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Toyota Corolla Audio Questions

jonathan76jonathan76 Posts: 1
edited October 2014 in Toyota
Can anyone tell me how to access the rear speakers in a 2000 toyota corolla sedan? I bought some new speakers but I can't even figure out how to take the old ones out! Anyone that knows how to change em out would be of great help. Thanks!


  • elmer68elmer68 Posts: 1
    I need the Color codes for a 1997 Corolla SE. I am trying to replace the In-Dash Car radio with a cd/mp3 player. i pulled the old radio out and find out that it has a 2 harness system, the new one only has one. is there an adapter available for this or i need to rewire??

    please help
  • bscott3bscott3 Posts: 9
    Does anyone know how to remove the radio from a 2006 Corolla S?
  • maganmagan Posts: 18
    Is there a kit to wire in an MP3 adapter for a 2005 Corolla?
  • there is 4 parts you must remove before you can remove the radio, Get with me for step by step insrections.
  • I believe their is an auxiliary input adapter that uses the cd changer input on the head unit to feed in a left and right channel only. So you can get line level in but no readout on the radio. I am looking at getting one for adding XM.
  • tomgeetomgee Posts: 1
    I just removed the factory radio from a 2006 Corolla LE to install an external audio input line for my Archos MP3 player. The radio is a Toyota factory AM/FM with CD changer.

    The steps:

    1. disconnect battery lead because of air bag sensors
    2. pop off trim around shifter stick
    3. remove center knob on the A/C panel. Remove phillips screw behind the knob. This is the only screw that has to come out (in addition to the 4 radio screws)
    4. pull the a/c console forward. It's a tight fit but it's only held by clips. This was the most difficult part for me because I didn't want to break anything. It eventually released after pulling with constant pressure.
    5. pull the air vent assembly off around the radio. This is also a tight fit, is only secured with clips. The radio face plate came off with this piece.
    6. Remove 4 10mm bolts at bottom of radio. I used putty on a 10mm socket to help hold the bolt from falling down into the dashboard. Lose these bolts and you'll easily add several hours to the job trying to fish them out of the dashboard.
    The radio slides right out. Total time to remove radio, add an external audio input and put it back together was about one hour.
  • My g/f has a 2005 toyota corolla and i need pics. or instructions on how to remove the radio from the dash.

  • Does anyone knows what size of CD/radio will fit the 2007 Corolla, 1 DIN, 1.5 DIN or 2 DIN? Also, is there difference in size compare to the 2006 Corolla? Thanks.
  • I have a 2005 Corolla CE, and I wanted to replace the stereo in it. But, everything I've seen shows that there's nothing that fits my car, which makes sense since the radio is huge in the car. My first question is if I was to replace the stereo, is there something I need to get it to fit? Second, what would I do to replace it? I've had a few in mind, but they're all the same in size and shape. So, I know that I need some sort of fitting in it to make it work.

  • Does anyone happen to know if the factory speakers are any good? I am thinking about replacing the factory stereo and wanted to know if I should do the rear speakers as well.
  • jpaolijpaoli Posts: 26
  • Hello,

    I'm wanting to hook up aftermarket speakers and amps to my 2007 Corolla. Does the factory radio have low-level outs? I have a 5-disc changer with the standard 6 speakers (I don't think it's the JBL system).
  • I want to thank tomgee for his instructions. they worked out great!

    anyhow i removed my factory radio and took Pictures along the way. check it out here:

    its a step by step "HowTo" based off tomgee's post with my pictures.
  • Oh yes there is.
    I just did my 2007 corlla CE and it is same as yours.
    I bought a second source facimageeplate that fits perfectly covering the hole left by the original unit and providing instead the slot /mounts for a standard size headunit and a general purpose slot. The result is very professional and not a detriment to appearance of my new car dash.

    I'll post pics when i fig out how.

    BTW my next move will be upgrading the speakers. If you know how to remove the rear deck paneling gracefully to get at the speakers, THAT would be a big help to me.

