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2004-2009 Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • m2mazda6m2mazda6 Posts: 20
    I want the Silver Pine also,I'm thinking just have the dealer go with it for 300 under MSRP I'm in no hurry so I can wait to get the one I want
  • gadriver4gadriver4 Posts: 15
    Once we get our loan & sell our older car I'll probably start with guy we bought our Toyota from last yr as we managed to neg from $33k to $28k + tax, tag & title although I don't think we'll have much wiggle room w/the Prius esp rt now as fuel continues to climb. I did notice online La Grange (south of airport towards AL) Toyota dealership is showing 5 on the lot although I haven't confirmed this by phone/e-mail. I'd try searching smaller cities like La Grange as I'm thinking they might have more options. Oh, I'm not partial to any exterior color although I'd prefer grey interior. GL & keep us posted. These forums helped me neg last yr v well. ;)
  • ycamp5ycamp5 Posts: 15
    How much more is the HOV sticker worth? I'm looking to buy a Prius with reasonable miles with sticker. The cost seem to be more than a brand new one....
    Any opinions on paying more for one with a sticker than a 08??

  • hihostevohihostevo Posts: 59
    Hi, I was wondering if any of you folks have had experience.... good or bad... buying from Toyota of Walnut Creek??

    Thank you,
  • udprideudpride Posts: 3
    Im looking at possibly leasing a Prius in another year or so. Im having trouble rectifying the lease prices however and why they are so high for a ~$25,000 car.

    Im currently in a lease on a $38,000 G35X and paying $380/mth 39mths $1000 down 15K miles a year. The residuals on both cars are leaders in the industry. Money factors all competitive, etc.

    For a $13,000 cheaper car the lease terms should be far more competitive on the Prius than I'm being offered. Based on the same criteria on my Infiniti, we should be talking around $300/mth.

    There are some tax incentives in Ohio for hybrids, but I wouldnt call them significant enough to be THE major factor. We also dont have any carpool lanes or special parking privileges.

    I dont see gas prices falling any time soon, so Im also looking the new VW TDIs which will be out later, however neither hybrid/diesel option gives me a car thats really suited for the snow belt. And at the leasing price points Im seeing, Im not convinced yet I can justify the inflated lease terms on a car with a relatively low MSRP. The MPG of the car should really have nothing to do with the lease terms since the lease pricing is all a product of MSRP, though I admit the MPG will save me money. But probably not enough to make a windfall over a 3yr lease to substantiate the other items Ive outlined.

    Were I purchasing with cash, the car would seem like an extremely competitive deal however.

    Is the fnancing arm still Toyota Motor Credit?
  • sharon22sharon22 Posts: 28
    If you're interested in Silver Pine Mica with dark gray interior, just saw one on the lot (you would need to call to confirm) at Jay Toyota in Columbus, GA. Good luck with your search! Let me know if you find a Silver Pine Mica with bisque interior! Thanks!!!
  • m2mazda6m2mazda6 Posts: 20
    Just put money down on a Silver Pine pkg 2. I put out 5 email quotes and said TMV is 23288 & 23018 I'll give you 23300 + tax ect.and got a reply from one and took it so I gave them 500 deposit and will let me know next week how long it will take. Best expierence I ever had never set foot in dealership did it all over phone. and oil changes are $9.95 for life 11.?? with tax
  • Hi to all,

    I am going to pick up my new Prius with #6 package. Paid 26,800 plus Tax. I am not sure that i got a good deal. Any other expiriance out there?

    Thank you.
  • where did you get this prius please?
  • not sure if this question will post or go to you directly, but I wondering where you bought this car? is it a touring?
  • sharon22sharon22 Posts: 28
    Congratulations! I've still been getting internet quotes and calling all over the state. I assume that you are in the Atlanta metro area -- do you object to telling me which dealership you're working with? I'm to the point of exhaustion; tired of hearing that no Prius sells for less than MSRP. I had planned on placing a $500 deposit at a dealer tomorrow. Please post a reply asap! I'll delay my deposit until I hear from you. Again, congratulations!!!! Hopefully, I'll be joining you very soon!
  • m2mazda6m2mazda6 Posts: 20
    I'm in West Michigan I got it from a Grand Rapids dealer on 28th st Toyota of Grand Rapids
  • m2mazda6m2mazda6 Posts: 20
    I do have a Question in my searches for quotes for the Pkg.2 all the dealers were saying the MSRP is 23909, I just went on the Toyota site to build a car there MSRP is 23710 any body tell me the reason for this,
  • In Bronx / NY It is a touring edition.
  • dealers can not keep this cars on the lot. they sell fast so they do not want to give a brake to customer. We are at their mercy.
  • kenji4861kenji4861 Posts: 16
    and.. that's what a sales rep will tell you to squeeze out every penny they can out of you.

