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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Lease Questions



  • Here is my thought on this. The CRV EX-L WITH navigation is listed for $30,675.00. The residual from what I understand is 60% on this trim line ($18,405.00). I am not sure what the exact MF is here but its def under 2%. If you do a 36 month lease with 12k a year, your monthly payment with no Cap Cost Reduction (no money down) should be around $270 per month based on the lease formula. What is due to the dealer is: First months payment, sales tax in advance, Doc, DMV fees/Tire Fee, Acq fee plus tax. So basically, you have to pay the dealer (at least here in NYC area-Long Island, Westchester, Rockland) around $1930-$1980 to drive the car away. You are still not "paying any money down" here since there is no cap cost reduction. If the Gross Cap cost of the car is $27,600-$28k-in that range, your payment should be in the $270 range. If I am missing something in my calculation, feel free to chime in.
  • gfr120gfr120 Posts: 2
    just got a deal for Honda CRV EX-L 4WD...299/= month (no down payment)...after much negociation... IS IT GOOD ..??

    ALso what is the breakdown of the taxes and fees (i mean all in all) that i need to pay before I get the car..??? considering I want to pay all taxes and fees etc upfront...

    Dealer told me DMV plates/ State tax/ Bank fees/ Destination fees/ tyre fees there anything else...dont know how the total for is coming around 2800/=.....i am in NY...
  • beclin1beclin1 Posts: 3
    I always appreciate it when people post their deals here for comparison, so here's the skinny on a lease I'm picking up tomorrow.

    Urban Titanium EX-L 4WD w/ roof rack
    36 mo / 15k miles per year
    Mass taxes @ 6.25%
    Residual 58%
    MF = .00059

    Final cost, including all taxes/fees/registration:

    $344.00/mo with $344.00 (first month) due at signing.

    This pretty much equals the deal I got three years ago on my Accord EX-L 4cyl, so I consider myself happy.

  • I am assuming this is WITHOUT the navigation right? I thought the residual was 60% on the EX-L trim line? Was that lowered for April? Also, what was the total due when you drove away the car with everything? How much was the Doc fee?

  • bpaliwalbpaliwal Posts: 4
    Is this a good deal for 2011 CR-V EX-L no navigation? This is in the Bay Area, CA.

    0 down
    815 (1st month payment + fees)
    330+tax monthly
    residual: 16180.75
    Any suggestions to negotiate a better deal will be appreciated.
  • packer3packer3 Posts: 277
    I think it's fair, I mentioned in one of my threads over a month ago my friend came over the house and pulls up in a white EX-L with leather 3yr 15K miles per yr no money down @ $300 a month. I think you did good, my first 2011 CRV SE that I leased in Jan was $700 down $265 a month 15K miles per yr at that time was good, Hondas next months special for the SE was at $230 per mth. I think it's also about timming and great luck at times. You did good. Rte 22 Honda in Hillside NJ really has great deals Mohammed the sales rep is the real deal.
  • bpaliwalbpaliwal Posts: 4
    Finally drove off the EX-L w/o Navigation with the following:

    0 down
    799 (1st month payment + fees)
    330+tax monthly
    residual: 16180.75 (60%)
    4 oil changes @ the dealship
    Dealership name: Honda of Hayward

    Did most of the nagotiations over the phone, compared with some other local dealers and then went over to the dealership.

    One thing though: I went there almost at closing time and was at the dealership till about 11:30pm. They asked me to come back the next day so they could wash the car. But I believe they just wiped it or something the next day - what heck, the deal was over and papers signed, right? So please be careful or simply get a car wash yourself.
  • Greeting from Nashville, TN ... negotiated via phone last week with 3 local dealers ...

    Cut this deal for a 36mo 12k/yr lease on EX-L 2WD w/o nav:

    list price- $27,425
    selling price- $25,566
    MF- .00059
    residual- $16,180.75
    0 out of pocket
    mo payment (including tax)- $325.79 (35 payments, 1st mo paid by Honda)
  • lairdwdlairdwd Posts: 32
    edited May 2011
    20963 - cap cost on 2011 CR-V LX 4WD
    .00059 MF - April - Tier one super preferred

    0-0-0-0 lease at $244/mo - True 0 OTD.

