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2004-2009 Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • i agree that 1y is a joke....and the accident thing is true...and why I wanted my daughter to take my 2002 lexus or my 2002 525bmw...She is insistant on wanting a car that gets the millage. I know this car is under nada & kelly....But i was hoping that i would not hear the phone call reason as a reason not to get...Cause that is exactly why I'm willing to buy her an upper end car...

    and for those who think you'd give your kid your lexus or bmw...yes I would cause that means I get a newer one...wink..wink

    I looked at the yaris and echo and they are over priced and over 10,000...gotta love the pacific northwest
  • A piece of advice that you're probably not looking for: the Lexus and the BMW are fast cars; there's something to be said for not giving one of those to a teenager. It's probably not as much of an issue with a female as with a male, but it's something to consider.

    My first car was a 1995 Lexus ES300. I consider myself to have been very responsible, as teenagers go (top of my class, no drugs, no alcohol and all that). But I drove that car as fast as it would go on multiple occasions. I stopped doing that after I got a really big speeding ticket. Thankfully I never got into an accident.

    Point is: chances of an a accident (or dangerous driving in general) go up with cars that can easily drive fast.
  • Hi all,

    Well I was able to negoiate a great deal got them down another 900 bucks!!!!! $8088!!!! It's the midnight blue my daughter is happy I think it will be a great first car!
  • tiff_c - Sure, I am so pleased with it and wanted to share with you just in case you were still looking to buy soon. Who knows what will be out later this year, the new TomTom units I have seen introduced over the past year have newer technologies and features! Good Luck!
  • kns42kns42 Posts: 2
    I am attempting to get a package #2 Prius but I feel like I have no negotiating room since there aren't very many of them made. The best quote I've gotten so far is 22.9 and they won't come down because it's their last #2. Has anyone been more successful getting one of these?
    For comparison purposes, I like Southern to mid VA.
  • tiff_ctiff_c Posts: 531
    I am attempting to get a package #2 Prius but I feel like I have no negotiating room since there aren't very many of them made. The best quote I've gotten so far is 22.9 and they won't come down because it's their last #2. Has anyone been more successful getting one of these?
    For comparison purposes, I like Southern to mid VA.

    The dealers up here in New Hampshire sure have a lot of Prius. You see these cars all over the place and the dealers have mostly the #2 package. I didn't hammer out a final price with them because of the seat. But I'd imagine you could do well since they have a lot of inventory and the dealers are hungry right now. New cars sales are very dead.
  • I thought about buying a base Prius (package 1?) this weekend. Does anyone know if they are still available in the DC area? I tried searching a few online dealer inventories to no avail. Thanks for any insight and apologies if this turns out to be a newb question.
  • I just purchased a white 08' Prius package #5 w/ preferred accessories package as well for $24,126 + $660 destination + $98 documentation fee+ Tax/tag/title. I also was able to get the employee price on a 6 year 100,000 miles Platinum extended warranty ( i paid $875, MSRP $1750) and a 4 year 55,000 mile full service contract for ( I Paid $825, regularly $1,550 ) from a Waldorf MD toyota Dealership. I feel like i recieved a really good deal, does anyone agree with me, or am I crazy?
  • I want to buy a Prius Package #5 in the Minneapolis/St Paul area this week. Does anyone know if it is possible to get one near the invoice price? Thanks.
  • Being patient is worth the wait. Back in '07 I shopped around in NW Indiana for a base model "04 Prius and after about two weeks Lakeshore Toyota in Burns Harbor, IND took my deposit on a base model w/ only side airbags and rear wiper that was coming soon. 3 months later it came in. Delivered out the door price was $22,365.00 tax & all. disc. but then again...WORTH IT!! everyday. Sure I'd like to have the "smart key" but knowing I have a trouble free car that gets 46-48 mpg's and is still worth $17-$18 K makes it all worth it. I think the 2nd Generation Prius is one of the best cars to come along in yrs. When was the last time you ever saw a 4 yr old car lose a mere 4 grand in value on the average?
  • Rockville 1: Sounds like you got a great deal! I am looking for a 2008, package #6. What was your out-the-door total cost?