    Seriously.. it's their last year of this car's production. The cars are more available than ever before. If not, they are getting ready to roll in 2009 models which won't happen until October timeframe.
  • sharon22sharon22 Posts: 28
    I've checked everywhere in the state of GA and finally just got on the waiting list in Athens. It's a two-hour drive over there for me, but at least I don't have to go out of state! I did all of my research with and and forget about TMV and Smart Target Price. I could not find one dealer selling for below MSRP. I did find numerous dealers adding $1,500 onto MSRP! Watch the documentation fees -- they really vary. Since I'm 6th on the waiting list, it could be a while before I receive my pkg. 2, but the waiting lists are just going to get longer with the rising gas prices. Oh, and not every Prius in the Southeast region comes with the $700 Toyoguard on it. I've requested mine without it, which means it could add to my wait. Good luck in your search -- keep me posted as to how it's going. I'll let you know how long it takes for mine to arrive!
  • 3c33c3 Posts: 74
    The difference of $199 is for the floor and cargo mats. That's an option added at the port, so it's on the window sticker and added to the MSRP. I don't like carpet mats, but I'm forced to take them because all Priuses in CA have that "option".
  • m2mazda6m2mazda6 Posts: 20
    Sharon I'm also 6th on list with my dealer and if i'm right your Silvir Pine also i ordered on the 25th April let us see how we do at getting our Pruis keep us posted how your doing and I will do the same
    West Mich.
    What's the toyoguard
  • sharon22sharon22 Posts: 28
    Larry, Google "Toyota - Toyoguard" and scroll down to the bottom of page 1. Take a look at "archive". It's an added fee ($700) found on the majority of Toyotos sold in the southeast region. I don't think it's worth the money and feel it's pretty much more profit for the dealer. You're one day ahead of me; let's see who gets that Silver Pine Prius the fastest! Sharon
  • lastcarlastcar Posts: 1
    Hello, my data & experience. 4/23/2008, $22,900 + $389 processing fees. White, Base + Option 2. 4 miles. I spoke with 2 dealers in person and by phone. With one I only by phone. I used the Edmunds and Consumer Reports invoice pricing. I followed the basic script for getting the bottom line. One marked up the MSRP, the other came down. Neither would quote a price over or under invoice. Both dealers mentioned the 2008 Opt 2 is hard to find. One mentioned that finding the car on another dealers lot would drive the price up, since he would have to replace that car. Both dealers provided written quotes in a matter of minutes. Somehow the actual buying procedure took 2hours. I wasted about 15 minutes talking about the extended warranty. Finally I remembered my dad and brother had bought Prius' last year. I called them and then decided no on the warranty, since my brother said I could buy a warranty later. The dealer I bought from is Koon's Arlington Toyota. They had Opt 5 & 6 models on their lot, Lee Highway. Koons is a very large dealer in this area, meaning they have multiple locations. The other dealer was out in Manassas, VA. I'd love to hear an "I paid invoice or under" story, but demand is high. I wanted to wrap up the purchase last week and stay close to home. The dealer I bought from said the price would not change if I ordered one. Order time was estimate to 2-6weeks. The 2 week number makes me think this dealer has some kind of agreement in place for swapping cars with others.

    Hope this helps someone.
  • jrenton7jrenton7 Posts: 5
    Finally got one!
    Got a package #2 (12mi) in white for 23458 OTD from Beaver Toyota in Santa Fe NM. Came with with that i wanted and the people there were great. If you live in NM leave Albuquerque and go to Beaver in Santa Fe. I didnt get angry once and they actually worked with me on the purchase (had a trade in.) Thanks for all the help in this forum you all made it great! One last question I was offered the 7 yr 75,000 for a little over $1000. Should I take it or go with another dealer and shop around. I have read on here people getting it for 860 and they told me at beaver if you can find a dealer for that get it.
  • tphsseniortphssenior Posts: 11
    You may want to check that again. I would imagine that the residual percentage on the Infiniti is quite a bit higher than on the Prius. The Prius is in the mid 50% range. The Infiniti is probably in the low to mid 60% range. Also, the money factor on the Prius is nothing special (.00245) while Infiniti often buys down the money factor. One other point is that Toyota rolls in a $550 bank fee into the lease payment.
  • jrenton7jrenton7 Posts: 5
    Nevermind saw page 4 great deals out there!
  • gadriver4gadriver4 Posts: 15
    Congrats on your new Prius!!! :P Did $23,458 include tax, tag & title but not include your trade-in? I'm dealing w/a trade-in & not thrilled w/that CarMax offered but always been told don't have trade in if possible. Tks!
  • badtrannybadtranny Posts: 33
    I stopped at two dealers in Central CT.. One is selling the Prius cars at MSRP. No discount. The other forces you to buy the pin stripes and glass etching. No discounts.

