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Toyota FJ Cruiser vs Jeep Wrangler



  • fourx4everfourx4ever Posts: 169
    I agree with you 100% Drew. I did the muscle car thing too and I still have it and still love it, but the Jeep is at a level above even that. My automotive recreational time is devoted to my Jeeps more than anything for the very reasons you suggested.

    Toyota is paying their customers to take their FJC's off road?????? WOW! They have to pay them? That's up there with paying someone to be your friend.
  • fourx4everfourx4ever Posts: 169
    I wonder if Steve Tyler would pay me to date is daughter, Liv?
  • steenhsteenh Posts: 103
    the people they are paying are Toyota employees. They pay those employees to market the product. I think it's a pretty unique and effective marketing tool... get FJ's on the trails, expose them to the 4 wheeling public (jeep public included), and get them behind the wheel. That's not a marketing technique they would do for a vehicle that wasn't off-road capable. Be like taking a minivan to the drag strips to show off their 0 - 60 time. Must be something to the FJ... I'm sure they've put real bumpers on the trail rigs though.

    b/t/w, got my fj40 a few days ago... got it muddy yesterday. Should have done this years ago!
  • This has been a fun thread to watch. Everyone here seems to be a little sensitive about their favorite sport ute/truck/bicycle/whatever..
    I have owned Toyota trucks and I have owned Jeeps. I had very few problems with my Toyota trucks and Jeeps.
    I had an 84 Toyota truck (SR5 4X4)that I bought in 1987. It had the straight axle up front.
    This truck had to have the starter replaced at around 85, 000 miles.
    A u-joint went out on the rear drive line and the drive line fell off at the transmission and the drive line was sheared off the rear differential, (I was going about 65 miles an hour on the highway).
    I had to replace the drive line and the rear diferential as a result of this u-joint failure.
    The rest of the truck ran great for the entire time that I owned it. I traded it off at around 165,000 miles.
    I also owned an 85 Toyota truck. Last year of the straight axles in Toyota trucks. It was a long bed 4X4.
    The only problem I had with this truck was a front main seal that I had to replace due to oil leaking copiously from the front of my engine.. Oh yeah, I also had to replace the starter in this truck.
    Other than that it was a care free truck.
    I owned a 95 Jeep Wrangler. Drove it off road more than I did my Toyotas. I go out into the desert in northeast californica and northwest Nevada.
    The only problems I had with the 95 Wrangler in 150,000 miles was a starter at around 120,000 miles. A radiator at around the same time. It was leaking, I'm suprised it lasted as long as it did considering the washboards and bad dirt roads that I drive over all the time.
    The Jeep held up as good, or better than my Toyota trucks did.
    They were all great vehicles. The reliability of the Wrangler was over all better in my experience. The Wrangler never let me down or left me stranded anywhere.
    The first Toyota truck let me down once, and thats it.
    I was never left stranded with my 85 Toyota truck.
    My wife used to drive a 98 Cherokee that we bought new in 98. It was a fantastic vehicle. Never a problem in over 100,000 miles.
    I now own an 06 Rubicon. If it holds up as well as my 95 Wrangler did it will be a great vehicle.
    My wife now drives an 01 F-350 4x4. I wish it was holding up as well as her Cherokee did.I wont go into that.
    steenh, sounds like you just got a lemmon :lemon: ">. That is not good and I dont blame you for having a grudge against Jeep for the bad expeience you had with one of their vehicles. I have known guys that have had problems with new Toyota's also. Had a freind that bought a new toyota truck and the head gaskets kept blowing for some unknown reason. Never did get fixed. It was under warranty also!!
    He will never won another Toyota now. Too bad, they really are great trucks for most guys.
    Anyway, you guys keep this thread going. It is quality entertainment for sure. :shades:
  • steenhsteenh Posts: 103
    No doubt I got a lemon... if they were all as bad as the one I bought, this thread wouldn't exist. Jeep would be out of business. They're not, so they can't all be bad. But, I won't play Jeep Russian Roulette again, and believe me, I wish I could. The Jeep setup is exactly what I want... and was hoping Toyota would build. Had to buy a 40 yr old Toyota to get what I wanted, and I'm pretty certain that my 40 yr old Toyota will hold up better than my new Jeep did.

    This is a fun thread... people have strong opinions which makes it interesting to read... and participate in. Sure wish some FJ owners would chime in though. I may not be the best choice to carry the torch for FJC since it's not what I wanted or hoped Toyota would build.

    All in fun!
  • fourx4everfourx4ever Posts: 169

    Well I'm just going on what Drew wrote. I don't really know the details about what Toyota did as far as paying 'their customers' to take their FJ's off-road. Drew said it was the public customers, not Toy employees. But it still seems pretty funny. Jeep or Land Rover never had to pay one cent to its customer to off-road their 4x4s and Pontiac never had to pay GTO owners to drag race the car or smoke the tires now and then. But whatever Toyota wants to do I guess. If they did have very experienced Toyota employee drivers showing off the FJ then they would know where not to push the vehicle so that it's short comings would not show up. Things like the limited articulation IFS will never be observed if you choose your terrain right. A muddy trail without big rocks or swells can be used to impress a novice off-road observer.

    Glad to hear you got your FJ-40 out! Post a couple of off-road pics for us some time!

    Happy Trails
  • steenhsteenh Posts: 103
    If you hit the FJ Cruiser logo link just to the left of this, and then go to the FJ Dossier link, and then "trail teams" you'll get a sense of the marketing effort. Basically there is a team of Toyota drivers with a bunch of FJ's that are traveling around the country to the various off-road gatherings and showing off the capabilities. I understand that they are giving people the opportunity to drive them themselves as well.

