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Chevy HHR: Problems & Solutions



  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    agree..disconnect the battery..let is sit for 20 minutes of so....unplug the MAF sensor..and replug the sensor and the reconnect the battery......did he disconnect the battery before he installed the CAI?
  • 52chevy52chevy Posts: 1
  • sinof7476sinof7476 Posts: 2
    Thank you.. We discovered after pondering and worrying all night and reading the manual.. that it was because the key was left in the ignition... it discrambled his key. We tried my key and everything is A okay. I drove my baby to L.A. this morning and she sounded and rode beautifully.
  • aprilwaprilw Posts: 3
    Hi All,
    Bought a 2006 HHR on July 5, 06, with the Spring Edition Pkg. Victory Red Ext. ($1500 option)with running boards, and just noticed that the paint across the top of the doors and top, and back, etc., almost all over, feels very rough. I didn't notice this until after getting the car washed for the first time. Now paint looks dull and feels rougher in these areas. Has anyone else had this problem? I've just contacted the dealer and am hoping for a quick resolution. Just wanted to check to see if anyone's heard of this problem. Thanks
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,643
    Just a guess, but perhaps its rail dust from transport. I think clay bar is supposed to help with that (just from what I've heard)
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    agree,....use a clay bar on it...will take care of the problem...probably rail dust or other contaminants during shipping..normal dealer prep will not take it off....professional detailer.....can handle...or a few hours work by you will take care of the problem
  • I've had my HHR LS since the end of January and I did notice some noise from the passenger side. My dealership also told me that this was "normal" and that nothing could be done. However, after having my A/C system "updated" as per a GM service bulletin, the interior is much quieter. The A/C bulletin specifically addressed the "growling" from the A/C system, but it seems to have had some effect on the amount of noise coming through the firewall. Hope this helps.
  • I bought a HHR LT-2 about 3 months ago it had a vibration in it when i test drove it. i requested to the dealership dealership to balance tires before i picked it up. Still has a vibration in it. I have been told the firestone tires are bad. Its been back in the shop 5 times for bad tires, it also had bad front rotors - they have been turned down 2 times now - so far that is fixed. It also developed a hard starting problem, found it had a bad fuel pump on it. 3 days in the shop to get a fuel pump - now ok so far. Now ive noticed when air is on & taking off from a stop - it makes a growling/groaning noise - sounds like a weed eater or sewing machine or something like it. Has anyone else had these problems & at what point should i demand different brand of tires be put on my car. Ive been told there is a service bulletine out on the tires. Ive already requested a different brand of tire - it has been rejected. I will be going back to HONDA after this experience - even though the dealership has been pretty good to deal with
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    I would ask them to replace the tires.....and the rotor pulsing could be them over tightening or not properly apply the appropriate torque to the lug nuts....thus causing some warpage on the rotors..this was the case with the 04 Malibu Maxx.....simply installing with an impact wrench and not finishing with a torque wrench was causing our problems....

    as for HONDA...well go over to the honda forum now and look at the complaints.......I for one wouldnt touch them right now..over priced in my opinion.....and Toyota....trans problems with the new RAV4..and a half million recall on their hybrids for drive shafts......well all cars have problems regardless of make model or cost......good luck with your HHR
  • There is a service bulletin out to fix the "growling" A/C problem. They will replace part of the plumbing for the A/C system. Mine just had this done and is much quieter (but the noise you describe seems much more noticeable than what I had heard).

    As for the tires, I've had no major problems with the Firestones on the HHR, but my Venture had Firestones that had problems from day one. This is not just a Firestone issue, though. I previously owned 2 Grand Am GTs and the Goodyears on those cars had problems. I've had problems with most OE tires. The only two tire manufacturers I've been satisfied with were Michelin (pricey) and Cooper. I had so many problems with the Goodyears on my 2000 Dodge Neon that the dealership fought with Goodyear and Chrysler and finally ate the cost to have new Cooper tires put on my car. Hang in there.
  • My '06 2LT HHR has the compass on the mirror. Looking at the HHR booklet, it seems this option is available on the LS and 1LT however note this:
    On the LS it says head-curtain side-impact air bags are required while on the 1LT is only available in conjunction with OnStar.

