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2004-2009 Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • 3c33c3 Posts: 74
    If a dealer cannot keep the cars on the lot, you don't really have much bargaining power, so expect to pay close to MSRP. When I bought my pkg#2 at the end of February, some dealers in Northern California had over a *HUNDRED* Priuses in stock, and many people paid for less than the invoice prices.
  • anchovyanchovy Posts: 3
    Seems these change so fast. And with gas over $4 feels like there's no wiggle room.
    Any thoughts on this from recent SOCAL Lease takers:

    Package 6
    12K miles p.a.
    MSRP( really?) $27,884 (inc mats)
    Residual: 15,110 (that sounds more like 15K miles to me)
    zero down, $768 drive off total
    $487 per month

    The fleet manager did offer $400 p.m . with 3500 down so I know theres some room. I'm not looking to break balls, just get the fairest deal poss that I feel top tier credit deserves.

    And remain slightly indignant / entitled...

  • anchovy,

    That means you're paying approx $27,000 for the car. I've seen it go for a lot less on the forum - more like $26,400 which would make the payments around $465. I'm assuming the payment included tax? I worked out a deal in So Cal for $464 a month including tax for a 15K, 36 month lease with 0 down on a pkg 6.
  • anchovyanchovy Posts: 3
    Interesting. the best I have gotten so far is 478 pm with nothing down and 12K miles.

    A friend on mine scored the same lease for 420 a month and 1500 down - lucky boy
    tphssenior - how long ago did you get that lease? I know they are getting tight
  • It was around 3 weeks ago. They said it was a $100 over invoice deal.
  • hihostevohihostevo Posts: 59
    I tried to contact the dealers that were mentioned... the Walnut Creek with the $25,997 Touring pk6 deal or the $25343 for the standard with package 6....

    Did not even receive any responses to my email inquiries......... :-(
  • janeovjaneov Posts: 1
    My son will be commuting to college in the fall, so a Prius makes sense. My son-in-law can get me a 2002 Prius with 60K for about $8,000.

    1. Does this sound like a good deal? Don't know what's on it.

    2. What's this thing I hear about changing the batteries and costing a few thousand?

    Please enlighten me.
  • oreoleeoreolee Posts: 1
    I am currently residing in the San Francisco Bay Area and was wondering which dealership you went to for that great deal.
  • txduckertxducker Posts: 1
    I am shopping for a Pkg #2 in the Fort Worth, TX area. I have been looking for two weeks and the cars are selling fast here. I have used Edmunds internet quote tool and most of the initial offers from dealers close to MSRP if they even have the package and color I am looking for. It appears that many of the cars are sold before they hit the lot or they are gone in a 1-2 days. Here is one internet quote I have for my wife's favorite color.
    Prius pkg 2 - 24,365
    tinted windows - 180
    total MSRP - 23,845 and also the offer price.
    This car is not on the lot and is being delivered from the Gulf state distributor.
    Salesman says this MSRP is his lowest price. Edmunds TMV shows a TMV of $257 below MSRP.

    Are other people in TX seeing similar pricing for pkg #2?
  • sharon22sharon22 Posts: 28
    I've been trying to figure out the best OTD price I can get in this area and can't find any for less than $24,900. The southeast prices seem higher than those in the western states. I've been quoted an internet price of $22,700 from a Roswell dealer, but then their "add-on" fees are about $1,500 before taxes. Dealers don't have any on their lots and it's really hard finding ANY Toyota model in Silver Pine Mica to even look at. Finally, today I found an Avalon in that color over at the Mall of Georgia so will make the 1 1/2 hour drive there just to look at the color! I also want to see the lighter shade of blue, but can't find it. Does anyone have any buying experiences in this area or suggestions?
  • sharon22sharon22 Posts: 28
    Is this a picture of YOUR car? If so, what is the color -- Seaside Pearl or Spectra Blue Mica? It looks great!
  • rmirmi Posts: 3
    Does anyone know why you can't get a Package #3 in SoCal? You can get one in San Francisco, but not in Los Angeles.
  • imaneeshimaneesh Posts: 2
    I basically requested a qoute from almost all dealers in Texas last month. I was willing to fly to their dealership, then drive back. The best I got was probably $100-200 off MSRP. Rediculous.

