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Toyota FJ Cruiser vs Jeep Wrangler



  • Just saw references (first at insideautomotive) to the talks between Cerberus and the General. Looking at a wrangler unlimited, but with these developments brewing maybe I'll wait and see if an old fashioned 4wd small truck is coming from asia. During my brief crd ownership, it seems jeepsters will be weeping and gnashing their teeth. It appears Chrysler owners hate gm and ford for past experience and jeepsters are jeepsters for life (but a better engine for the wrangler is wanted).
  • vtdogvtdog Posts: 163
    Just thought I would throw in my 2c.

    You are either out of your mind, or on drugs if you are thinking of getting your 16yo son a wrangler. Giving a new driver a car like a wrangler is just asking for trouble. I can guarantee that he will: do something stupid with the car, get in a wreck, try being "cool" with the car to all his pals and at the same time the insurance on the car is costing you more than its worth. New drivers should never be given either high perfromance, or specialty cars as they simply do not have the experience to handle them safely. You can expect only trouble with the choice of a wrangler. Try getting him a used Taurus, corolla, or some such type car that is boring and safe.

    You can do whatever you want, of course, but I just thought someone should give you an alternative thought.
  • we are not talking about tacomas. but the fj 40. the fj40 is far better then any jeep i have had. i had a 1977cj7 a 1986 yj and now that painfull time is over i have a fj40 and its almost the best off road. the only thing better off road than a fj 40 is a volvo c303 and i have one of them too.
  • fourx4everfourx4ever Posts: 169
    The FJ-40 was pretty much just a mid 70's technology CJ-7 with a direct copy of a Chevy six cylinder for an engine. It was good, had far more off-road potential than the FJC but it was nothing really special.

    A (shorter) CJ-5 with the factory V-8 would walk all over it off-road

    Also, neither the CJ or the FJ hold a candle to a Wrangler Rubicon on the trails.
  • fourx4everfourx4ever Posts: 169
    I see the consumer ratings on the Wrangler has passed the FJC. Who knows what it means, but it sure does beat the FJC off-road.
  • jg7jg7 Posts: 1
    I bought the FJC new in 07, it was a cool new look. Hard to see out of and felt boxed in. I did like it though. I bought it in November and come June I was jealous of all the wranglers with their tops off. Finally sold it and bought a 09 Wrangler Sahara. Ready for winter and can't wait for summer!
  • I have read the posts and need some help from the experts. I am not and experience off-roader who want to climb vertical cliffs. I am however a fly-fisherman who want to get back to the native creeks and up and down the mountain trails that my old legs will not allow me to hike. It will also be a transportation vehicle -- not just for the fun.

    I have looked at and driven the FJ Cruiser and Jeep Wrangler/Rubicon 4dr. I also tend to get obsessive about things once I get started. I am in a dilema on which way to go -- need expert input.

    I looked at the Rubicon model because it seems to be the Jeep product that has reliability and integrity. The brand new sport wrangler would not back up over the dealers embankment for a test drive -- they tried not me.

    The FJ appeared well made and got some decent off road reports out of consumers report but dinged on the mileage and safety.

    Which car would you recommend for me? Is a 4 Runner set up for trails or something else a better option to get as a started????
  • I'll bite on the post, flifshr.