    Please post if you find out other information.
  • I replaced my van with the HHR. I choose the HHR because I thought it had a good cargo area. Much to my surprise, I was able to get 30 bags of mulch (2 cu ft) in the back and still get a passenger in the front. Just some good info. I'm impressed! ;)
  • when i first start my HHR in the mourning or after sitting at work all day it will sometimes make a loud knocking noise from the engine then runs fine until it set for awhile any ideas i have the 2.4 with auto it also has that clunking noise i read about earlier
  • same problem here EXCEPT its not a knocking noise, its a rattle.......Took it to the dealer, they restarted it 50 times and no rattle(that was 3 months ago) did it again once since it does not do it anymore

    Your knocking noise? you fill up with Supreme only..2.4 liters only run on supreme

    When i took it to the dealer they couldnt find anything.....
  • After doing a lot of research and reading on the Ecotec "piston slap" I am begining to have second thoughts about buying this vehicle. All the "experts" say that it is nothing to worry about, I think spending $25K on a NEW vehicle with piston slap is just plain nonsense, I will be doing some more research before I lay the big ones down......... :(
  • where did you read up on this id like to check it out
  • Anyone out there having issues with the cloth seats getting dirty very easily and impossible to clean up? I have a grey interior and it is getting nasty - I have tried the GM recommended cleaner with poor results
  • I bought my Chevy HHR in January and it has 6,000 miles on it. When exiting on a freeway ramp, the car suddenly shot to the right, went up on the curb then down, and came to a stop. Inspection showed that the right front lower control arm had snapped off. The tires are still inflated and there is no body damage, except from not having the running boards like some people have mentioned. GM says there is no defect so I have to pay for the damage. The dealer will do nothing. I have a problem with paying a $500 deductible and having this go against my insurance when it is not my fault. Someone else posted a message about noise when steering - I have that too. What else can I do?
  • I bought a 2006 HHR 2LT last May. When there is a heavy rain, the front floorboards get a significant amount of water in them. It always seems to happen when the car is parked - flat ground or hill doesn't seem to matter. I've seen several other posts by people having the same issue, but haven't seen one yet where someone got their problem resolved.

    The dealer tried the A/C repair the first time I took it in. The second time, they found a hole in a front cowling that they covered. It rained all day today and when I went to my car after work there was water standing in the driver's side floor. The carpet was soaked and there was at least 1/2 inch of water on top of the carpets and floor mats. I took it straight to the dealer and they are keeping it to show to the "leak expert". They've given me a loaner HHR to use until they fix the problem. The loaner is bottom of the line with no XM, sunroof, or heated seats.

    I'm really frustrated. I want my car, without a pond in the floor! Can anyone comment with possible fixes to this issue that I could suggest to my dealer?
  • I feel your pain as I am having a similar problem. I just bought my car in July 06, and twice the passenger side floor board is soaked. It was a virtual lake after some rain last night. Unfortunately, my dealer has not been very helpful, but have given me a rental and parts are on order for the air conditioner. In the meantime, the car sits in their lot in the rain, collecting yet more water. Called the Chevy national service center and I am waiting on a resolution. I am extremely upset about this. :cry:
  • The leak expert found 3 leaks in my car. There was one under the cowling that fits up against the windshield. Water was also entering the car through the passenger door, getting inside the door and coming into the car through the stereo speaker. The third was coming in at the rear of the car and the water traveled to the front to collect in the floorboard.

    I have my car back and now I'm waiting on the next rainstorm. I think it will end up back in repair before that as the gas mileage has dropped significantly since the dealer "fixed" the leaks. I think they disconnected soemthing and forgot to put it back, or else the plugging up of the leaks under the hood restricted air flow to my engine and it isn't running properly now.

    I am also going to insist they replace the carpet due to discoloration.