    Boston Area honda - Silko, negotiated over the internet. They are the ones that are willing to deal, the other Boston area dealerships were much higher. Salesman did try to add doc fee and other fees, but I brought a printout of my negotiations with the online guy and had him very clearly spell out in the email the terms of the offer. After the usual song and dance with the sales manager, they agreed to honor the $244/mo.
  • mazalmazal Posts: 2
    PLEASE TELL ME IF GOOD DEAL... I am new to car market.

    I am about to sign a CRV HONDA LX 4wd.

    280 a month 0 down, and only need to pay 600 upfront for 36 months. That included all fees. Buy back 14k.

    If you know anywhere else that I can find a better deal, please refer to me to the proper person and dealer.

  • mazalmazal Posts: 2
    back to #935, what else should i find out from dealer to know if good deal. I was told that delear invoive is 22,200 and the sticker price online is 23375. Now how does it work from there? all this for CRV LX 4WD.

    DO you think he can lower it, or if I can ask for extra perks??
  • packer3packer3 Posts: 277
    If you live in NJ Rte 22 Honda ask for Mohamed $204 a month $2200 down special of the month, you could put less down and pay more per month. I think it's unsally $15 more per month for every $500 down. Just mentioned a guy who just leased 2 CRV's and a Civic for his son a few month ago he will know
  • slytekslytek Posts: 12
    I just cut this deal in Cortland, OH. I think its decent compared to other deals posted here.
    I put down total of $1680 OTD. This included first month payment. I now have 35 payments left of $300 even. This is 36month lease, 12k annually. Glacier Blue Metallic. Residual was 60% and money factor 0.00078. MSRP was $28675 and i negotiated down to $26679 (Base Cap Cost)
    What you all think?
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi mazal. It's great that you know this car's MSRP and invoice price, but it would be helpful to find out its selling price as well to tell if this is a good deal. The closer the selling price is to invoice, the better.

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  • mas1231mas1231 Posts: 1
    My lease on a 2008 Honda CR-V LX is up in August. I spoke to the dealership (NY) to get a sense of the ballpark on the monthly lease for a 2011 CR-V EX-L. I mentioned that I only have 19,000 miles on a 36,000 mile lease and he indicated that given the shortage of available Honda CR-Vs because of Japan, dealerships would probably give some equity for an under-mileage vehicle.

    Clearly, this is an unusual situation. Any sense of a ballpark on what I could/should expect to receive? Thanks
  • mmman2k8mmman2k8 Posts: 9
    Looking for an all wheel drive LX standard here in NY. Lowest I could find was the following:

    Down: $900 (taxes)+dmv fees

    Seems high, every dealer I went to says the same thing "We have a shortage due to the earthquake in Japan"

    Anyone can help me out I would appreciate it. Sticker was $23,something (base model LX) no add ons.

    Let me know thanks!
  • johnl123johnl123 Posts: 1
    I have a 20011 Honda CRV SE with 5000 miles and is only 5 months old. Two engine bolts broke while driving. The government should force Honda to do a recall. The dealer, GO Honda in Westminster, Colorado was nasty and could not care less. Honda motors just read me the usual lemon laws routine. Anybody elase have a similar problem. People could be killed.
  • kfitzykfitzy Posts: 2
    My Accord lease is up in a few months. I'd like to lease the CRV. Anyone in NY have a good deal lately, no money down. What is lease payment?
  • bri_turnbri_turn Posts: 10
    I just got lease docs FedEx'd from Weymouth Honda and I cannot for the life of me figure out how they arrived at the gross cap cost. It is a sign and drive lease and the following is directly from the docs:
    Agreed sell price: $24,349.88
    Residual Value - $15,615
    Doc Fee - $239.00
    MF - .00068
    Lease payment $310.13 for 36 months
    I am in Westchester County New York, sales tax rate 7.375%

    They have a gross cap cost of $25,766.79
    I have tried all different combinations of different tax rates, with and without an advance payment, and I cannot come close to their cap cost.

    Please help!!!

    Thanks in advance and let me know if any addt'l info is needed.

