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2004-2009 Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • syinsd1syinsd1 Posts: 5
    I'd like to know what some of you are paying for an extended warranty for a new 2008 Prius Touring with Package 6. Thank you in advance for your help.
  • 3c33c3 Posts: 74
  • syinsd1syinsd1 Posts: 5
    I'm not interested in working with I'd like to hear what people are actually paying for their extended warranties. Thank you!
  • bob104bob104 Posts: 94
    I paid $1100 for exactly that in Oct.. Platinum, bumpertobumper except for wear items like tires, battery, windshield, oil change, 6 years/100k miles. Be careful during the negotiation to avoid giving the salesman a clear idea about how much you drive. For example, if you drive 20,000 mile a year the salesman will try to sell you a "7 year" warranty, that will run out in four years because it was a 7yr/75k mile warranty. The warranty I got is pretty well balanced--I should reach the mileage at about the 6 year point. Ask for various prices, saying you don't know if you'll be moving much closer/farther to work.
    Tip: Get a quote for the warranty but decline it saying you'd do it for, say, $1100. Finish the contract on the car. At settlement time they'll offer you the deal again, probably at or near your price. That's what happened to me. Saved over $1,000 from the initial quote.
    I am delighted with my warranty and feel certain it will more than pay for itself when I go to sell the car before the warranty is up as mine is transferable one time.
  • syinsd1syinsd1 Posts: 5
    Thank you very much for your insight and suggestions!
  • chuck68516chuck68516 Posts: 195
    QUOTE: "But 5 years from now the price of gasoline is likely to be way over $7/gal. Why would gasoline not be, say, $20/gallon?"

    Some of you guys are way too pessimistic. Gas will not be over $10 per gallon in our lifetime. There's no way. It's a media fear tactic. It's just a fairytale just like Y2K, imminent nuclear war, acid rain, the ozone layer, etc. If you look back at history you will see all the "for sure" disasters that were supposed to have happened.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Gas will probably not be $10 a gallon in the next 5 years, but there is no reason not to expect those prices or higher in 20 or 30 years.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    You just made up that $300 a year battery expenditure. The battery warranty is 10 years 150,000 miles in California and will likely last quite a bit past that or they will have many claims from marginal batteries that fail a year or 2 earlier.

    I have never kept a car for 10 years 150K miles and wouldn't start if I were to buy a hybrid. Many conventional cars will start having major problems before 150K miles and you didn't suggest budgeting for new engines and transmissions.
  • bob104bob104 Posts: 94
    Maybe you're right. I saw today, but can't find it on the internet, that Toyota will have a PHEV Prius for 2010. That means that gasoline will have to compete with electricity to fuel your car. Currently, it costs 15-20 cents/mile for the battery/electricity to run a Prius, and that may come down a little as batteries slowly improve and we go to inexpensive nighttime electricity metering. So that's a tradeoff point of $6.60-8.80/gallon of gasoline (15-20 X 44mpg). People will be able to turn to electricity as a substitute good instead of gasoline and that should strongly moderate the price of gasoline for some decades.
  • bob104bob104 Posts: 94
    The last I read it's $3500 to replace a battery and they are warranteed 10 years. Giving the batteries the benefit of the doubt I impute a $300 maintenance/repair item, just like one would for a roof repair set aside on a rental building. This is a special item, unlike a/c, brakes or transmission, which are commonly considered maint/repair items.
    Since few Prius' have reached the limit of the warranty people are generally ignoring this cost. This may change as older Priuses are resold. A rule of thumb when buying an electric bike, for example, is that the battery is nearly dead and you'll have to buy a new one very soon.
    But, yeah, if I had a car with over 100k on it I'd make sure I had $2,000 in the bank to cover a major repair item. And if I bought a Prius near the end of battery warranty I'd have an additional $3500 set aside for the battery.
  • Amen. Someone finally gets it. All these Prius Huggers think the value of their $27,000 yesterday's technology is going to somehow increase as time goes on. It's simply not the case. Toyota is abandoning the current Prius system in favor of electricity and so is every other hybrid car maker. Yes, the majority of cars produced in 2013 will still be gasoline powered vehicles but they will all be Prius competitors and will overtake it as a more economical solution. Unlike today, Prius will not be the only green alternative. Expect Toyota to start gradually decreasing the sticker price on any gas/electric hybrid it produces, Prius or otherwise. In 5 years gas/electric hybrids will be yesterday's news and you won't see people paying $27k for a car worth at best $15,000 brand new regardless of what technology it uses to get 45MPG's.
  • 3c33c3 Posts: 74
    What's wrong with It's supposed to be the same extended warranty from Toyota.

    When I bought my Prius, the dealer sold me the 7-year/75K-mile plan for $975, and I cancelled it a few days later. I got confused with all the different warranty options and thought I was buying the 100K-mile plan. BTW, the extended warranty can be purchased anytime before the 3-year factory warranty expires. I probably won't buy it.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Hasn't the Prius repair history made it about the most reliable new vehicle you can buy plus the the battery is what most people are worried about and that's covered longer by the factory warranty than the longest available extended warranty anyway?

    It makes even less sense to get the extended warranty on a Prius than the average car (where it still is usually not recommended).
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 119,799
    .. We are about done with Prius cost per mile, etc, etc...

    Stick with the purchase experience please... There are plenty of forums for comparison discussions....


    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "Toyota is abandoning the current Prius system in favor of electricity and so is every other hybrid car maker. "

    That is a new one for me. So far as I know Toyota is considering a plug-in hybrid, which is still gasoline electric. The usefulness of this technology depends upon Li-Ion battery technology being able to support it.