    Good luck with your car!!
  • I bought my HHR in Dec 05. Yesterday my gear shift went out. I couldn't remove the key from the ignition and had to use the safty under the steering column to remove it. I can drive it but the gear shift does not engage in park and slides up and down. The lever that you press while stepping on the brake is not functioning. Anyone have this problem???
    Thanks in advance
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,643
    I have not heard of that before. If it is a continuing thing, take it to dealer.
  • I did take it in right away. They are replacing the gear shift but I still don't know why it happened and just wanted some feedback. Thanks
  • YES!!!!! I've had my HHR for almost 1 year and I'm going thru the 2nd round of trying to get my seats fixed. Whenever I get a stain, I've used mild dish detergent and water to wash it up and then I get a WORSE stain on the material once it dries. The dealer has already replaced my fabric seats once and right now we are trying to resolve this issue AGAIN. They want to send out a professional detailer (again) and my husband and I are just sick of dealing with it!!! And what do they say "we haven't heard of anyone else with this problem." So I'm printing you blog to show to them. Please keep me posted as to how your's is getting resolved. :mad:
  • My parents have an '06 HHR LS, Daytona Blue with the light grey cloth interior (they have had the car for 12 months now). In my opinion, the light grey plastic, carpet, and cloth used in the interior is too light - almost as bad as a white interior. I just finished detailing it for them a few weeks ago, and here are some cleaning "tactics" I found to work well:

    One thing I found that works wonders for removing some of the ground in dirt and grime from the plastic pieces (emergency brake handle, steering wheel, plastic panels in the cargo area, etc...) is the "Mr Clean Magic Eraser". You simply get it wet, ring out a lot of the excess water, and start wiping down interior pieces (no cleaning solution needed). You would have to actually try it yourself to see how well it works.

    As a test of the Magic Eraser, I tried the following - There was some grime on the emergency brake handle. I took a terry cloth towel with a little cleaning solution and tried cleaning half of the handle. I scrubbed quite a bit with the towel, and made little progress. I then took the damp Magic Eraser, and after about 30 seconds of wiping (no exaggeration), it was spotless. After seeing how well it worked on the handle, I then used it on the rest of the plastic interior pieces that were dirty. When I was finished, all of the plastic interior pieces were spotless.

    Regarding the carpet, my wife has an upright carpet cleaning machine we use for our carpets in our house (looks like an upright vacuum cleaner, but has a tank for hot water, and a second tank for cleaning solution). It also has a hose with and upholstery cleaning tool you can use to clean a sofa or chair. I found that using the standard cleaning solution (I think made by Bissell?), and cold water, I was able to get the carpets looking brand new using that hand upholstery tool.

    As for those light colored seats, I have found the least amount of water/dampness used to clean spots the better. They seem to water spot easily. They had a couple of small dirty spos on their seats, and I started by using soft bristled brushes on the dirt spots. I finally took the aforementioned Magic Eraser, got it wet, rung it out, and wiped it over the dirt spots. That process seemed to pretty much get rid of the dirty spots.
  • I just picked up a 2006 HHR and love it, however, today I noticed several fingerprints on the INSIDE of the gray/black plastic surrounding the instrument cluster...behind the clear plastic. I'm not sure how hard this will be to remedy, or more importantly, how much grief the dealer will give me when I bring it up. I don't know why I didn't notice it before. This one must have been built after siesta...Anyone notice this on their HHR?
  • if you are driving your HHR at 45 mph and up with your back windows down and your front windows up you are going to notice a relly bad buffeting noise in the entire car and it rattles really bad too. If this is hapening, just think in few more months your car is going to breake a part,evrything is going to start getting loose. SO, DONT BUY THE HHR,ITS SUCKS!!! OPEN A CASE NUMBER TOO,DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.OK
    I complaint, and i have a case number with chevrolet and the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU, they are in it.I'm sure is goin to be a RECALL.KEEP ALERT FOR THOSE WHO HAS THIS SAME PROBLEM.BYE AND GOOD LUCK! :sick: :sick: :sick: :mad:
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    you are going to find this buffeting in just about any car as you describe gets worse if you open the sun roof and lower the rear windows as well..its not specific to the HHR...this has been mention several times in the HHR threads here...nothing you really have an HHR??
  • Well, I have my HHR in for the third time for the water leak. It was scheduled to have the carpets replaced, but on Saturday it rained and water was coming in from under the heater onto the floorboard. So far the air con seal and the deflector have been repaired. So now the dealer is going to water pressure check to find out exactly where the leak is coming from. I am ok with the dealer, they are doing everything they can......what I am unhappy with are the defects that exist in a new car. I am not happy with GM and the way they are handling the situation. I will update after I have had it in for the pressure test..... :sick: Unfortunately this car is close to becoming a :lemon:
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