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2004-2009 Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Can you comment on advisability of leasing a used Prius, eg, a 2007 with 30k miles for 3 years? Asking price $23K, prob nego price 22K? Estimate payment with $2000 down?

    Should I look into an old prius and putting new batteries in it, as a purchase?
  • mike3327mike3327 Posts: 1
    Bought at Toyota of Alamada (bay area) last Saturday. Cut the deal on the phone in about 10 seconds. Picked the car up same day.

    Sleezy dealership, didn't know sh*t about the car, gave me all kinds of wrong information bout features, etc., tried to rip me off with with extended warranty in the finance managers office, and then tried to charge me $750 to put XM in.

    But still a decent price for the car itself...
  • shermaroshermaro Posts: 3
    What dealership did you purchase the car from and who was your sales person.
  • sri345sri345 Posts: 6
    Hi whiterice,

    I'm planning to buy Prius Package 2 or 3 in CT, NY area. Can you please introduce me to your sales person. You can find my email in my profile. It would be great if you can give me the details of your sales guy.
  • Sri345, email me at
    I'll be more than happy to give you the info to my dealer.
  • jrenton7jrenton7 Posts: 5
    I am in Albuquerque NM and am willing to travel to any state around me (texas, Arizona, Utah, CO to find the 22,000 price OTD on the prius package #2. Both the dealerships in my area quote a price of 24,000 OTD. If anybody could help me with how they got their dealer down so low or know a dealer that I can get to go that low in my area it would be much appreaciated!
  • 3c33c3 Posts: 74
    Other than an exteremely rare "10-mile loaner car" reported in this thread, you're not going to find a new pkg#2 for $22,000 OTD. In CA, it's $21,xxx + tax.
  • jrenton7jrenton7 Posts: 5
    Thanks for the response I appreaciate it. I have found one 07 Prius in city that they want 20500 for (i got them down from 21908) The car has 6500 miles on it and a perfect carfax record. Coming from a dealer do you think this is a good deal. I counter offered 20000 strait. Think I should go for it or just spend the 23500-24500 on a new one. In new mexico there is no tax on hybrids so this is a OTD price.

    Sorry to bug first new (slightly new) car purchase and first payment on a car (i have always paid cash) so this is a stressful expereince and could use all the help i can get
  • m2mazda6m2mazda6 Posts: 20
    If you order a Prius from a dealer with package 2 how long would it take to get it
  • sweetoothsweetooth Posts: 23
    Which dealership and what color? Can you please let me know, thanks. I would truly appreciate it as i am about to buy one end of this week.
  • If anyone would like me to introduce you to my sales guy, please email me at This was purchased in the North east.
  • My color was white. If you want me to introduce you to my sales guy please email me at
  • sweetoothsweetooth Posts: 23
    Is this number 23988 including tax, fees and title?
  • sweetoothsweetooth Posts: 23
    I just did :-) Please do email me dealer's info and also please confirm that this price is out the door, right? 21908 includes everything, so tired of dealer tantrums...want to be prepared when i get there...
  • sweetoothsweetooth Posts: 23
    Hey 3c3, Victorias1,
    Can you please give me the website for Concord internet department, i would very much appreciate it. I live in the NorthEast and am looking to buy a prius with atleast package 2 ASAP. I am new member to this site and have been trying to read through the links to see what's the best price i can expect to pay for this car.

    I wonder if i upgrade to package 5, would i get better discounts? I am sure about not wanting leather. So, i pretty much want to stick to package 2 if i could clinch a good deal.
    Also, would a CA dealer deliver through a local dealer in Northeast?