    "In 5 years gas/electric hybrids will be yesterday's news and you won't see people paying $27k for a car worth at best $15,000 brand new regardless of what technology it uses to get 45MPG's."

    I see no reason for Toyota to decrease the price. With gas prices as high as they are (and unlikely to be lower), I think that they will keep the price about where it is. If anything, the lower cost cars may have a hybrid option - and would would cost more.

    However, I do agree with you. As the batteries age and the cars near their 150K / 10 year warranty on the hybrid parts, plus the fact that newer models will most likely have better technology, the resale values are likely to be depressed, at least somewhat. Right now there is an anomaly, as people experience gas price shock...
  • Thank you host - all are debating battery life, future developments etc. all influencing the overall cost of ownership but what price are people paying for the car???
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "Thank you host - all are debating battery life, future developments etc. all influencing the overall cost of ownership but what price are people paying for the car???"

    Read back through the forum, the prices are there. I think that most are paying from 300 below MSRP to 3K above MSRP (IIRC from my reading this forum). Depends on the dealer, the part of the country (SE US is more expensive), and if the dealer managed to get add-ons put on the vehicle.
  • bob104bob104 Posts: 94
    Toyota of Santa Maria, CA. Current quote: Prius6 with mats, $30,800 OTD, 6week-6month wait. Extended warranty, 6yr/100k, was $1100 in Oct, probably higher now.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    First NEVER buy a warranty not backed by the manufacturer.
    When it comes to factory warranties, you have the piece of mind that Toyota or Ford is backing the warranty.

    Second, consumer reports stated in the april issue that most people come out behind on a warranty purchase by about $300.00 (ie the cost of the repairs or benefits they received during the life of the warranty was $300.00 less than the cost of the warranty.

    Third, never forget that EVERYTHING you pay for at a car dealership is negotiable.

    SO just make sure you get a $300 discount of the price of the warranty ;)

  • kessleenkessleen Posts: 4
    I work for Don Joseph Toyota in Kent, Ohio. We are selling the Prius MSRP @ Delivery whatever the window sticker says is the price. There was talk that we were going to start charging $1000 over MSRP like the other dealerships around here but I don't think we will be.
  • gak27gak27 Posts: 2
    What is your waiting list like? How often do you get cars in? Do you know anything about the statement that our region (NE Ohio, etc.) will not be getting any more Tourings in? I've been on a list at another dealer for almost 8 weeks...
  • kessleenkessleen Posts: 4
    wee are telling our customers that the wait is 6-9 months- but i have been getting them in around a month for my customers- the reason that is: 64% of the prius's are packaged with the HG you would call it package #2 with VSC, backup camera, smart key, ect. also, I get as many color choices as possible- instead of asking for 2 -3 color choices, I get only the colors they don't want, meaning usually I have around 5-6 color choices for the prius. If you are set on a touring model with only 1 type of package and 1 color choice you will wait for 9 months which means you will be getting a 2009 model most likely
  • kessleenkessleen Posts: 4
    there has been a 1.8% increase for Toyota, which still makes since looking at inflation as well as the technology has been improving with no cost transferred to the customer untill now- a package #2 HG was listed around $23,989 now going to $24,309 with this new increase. Mainly due to the demand, production is at max capacity.
  • oldcoacholdcoach Posts: 28
    I got a Gray Metallic Prius with packages and # 2 HG and Floor Mat Kit for a sticker price of 23,909. That was on May 29. I got the Prius from Ferris Toyota in New Philadelphia, Ohio. Sounds like I got a good price.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
    A reporter would like to talk to consumers who are in the market for a compact, subcompact or hybrid vehicle but have had trouble finding one. Please respond to [email protected] with your daytime contact information along with the vehicle you are shopping for no later than Thursday, June 19th.
  • m2mazda6m2mazda6 Posts: 20
    Sharon, I just got allocated from dealer my Green Prius is on its way should have it in 4 weeks, I saw you went with a Blue one we were holding out for the Green and it finally came, we were starting to go with what ever color but we were in no hurry, glad we waited
  • sharon22sharon22 Posts: 28
    Congratulations!! I know ya'll are anxious for the wait to be over. SPM is a beautiful color (my first choice) and I know you and your wife will love it. Yes, I accepted a different color (Seaside Pearl) as my dealer was only receiving two a month and the blue was configured exactly the way I wanted it. Thought about holding out, but after seeing it . . . love it, love it, love it! Keep us updated on your details!
  • kmaderkmader Posts: 2
    I've never leased a car before, but have been offered a package #6 Prius, the darker grey, for MSRP of $28,300. With taxes etc in California it is around $31,000.
    This car has been found thru car broker in LA at car dealership in Sacramento, so I'd probably pay a delivery fee of $375.

    I have a credit rating of 841.

    The lease involves:
    putting $1000 down
    36 months
    15,000 miles
    residual: $14,900.
    In contrast,
    purchase would be
    $3000 down
    60 month loan thru Toyota at 6.29% (seems high)

    Any advice from you knowledgeable folks? Need it soon. Thanks,
  • Hey Katherine - sounds like a pretty decent deal. I'm paying 530 per month for a package 2 with bluetooth, tint and chrome (which they insisted on instaling) for the same miles/time with 500 down. 2 months ago a package 6 was 475 a month with nothing down...

    As someone who always had leather seats I love the cloth interior of these. if you can save $ I highly recommend it, esp as I didn't have to burn my a** during this last heatwave..

    Factoring in your down/delivery that is about 575 a month total which if it includes taxes is probably par for the course these days. However I am sensing a backlash against the dealers who have been marking up the prices and claiming there's a 3 month waitlist....I get 3 calls a day about one that "just happened to come in".

    Good luck - I'm stoked with mine!
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