    Also a bunch of videos... or Lucasfilms right?

    There is one in August in Tennesee that I might try to make... tough schedulewise, but if I get there, I'll fill you in.

    Pic's? I will post some but it may be a few weeks. Traveling for the next two weeks. Amazing machine. Need to get out with a group so I can test it a bit more, but first time out, I was very impressed.
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaPosts: 31,224
    But whatever Toyota wants to do I guess

    It is not just Toyota. All the Japanese motorcycle companies came in and picked riders that were good to ride for them. MotoX was more of an individual sport when I raced in the 1970s. It made it very difficult for the little guy to compete, when you had Honda money racing against you. Two of my friends took the money and had great bikes to race. Honda did that with F1 If you are trying to push a brand get top race drivers to sell it.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I knew a guy who raced for Honda back in the 70's. Ski and snowboard companies do this all the time too; heck, around here they comp the local riders with gear as well (sort of like a farm team setup).

    No one has recruited me yet to snowboard for them though. :sick:

    Sounds like good marketing to me, like Camp Jeep and the dealer courses at Land Rover dealers.
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaPosts: 31,224
    Just wanted to thank you for the tip on the Michael Pollen book. It is very enlightening. I had no idea why the farmers were going broke until I started reading his book. For anyone wanting to know more about where your food comes from read "The Omnivore's Dilemma". It will also give you some insight as to what will happen if we use a lot of our corn for ethanol.

    Sorry for jumping off the subject. I am available to run the FJ Cruiser through it's paces if Toyota is looking for experienced drivers. I took one of the first FJ40s on the famous "Tierra del Sol" run in about 1968. This is their 44th year doing that great run. Not sure how it would stack up against the "Rubicon" or Moab runs. It was tough with lots of broken vehicles. Most of the breakage was Broncos and Scouts. If I ever find all my pictures I will scan and post in my carspace albums.
  • steenhsteenh Posts: 103
    August 10-13 they will be at the Sierra Trek in Meadow Lake CA. Don't know if that's close to you, but it's the only one on the West Coast that's listed right now.

    Would be great to see those pics. That must have been a great time.
  • fourx4everfourx4ever Posts: 169

    I guess the FJ logo is not at the left of the page anymore. I did a search for the venues you guys are talking about but I didn't come up with anything yet.

    Chrysler has had a promotion for several years now where they let potential customers drive all the Jeep models over an off-road coarse. I drove several models over an extensive course when the Power Tour came to my city in 2004. And, each year we have the auto show, Jeep has had a 'you off-road it' course set up where you could test drive Wranglers on steep inclines offset whoopdys etc. It seemed to have the right effect on the buying public, as many seemed to go away very impressed.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I think this is the Dossier link:

    and this one looks to go right to the trail teams:

    Ready to go boar hunting and mushroom picking Gagrice? :shades:
  • drewmeisterdrewmeister Posts: 168
    Sorry for making such a general statement. I wasn't sure what the "trail teams" were composed of. I guess Toyota employees (even if hired just for this purpose) makes sense. Um, I'm available, Toyota...

    Anyway, even as a long-term Jeep owner, I was thrilled to see the FJ come back, even with a street-bias. Jeep must recognize that there's a market for more comfortable 4x4's, since the new JK is getting a much changed interior.
  • drewmeisterdrewmeister Posts: 168
    Well, I was doing a video search for the Top Gear clip that used to be on Google video (where they basically tried to destroy a late-seventies Toyota 4x4 by drowning, burning, dropping, etc., and they can't! - seriously, after being set on fire, it still starts. It's unreal.) Anyway, I learned to drive in one (I believe a 76?), which is now running around Oklahoma somewhere as an ice-cream truck, so it was nostalgic for me. And, since that clip was disabled, I started checking out the others. You will not believe how this thing moves. What did he put in it? I don't recall mine ever actually passing 50mph...I think this is a T100, but I'm not sure. Maybe you guys can tell better than I can.
  • fourx4everfourx4ever Posts: 169
    Drew, Nice video.

    I have a video of an early 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited (5.9L) spanking a mustang. The Jeep turned in the low 12s. I guess there were some engine mods but it was still the engine the vehicle came with apparently.

    Sounds like that TOY truck has a lot of boost on a turbo or super charger under the hood.
  • fourx4everfourx4ever Posts: 169

    'Jeep must recognize that there's a market for more comfortable 4x4's, since the new JK is getting a much changed interior. '

    I don't know man, I think Jeep has gone more than far enough in turning it's models into toothless, cushy-cutie, soccer mom rides. The Commander, Grand Cherokee, Liberty are all examples of WUSS U V's as far as I'm concerned. No need to wreck the wrangler too.
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaPosts: 31,224
    Ready to go boar hunting and mushroom picking Gagrice?

    Hard to look at meat in the store with what I have read so far. I like wild boar. Had it in Hawaii a few years back. I think I'll just raise a couple goats for meat.

    steenh, I am digging through my storage looking for the old FJ40 photos. I took lots of pictures back then for 4X4 & Dune Buggy News.
  • fourx4everfourx4ever Posts: 169
    Don't know if any of you care, but here are some pics of a trip I did last year in the mountains with my '81 304 V8 CJ-5. It's pretty well factory with the exception that I replaced the 31" tires with 32" and of course left the suspension stock.
  • I see more "men" driving that boxy looking Commander than women.I wouldn't say it's wussy more like a Nike shoe box with some truck wheels.I've always wanted a Wrangler ever since I was in the Army.Ended up with a Bronco II,I like the new design of the Wrangler it keeps it's ruggedness while shaping up the sharp edges.Just like a diamond in the rough...but I like my kidneys,so the newly re-design 07 is probably why now I'm willing to purchase one. :D
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