    So I started calling dealers in Oklahoma. They were more willing to negotiate. I just got my Prius #2 for $23000 before tax from Putnam Toyota. I'll pay the tax/registration here in Texas. The salesperson was great and even brought the car himself. Great service.

    Good luck.
  • hihostevohihostevo Posts: 59
    With the ’09 Prius supposedly less than 9 months away… I am wondering if it is “still” a good financial move to purchase an ’08 Prius?

    Do any of you Prius owners have experience using your Prius in Real Estate work? If so, do your clients “accept” the smaller vehicle because it is more “green” or do you wish you were in a Lexus ES330 or RX330?

    Thank you for your thoughts…………..
  • Buy a Prius, you can always trade it in a couple of years for the 2009.
  • Bought a 2008 Prius off the lot, Metallic Gray Package #2 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin today for $22510.00 plus tax 5.6%, title fee $89, Dealer Service fee $98.
  • hihostevohihostevo Posts: 59

    I guess you think it is still worthwhile :-) then...

    The '09 was initially scheduled for this fall... at least that is my understanding.

    However, for "reasons" it has been delayed until first quarter '09 or at least that seems to be the majority of the rumors I am reading.

    So I am just concerned about the possible effect on the value of my purchase with a brand-new updated version coming "shortly."
  • duffeyduffey Posts: 1
    Which dealer did you buy from?

  • hihostevohihostevo Posts: 59
    I have not purchased a Prius yet.....

    I was trying to Poll the members to see if it was still an efficacious decision given the changes that are going to be made to the '09 and the thought that it will theoretically be available in less than 9 months.
  • azgasazgas Posts: 1
    Am beginning search for 2008 Prius in Phoenix area.
    Could you please pass on any info that helped you find the right dealer and price?
  • I bought it from Wilde Toyota. Any other questions about the process of buying it, just ask.
  • Contact Ron Cooper at Concord Toyota. I am buying a Prius #6 for $27,530.89 out the door.
  • Prius #2 $24,125.00 OTD. I used to received the pre-negotiated price. It was a lot better buying experience for me.
  • sweetoothsweetooth Posts: 23
    Hello Robby,
    Can you please tell me if by OTD, you mean it includes taxes, titles and everything?

  • That was everything.
  • sweetoothsweetooth Posts: 23
    Hi Robby,
    thanks for the quick reply. Does anyone has any exprience with Westchester toyota in yonkers? I read on internet that they say one thing in emails but once you get to the dealership, they give u a different price and don;t honour their email quotes....
    Which dealer to go to? tristate area...
  • m2mazda6m2mazda6 Posts: 20
    Started getting price quotes here in West Mich. best I can get is 300 below MSRP any body getting better now, no dealers now have them on lots so they don't have to deal
  • gadriver4gadriver4 Posts: 15
    [sharon22] in Atlanta area - any luck? I'm in Atlanta area & just beginning to search. I'm only finding 1 Prius on each lot from my searches. I don't think that gives us much bartering (sp?) pwr though. :cry: I haven't made offer yet just had husband pick up info on a Prius Union City Legacy Toyota can get while he was getting service on our Toyota. Are you saying a Roswell dealer offered you $24,200 + tax, tag & title? I assume it had package #2 on it? I've noticed all of ours in the South also have that dumb $700 add on of paint protector, VIN etching, etc. Blah.
  • The picture is of the Seaside Pearl and no, sorry but it's just a picture I found on the net with the same color I'm getting. It's ready for me to pickup today, but I have to wait till Monday because I'm selling my truck to get it. :blush:
  • sharon22sharon22 Posts: 28
    Not quite. Roswell had quoted an internet price of $22,700, which initially sounds very good. However, the OTD price on pkg. #2 ends up at $26,127 (including 7% sales tax). Like you, numerous dealers want you to pay the $700 for the Toyoguard protection group -- rubbish! I don't want it either. The prices I've encountered so far have been $25,800 to $26,200 OTD. I'm not finding ANY Prius on ANY lots. I did find one in Greenville, SC. Contemplating if I want to drive 3 hours to buy that one. It's either that or ask a dealer to "order" one in their May or June allocations. Are you looking for a particular color? I'm partial to Silver Pine Mica, but like all Prius's, there aren't any on the lots. Stay in touch with me and let me know if you find any better deals than I've found thus far!! shows a TMV price of $23,763.
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