see any major changes between the 2003 and 2009) start and does anyone know or have information on the 2010 body style.
  • Has anyone noticed the air vents never turn off when you are moving? I have an '07 GX470. I hope this makes sense, but if you have the dial set for air come out of the face vents, then physically turn the speed of the fan to "Off", they continue to blow air when the vehcile is not at a stop. This is so bizarre! I also noticed that the far right and left vents stay on when I turn the "feet blowers" on. The repair guy said this is normal, but I don't believe it, so I have to check here. Ug!

    Also, has anyone noticed a problem with the sound in the front speakers being intermittant? The service dept. told me they couldn't replicate the problem, therefore, they can't fix it. :confuse:
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    The air sounds perfectly normal on pretty much all vehicles including these. It's basically bringing in outside air (vent) unless you have the system set to recirculate. If you want to stop all air, set it to recirculate and it will stop. And yes, air continues out of the far left/right dash vents even when on floor. There's always some air coming from there and the windshield vents to help keep the glass clear. No idea on speakers.
  • gregoryxgregoryx Posts: 44
    My wife drives a ML 320 which has almost 180,000 miles on it and still driving well. in anticipation of her needing a new vehicle sometime soon, i've begun to research alternatives. based on these posts, the clunking sound and problems with the brakes seem to be ongoing issues that have not been resolved. were these problems ever resolved in subsequent build years?
  • 04 GX470 seeing I never open the back windows , I did yesterday , wow a loud pounding noise to find the moon roof was like vibrating , the noise was like a helicopter , after I closed the back wondows it was completely gone ,
    I do have extended warranty , I've heard it;s better to not have amything done with the moon roof for it can lead into more issues , :mad:
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    I assume you opened rear windows but had fronts closed? If so, that's pretty normal on most any SUV/minivan. Our Odyssey does it. The GX does it. Our Tahoe before did it. Don't open rear windows with fronts closed....problem solved.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    That's normal. Aerodynamics interacting with air compressibility. There is nothing the dealer could do to the sunroof to change it.
  • I've got a 2003 GX470 with 138,000 miles. A few days ago, it blew fuse #27 under the hood which goes to interior cabin lights, running board lights, etc. Then, wife stopped to get gas a few days later and when she turned the key, the gas gauge didn't show full as it should have. She called me. I told her to turn it off and turn it back on. Second start and the gauges came back. Yesterday, I tried to replace fuse 27 and it blows on contact. Now, vehicle dies at idle, gauges lag when starting the vehicle and fuse 27 still won't hold. Any suggestions?

  • Hi I just found out, after ~6 months, that the lexus dealer never put the engine oil filler cap back on after they did the service on my 2008 GX470. How bad will this damage the engine?

  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    Really can't answer that directly. The only damage would be from whatever dirt got into the engine through the filler cap opening. That damage is likely just additional wear on the engine which would be immeasurable at this point. As long as no major dirt was injected, anything would likely be caught by the filter before doing much damage. Do you drive in very dirty conditions or in the desert? Otherwise, I would just change the oil ASAP and move on with life. It's a tough engine and unless you're planning to keep it 200k-300k miles you'll likely never know the difference. It also pays to always make sure the dealers do their jobs. It's unfortunate, but even Lexus puts entry-level folks on the oil change rack.
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