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2004-2009 Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sharon22sharon22 Posts: 28
    Do any of you know what this color looks like? I've been on waiting list for an 08 Siliver Pine Mica and dealer just called to see if I'm interested in this color TODAY. I can't find an "accurate" picture of it online and have to tell him in a couple of hours. (Dealer is two hours from here.) Thanks!
  • oldcoacholdcoach Posts: 28
    It is a pail green.........light green
  • sharon22sharon22 Posts: 28
    Really? I thought the pale green was the Silver Pine Mica. Thanks for such a quick response! Anyone else have an answer?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,625
    Well.. if it has a salvage title, something happened to the car...

    I certainly wouldn't risk $20K on it... Even if the dealer told you nothing was wrong with it, you would still have the salvage title, killing it's resale value. I doubt it has any warranty..



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  • 3c33c3 Posts: 74
    Based on what I see at, Seaside Pearl is more blue than green. If there is a Toyota dealer nearby, see if they have another vehicle with the same color.
  • bob104bob104 Posts: 94
    You can go to and configure your Prius including colors. The Silver Pine Mica is the more popular color, being kindofa "enviro green" khaki. I have it and it's doesn't heat up too, too much in the sun. White shows every tiny ding and scratch.
    Try this link:
  • gadriver4gadriver4 Posts: 15
    Hi! I'm another Atlanta area Prius hunter. We talked rt @ the time you got on the waiting list. Anyway, I think the Seaside Pearl looks v pretty but def more bluish if that makes any sense? Did you look at this photo? So what did you decide??

    Also wanted to update you as we finally decided it just didn't make sense NOT to get a Prius. We put $ down & ours should be in tomorrow b/c we didn't specify any color or package so was easier to find. I'm v excited. :) Our's is driftwood pearl w/beige interior. I wanted grey interior but just happy to get a Prius w/our commute. Edited to add we're paying MSRP which I've never done b/4 but still think it's worth every penny to be honest.
  • oldcoacholdcoach Posts: 28
    seaside pearl is light blue...sorry thought you wanted the color silver pine, which is light green.
  • sharon22sharon22 Posts: 28
    Yes, I remember talking to you about the difficulty we were having finding a Prius in the Atlanta area. Congratulations!! I think the Driftwood Pearl is a great color. I had said I wanted Silver Pine Mica, but the dealer I'm using over in Athens called this morning and said a Seaside Pearl was arriving and wondered if I'd accept it since it was a pkg 2 with no Toyoguard or extras on it that I didn't want. Finally, found some "real" pictures of the color on I do think it's a nice color so . . . I thought it was on the lot, but it actually arrives June 10th so my name is on that one and when it arrives, it's mine if I like it "in person". Heyward Allen Toyota in Athens has been fantastic to work with. What dealer are you using? Let the forum know the details (since that is what this thread is about). I'll do the same. Congratulations again!!!
  • gadriver4gadriver4 Posts: 15
    I'd def accept the seaside pearl since it's got everything else you want & nothing you don't want! Congrats! Darn it that's a bummer it's not on the lot today! Glad you're happy with the dealership. We're purchasing from Legacy Toyota in Union City and they have been good so far. Car suppose to arrive any day (litarally tonight). Whoo-hoo. Will post details once purchase is complete. :) :)
  • scottphillipscottphillip Posts: 249
    My closest dealership, Daytona Toyota, is currently charging $5,500 over sticker--not including the dealer fees. There is a waiting list too! There is an incoming package 6 with an asking price of just over $40,000. :mad:

    Just think of all the gas one could buy with $5,500.
  • ctsactsa Posts: 6
    That is insane. I can't believe people are paying that much for this car. Yeah, it will save you some money in gas...but so will a Honda Civic. I guess there are some very stupid people down there who are in a feeding frenzy of sorts and have lost sight of the entire point...saving money. Ridiculous.
  • oldcoacholdcoach Posts: 28
    Unreal it is one great car but not 5000 over MRSP. :mad: :mad: I just bought a Prius with packages and #2 option for 23909, which was MSRP. Seems like I got a good deal compared to what others are paying. :) :)
  • gadriver4gadriver4 Posts: 15
    Have you tried Jax? They have lots of dealerships. Or Orlando? We're not finding any on the lots but are getting them at MSRP here in Atlanta area. Good luck!
  • nwdirectornwdirector Posts: 2
    Long time lurker here. I just want some thoughts.

    A dealer just offered me a package 3 for 24786+ttl. Since then, she says they are now charging MSRP (25839), plus the price increase last week. However, she is going to honor the earlier price when I give the deposit tomorrow. I'm taking it because of the absurd demand now (I've wanted one for years, but wasn't in a position to make it happen until now...just my luck!). It's still an order, so there is a chance I might just get a 2009 at this point, but for the price, I'm happy. Thoughts?
  • hairgalhairgal Posts: 24
    Just purchased mine salesman had been looking for me an 07 and he got in on 08..actually paid less for the 08 than the 07 was priced in Oklahoma city. I did a deposit over the phone and was glad I did..there were like 3 people waiting to buy ti when I got the the dealrship.

    I did pay sticker..25,960..base plus leather upgrade and another package 1300 for mats and other things plus 329 for extra sealant and something sprayed underneath to make it quiter..