    All your help would be deeply appreciated.
  • bratiebratie Posts: 1
    Hello everyone,
    I am in SoCal and just leased a '08 Prius with package two. I had a trade-in worth $1,000 and put $650 down. My price is $355/mo for 36 months with 12,000 miles. I feel like that's a pretty good deal. I leased it at Toyota of Hollywood from a great guy named ROY.
  • ramleramle Posts: 10
    We just purchased a new Prius package # 6 with cargo net, floor mats and added two way heated seats for 6,250. We also got extended 7 year 75000 miles warranty for 1,190, but have a week to change our mind. Is it worth it? we thought that with all the electronics and hybrid stuff we should have it, but now not sure about it and about the price of the warranty.
  • yes 21,908 was OTD
  • scottc3scottc3 Posts: 137
    FOR SURE, 100% accurate, you should get the 7/75 for no more than $800. I can scan and email you my actual sales slip on my Prius if you need it. Tell the dealer you have seen on the web that it should be $800 and no more... then start to walk away... they will not let you leave.

  • ramleramle Posts: 10
    Does the state makes a difference? we are in MD. The sales person didn't deal with the warranty it was par tof the finance department. She offered 1850, than 1400 and than when we said we do not need it and will not take it 1150.
    How can I get them to lowere it to 800?

  • 3c33c3 Posts: 74
    OTD is "out the door", which means including tax and other official fees. Prices reported here should NOT include tax and fees unless you also specify those numbers.

    For extended warranty, just google "prius extended warranty". Less than $1000 for 7/100K coverage.
  • sweetoothsweetooth Posts: 23
    Hi Whiterice,
    Dealer told me this price does not include tax, title or other fees. this is only car's price with package 2. Did u have to pay taxes separately?
  • I live in CT and in CT there is not tax. I did registered the car myself.
  • I was quoted a price of $22,764 for a Silver Metallic w/Package #2 OTD (+TTL).
    They have some other fees included in this price but so far this is the best I've seen as they can't keep the pkg #2 in stock.
    What does everyone think?
  • If I may, I'd like to just say.....If the price is several hundred dollars then perhaps it's worth haggling but if it is just a few dollars more importantly check out the dealer's service satisfaction and how well customers feel safe and reliable with them. My dealer has been exemplery in all respects. That was more important to me than a few dollars. Funny thing back when we first bought our '04 Prius was getting the color we wanted. Blue was a must and that was worth the wait (3 months). to us.
  • gotkrusgotkrus Posts: 2
    I am getting OTD quotes for 24,500 and up (25K) for a Package 2. I think I may be able to negotiate it down to 24k OTD, but is that even a good deal? What do you think? Can I do better? If so, how much better?

    The Prius Package 2 seems to be difficult to find and hard to negotiate as they are super popular in California.

  • kenny081kenny081 Posts: 1
    I'm in search of a Base Prius with Pkg#5.

    One of the quotes I got was $26,840 OTD from Longo Toyota and I'm still working with the others. The guy said it was about $100 over invoice and he gave me a $400 graduate discount.

    No. Hollywood was quoting me at $26,334.00

    Has anyone gotten a better deal in the Los Angeles Area?
    Or can anyone recommend what I should do to get a better price?
  • eba55eba55 Posts: 20
    Did you get the used one? Have you tried the Santa Fe dealer- they seem more flexible. I've been watching/looking in NM for awhile now. Let me know how you do and if you buy new or used. GOOD LUCK!
  • Paid $23,459.71 or $24,900 OTD (all taxes & fees included)
  • image
    Went to (Toyota of Gastonia) by Charlotte, NC and after a few trips back and forth we settled on 2008 Prius with package 2 for $24,900 out the door (all taxes & fees included). They didn't have a Prius on the lot but could get one in a day or two. We'll see if the wait's that short, but either way I don't care. I can wait and I think I got a deal that was fair for the both of us. They didn’t make t easy though; I had to work for it. The problem for consumers is that dealers can't keep the cars on the lots (much like the VW Bug or resent Mustang craze) so it makes negotiating difficult. They know they will sell it to the guy behind you if you’re not going to pay their price. My saving grace was that I was willing to wait and bought without a trade in. Here's a tip for all of you who aren’t in the know; don’t bring a trade to the table if you can help it. They just use the trade as leverage to work the numbers against you anyway. Sell it before buying and if you just can't wait than try a CarMax dealership. They normally give you $2k more than the dealer if the cars in good condition. ;) I hope this helps you make better choices.
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