    Why these two when there are trucks out there.
    TX and LA relatives moved to Tundra from Power Strokes and one Cummins.
    Thought the FJ was going away.
    Look at the ads that I am getting sick of seeing -
    I am Ram (Dodge name to disappear) and I am Jeep.
    Almost embarrassed to own a Wrangler, but I'll ignore these ads from the current owners and wait for the next go around if there is one.
  • The Fj is OK, but it could never take the place of a Jeep.
  • robsisrobsis Posts: 162
    If only the Jeep were actually a reliable vehicle......instead of a money pit... :confuse:
  • kwk1kwk1 Posts: 39
    The FJC has a windshield that's very prone to damage due to the upright angle it is at. I've also read many incidents of the inner fenders cracking and binding.
    When I was at a dealer looking at one, I closed the door and it was so flimsy, I guess because of that small back door it closes on. Just felt cheap to me, nevermind the rediculous visibility.
  • mountainman52mountainman52 Posts: 11
    edited July 2010
    Everyone knows that after you get your wheeler off the lot it's time for mods. Throw some big tires and a tow hitch on your almighty Jeep. Then enjoy me as I blow your doors off on the highway while you tow your boat in the emergency lane. Jeeps are great if you like to tow your wheeler to go off roading. But for practical purposes especially everyday driving you're fooling yourself saying your Jeep is anything but a SLUG. They also lack comfort. IT'S A JEEP THING.
    That being said, I'll throw an ARB locker in the front differential and I think that should compensate for your Jeep EGO'S.
    Thank God for FREEDOM of choice.
    p.s. Jeep 202h.p. FJ 260h.p. bye bye!!
  • Jeep windshields are just as bad FLAT. I've owned both and the Jeep has just as many negeative points. Starting with the no power V6, to the whistle and leaks you get after time through the removable top.
    Both vehicles have their purpose.
    Jeep: tow to the trail and enjoy being tossed around like a Rube icon
    Or drive an FJ in comfort and have good off road capability.
  • clarkkentclarkkent Posts: 154
    If you want, I'll give you my card. It has my cell phone # on it.

    When you get stuck going "off road" in your friends gravel driveway and you get stuck, just give me a call and I'll come pull you out with my old 1942 Jeep.

    I kind of remember the guys that built your FJ were running AWAY from Jeeps like mine in 1942.

    They still are today too.
  • mountainman52mountainman52 Posts: 11
    edited August 2010
    Sorry for you. Seems like your stuck fighting a "WAR IN YOUR HEAD". I also own a 1948 Willys jeep. I think you need to learn to read because, I said that I own both a JEEP and an FJC. For your information the Japanese do build QUALITY automobiles and trucks. TRY ONE. Unless you're too narrow minded.
    Let's hook up your 1942 4 cylinder flathead, provided you haven't dropped a V8 in it , to the back of my FJC. When you get tired of me towing you around backwards then we'll have a real conversation.
    My point was they both have their purpose, And if you think that I get stuck in my friends gravel driveway then you obviously have no clue about off roading anyway. You're not offroad if your in a driveway.
    p.s. I own a ranch at 8900 ft in the Colorado Rockies you know SNOW, MUD,ETC,
    guess what, the FJC has no problem. Just have to KNOW HOW TO DRIVE .
  • fourx4everfourx4ever Posts: 169
    I kidd you not. That car got excellent millage. When I looked up the EPA ctiy/highway mileage and compared it to the CRV (2005) and Subaru (same year) the AMC Eagle was actually a few mpg better.

    Shame Chrysler didn't have the brains to keep making that car after they bought AMC.
  • fourx4everfourx4ever Posts: 169
    edited August 2010
    'Just have to KNOW HOW TO DRIVE'

    I'm just guessing, but would that be with lot's of speed, and therefore momentum?
  • Someoun who has some sence is on here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • kwk1kwk1 Posts: 39
    The manual trans. FJ's are having problems with the throw out bearing. Toyota put out a TSB for it. They also redesigned the fenders and added extra bracing in the new models to try and aleviate the crumpling fender issues.
    As for Jeep, sounds like the Pentastar will makes it's way into the 2012 Wranglers, should be just under 300HP.
  • I find it amazing when people try to put down a toyota thinking it will make there domestic seem better, ok, for your jeep problems, here are few of 1000s
    the 1000s of stall at high speed complaints, the 100000s of windows problems, or lets talk about the death wobble among 1000s of other things, the FJ has never had a recall, the jeeps 1000s of them for everything, We wont even get into the cherokee electrical problems, dont even dare try to compare the quality between the jeep and Toyota,
    look up to see how many recalls yours has.
    here some more jeep problems