    Thanks and best,
  • jpaolijpaoli Posts: 26
    Open the trunk fold the rear seat down.Remove seven phillips head screws and gromments from the plastic rear deck trim.Pull the door gasket away from rear pillar trim both side allow them to hang.Starting at the top front corner pry out rear pillar trim to release retaining clips.Pull toward the front to remove.lift front edge of rear deck panel to release retaining.slide the seat belts out of rear deck.disconnect center brake light and remove panel.
  • jpaoli,
    Thank you SOOOO much. I will be trying to implement tomorrow, Friday 24Nov.
    Happy Thanksgiving!! :)
  • I have the 2007 corolla CE and I do NOT find the speakers (rear) to be very good. I am trying to get access to remove them at this very time. I installed a new head unit and that was pretty easy, finding a very good 2nd source faceplate to fill in around the new unit to make a nice finished dash. Forum members helped immensely. Good luck with your improvements.
  • trying to install new stereo but at a loss to whereas to begin. attempted to remove part of dash and was going nowhere - did not want to force out any parts, besides it's my wife's car!!!! read tomgee's instruction of removal of 2005 model, but saw pics, entirely different console. would really appreciate it if someone can assist me in this situation. Thank you kindly in advance.
  • I DID IT!!!!!!

    JPaoli, your instructions re/the rear deck removal in my '07 Corolla were RIGHT ON, Mate!!!! I am ecstatic.

    I moved my Bose rears from my '92 Max into the Corolla, and man, they sound SO much better than those CE rears. All came aart and went back together slick as a whistle.
    All thanks to your help.

    Next I want to replace the fronts.
    May I ask do you know how the 'secrets' of removing the front door panels? I have found very small 'channel' like groves along bottom edge of the panels, which could be a good place to 'pry' out the panel fasteners but I'd like confirmation from the Guru before I apply the bust-it-loose pressure.

    Thanks again, so much.
  • I'll attempt to put a pic of the final here.
    Just let me know if you want more info on the brand/model of the faceplate. Cost about $20 and is a good qual kit product.
    Scosche is the company and here is link:

    I put a photo of my result in my profile section but don't have a clue how to get one into this ">message.
    I hope this helps.

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    JP, go to your album and click on the picture you uploaded. You'll see two links under it. Copy the one that says "embed image" then paste it into the post box to get the picture to display in a post. :)

    imageSee more Car Pictures at
  • jpaolijpaoli Posts: 26
    pry up on the sail panel to release one of the plastic clips and remove.pry up the cover around inside door handle.remove screws.pry up on armrest pad starting at the rear working the armrest to the front and remove.remove screws.use a shop rag at back of window crank in a shoe shining motion to remove.pry around the door panel.they are 8 retaining clips holding to panel. Your going to need a 1\8 drill bit to remove 4 rivets.
  • Wow Pat,
    Impressive!!!! Yo moved (embedded) my oic. Goodonya!!
    I'll try it.

    Also would love to be friends but dunno how to do that either.

    Pretty funny. Really I'm pretty competent generally, but don't look it here. hahahaha.

    Well, I got my Sony head unit, Bose speakers front and rear moved over to the new 'rolla' from the Max, and the sound is really really nice, Rewarding is the word. Now I think I am done rubbing my scent all over the new car. I'm gonna donate the Max in next week or so, so poor thing looks a bit sad with no radio, no speakers, no shirt, no shoes,.... no problem.

    Pat, congrats on that Infinity of yours. I know it must be a wonderful ride!!

    Everyone have a great week.
  • You have to remove the rear seats, then the rear dashboard. It is somehow a japanese standard for rear speaker mounts on sedans, has not changed much.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Just click on some of the links and see what choices you have! ;)
  • jpaolijpaoli Posts: 26
    I need to know what the back of the radio plug connection look like. On a 07 toyota corolla ce with 4 speaker system. :confuse:
  • I have the pic of the rear of my 07 rolla CE radio but i have no idea how to get it to you. I think the thing is in my pic album whatever that is, but i have no idea if it will stay there or vanish when i log out. if i had your email i could send it but alas. anyhoo maybe you can find it in my profile or something.
    Pat said it was easy to move pics into replies but not so for moi :)
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Your picture does not disappear when you log out. :-)

    All you have to do is go to your CarSpace page, click on Photo Album, then click on the picture. Look below the picture and you'll see two different links underneath it. One says URL and the other says Embed Image.

    If you want to give people a link to your picture, copy the text in the URL box and paste it into your message. If you want to actually display it in the message, copy the text in the Embed box and paste it into your message.

    Then post the message and you'll see what you get. If you've made a mistake, you have thirty minutes to edit or delete the message.
  • Jpaoli,
    I got it figured out just before your posting appeared. But once again your instructs were right on. My system sounds just great. Much deeper and cleaner than the stock box.

    CHeers, JP
  • Pat
    I promise i'll try to master the pics manipulation this weekend. You have been most patient! :)
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