    I am not going to cry if I don't get one. But, I would love to double the mileage I get in a car right now...

    I am not that familiar with all of the packages. I don't need a GPS, And and fancy stuff.. Alarm sys, and what ever the low end packages give...

  • jrenton7jrenton7 Posts: 5
    Im in one of the lucky states (no sales tax) No i got 6000 on my trade in (not so happy about it but worst car i have ever owned, Land rover freelander) That was everything OTD. Car Max was not a great price either, read the section on buying a new car in edmunds it does tell you if you can sell it outright it is better but i couldnt find a buyer in nearly a month, nobody wants gas hogs anymore. They usually make money on trade in so use it for your advantage and just hold to your guns, try as many dealerships as you can until one works with you. Also DONT buy an extended warranty check google for toyota extended warranty and you will find a dealer that can get you an AMAZING price. I looked and found a 7 yr 75000 for 698.00! Now i just need to get my tint and my shark fin antenna and when my wife lets me new wheels and im good to go!
  • scubadogscubadog Posts: 3
    I just completed my deal on a Package 6, Non Touring and put down a $500 deposit. My price is $25,800 + TX & Licence & Doc Fee. Everything is in writing and on record. My car was not in stock so I'm being told 2 weeks to 30 days. That's fine, I can wait. I also told the dealer that I was flexible on a couple of colors and that I would also be OK with the Touring for another $500 if that's what became available first. The point is, hold your ground. Do your research on-line, then do your negotiating in person. A dealer will not let you leave the dealership if you are even close to the ballpark of a workable deal. Use that in your poker game of car buying. Remember that bluffing costs you nothing. Go to and read the entire free site. It will save you $$$.

    Another thing. Dealers know that 85 % of all new car buyers will research the internet or go to forums such as this for pricing info. I personally know salesmen that spend slow time and rainy days signing up for free gmail or hotmail e-mail addresses so they can log onto forums, including this one, to scare everyone into paying MSRP or more. Think about it. It's the best and cheapest advertising possible.

    Good luck!
  • bob104bob104 Posts: 94
    I bought an 08 Prius Touring #6 in October 07 for $30,000 OTD including a 6 year/100k platinum extended warranty (about $1100). I'm happy with the car but I would like to let you know that I wish I'd gotten a regular, non-Touring, #6.

    1) Touring cost me $500 more. Fancy wheels, yes, but they're covered up by hubcaps. I'm too old for fancy wheels anyway. Stiffer suspension, yes, but I'm not sure it's a "sportier" suspension. Fancier tires, but . . .
    2) When you replace the tires you'll pay $200 more per set, each and every time, based on Costco price for Michelin Primacy, which I highly recommend.
    3) I'm quite sure that you lose about 3 mpg due to the larger tires on Touring. Over 12,000 miles, the average year, that costs you about 20 gallons or $80 @$4/gallon.

    Adding all that up and figuring an average of $6/gallon, the Touring will cost you 500+200+600=$1300 over five years, about $20/month, assuming the Touring has no higher resale value.

    Perhaps it's very slightly safer and more stable in wind and through turns and $20 a month is no more than Gardenburgers for two with salad, not fries, but I would not buy the Touring next time.
  • ssincssinc Posts: 1
    Hello everyone, I have been shopping around Southern California like crazy for an 08 Prius Package 2 and this is what I have from Longo Toyota:

    Adjusted Cap Cost: $23,966.71
    Residual Value: $13,510
    Base Monthly Payment: $386.03
    Total Monthly Payment: $417.88

    This is on a 36 month lease, 15,000 miles, Cash Down: $1,000 Lease,

    The salesperson said his MF was .00245 but my math shows .00255, nonetheless, any oppinons on this so called deal, let me know. Anyone else have any lease information on the same Prius, any help is appreciated
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