    I only put this because on a FJ cruiser board, where guys beat there FJs off road, some have crumpled, nothing to the point of not being able to drive, not near as many broken axels of jeeps (you beat anything enough, it will break)
    Only telling of SOME, i repeat SOME of the jeep stuff cause your running your mouth about squash, I can post 1000s and 1000s of HUGE problems thats jeeps have in the last 3 years
  • Just to let you know. The only recall the FJC has had,to my knowledge, was for an incorrect GVW sticker on the door jam. ROCK ON FJ. TOW A JEEP, Drive a CRUISER.
  • I own both. Jeep is good for off road. FJ is good for both on and off road.
    All I can say is if I'm driving to Moab, or any other wheeling location, I'll take the FJ. JEEP people usually have a problem with their egos. And I'm glad that at least I know the comfort of travel in my "FJC". Oh yeah 260h.p. vs. 202h.p. BYE BYE.
  • GOOD LUCK, Pentastar engines for Jeep :lemon: will be HECHO EN MEXICO. Don't wander too far."BOOM".
  • Depends on the terrain and conditions. You must own a jeep. :lemon:
  • Most people who own a Toyota, have owned many domestics and had there problems with them, and most in the beginning struggled with the fact to buy a foreign car or truck and it took a lot of beatings from the domestics and allot of expensive repairs to convince them, the vast majority of people who buy a Toyota, stick with it for a reason, there by far less costly to own in the long run, they build them the most practical, not the most flashy, not the most eye catching, you don't buy Toyota for style, you buy it for longevity and stableness. The do make a good car and truck, bottom line, ask anyone who who actually owns one. MOST of the ones sold in USA are made in USA, unfortunately, not the FJ though, so when you hear people who own another makes bash Toyota's quality, when anyone can look and see 100s of different recalls on the competitors 4-wheeler, well you Can see how dumb you look. I used to own an old jeep, I liked my old jeep, I miss it. it was unique, you wont hear me bash it. You wont here MOST Toyota owners say anything about any other make unless there provoked, we are content with ours. I just really wonder about these people who never owned a FJ or a Toyota bashing it
  • Good post[Jim1947]. I think most people have a tendency to stick their nose in a groove and follow it no matter where it takes them. There are things about a Jeep that undeniably are better than an FJC. But a person with common sense would think about their percentage of off road driving v.s. their on road driving. FJC is a much better all around vehicle. Better service record so far, more comfortable(IMO), and better ride.
    That being said I guess if you rock crawl all day, well then it's Jeep. But if you commute like most and like to go a distance to go wheeling it's my FJC hands down.
  • rock1tocrock1toc Posts: 1
    edited February 2011
    We have had a Jeep in the family since 1963. The first was a 1963 Willy's Jeep CJ6 my dad bought from a fire station for 900 dollars. It lacked about every creature comfort that one could imagine and was highly underpowered with an I-4. But durability was never an issue. After an accident with a Chevy Impala; the car was determined totaled by insurance and because the Jeep had a bent fender and bumper the owner of the Impala who happened to be related to my Dad's boss decided to pay for the minor damage to Dad's Jeep and give him the engine from the Impala; a V-8 small block. It was perfect for the Jeep and with just a little work with Uncle Al we were able to fabricate all the parts and mounts needed to make our Jeep a hybrid powerhouse. Fact we had to weight the rear end because it would spin every time he hit the gas. With lock hubs it out performed the IH Scout every time we went off roading. We would routinely have to use the winch to pull out our friends that thought they had a chance behind us. With Jeep in my blood , I now own two Jeeps; the Commander and a brand new Jeep Wrangler with a manual transmission. I agree with the one article that complained of having an underpowered engine with the new V-6 but only at the low end and only with the automatic. I had one of them for a year and returned it for a stick. I have been all over with the stick and with the snow we just had I pulled near 20 vehicles (trucks and cars alike) from ditches. The Jeep Wrangler Sport that I have now has a limited slip rear end and endless torque with the manual transmission. I plowed through 5 foot snow drifts without hesitation and had no problem getting along where no one else could travel. The jury is still out on reliability. I do my own maintenance so I