  • isles1isles1 Posts: 116
    I'd tell them to take a hike on principle re: that inflated doc fee.

    Did you figure in sales tax on the cap cost reduction?

    What model CR-V is this?
  • bri_turnbri_turn Posts: 10
    2011 CRV EX 4WD
    There is no cap cost reduction. I think taxes are included in the gross cap cost, but I am not 100% sure since I can't back into this cap cost no matter what combo of tax rate, $595 bank fee, $239 doc fee I use.
    The doc fee is high, but the sell price is considerably lower than I can find locally in NY. The dealer is in MA.
  • delta737hdelta737h Posts: 606
    edited June 2011
    bri turn,

    Unless it's changed, the maximum dealer doc fee in NY State is $75. However, if you leased the vehicle in Mass., the $239 doc fee is probably legitiimate. You need to ask the dealer for a copy of their lease worksheet. This is a computer generated document that the dealer must submit to AHFC along with the lease agreement. The lease worksheet will tell you everything you need to know. Something is missing or not right with the numbers you provided. I get a payment of $312.44 including NY sales tax @7.375%.

    If you need help, let me know at

    The AutoLeaseGeek
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,023
    "Sign and Drive" might mean something different to the dealership, than it means to you (or, any other normal person)..

    I'd ask them what (if any) amount is due at signing... Don't be surprised if it includes that doc fee and some other registration fees..

    That looks like a pretty decent lease for a CR-V... historically, small SUVs have not been cheap to lease..


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  • delta737hdelta737h Posts: 606
    bri turn,

    Okay, here's what I've got and it does match the dealer...

    Sell Price........................ 24,349.88

    Amounts Capitalized
    Acq Fee......................... 595.00
    NY Tax 7.375%.......... 821.92**

    Gross Cap..................... 25,766.80
    Cap Reduction.............. 0.00

    Adj Cap....................... 25,766.80

    Residual..................... 15,615.00
    Money Factor.............. 0.00068 Term......................... 36

    Taxable Base Payment. .. 286.74
    Payment (inclu Tax).... 310.13

    You did say that this ia a sign and drive. However, the $239 doc fee is not included nor are the license/title/plate fees which you'll probably have to pay up front unless they're embedded in the sell price. If so, that's bad accounting on the part of the dealership. The sell price in virgin territory and should never be touched or adjusted in any way as it reflects the value of the vehicle.

    The AutoLeaseGeek
  • miamiboymiamiboy Posts: 2
    2011 Honda CR-V EXL with Navigation:
    MSRP: $29,655
    Price: $28,255
    36 month lease w/12K per year
    Super Preferred HFC customer
    Money Rate: .00078
    Residual: .58
    Total out of pocket: $3,000.
    Payment: $324 plus tax
  • wujohnwujohn Posts: 3

    Please let me know if this lease looks good, bad, or just ok...Thanks.

    CR-V EX
    Price: $21,576
    Monthly: $286.03 (including taxes)
    Due at signing: $759 - includes first month's payment, registration and doc fees.

    I will be looking to buy something in the next day or so; your feedback is much appreciated.

  • wujohnwujohn Posts: 3
    I am sorry, this is suposed to be the cheapie LX model.sorry for the confusion.
  • Hi I am in southern California. A friend of mine got crv ex for 1220 down include first month all fees included otd Followed by 248/month including taxes for 35 months. I am thinking of getting the same deal if it's good. Any opinions would be appreciated.
  • wujohnwujohn Posts: 3
    Hi Car Man,

    Can you please help confirm the MF and residual for an LX and SE in So Cal? I am being told it is .00078 and 61%. If that is true, I cannot figure out these numbers for an LX

    Cost: $21667
    Down $397
    Monthly: 276 plus tax

    I guess I am missing some fees??? Any help is much appreciated.
  • deladanedeladane Posts: 1
    Hi Everyone,
    I am looking to lease the CR-V EX model (no leather) in NY. I was given the following quote, and was wondering if anyone can tell me if I'd be getting a good deal...

    $320 per month for 35 months
    dealer pays 1st month payment
    Zero down
    price includes taxes
    12,000 miles

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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