  • Okay, so I stepped up to 2008 Prius package #2. I'm in Northern Virginia with 4% sales tax and about $103 for tags. I negotiated $23,150 out the door (incl. T/T). I haven't bought yet. Sound good?
  • kns42kns42 Posts: 2
    I just negotiated one in mid-southern VA for 23,300 out the door. I think there are better prices out there, but my negotiating skills leave room for improvement.
  • I just bought a 2008 prius package #2 yesterday in Coeur D Alene, ID for 22,600
    plus sales tax and $98 doc fee.
  • prelecprelec Posts: 15
    I bought a new red pkg #5 for $24,500 yesterday. There was an ad from Maita Toyota for $23,988. I called and they said they had a silver and a white - msrp $26,464. The white was ok, but it had 67 mi and had been on the lot since Dec. I called the internet dept at Folsom Lake Toyota and asked if they could match. They said red or green which I preferred msrp of $26,750(wheel locks and floor mats) - selling price $24,500. They were a little slow getting me through finance, but there was no hammering for extras. A very pleasant experience. Do you think I got a good deal?
  • I bought a Package #6 Silver Pine with grey leather interior at Rudy Luther in MPLS this weekend. Their internet price was the best of three in the area at $26, 236 which included a set of all weather mats worth $91and a $200 gift certificate at Best Buy. Many thanks to this site for so much advice in the past week.
  • Bought in Northern Virginia. $22,466 OTD including 4% sales tax, title/tags, and $400 recent graduate rebate. Thanks all.
  • I brought a prius 08 Mag Gray pkg #5 for $24,200 + tax + title fees at Fremont, CA. I also purchased 7 years warranty and maintainance service for 4 years = about $2,700+tax.

    I thinks this is good deal.
  • I recently purchased a black 2008 with Package #2 for $21,900 (including destination). Tax and title and all that was additional. I purchased it at Westchester Toyota in Yonkers, NY. It helped that I had the new car buying kit from consumer reports (~$14). That printout listed invoice prices and "bottom-line" prices and the saleman brought down the price faster after I showed it to him. I think I got a good price, but the customer service at Westchester Toyota is the worst I have ever experienced. I had to go to the dealership about 5 times before I was able to bring my car home (they had a million excuses for why the car wasn't ready) and it came with almost 300 miles already on it.
  • Hi,

    I can't seem to get a 2008 Package 2 Prius for less than $23k (including destination). This comes out to $25k out the door at an 8.25% tax rate.

    Here's where I'm having difficulty:
    Apparently Gulf States Toyota charges all of the dealers in TX $700 for the Toyota Marketing Fund in the invoice. I noticed in the small print that "the invoice does not reflect the dealer's ultimate vehicle cost in view of" almost $700 in reserves "which are returned to dealer...", but of course when I mentioned this, I didn't get anywhere.

    According to what I've read in this discussion, I probably shouldn't pay more than $22k (or $23.5k otd), but I'm not even getting close. Does anyone have any experience in or advice for buying a Prius in Austin, TX?
  • 3c33c3 Posts: 74
    2008 package #2 with mats, $21,909 + tax dmv doc, from Concord, CA, which is in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Actually the tax rate in Tx is 6.25%, you might want to check with North Park Toyota of Boerne, I've heard some good things about them on other forums.
  • I bought a 2008 Prius with Package #2 and some accssories (floor mats, lug bolts, cargo net, rear bumper protector) for $20,500 plus my trade-in and plus tax on the Saturday of President’s Day weekend in RI.

    It was hard to come up with a value for my trade in. The Edmonds site and Kelly blue book were fairly far off from each other. It was a 1999 Acura 3.2TL with 178K miles and needing some work (left signal broken, scrapes in bumper, check engine light is on, worn leather.) I judged that the car would be rated “average” for Edmonds for a trade in value of $1,802. On Kelly Blue book website it was categorized as Fair for $2,795. This averages to be $2,300 as a trade in value.

    Taking into account the additional $235 for accessories and a trade in value of $2,300, I paid $475 less than TMV and $1,145 less than MSRP and $700 more than Invoice price.
  • I just purchased in Wellesley, MA a 2008 Std Prius with Package 5 and dealer installed leather seats for $25,000.
  • baron64baron64 Posts: 41
    Dealer installed leather seats?? I didn't know they could do that. Are they front and back seats? How much were they? Are they heated? Thanks!
  • So in general how close to invoice should I be looking on an '08 Prius? As I read all the posts I feel there is no easy guide to pricing as most cars seem to have (i.e. $500 over invoice.). Any general feedback?

    Also, how much does it cost for an HOV sticker here in Cali? Do I buy that from the dealer or from DMV?
  • 3c33c3 Posts: 74
    In the northern CA, around invoice price to $300 under invoice, with "free" floor mats. HOV stickers are no longer available.
  • Thanks. Will there be more HOV stickers in Cali or is that it? Frankly that was a big reason I was considering the car.
  • dgeblerdgebler Posts: 19
    The dealers can install leather seats. The seats are not perforated as the factory is. The can also install heaters. The wanted $1100 for the seats (front and back) and $450 for heated front seats (driver and passenger)
  • dgeblerdgebler Posts: 19
    The Consumer Reports Buyers Guide indicates that Toyota gives the dealers a $467 hold-back. So you should assume that they will make a profit if they sell at Dealer invoice. My dealer didn;t blink at accepting $500 over invoice so I know there was a little money left on the table.
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