know the job is getting done right and with the best parts. When I got back from Iraq I bought a used 07 automatic; it made it through the 2010 ice storms without missing a beat. I was a little worried that with the soft top a tree might find a direct path to my head but the good Lord decided to spare my cranium from direct tree contact. Just for the record I am a 1SG in the Army so not making it to work has never been an option no matter what I had to do to get there. For years I have been what the Army sees as essential personnel with very few exceptions to that rule. The Jeep Wrangler has been my way for most of my 25 years of service. I am a real outdoors man so no 4X4 that can not go full convertible would do. I was disappointed when Jeep went away from the I-6 for the new engine but I have to admit even though it traded a little of the low end off road power, it made up for it on the highway. I had to face reality that my Wrangler has to also be able to perform on pavement. The new Jeep engine does not bog in even the strongest head winds that Oklahoma has to offer. My new on with a stick has had no problem facing the worst I could throw at it; even off road but in OK it is hard to really put it through an offroad test. I just had to adjust the way I play the clutch. My Dad's CJ 6 had a stick, granny gear, limited slip rear end as well as manual lock hubs for real four wheel drive. My new one has the electronic equivalent along with all the safety features not even heard of in 63; ESP, smart brakes and a power drive system that really does keep you on the road; ice, snow or whatever and an ESP shut off feature when in low lock so I can still play when I want to. As for the Toyota FJ Cruiser, I do not have much to say about it. Toyota's have grown in reliability so if it is what you want go for it but if like me you are in to Jeeps then from my experience they perform and well I like the way it looks.
  • If you get a chance race an FJC of comparable stature. There's no way you can make up for 50 h.p. . I've raced all forms of jk jeep wranglers and haven't even had a close race yet.(you'll have to turbocharge it to get close to the same horsepower.) That being said, the jeep does have its following and it is a good off-road vehicle no doubt. At least some of the models are worthy. BUT, being a new jeep owner, good luck with Chrysler and their lack of customer service satisfaction. Quite frankly they suck! Remember one thing, comparing old jeeps with new jeeps is like comparing apples to oranges as far as reliability is concerned. You could beat the crap out of an old jeep and they'd still drag your butt out of the woods. Now BOOM and your done. And once again if it's under warranty, Oh Well. :lemon:
    B.T.Y. Thank you for your service to country. HUAH!
  • Owned Toyotas with no engine problems. Loved that little non supercharged Previa motor except for high wind days. Owned , we believe the first Liberty CRD in N. TX. - should have had a Cummins diesel in it. 32K miles on a 2009 JKU Rubicon. Some small issues and needed to add a Hayden tranny cooler. Hayden made in Australia others brag about B&M-believe both owned by Four Seasons with location in Coppell TX unless my one brain cell is out of its' socket.

    Before ordering ours, the dealer had a JKU Rubicon on the lot that a FJ owner kept taking for days for test drives. We didn't buy it from under him after he brought it back a second time. Third time out, he bought it.

    Never drove the FJ, needed four real doors like better_half's H3. Just spent yesterday driving hers all day and loved it. Then jumped in the Rubicon for a late catfish dinner. Still love the wrangler.
  • jdr818jdr818 Posts: 7
    I'm not quite sure why you would ever want to race a Jeep Wrangler, but each to their own.

    I'm just amused by some of the arguments and comparisons in this whole discussion - a bit over the top. It's exactly the same as the never-ending Mac vs PC war. If I lived in a bubble, I might fall onto one side or the other, but I live in the real world where there's no single correct answer, no black and white, just shades of grays. Both Wranglers and FJs have pros and cons, but in varying degrees depending on your needs and wants. A Wrangler "pro" to person A might be a "con" to person B. An FJ may be able to do something a Wrangler can't, but in an interested buyer doesn't care about that ability to begin with, why even make that feature an argument?

    All that being said, I love my Wranger for both off-road and also enjoy it as my daily driver. But I've been in a friend's FJ and liked it, too. Guess I'm just not a diehard fanboy at heart. ;)
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