    So far Im super happy, I gave alot of thought to other cars and incentitives but with gas increasing everyday, I cant imagine buying anything else.
  • gadriver4gadriver4 Posts: 15
    Congrats on your purchase. We just brought ours home today. We ended up paying $500 over MSRP ($24,700+$500). We got a base w/various accessories (mats, alloys, cruise control, rear bumper guard, mudflaps, etc.). We also purchased after market leather for $1,200 (instead of $1,500?) but no warranty. We purchased from Legacy Toyota in Union City.
  • Just purchased a Black 2008 this morning with Package 6. Got it from the brand new Warrenton Toyota which opened today. We were their first ever customer. Paid only MSRP! Awesome dealership. Very modern. Nicest people I have ever dealt with on a car purchase. Absolute best buying experience ever!
  • sharon22sharon22 Posts: 28
    Congratulations!!!! I know you're having a great day learning about all of the features. Got to see a Seaside Pearl this morning while running errands and liked it so have decided to accept it on June 10th instead of waiting for the Silver Pine Mica. Will post details then.
  • hairgalhairgal Posts: 24
    interstingly I just checked and the pop up on MSRP says that the delivery, processing and handling charges is included..On my charge sheet it says i was charged an additional 715 for DPH..anyone have this happen to them?
  • nwdirectornwdirector Posts: 2
    OK, so not so happy. I went to the dealer ready to hand over my deposit and place my order. Upon arriving, I was promptly passed off to someone else instead of my internet contact (strike one!). Then, I'm presented with the price sheet...$600 more than our agreed price (strike two!). "Toyota just raised the price!" I know this, which is why I asked if my first quote was still valid! It was when I left my house, just not when I arrived! Ok, I can live with Toyota did it, so fine. Then, they add $700 in dealer and document fees. Did they forget to mention that to me before (strike three!)?!

    I walked out, but not before I got "aren't you still interested" and "this is the best deal around". Sure, 500 below MSRP is great, unless you add 700 in fees!

    I've found two dealers with lower fees that, while MSRP, is still less than this dealer.

    To top it off, the deposit was "non-refundable", even though many of you all have placed refundable deposits.

    Thanks for letting me vent. Back to waiting...
  • fromagefromage Posts: 4
    Toyota of Hollywood is charging 10K over sticker. Glendale is charging 5K over sticker. I got a call from Hollywood saying they had a "deal"- a non touring package 6 ready to go for only 36,500. Glendale can get me in a package 2 with leather added for only (only) 30,000.
    Is this the most insane of the insane Prius markets? Is it just gas prices? Will the frenzy die down? I was sure I wanted a Prius, but here in So. Cal it's not an "affordable" car anymore...sigh.
  • dcirishdcirish Posts: 1
    Wondering if anyone has a sense of why different dealers are giving different time frames of approximate delivery. One dealer is telling me 4 months, another only 2 months. Does Toyota make these cars available to the dealers via some sort of priority system, where some dealers will in fact deliver sooner than others?
  • gadriver4gadriver4 Posts: 15
    Sorry which pop up? When you design your own at or when you search inventory? When I saw my Prius (just got it yesterday) on inventory at my dealership it listed "Base" "Options" "Manuf DPH" "Subtotal" "Dealer Fees" then "Total". Does that help &/or make sense?
  • sharon22sharon22 Posts: 28
    Did you purchase pkg. 2? It was listing for $575. Also, one other question, did you pay $660 destination charge? Edmunds was also showing $618 and a $55 "southeastern" charges. Don't understand what those are. Were they added to your invoice charges? I'll be picking mine up next week and don't want any financial surprises. Thanks!
  • hairgalhairgal Posts: 24
    On the page there is a page that says the destinations charges are figured into the MSRP, it states that the average charge for that is around 715 to 765, but it is already figured into the MSRP I have purchased other new cars in Oklahoma and there is always a destination car was a base with a leather upgrade and another package ..the way it is listed is the MSRP is the base 22,215 and the distuburtor charges are the options and this destination charge..bringing the total to 25,980..Im just wondering since the charge was the same as what Toyota says is included..and I dont understand why the MSRP does not include the options.
  • oldcoacholdcoach Posts: 28
    I just got my Magnetic Gray Prius , With packages , #2 option and floor mats as follows. MSRP 22,475 Options #2 1,175.00 Mats 199.00 Delivery Charges 660.00 Total 24,509.00 Extra Value Package Discount 600.00 For a total of 23,909.00 This came off my sticker. Hope it will help.
  • oldcoacholdcoach Posts: 28
    They must have changed the price on Optin #2 from 575 to 1175 and then gave a discount of 600 to make it come out to 575. Still the MSRP is what I all ready got of 23,909.
  • sharon22sharon22 Posts: 28
    oldcoach - Thank you. Your invoice breakdown does help. I was surprised that pkg. 2 was shown as $1,175 since edmunds shows it at $575, but then if you got a $600 discount, it's the same. My $23,799 (pkg. 2 and $660 dest.) isn't including carpet mats. Last question - IF you are in the southeast, were you charged any admin. fees of $618 and $55? Thank you!
  • oldcoacholdcoach Posts: 28
    No I am in Ohio... Never heared of ad. fees. Did get charged 250 for state fees. Called doctmentary fees. so it was MSRP & Doc. fees & Sales Tax. :mad: :mad:
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